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DVD title: Devil's Playground
Productgroup: DVD
Devil's Playground - movie DVD cover picture - I was Amish and I know some Old Order Amish

I was Amish and I know some Old Order Amish people. I was a Swartzentruber Amish, a more strict Amish sect then the Old Order. In face the SA are a brake-off of the OOA years ago. I work for a house builder crew, owned by OOA brothers. I have discussed the movie with my boss, Allen, and he said that he knows that a lot of things happen in the OOA youth groups that should not.
The New Order Amish have hardly any such problem as the ones in the movie. The NOA are a more closly knit group then either the SA or OOA.
The SA on the other hand do not allow their teens to experince any of these things in this movie. When I was 10-14 I was sneeking out of the house to go to my "Enlish" brother's [now a Srg. in Iraq] house to watch TV.
But I personaly never had the beer parties that were in the movie, exept for about 2 weeks when my parents where away to sell our old house, 20-30 miles away!
But as far as the OOA go, yes the movie is vary real.
But keep in mind that not all Amish are like the ones in the movie.

Studio: Wellspring
Director: Lucy Walker

DVD title: Spun (Unrated Version)
Productgroup: DVD
Spun (Unrated Version) - movie DVD cover picture
One of the best drug films ever made.

From start to finish, this film shows what real drug life is about. Even the scenarios in it prove just how a druggie thinks. (And the decisions one can make while on Meth.) Jason Schwartzman and Mickey Rourke's performances were dead on.

This movie has humor, drama, and disturbing scenes all rolled into one. (Depending upon how open-minded you are.) There was alot of controversy about this film with comparing it to Requiem for a Dream. But personally, I've never thought the two were THAT much alike. Requiem was much more deeper and darker. While as Spun showed the 'fun' side of life as well.

If you're into drug cinema films, I'd highly recommend this one.

Studio: Columbia Tri-Star
Director: Jonas Ã…kerlund
Jason Schwartzman
Mickey Rourke
Brittany Murphy
John Leguizamo
Patrick Fugit
Mena Suvari

DVD title: Manhunter (Director's Cut, Limited Edition Set)
Productgroup: DVD
Manhunter (Director's Cut, Limited Edition Set) - movie DVD cover picture

I saw this movie when it first came out and I thought it was great, I can't believe people on here saying it stinks. 1...if you like thrillers, 2...if you like a good movie with scares, 3....if you like a well done movie rent this, buy this, just see it. In the sense of silence of the lambs? Well its different actors and a different director and its a DIFFERENT MOVIE! Yet the over-all plot like Silence is the same, a cop hunting a serial killer and yes there is a Hannibal Lector in this one. Silence of the lambs was the sequel, as Hannibal will be yet another sequel. If possible, you shoud see Manhunter first, then Silence of the Lambs and then Hannibal. Bottom line, if you are a big fan of Silence of the Lambs, you'll like Manhunter, just keep in mind that Anthony Hopkins is not in Manhunter, but his character is and it is done with the same fine acting, I myself am planning on buying Manhunter on DVD, just realized that it was released on dvd.

Studio: Anchor Bay Entertainment
Director: Michael Mann
William L. Petersen

DVD title: The Wiz
Productgroup: DVD
The Wiz - movie DVD cover picture
Fabulous! Couldn't be better

This is one of my all-time favorite movies. Diana and Michael do wonderfully, both dancing and singing. Some fantastically good songs come from this movie, I have the soundtrack. This is an all-around feel good movie, and easily puts me in high spirits. Especially with "Brand New Day". (Everybody Rejoice) This is a movie everyone should see at least once. I have to say good job to everyone on the cast, and the orchestral arrangements are incredible. I have nothing but good things to say for "The Wiz". Go rent this movie.

Studio: Universal Studios
Director: Sidney Lumet
Diana Ross
Michael Jackson

DVD title: FahrenHYPE 9/11
Productgroup: DVD
FahrenHYPE 9/11 - movie DVD cover picture
The Emperor (of propogander)'s new clothes

His hair was meticulously combed, his face was clean shaven and he wore a well tailored suit and tie. Yep-I'm describing Michael Moore's appearance as a guest on the Jay Leno Show on November 30th. Equally stunning was the dignity with which he spoke. Moore acknowledged that President Bush was re-elected because the President received the most votes, calling it, correctly, the will of the majority. WOW!!! First Bill Mahr publicly, graciously accepted defeat of his chosen candidate, and now Michael Moore publicly accepted defeat with a goodly amount of dignity. (Good. No one likes a sore loser---nor a boastful winner, either).

There are two sides to every story because interpretation is an art not a science. I like investigative journalism. It's good to publicly confront people, businesses, and even governments and other entities. I dislike spin. Again-interpretation is an art not a science. But what I absolutly hate is deceit, and Moore stooped to deceit and falsehoods in his film. FahrenHYPE 9/11 was not perfect but it was an excellent counterpoint to Moore's film, and I highly recommend viewing it IF you have already seen Fahrenheit 9/11. If you haven't, then it is not crutial to do so.

If Moore hadn't strayed so far off the path of truth and wisdom with his Fahrenheit 9/11 there would have not been a NEED for FahrenHYPE 9/11, and I do believe that FahrenHYPE 9/11 would not have been made if this true NEED didn't arise.

One telling moment for me was when Moore told Leno that he made the film as a DOCUMENTARY but that he had to re-classify it as a DRAMA when he wanted to air it on network TV. (Yeah, because a documentary must be able to prove it's facts and a drama isn't bound by that rule).

Studio: Trinity Home Entertainment

DVD title: Kathy Smith - Functionally Fit - Peak Fat Burning
Productgroup: DVD
Kathy Smith - Functionally Fit - Peak Fat Burning - movie DVD cover picture
Buy this video, get 20 years free!

I HATE doing cardio work and usually do all I can to avoid it. But this 40-minute workout makes it do-able and (almost) fun.
The varied and fun intervals break up the monotony and make the time pass quickly. They are timed, so you always know that the blessed end of the hard part is coming! The lower-body strength training in between is quite effective and thorough, definitely not just filler. Kathy Smith has the perfect amount of enthusiasm, and gives clear instructions. There are some modifiers provided, and I like that it really does cover a wide range of intensities.
My favourite thing about this video is that no equipment is needed. No need to drag out a chair, a mat (unless you want it for the stretches at the end), weights, bands, balls, or most annoyingly, that step with it's little heightening platforms. Just put on workout clothes, pop in the video and you're set.

Studio: Sony Music (Video)
Kathy Smith

DVD title: Star Trek Voyager - The Complete Fourth Season
Productgroup: DVD
Star Trek Voyager - The Complete Fourth Season - movie DVD cover picture
The season I have been waiting for

The 4th Season of Star Trek Voyager is the best yet. Kes' character moves on to a higer plain of existance in the 2nd episode and the new character Seven of Nine is introduced.
There are some great episodes in the 4th season which are as follows:
Scorpion Part II
After Janeway creates a temporary alliance with the Borg they work with Seven of Nine to develop a way to defeat their mutual enemy.
The Gift.After Seven of Nine is cut off form the Borg collective, The Doctor begins to remove her implants while Kes undergoes many transformations
Day of HonorAfter ejecting the warp core and Paris and Torres retrieve it, the reveal their love to each other.
NemesisAfter getting stranded on an alien planet, some of the locals coerce Chaoktay into helping them fight a war against their enemies.
RevulsionVoyager recieves a distress call from an alien hologram. He reveales that his ship was infected with a virus. The hologram begins to go crazy.
The RavenAfter Seven's Borg implants start to regenerate, She attempts to rejoin the Borg collective.
Scientific MethodWhen the crew of Voyager begin getting strange sicknesses, it is revealed that a cloaked alien ship is conducting medical experiments on them.
Year of Hell part IVoyager is repeatedly attacked by a hostile alien ship with a temporal weapon. With half the ship destroyed, Janeway calls for abandoning the ship
Year of Hell part IIAfter most of the crew has evacuated, the remaining crew try to stop the temporal weapon.
Random ThoughtsAfter Torres has hostile thoughts against an telepathic alien who bumps into her, she is arrested for having "violent thoughts" and is obligated to undergo a potentially damaging memory purge.
Concerning FlightSome of Voyager's equipment is stolen and is tracked to a nearby planet. Janeway discovers that her Leonardo da Vinci holodeck program merged with the doctor's emmiter putting DaVinci's program on the planet
Mortal CoilAfter Neelix is killed in a shuttle accident, Seven reveals knowledge of a procedure which can bring him back to life.
Waking MomentsAfter the crew starts having virtually identical nightmares, Chakotay learns that a sleeping alien race is causing it.
Message in a BottleVoyager discovers a Federation ship on the other side of the galaxy through a network of alien relay stations. When they send the doctor's program to the ship to call for help, the doctor learns that Romulans have taken over the ship.
HuntersAfter making sucessful contact with the Fedearation the crew starts recieving letters from their families. The aliens who own the relay stations, the Hirogen are furious at the fact that their stations are being used by Voyager and try to stop them.
PreyAfter discovering a member of species 8472, the aliens who nearly destroyed the Borg, a member of Hirogen demands that he be allowed to continue hunting it.
RetrosepctWhen Voyager is in trade negotiatons with a trader, Seven claims that he forcefully extracted Borg implants from her body.
The Killing Game part IThe Hirogen has captured Voyager's crew and repressed their memories and replaced new ones into them to creat a simulation of WWII with the Hirogen as the German army and Voyager's crew as the French resistance.
The Killing Game part IIThe Doctor works to restore the memories of Voyager's crew while fending off the Hirogen.
Vis a VisAn alien species uses Paris' DNA to turn herself into a duplicate of him.
The Omega DirectiveVoyager's encounters an alien race manufacturing an extremely dangerous and supersecret molecule. Federation law requires them to destroy the molecules and all knowledge of their existance by any means necessary.
UnforgettableA female alien is brought on board voyager and tells Chakotay that they used to be in love but has to erase his memories of it
Living Witness700 years in the future, the doctor's program is reactivated in an alien museum which has rewritten history about Voyager.
DemonVoyager discovers a fuel source on a "demon class" planet which is dangerous to even approach. They look for a way to get the fuel off the planet
OneVoyager encounters a large nebula that would take a year to go around and only month to go through. The problem is that only Seven is immune to the radiation in the nebula. The crew are put in stasis so they will be unaffected. Seven and the doctor are the only ones operating the ship.
Hope and FearA member of a highly intelligent alien race who was nearly wiped out by the Borg claims to be able to decrypt a message that Voyager recieved from Starfleet. The mesage says that they sent an experimental ship to an area near them which will enable to get them home in months. Though Seven suspects it may be a trap the alien set to get revenge on Voyager for helping the Borg.
There are special features on the DVD which have not yet been announced at the time of this review being submitted.
This is a season that one should not miss.

Studio: Paramount Home Video
Kate Mulgrew

DVD title: Snow Falling on Cedars
Productgroup: DVD
Snow Falling on Cedars - movie DVD cover picture

A wonderful film! Once you get accustomed to the movement back and forth, the story becomes engaging and you are caught up in the characters and the story. We viewed this in the theatre and the end of the movie found the audience remaining in their seats still caught in the magic of the film and the captivitating music which played as the credits rolled. If you enjoy movies that portray life in a more realistic way than the usual Hollywood hype, you will truly appreciate this one!

Studio: Universal Studios
Ethan Hawke

DVD title: Trainspotting
Productgroup: DVD
Trainspotting - movie DVD cover picture
Trainspotting is one of the best films of the 1990's.

This is undisputedly my all time favorite movie. Everything about it is just so well done, I love it, start to finish. Sickboy is possibly the coolest character in a movie ever.(he dresses up in a tux to get high) Sure, there'll be those people who say, "This movie can't compare to the classics." But don't think I'm just some other punk who has no taste, some other favorites of mine are, Taxi Driver, The Deer Hunter, and Raging Bull (Robert DeNero is amazing). It's just that all through Trainspotting, even though it's a movie about heroine addicts, the film manages to carry a certain lightheartedness about it that makes it more fun to watch.

Studio: Miramax
Director: Danny Boyle
Ewan McGregor
Ewen Bremner
Jonny Lee Miller
Kevin McKidd
Robert Carlyle

DVD title: Queen of the Damned (Full Screen Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Queen of the Damned (Full Screen Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
Aaliyah Makes A Beautiful Queen.

I saw this movie and fell in love with it. I was madly in love with all of AALIYAH'S work. True the movie does leave out a ton of details but it basically has the same ending, Akasha dies and Lestat lives. I think the movie should of had more gore and blood in it. I Personally think that if they had put more violence in the movie it would have gotten higher ratings. I am not really fond of Stuart Townsend but i am glad they used him instead of Tom Cruise. They should have put Maharet's sister in the movie and they should of put Akasha showing Lestat the supposed cruelties of the world. They shouldn't have skipped around so much. I like Aaliyah's elaborate costumes. They look good on her. They should have mentioned the other vampire's names you don't know who is who. And Why does Pandora die if I remember correctly she lived in the book. This movie has not done Anne Rice's book a lot of justice but I do think it makes a satisfactory movie. May AALIYAH rest in piece. She is well missed.

Studio: Warner Home Video
Director: Michael Rymer
Stuart Townsend

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