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DVD title: Xanadu
Productgroup: DVD
Xanadu - movie DVD cover picture
XANADU - Pure escapism and fun from an innocent time

Ok, I'll admit it. I didn't see the movie in the theater. I made the mistake of listening to Gene Shalit of the Today show, who when reviewing this film said "Xanadu? More like Xana-DON'T". I did see bits and pieces of it though when I was about 11 or 12. I saw Olivia perform "Magic" and "Suddenly" (with Cliff Richard) on The Midnight Special. I remember seeing bits of it at a Laserdisc display at a Best store. That's when I developed my first crush on a celebrity. Yes folks, I had a crush on Olivia Newton-John. The eyes, the voice, the legs,, back to the movie.
Anyhow I finally did see the movie on HBO, and I loved it! I loved it so much that every time it came on and I wasn't in school I watched it. No matter how early (or late) in the day it was on, I always had time to be entertained by Olivia, Michael Beck, and Gene Kelly.
Now I will admit this is not on the same page as "Gone With The Wind", but Xanadu wasn't about that. It was a film that people could watch, enjoy the music, laugh a little, and go away learning a little something. Nowadays, it seems only Disney cartoons do that with some of the trash that is out there today. Plus, I can't help but everytime I watch that tape or listen to the soundtrack (I have it on CD and tape), I can't help but remember a very happy, innocent childhood. To me, Xanadu will always hold a special place in my heart for that. I just have to laugh today happily about how much this film has become a bit of a cult classic. I am just waiting for a "Xanadu" reunion to happen!

Studio: Universal Studios
Director: Robert Greenwald
Olivia Newton-John

DVD title: The Green Mile
Productgroup: DVD
The Green Mile - movie DVD cover picture
I expected nothing less.

Hmmm...Tom Hanks and Stephen King. Is it any wonder I enjoyed this movie to the utmost possibility? King has the uncanny ability, be he writing horror or not, to create characters like a pro and give them brilliant things to say. His plot is fantastic. As for the movie itself, it is a true piece of art. Very nice special effects for what can effectively be called a "prison drama." Tom Hanks leads an incredible cast, and Michael Clarke Duncan was born for this role. Continue on, Frank Darabont, continue on...

Studio: Warner Home Video
Director: Frank Darabont
Tom Hanks
Michael Clarke Duncan

DVD title: Black Hawk Down
Productgroup: DVD
Black Hawk Down - movie DVD cover picture
The best war movie ever!

"Black Hawk Down" is one of the great modern war films. It is raw, engrossing and enlightening and ultimately a powerful experience. Director Ridley Scott takes us into the event from all angles and paints a clear picture of what happened in Somalia in 1993. He shows us characters that feel authentic because they are real and lets us feel what they feel. He shoots in a gritty, rich style and his editor, Pietro Scalia (who won an Oscar for his work here) brings order to chaos and let's us experience the tension. "Black Hawk Down" is more than a simple piece of entertainment, it is a document of what happened and why. Scott does not shy away from the harsh moments and shows the realities of war for what they are. While "Saving Private Ryan" crystalized the violence and realities of World War 2, "Black Hawk Down" embodies the truths of today's type of warfare. Like Oliver Stone's "Platoon," it is not a patriotic, glamorous war movie, instead it is a gritty document of what war really is and how the world really works. In a way it also shows how the road to September 11 was paved. The guerrillas in Somalia were trained by Osama Bin Laden and when then President Clinton pulled out, pushed aside helping the suffering people, in a way it sent a message (a wrong one of course) to Bin Laden and his ilk that if you hit America, America runs away. History is always connected. In technical credits the film is beyond superb. The landscapes and atmosphere feel real and the violence is not entertaining, it is frightening and real. The music of Hans Zimmer adds to the effect with his rich combinations of rock (including Stevie Ray Vaughuan's cover of Hendrix's "Voodoo Child") and Middle Eastern music. "Black Hawk Down" is one of the most important modern war movies, it is a perfect showing of the dangerous world we live in. Movies like this are needed and one responsibility a great artist has is to show truths and Scott does just that with this movie. It is greater even than his "Gladiator," certainly more than "Hannibal," because it is not just engrossing, it is POWERFUL and IMPORTANT. "Black Hawk Down" is a masterpiece and of the best films you can see right now.

Studio: Columbia Tristar Hom
Director: Ridley Scott
Josh Hartnett

DVD title: Powder
Productgroup: DVD
Powder - movie DVD cover picture
loved it!!!!

Personally I thought it an excellent movie. It is one of the very few movies I have watched more than once. It was moving and sentimental and thought provoking. I have bought several copies to share with friends.

Studio: Hollywood Pictures
Director: Victor Salva
Mary Steenburgen
Sean Patrick Flanery

DVD title: In Dreams
Productgroup: DVD
In Dreams - movie DVD cover picture
one of my favorites!!!!!!

i absolutely loved this movie. robert downey jr. is excellent in it!!! i could watch it a thousand times. if you like good, freeky movies, this one is great. downey plays a great physco!

Studio: Dreamworks Skg
Director: Neil Jordan
Annette Bening
Robert Downey Jr.

DVD title: Sin City
Productgroup: DVD
Sin City - movie DVD cover picture
Fantastic Film, overpriced DVD

This DVD's special features are non-existent, much like the first release of Kill Bill.

This is not a comic book turned into a movie, it's a movie turned into a comic book! Frank Miller's gritty tale of Sin City is summed up for us in this masterpiece with excellent visual effects, damn sexy women, and some of some hard-as-nails men narrating the stories. Even if the story was crap, it's visually stunning. Turns out though, it's fantastic.

Recommended if you like Reservoir Dogs, Kill Bill, etc.

Studio: Dimension Home Video

DVD title: Steve Hackett - Tokyo Tapes (Live in Japan)
Productgroup: DVD
Steve Hackett - Tokyo Tapes (Live in Japan) - movie DVD cover picture
Great performance of the band,afterwards Wetton changed idea

Well I don't wanna get you wrong,that is Hackett, Colbert and Thompson are still producing great music, instead John Wetton, even remaining an excellent musician and one of my old master in prog music, has decide to change radically route about his own musical projects. In fact he's making tasteful -not always inspired- pop and aor albums, but it seems He's not interested to prog music anymore (see also the failure concerning the reunion with Carl Palmer in the ensemble created with John Young - "QANGO"). Anyway this concert, whose digital production in DVD is excellent, will be pass to the "hall of fame of the best rock concert" and it's a special occasion to remind us of the great prog music produced by the 70's english bands like King Crimson and early Genesis! Moreover you can see in action great musicians like J.Colbert,Ian McDonald and C. Thompson, whose collaboration with Zappa, Wheather Report and son on,are a fine presentation!! Well I think of every prog fan being always involved when a splendid supergroup like this can perform live on stage some of the best 70's material. Instead when you listen to some pop hit by Asia and Wetton, which gets the set lighter, you remain interested, because the latter material is quite pleasant anyway, but you should like to listen to some other complex tracks of progressive music.This DVD is higly recommended!!

Studio: Mvd
Julian Colbeck
Steve Hackett

DVD title: 311 - Live in New Orleans 311 Day
Productgroup: DVD
311 - Live in New Orleans 311 Day - movie DVD cover picture
This DVD is gonna kick ass. How do I know? I was there!!!

I was there, on the floor at the UNO Lakefront Pavillion for the greatest concert of the century. I crowed surfed and clawed my way to front and center stage.
Anyway, any self-respecting 311 fan will own this CD since, as 311 fans know, real bands are best seen LIVE. Rarities like Juan Bond, Seems Uncertain, and Stealing Happy Hours and covers like Love Song, D'yer Mak'er, and Whiteman in Hammersmith Palais alone make this purchase worth it. You won't believe the energy of the performances you will see. You'd have to have been there to know how it felt, but it was unforgettable.

btw-i'm so on this DVD.

Studio: Bmg Distribution (VI

DVD title: Eric Clapton: 24 Nights
Productgroup: DVD
Eric Clapton: 24 Nights - movie DVD cover picture

This DVD is prob. my favorite music DVD. Eric Clapton was such a great guitarist for an example his 1990 and 1991 tours were his best years ever. I love listening to Eric Clapton expesically this DVD titled 24 Nights. I bought this in Fye music a while ago I was suprised how great the format on this DVD was it goes from Claptons band, Blues Band, 9 Piece Band, to the final Orchastra Band. The segments on the DVD are great some of my favorite songs on this DVD are White Room, Sunshine Of Your Love, Bad Love, Wacth Yourself, and Bell Bottom Blues. Also there are alot of special guests that are featured on this DVD some are Buddy Guy, Robert Cray, Phil Collens, and many others. I think this is the best Clatpon DVD release yet the music is the best part its interesting listening to the 9 piece band and the orchastra band with Clapton the music though went 100%. I was mad when I read other peoples reviews on this DVD saying it sucked and giving it 2 stars they are so wrong dont read reviwes that will make you change your mind on to buy this or not I know for a fact this is a must have for anybody I am a guitarist, and a classic rock fan I know what the real music is about. So 5 stars it is with the best performences at The Royal Albert Hall Eric Clapton 24 nights. Was this review helpful to you>?

Studio: Wea/Warner Bros.
Director: Gavin Taylor

DVD title: Greenfingers
Productgroup: DVD
Greenfingers - movie DVD cover picture

I love British romantic comedy, and of all the movies in the genre, this one is my absolute favorite. Not only is the plotline funny, it's smart; that is, there's plot besides boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy gets girl back. The movie also succeeds at being touching without dipping into sappiness--the Colin/Fergus friendship brings me to tears.
The quirky off-plot tidbits make me laugh aloud. Look for the great big guy playing in the dirt.
The cinematography is beautiful, as is the sexual chemistry between Colin and Primrose. Clive Owen is a fantastically sexy man, and one of my favorite things about British romantic comedy is that the women are enticing without looking like they belong in a magazine.
There are few movies I'd watch over and over again, but this is one of them.

Studio: Columbia/Tristar Studios
Director: Joel Hershman
Clive Owen
Helen Mirren

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