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DVD title: The X-Files (aka Fight the Future)
Productgroup: DVD
The X-Files (aka Fight the Future) - movie DVD cover picture
X-Files: Fight The Future

The X-files movie is basically a long, creepier episode. The aliens are nice and freaky (yup we FINALLY got to see them) and there are quite a few major suprises in the film. If you're an X-Files fan you must watch this, if you're not then you might still like it since the story is pretty self contained

Studio: Twentieth Century Fox
Director: Rob Bowman
David Duchovny
Gillian Anderson

DVD title: The Sound of Music (Five Star Collection)
Productgroup: DVD
The Sound of Music (Five Star Collection) - movie DVD cover picture
One of The Best Movies I have ever Seen!!

Such golden moments in cinema history include the world-famous helicopter-shot zoom-in on Julie Andrews spinning joyfully around in the middle of an open green field, the orchestral music rising and Julie starting to sing those opening words in a closeup shot! Absolutely timeless! You know it's a classic already after the first 5 minutes with the long very played-out opening of wind-whistling, helicopter shots of mountains, valleys, lush towns below and the sweeping orchestral music. Same goes for the opening credits. Based on a true story, Julie Andrews is Maria, a young postulant that's just not cut out for convent life. She is sent to be the governess of seven children headed by their strict father Captain Von Trapp (Christopher Plummer). She re-introduces music to the Trapp household and brings forth the charm and merriment that they once knew, and works her charm on the Captain, too. As the children learn to sing, Uncle Max (Richard Haydn) finds that this is the great singing group he's been after to exploit to Salzburg, and the children, Maria and the Captain become the Von Trapp Family Singers. This wonderful, lavish story is set against the backdrop of the Nazi invasion of Austria and the Von Trapp's dodging the Nazis and escaping into Switzerland. I have first seen this film back when I was very small and loved every minute of it. Finally, I got this DVD recently and rediscovered all of its breathtaking beauty. It still hasn't grown old. I love the Spanish audio track, too, though no songs are dubbed in Spanish which isn't to speak of for the French audio track. The French female singer dubbing Julie Andrews' songs is actually kind of nice to listen to. There is also a commentary track by Robert Wise, the director with the isolated score; yes, you hear the score by itself with no talking or singing overtop of it. Good for music historians and appreciators. Everybody, no matter who they are, should see this film at least once in their lifetime for it is an all-time essential classic. Highly appealing to children as well as adults, "The Sound of Music" is one film that will always be treasured.

Studio: Twentieth Century Fox Home Video
Director: Robert Wise
Julie Andrews
Christopher Plummer

DVD title: Kung Fu - The Complete First Season
Productgroup: DVD
Kung Fu - The Complete First Season - movie DVD cover picture
Kung Fu - A legend even after three decades!

Kung Fu is simply one of the most engrossing, innovative sagas of all-time. It is parlously dubious that another of its kind will ever emerge, and that is predominantly due to the fact that David Carradine's role as Caine is unmatched and unparalleled. Many would assert and contend that Bruce Lee (who the role was intended for) would have best suited the role, but those appeals would be futile.
As a viewer you cannot help but to be assiduously involved with Caine emotionally, and that is a testament to his character's efficacy. In addendum to the DVD are special behind-the-scenes look at how each show was conceived from start to finish, and various issues the crew dealt with because such a series which included so much violence had never been aired (Implausible now, considering the amount of violence which is accepted as appropriate today). Implementation of the slow-motion action sequences seen throughout the series was the director's unpretentious method of mitigating the violence.
This season set also includes the pilot movie (in its entirety) which propelled the saga off to its numerous consummations. For any individual interested in an admirable and awe-inspiring series, or just looking to reminisce on an adroitly exceptional actor and saga-- Kung Fu: The Complete First Season will most certainly suffice and in most cases, exceed your expectations.

Studio: Warner Home Video
David Carradine

DVD title: Clue
Productgroup: DVD
Clue - movie DVD cover picture
Outrageously hilarious!

Clue is just plain awesome. The witty remarks and jokes by the unbelievable cast make this movie a complete delight. Clue has everything- comedy, suspense, action and romance. Thus, at appeals to a wide audience. If you haven't seen this movie order now! If you have seen it you know I'm telling the truth!

Studio: Paramount Home Video
Director: Jonathan Lynn
Eileen Brennan
Tim Curry

DVD title: The Sixth Sense (Vista Series)
Productgroup: DVD
The Sixth Sense (Vista Series) - movie DVD cover picture
One of Willis' Best!!

This is by far the best thriller ever. Not like most Bruce Willis films but great. Dr. Malcom Crowe (Willis) is a child psychologist. But after an emotional devestating accident, he isn't the doctor he used to be. He gets a new patient, Cole (Osment) and it changes him to become a better man. But something isn't right and powerful climax will freak you. I have the movie and have seen it probably ten times and I still get goosebumps at the end every time. Do yourself a favor and rent this movie.

Studio: Walt Disney Home Video
Director: M. Night Shyamalan
Bruce Willis
Haley Joel Osment

DVD title: Steel Magnolias - Special Edition
Productgroup: DVD
Steel Magnolias - Special Edition - movie DVD cover picture
Wow! Daryl Hannah can act?

I have new respect for Daryl Hannah now that I've seen 'Steel Magnolias.' What a step up from her Snicker commercial "in the hour between 3 and 4 when your hunger kinda pokes at ya, pokes at ya." I worship the quicksand you walk on, Daryl. Keep up the good work!

Studio: Columbia/Tristar Studios
Director: Herbert Ross
Sally Field
Shirley MacLaine
Daryl Hannah
Olympia Dukakis
Julia Roberts

DVD title: The Professional
Productgroup: DVD
The Professional - movie DVD cover picture
Sting and Björk sings !

This DVD has a lot of extra footage not in the original movie. It's a better movie than the other version. I loved that movie and I love this version even more.

Studio: Columbia/Tristar Studios
Director: Luc Besson
Jean Reno
Gary Oldman
Natalie Portman

DVD title: Cyndi Lauper - Live... At Last (DVD in Amray Case Packaging)
Productgroup: DVD
Cyndi Lauper - Live... At Last (DVD in Amray Case Packaging) - movie DVD cover picture
Beautiful and Real

I was sent this dvd/cd from a close friend back in the States to where I reside in Argentina. I think Cyndi gives all of herself - 110 percent. Her voice is very emotional. It's very beautiful. It's so strong. My favorites: I Drove All Night, The new She Bop ver. At Last - she sounds beautiful, and of course not to forget TAT and ALTN, and many many other songs she sings So WELL in this show.

Studio: Sony Music Entertain
Director: Jim Gable
Cyndi Lauper

DVD title: The Laughing Policeman
Productgroup: DVD
The Laughing Policeman - movie DVD cover picture

If you're a fan of this movie or just a fan of old crime movies, pick this one up! With a great price and incredible picture quality; it's a must for your collection!

Studio: Fox Home Entertainme
Director: Stuart Rosenberg

DVD title: Anne Frank Remembered
Productgroup: DVD
Anne Frank Remembered - movie DVD cover picture
An extraordinary video - A must see.

After reading Anne's diary, Muller's biography of Anne and the book "Anne Frank Remembered", I watched this video in absolute awe as before my eyes several of the people Anne wrote about were there on the screen - alive not just people whom I had read about in books. The use of photographs and interviews of Miep (who was the main caretaker for the families in hiding), Otto (Anne's father) and Anne's girlfriends were incredible. Hearing about this story from those who lived it gives a new dimension to this historic saga. There were no actors in this film. I found myself watching in tears, both for what had happened years ago and for how these people had such strength and vision to spread Anne's gift to the world. Anne Frank was only one of countless numbers of people who have been killed and continue to die due to intolerance of many sorts. This video left me feeling that each person is as important to the world as Anne Frank was and still is. This is a deeply moving video, the use of actual video footage of Anne in the closing scene is haunting as it shows Anne as a 12 year old child watching people from a balcony, a carefree looking child who has no idea that her future words will continue to inspire those of us fortunate to have come to know about her.

Studio: Columbia Tristar Hom
Director: Jon Blair
Kenneth Branagh
Glenn Close

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