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DVD title: The X-Files - The Complete Fourth Season
Productgroup: DVD
The X-Files - The Complete Fourth Season - movie DVD cover picture

In the fourth season of The X-Files, X is killed, we find out a little of CSM's background, Scully comes down with brain cancer, Skinner confronts CMS and Krycek is back (he was entombed in a Silo in the 3rd season).
All 24 episodes are on 7 discs, with documentaries, deleted scenes, etc.
1) Herrenvolk - Continuing from the cliffhanger of season three, Mulder and Jeremiah Smith escape the alien's assassin. They go to a farming community, Mulder sees a clone of his sister, Scully finds a number of Jeremiah look-alikes, and X is killed.
2) Home - Mulder and Scully investigate the Peacocks that practice inbreeding.
3) Teliko - Mulder and Scully investigate a Teliko that must consume the fluid of the human pituitary gland.
4) Unruhe - Mulder and Scully investigate Gerry Schnauz who has the ability to imprint images on film he is near.
5) The Field Where I Died - The FBI investigate a cult called the Temple of the Seven Stars after allegations of child abuse.
6) Sanguinarium - Mulder and Scully investigate doctors that go "crazy" and murder their patients.
7) Musings of a Cigarette Smoking Man - In this episode, we find out a little background of CSM as told by the Lone Gunmen. Who killed President John F. Kennedy? Who killed Martin Luther King?
8) Tunguska - Krycek is back! Mulder again retrains from killing him. Krycek and Mulder travel to Russia and Black worms are released from a "Space Rock" and Mulder is injected with the "Back Cancer."
9) Terma - Mulder and Krycek escape from Russia. A KBG assassin is sent to the U.S. to kill people that know about the Black Cancer.
10) Paper Hearts - Mulder has a dream that leads him to the body of a murdered child and believes that the killer is John Lee Roche who he arrested and put in jail years ago.
11) El Mundo Gira - Mulder and Scully find corpses infested with a strange fungus.
12) Leonard Betts - Mulder and Scully investigate Leonard Betts, who has the ability to "re-grow" body parts (e.g., he grows a new head).
13) Never Again - In this episode Scully is investigating a man, Ed, with a tattoo that has the words "Never Again." Ed hears voices from his tattoo.
14) Memento Mori - Scully learns that she has brain cancer.
15) Kaddish - Isaac Luria is killed in his store by a few teenager boys. One by one the boys turn up dead.
16) Unrequited - Mulder and Scully investigate the killing of Lt. General MacDougal. The strange part is it is done in the back of his limo and no one saw it happen, not even his driver.
17) Tempus Fugit (part 1) - Mulder is informed that Max Fening (from "Fallen Angel" episode) has died in a plane crash. Fox goes to the crash site and discovers that the wristwatches stopped 9 minutes before the crash.
18) Max (part 2) - Mulder is taken into custody and bailed out by Scully. They find a videotape with evidence that the government is using alien technology.
19) Synchrony - Mulder and Scully investigate a man who seems to have the ability to predict when someone is going to die. The man is actually from the future.
20) Small Potatoes - Mulder and Scully are called to investigate a town where babies are being born with tails.
21) Zero Sum - Mulder investigates a mailman that was killed by bees and Skinner makes a deal with CMS to save Scully's life.
22) Elegy - Scully investigates the murder at a bowling alley but the strange part is that a number of people see the same woman at the same time in different places.
23) Demons - Mulder wakes up in a motel, he has no idea how he got there, where he has blood on his shirt that belongs to a couple that were murdered.
24) Gethsemane - Mulder travels to the north with someone that believes they have found an alien. When they arrive at the camp, they find everyone dead except for one person.

Studio: Twentieth Century Fox
David Duchovny

DVD title: Pirates of the Caribbean - The Curse of the Black Pearl (2-Disc Collector's Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Pirates of the Caribbean - The Curse of the Black Pearl (2-Disc Collector's Edition) - movie DVD cover picture

After seeing "Pirates" in the theaters three times this summer, my husband and I eagerly awaited the DVD release and the chance to have the movie all to ourselves. The movie itself was widely recognized as one of the most entertaining films of the year, after most people expected it to be typical brainless summer blockbuster fare. Fantastically over-the-top performances by Geoffrey Rush and Johnny Depp bring depth and meaning to what might have been an otherwise unspectacular action flick. Depp's impeccable comic timing makes all of his scenes enjoyable, while Rush's insatiable Barbossa is both creepy and poignant.
But on to the DVD extras:Keira Knightley and Jack Davenport give hilarious commentary on selected scenes; I wished their commentary existed for every scene in the movie, as it was preferable to the commentary from Johnny Depp and Gore Verbinski. Verbinski rambles on about the writing of the movie (superfluous, since the writers' commentary is also available) and Depp seems more interested in watching the movie than giving any insight into his character or the experience of filming. You feel as though he wishes Verbinski would shut up for a few minutes.
The writers' commentary is definitely the most informative. For example: The phrase at the end of the Tortuga pub scene between Sparrow and Gibbs ("Take what you can, give nothing back!") is a phrase that was used by the actual sailors on the Lady Washington (the movie's "Interceptor"). The writers also talk about what each actor brings to his or her role, how they adapted their characters, where the story comes from and what dialogue was improvised. They also give hints about the eventual sequel.
Some of the other extras are entertaining, but I would most recommend:Deleted and Alternate ScenesBlooper Reel (though not as extensive as one would hope)Diary of a PirateWalt Disney Archival material (you can see the original ride and its conception in the 50s!)Moonlight Scene Progression [*Hidden material on this page: press the down arrow until the pirate skeleton's tooth is highlighted, then press enter for a brief interview with the man who was Johnny Depp's inspiration for Captain Jack.]
Disney comes through on this DVD with a closer look at the technology involved in the movie and the background and inspiration of the story. If you loved the theatrical version, you won't be disappointed by this DVD.

Studio: Walt Disney Home Video
Director: Gore Verbinski
Johnny Depp
Geoffrey Rush
Orlando Bloom
Keira Knightley
Jonathan Pryce

DVD title: Scary Movie
Productgroup: DVD
Scary Movie - movie DVD cover picture
awesome movie

this is the funniest movie since "airplane".i thought that was the funniest movie i had ever seen but then i saw this and its now the funniest movie ever to me.this movie has the most bad content than any other movie that i have ever has even more sexuality than american pie so this one isnt for kids at all. rated R for very strong sexual humor,nudity(but not the kind your thinking! ),language,drug use, and violence

Studio: Dimension Home Video
Director: Keenen Ivory Wayans
Anna Faris
Marlon Wayans
Jon Abrahams
Carmen Electra

DVD title: Goldfinger (Special Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Goldfinger (Special Edition) - movie DVD cover picture

This is my favorite James bond movie. Starring the best of the Bonds Sean Connery. I love this movie the great villian, an awesome henchman, the Aston Martin DB5 with the ejecter seat and the oil slick. My Dad went and saw this movie movie as a kid. He bought it for me. It was the first Bond I ever saw. It got me started into the whole Bond series. For other great Bond films see From Russia with Love, Goldeneye, and Dr. No.

Studio: MGM/UA Video
Director: Guy Hamilton
Sean Connery
Honor Blackman
Gert Fröbe

DVD title: Gladiator
Productgroup: DVD
Gladiator - movie DVD cover picture
Wonderfully done

Short and simple: this movie is brilliant. Russell Crowe's flashbacks in the film are especially beautiful and touching. Overall, the entire movie is extremely well done. Definitely a must-have.

Studio: Universal Studios
Director: Ridley Scott
Russell Crowe
Joaquin Phoenix
Connie Nielsen

DVD title: Popular - The Complete First Season
Productgroup: DVD
Popular - The Complete First Season - movie DVD cover picture
I LOVED popular!

Popular was my favorite show! I think that as the series went on, the premise lost it's original theme and it became kind of silly, However, I was devestated when they cancelled it and they did it with such a HUGE cliff hanger! OMG i would do almost anything for show to still be on, even one episode, just to find out what happened!!
I guess it's hard to be on that show though, because 6 girls fighting over popularity can be pretty exausting. Well, either way, i look foward to the first season! I can't wait for it to come out! I think that everyone should watch this show! I LOVED IT!

Studio: Buena Vista Home Vid
Leslie Bibb

DVD title: The Spanish Prisoner
Productgroup: DVD
The Spanish Prisoner - movie DVD cover picture
Another Great Con-Game Movie From Mamet

First, there is Mamet's dialogue: punchy, pungent, at once surreal and downright earthy, a pidgin English that starts out sounding weird and contrived in the actor's mouths and ends sounding as honest as breathing. Remember, this guy is also a Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright.
Then there's Mamet's plotting: we know there are going to be "bad" people--masters of the Big Con--conniving to steal Campbell Scott's lucrartive "process" (one of the best MacGuffin's since Hitchcock), but trying to determine who's in on it and who's an innocent (?) bystander is one of the ongoing delightful puzzles of the movie. Mamet slowly reveals the true colors of his characters like a master at stud poker. Eventually poor Campbell realizes he's been robbed, framed and screwed eight ways til Sunday (in a brilliant interrogation scene where most of the pieces come together), and as viewers, we feel as tightly trapped as he does.
Finally there are the perfomaces: Scott's nicely understated playing of the niave but brainy techno-geek, Steve Martin's deft characterization of the moody, mysterious millionare, and Rebecca Pigeon's suspiciously winsome gal Friday. Many of Mamet's old "Chicago school" regulars show up, though poor Ricky Jay gets stuck mouthing a lot of platitudes--one of the few weakness of Mamet's script.
Yes, maybe this film isn't quite as brilliant as "House of Games," Mamet's previous exploration of the Big Con, but darn few movies are. The deus ex machina ending is less satisfying than "House"'s more character-driven conclusion, and I sure miss Joe Mantegna (no one spits out Mamet's dialog with quite his authority). Nonetheless, "Prisoner" stands up to multiple viewings without losing its appeal or mystery, and may in fact require more than one viewing in order to be truly appreciated for its labyrinthine plotting and underlying themes.

Studio: Columbia/Tristar Studios
Director: David Mamet
Steve Martin
Ben Gazzara

DVD title: A Civil Action
Productgroup: DVD
A Civil Action - movie DVD cover picture
great movie about a real life story travolta best!!!

it is travolta best work since pulp fiction ,face/off and broken arrow!!A must for any travolta fan or a great stories without a ton of special effects like the star wars movies especially the new one now playing!!

Studio: Touchstone Video
Director: Steven Zaillian
John Travolta
Robert Duvall
Kathleen Quinlan

DVD title: North by Northwest
Productgroup: DVD
North by Northwest - movie DVD cover picture
The Master of Suspense Spawns the Daddy of the Action Film

Many feel this is Alfred Hitchcock's greatest American movie, and I agree! NORTH BY NORTHWEST (NbyNW) is the Hitchcock film to end all Hitch films, with all his pet themes covered with maximum wit, panache, and suspense, as well as a romance between Cary Grant and a soign?e Eva Marie Saint that's as tender as it is sexy. Grant has never been more engaging and dashing (literally and figuratively :-), though the smoothly villainous James Mason nearly out-suaves him. My hubby and I have joked that if Mason had played Thornhill, the film would have been over in mere moments; if the imperious, unshakably confident Mason asked the Glen Cove police, "Do you honestly believe that this happened the way you think it did?" they would immediately reply, "No, sir, you must be right, you're free to go, sorry we bothered you." :-) NbyNW also boasts a great early performance by a reptilian young Martin Landau as Mason's possessive henchman, as well as one of Oscar nominee Ernest Lehman's best screenplays (in fact, he borrowed liberally from it for his script for the film version of THE PRIZE starring Paul Newman) and one of Bernard Herrmann's finest scores. Anybody who wants to write or direct a chase thriller should watch NbyNW first to see how it's done, and the DVD is a great place to start with its superb extras, like the documentary and Lehman's commentary track! I'm only sorry they couldn't include the Oscar-nominated short documentary THE MAN ON LINCOLN'S NOSE as well.

Studio: Warner Home Video
Director: Alfred Hitchcock
Cary Grant
Eva Marie Saint

DVD title: Alanis Morissette - Feast on Scraps (DVD & Enhanced CD)
Productgroup: DVD
Alanis Morissette - Feast on Scraps (DVD & Enhanced CD) - movie DVD cover picture
excellent as always

This DVD/CD is great, the new songs in it should have made the cut in URS, but I'm glad they didn't for there is something to hold us (alanis' fans) up until her next studio album. I especially liked Bent for you, Simple together and Unprodigal daughter, and, of course, the acoustic version of hands clean, though all the songs are great!! Here Alanis shows why she's the best!

Studio: Warner/ Elektra/ Atlantic; Rhino Video PREORDER
Director: Alanis Morissette

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