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DVD title: The X-Files - The Complete First Season
Productgroup: DVD
The X-Files - The Complete First Season - movie DVD cover picture
X Files

When I first came across the collecion from season 1, I thought the price was outrageous but upon reflection considering that you get 7 discs the price is exceptional, the quality is good and for people who did not watch from the beginning it brings the series into perspective, the extras on disc 7 are alright but my only complaint is the rediculous cover that has to be slid over and is subject to damage.Surley more thought could have been put into this, lets hope that this is improved for subsequent releases! But besides this small inconvenience this is a top rate dvd and is well worth getting for anyone who enjoys the show and a valuable addition to any dvd collection.

Studio: Twentieth Century Fox
David Duchovny

DVD title: Star Wars, Episode III - Revenge of the Sith (Widescreen Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Star Wars, Episode III - Revenge of the Sith (Widescreen Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
Pure Action From Beginning To End! Owesome!

This movie was owesome and dark. there is more action than all star wars films put together. go see it and get the dvd when it comes out.

Studio: Twentieth Century Fox Home Video
Director: George Lucas
Ewan McGregor
Natalie Portman
Hayden Christensen

DVD title: Beauty and the Beast - The Enchanted Christmas
Productgroup: DVD
Beauty and the Beast - The Enchanted Christmas - movie DVD cover picture
It was just wonderful!

This movie is an absolutely perfect movie that teaches a lot of morals and has a lot of fun characters in there as well. All of them were wonderful and the entire thing was magical. The songs were beautiful and meaningful. It was just simply magical.

Studio: Disney Studios
Director: Andy Knight
Paige O'Hara
Robby Benson

DVD title: American Beauty
Productgroup: DVD
American Beauty - movie DVD cover picture
Weird, witty, warped, and wild

I CANNOT believe someone would make a movie about such garbage. The fact that this movie got an Academy Award is an indicator of the degradation of society. In fact, the only difference between this movie and Jerry Springer is that it did get an academy award. Even on Jerry Springer atleast their is honesty, they confront their problems. I get frustrated everytime someone mentions this movie, which should have never been even conceived of in the first place. God Help us all.

Studio: Universal Studios
Director: Sam Mendes
Kevin Spacey
Annette Bening

DVD title: Björk: Greatest Hits - Volumen 1993-2003
Productgroup: DVD
Björk: Greatest Hits - Volumen 1993-2003 - movie DVD cover picture
Bjork's Greatest Hits

I play this in my car everyday, it has most of her favorite hits on ie, especially the CD version. There is just something about her voice that moves me. I wake up and all I want to do is drive and listen to Bjork. Especially "Venus As A Boy". That is my all time favorite. But if you look this CD up you will see all of her finest pieces included. This Icelandic Princess has gotten my attention and hopefully she will get yours'. If you get the CD, which I highly recommend, then there is one extra song on it. Another favorite is "All Is Full Of Love". Between her Icelandic and her English I just have to say she is my favorite female artist. This is definately worth the money. Buy it, you will not regret it.

Studio: Navarre Corporation/

DVD title: The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie (Widescreen Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie (Widescreen Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! H..O. Hello there. This movie is funny!

Designed for the kid at heart, this movie is an animated feature film starring the man who lives under the sea, Spongebob Squarepants. In this movie, Spongebob volunteers to travel to Shell City to retrieve the missing crown of King Neptune. The king has falsely accused Mr. Krab- Songebob's boss where he works- of steeling the crown and has threatened to execute him immediately if Spongebob doesn't find the real thief of his prized possession.

This movie is aimed at the younger crowd, ages one to eight. As far as cartoon movies go, this one doesn't rank very high on my critically acclaimed list. The reason is that the movie is mostly stupid with very few laughs. I realize this is a kid's film, but there are other animated feature films with many more laughs and something for everyone in the family to enjoy. With this movie, the only ones laughing are gong to be those under eight years of age.

Even when this movie isn't attempting to be funny, it is still pretty lame. Most every scene is predictable, including the ending, which you already know about ten minutes into the film. The singing scenes are also pretty weak, especially the song "Now That We're Men", sung by Spongebob and his friend Patrick, the starfish. The lyrics of this song are silly and even juveniles will roll their eyes when they listen to it. The only good song in this movie comes near the end when Spongebob starts to sing a heavy metal- type tune. It's not something you expect, and it is at least mildly amusing.

David Hasselhoff makes a cameo appearance in this film and, once again, his part is rather silly and forgettable. And that sums up my feelings toward this movie very well. Youngsters will enjoy it very much, but it will put adults and teenagers to sleep with its goofiness, lack of good humor, and complete predictability.

Studio: Paramount Home Video
Director: Stephen Hillenburg
Tom Kenny
Clancy Brown
Rodger Bumpass
Carolyn Lawrence
Jeffrey Tambor

DVD title: Cinema Paradiso
Productgroup: DVD
Cinema Paradiso - movie DVD cover picture

This is one of my top five favorite films of all time. A movie about movies, with wonderful characters, and an extraordinary soundtrack by the gifted Ennio Morricone (also one of my all-time favorite soundtracks.) The music is so well integrated that it becomes a character part in the film. The little boy who falls in love with movies (a splendid performance by the young Salvatore Cascio) and spends his every free moment in the projection booth with the crusty old projectionist (played beautifully by the fine French actor, Philippe Noiret) grows up to be a successful director. The film never falls into the trap of mawkish sentimentality but is true to life and bittersweet--entirely deserving of its Academy Award for best foreign film. Not to be missed!

Studio: Hbo Studios
Director: Giuseppe Tornatore
Enzo Cannavale
Philippe Noiret

DVD title: The Lord of the Rings
Productgroup: DVD
The Lord of the Rings - movie DVD cover picture
Excellent Adaptation for LOTR Fans

It has always been much to my disappointment that this seminal work by Ralph Bakshi continues to be dismissed. In the months leading up to Peter Jackson's re-take on "Lord of the Rings," it's time to appreciate the achievement of this 1978 film. As a huge fan of the JRR Tolkien novel (I have read Lord of the Rings 5 times), I have always held a special place for this film. It captures the dialogue, look, characters. It's dark and haunting. Superbly voiced. A remarkable score by Leonard Roseman. Entertainment Weekly recently, in its insensitive review, criticized the animation as "cheesy psychedelic backgrounds and shoddy rotoscoping (in which live actors are filmed and then drawn over)." It is to be noted that this "cheesy" technique is being used in Richard Linklater's upcoming "Waking Life," already being hailed as a "groundbreaking achievement." It's time to appreciate this film as a remarkable adaptation and as a groundbreaking piece of filmmaking.

Studio: Warner Home Video
Director: Ralph Bakshi
Christopher Guard
William Squire

DVD title: Say Anything...
Productgroup: DVD
Say Anything... - movie DVD cover picture
Those were the days....

Watching this movie reminds me of my days of innocence. Two high school grads embarking on different paths fell for each other. It worked on 1. Cameron Crowe's intelligent scrip, and 2. the terrific casting of Cusack (both brother and sister), Skye, Mahoney, and Taylor.
Mr. Cusack's Dobler is hands down one of his most memorable characters. He WILL forever be remembered as Dobler. I bet most guys can relate to his character's inner and outer workings of pursuing the love interest. Miss Skye was perfect for being a beauty but not too perfect physically to seem too unreal. If there ever was an intriguing father-daughter encounter, you'd find it in this movie when Miss Skye told her dad (Mr. Mahoney) about her first sexual encounter.
Just one question to Mr. Crowe: how would you envision the transformation of Lloyd and Diane's relationship, as they grow older in age and more developed in personality? How the genuine love between these two withstands the test of time and changing environment/mindset? It'd take a certain maturity from Diane to support and respect a 'slacker' like Lloyd who doesn't 'fit in' her path. It'd take a great deal of courage for Lloyd to pursue what he believes (in kickboxing) and in the same time accepts Diane's intelligence and possible career success without loosing his own self-esteem.
Makes you think, huh.......................

Studio: Twentieth Century Fox Home Video
Director: Cameron Crowe
John Cusack
Ione Skye

DVD title: 1776
Productgroup: DVD
1776 - movie DVD cover picture
Masterful film, finally on dvd!

We have the 1972 VHS version of 1776, a copy of the laserdisc director's cut on VHS, and just received the DVD. I couldn't wait to see it. The director's cut contained scenes which were deleted from the final copy of the movie. They were, of course, not the same quality as the rest of the film, and that was understood. We were glad to see them.
The DVD version of 1776 does indeed offer seamless restoration and bits and pieces that we hadn't seen before... BUT....for some insane reason, the second and third verses of Piddle, Twiddle and Resolve were not restored.
"If you don't want to see us hanging on some far-off British hill; if you don't want the voice of independency forever stilled; then, God, sir, get thee to it, for congress never will...."
I don't understand why the verses were left out; the second is a favorite of mine and never fails to bring tears to my eyes. Would have been an extra minute or two of film... I was SO disappointed!!
The last verse of Henry Lee's song was also omitted. I would have thought that all the deletions would have been put back. :(
I went back and watched the VHS store-bought tape, and all of the above weren't in there either, but were on the laserdisc version. Why they couldn't have been included with all the other restored film?
Nevertheless, 1776 is a wonderful, stirring, poignant, funny, educational musical, but I wish everything would have been included.

Studio: Columbia Tristar Hom
Director: Peter H. Hunt
William Daniels
Howard Da Silva
Ken Howard
Donald Madden

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