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DVD title: X2 - X-Men United (Full Screen Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
X2 - X-Men United (Full Screen Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
X2 exceeds the 1st film, instills hope in X-Men franchise

Summary: "X"cellent film-X2 exceeds the original film and instills hope in the x-men movie franchise"The second installment in the X-men saga delivers everything a moviegoer could ask for. Nonstop action, character driven pathos, resolution of plot threads, new questions raised, and cameos and suprises all along the way. X-Men and Comic book fans alike, will be proud that their favorite heroes have put their best face forward. The film's action unfolds within minutes of the opening credits and takes you along for a ride you'll remember long after the last scene in the film. The nature of a sequel, and its expectations notwithstanding, the film could be seen as a standalone. A moviegoer who has seen the original film will marvel at how the films tie so well together as plot threads in the first film get resolved, and new plotlines open up for future films. The film has done a great job to solidify the franchise and continue a new genre of comic related films. From a comic fan's standpoint the film does a very good job of keeping the feel of the comic translated to the big screen. Minor changes in origins and relationships get forgiven when the viewer gets to see their childhood (and maybe even adulthood) heroes brought to life on the siver screen. Marvel's decision to bring the feel of the new issues of the X-Men comics closer to the movie version, was probably a good one. The film itself has so many suprises for the fan of the comic, that the viewer's eye will dart from scene to scene trying to find all the film's character cameos and "easter eggs". The film's translation to DVD will probably be a view's delight. Brian Singer's direction in the film should be lauded, because of the sheer amount of character development you see with the growing number of different x-people in the film. His ability to juggle so many different characters, and actors has definitly grown since The Usual Suspects. Singer does a good job of showing respect to the material. Even slight nuances of the actors' performances at different instances in the film is artfully juggled. (See any character tied to the morphing of Mystique for proof). Hugh Jackman's performance leads the star-studded cast. His portrayal of Wolverine anchors the movie to the cheers of moviegoers-as they relish in the character's adamantium clawed rage. Jackman deftly displays his control of the character's complexity as his interaction with the different castmemembers is seen from scene to scene. Also noteworthy is Ian Mckellan's reprisal of his role as Magneto. It drips with a wonderful amount of sarcasm and dignity that even the most jaded of fans would have to admit that the casting choice was a good one. Alan Cummings's Nightcrawler will probably make lots of children want alot of blue makeup for Halloween this year. The character's addition was a good choice for the film. As the group's makeup starts to get closer to the classic John Byrne/Chris Claremont era of the comic. The X-Men movie franchise has been solidified well. X-Men 2 (X2) draws certain similarities to other sequels like Empire Strikes Back, Godfather 2, and The Two Towers-in its strength as a movie in a series. Fans of the film, movie-goers, and comic books fans will probably argue that its much better than the first film, and its placement in the series. Arguably the film has outmatched its predecessor in many aspects. Much like Empire, the film presents a plot thread that doesn't get resolved at the end of the film. Young fans and people not familiar with the X-Men's history will definitely have questions unanswered at the film's end. For the requirements of a sequel, the film goes a long way of going above and beyond its prerequisites. The movie viewer will be content at the film's end, but saddened that they cannot watch the next film-right away. The anticipation for the next installment of the film will feel arduous. But, at least X-Men 2 has done its job well. The franchise is in the able and steady hands of Mr. Singer. And as Professor Xavier says "I think everything is going to be just fine."

Studio: Fox Home Entertainme
Director: Bryan Singer
Patrick Stewart
Hugh Jackman
Ian McKellen
Halle Berry
Anna Paquin
Brian Cox

DVD title: The Beast
Productgroup: DVD
The Beast - movie DVD cover picture
Little known and great film

This movie caught me totally by suprise. I watched this movie from beginning to end without wanting to get up. This the best film of it's kind I have ever seen. A little disturbing at times, but absolutely brilliant. I didnt know much about the Russian invasion of Afghanistan, And I realize this movie was somewhat fictional, And I was totally immersed in it from start to finish. Definitely check this one out. Five star film all the way, Jason Patrick does a great job.

Studio: Columbia/Tristar Studios
Director: Kevin Reynolds
George Dzundza
Jason Patric

DVD title: Coupling - The Complete First Season
Productgroup: DVD
Coupling - The Complete First Season - movie DVD cover picture
Unlike "Friends", this is truely funny stuff

Apologies to those who like "Friends". To those who don't, don't be put off by the comparison. Like nearly every American sitcom I've seen in the past ten years, I find "Friends" to be dull and certainly not funny at any point.
"Coupling" is certainly a BBC sitcom, but it doesn't stray over the top as do some. While it can get carried away with characters' obsessions with sex, there is no resemblance to sophomoric Hollywood sex jokes or gags.
Unlike many comedies, good or bad, it isn't uneven. All characters, actors and episodes are strong.
If you're looking at this because you've typed in "Jack Davenport", who I believe is the only actor from "Coupling" with much recognition in the US, you'll undoubtedly be delighted. Whether you appreciate him for his looks, talent or both, he's very much a major player. For this price, take the risk.

Studio: Warner Home Video
Director: Martin Dennis

DVD title: White (Three Colors Trilogy)
Productgroup: DVD
White (Three Colors Trilogy) - movie DVD cover picture
First Among Equals

In downtown Warsaw, where so much of "White" is set, there was an electric sign celebrating Poland's recent release from the Iron Curtain of communism by praising Bill Clinton and splashing around an American flag. The electric sign, though, was not like the monumental Panasonic sign in New York's Times Square. Rather it was more comparable to the signs composed of light bulbs that can be found in major league baseball stadiums. I thought of that sign many times throughout "White," how meager it looked in a nation already so deprived. "White" deals with the disillusionment and failure of one man who represents the disappointment of a nation. When the protagonist, Karol, returns to Warsaw from Paris, after being rejected and betrayed by his French wife, Dominique, through divorce and infidelity, and by the French court, whom Karol believes has cheated him in the divorce by giving him nothing because he cannot speak French (both a clear metaphor for the West's disregard of Poland), he is greeted by a city where bands of thieves roam the land like the Middle Ages, and gangster capitalists own everything and can buy anything. Karol then aspires to become part of this amoral ruling class, thereby becoming more equal than anybody else. In "White," besides the inequitable wealth between Karol and his fellow Polish countrymen, there is an intricate interplay between the affluence of the West and the lowered expectations of Poland. In Paris, Karol and is wife owned a clean well-lit salon, but back in Warsaw, his brother's salon has little more than a gaudy electric sign to distinguish it from the days of communist rule, and it is located along a muddy, unpaved road. A loan shark, who hires Karol to protect him, gives Karol what amounts to a cap gun as his weapon. And even an expensive office building in downtown Warsaw only has a few phone jacks. This comparison is perhaps Kieslowski's message that there is no perfect equality, either within a nation (as demonstrated through both Karol's amassed wealth and influence, and the discrimination against his at the hands of the French judicial system) or between nations. Kieslowski also suggests, through the relationship between Karol and Dominique, that perhaps love can bridge this gap.

Studio: Buena Vista Home Vid
Director: Krzysztof Kieslowski
Zbigniew Zamachowski
Julie Delpy

DVD title: The Siege
Productgroup: DVD
The Siege - movie DVD cover picture
Denzel and Tony Shalhoub are superb; great terrorist movie

This is one of the few movies I can watch over and over again without being bored. The storyline is excellent, as such things portrayed in this movie could very easily happen. It makes me wonder why there aren't more terrorist attacks than there already are. The acting is superb because of Denzel Washington. He does fabulous job, as does Tony Shalhoub. The performance by Bruce Willis is lacking as compared to his other fine movies, as is the one by Annette Benning. Luckily the majority of the movie keeps you on the edge of your seat and focused on Denzel W. One of my favorite lines in the movie: "You Americans think that money is power; belief is power." Watch it and enjoy!

Studio: Twentieth Century Fox
Director: Edward Zwick
Denzel Washington
Bruce Willis

DVD title: The Incredibles (Widescreen 2-Disc Collector's Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
The Incredibles (Widescreen 2-Disc Collector's Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
Now one of my fav animated movies

Take my word for it, rent or buy this movie, you have to see it. All of the people saying it was boring or started slow or wasn't that funny are just boring people with no personalities.

I'm 22 and I probably enjoyed it as much as any kid would, Pixar keeps bringing the great movies. I lost hope in Animated movies after the Disney classics died out, then Pixar came around with Toy Story, Nemo, and Incredibles and brought out the kid in me again. You really feel gripped by the story and the lives of "The Incredibles"

This movie is a must see, plenty of funny parts, lots of action and good characters.

Studio: Walt Disney Home Video
Director: Brad Bird
Craig T. Nelson
Holly Hunter
Samuel L. Jackson
Jason Lee

DVD title: La Bella y la Bestia (Beauty and the Beast - Special Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
La Bella y la Bestia (Beauty and the Beast - Special Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
Good on video, better on DVD

I have the original Black Diamond Classics edition of this movie and the Platinum edition of this movie both on VHS. I am KICKING myself for not buying the DVD platinum edition! I got the VHS of the platinum edition just three weeks before my family got a DVD player (a month before I got one in my room)! Just to think that I could have the original "Black Diamond" version, the Platinum Version, AND a "Work-in-progress" version ALL on one disc is crazy! Too bad this DVD is out of print. I wish that they wouldn't make the platinum editions go out of print. I was lucky enough to find a used verion of the Platinum "Snow White" for $16.99 at game stop (2-disc). I really want this DVD version with all 3 versions of the film. By the way, "Human Again" has outstanding color and animation, not to mention, it is seamlessly added into the film, which I found amazing! Go buy this DVD NOW (hopefully I'll find it somewhere!)

Studio: Walt Disney Home Video
Robby Benson
Paige O'Hara

DVD title: Dog Soldiers
Productgroup: DVD
Dog Soldiers - movie DVD cover picture
Best Werewolf movie since Howling & Werewolf in London !

I am an avid fan of werewolf movies. I have always been, especially since my first true movie was The Wolf Man with Lon Chaney Jr. When this was aired on the Sci Fi channel - I was totally blown away. I was on the edge of my seat the entire time I watched it. And, while I was out shopping today, I noticed it at the store, and picked it up. Watching it for the second time, totally freaked me out. This is a great horror movie. Great scares, and it keeps you on the edge of your seat. If you enjoyed the Howling, and American Werwolf in London - then get Dog Soldiers to add to your horror collection. You will not regret it.

Studio: Lions Gate Home Entertainment
Director: Neil Marshall

DVD title: Star Wars Trilogy (Widescreen Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Star Wars Trilogy (Widescreen Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
The third step and final triumph

This here review only concerns the Return of the Jedi, the third episode, but it is teh crowning episode in most respects. The final episode, the happy ending after a lot of suspense, a masterpiece of creativity. The family gets reunited. The brother discovers his sister and vice versa. The son confronts his father and manages to bring the Jedi back out of the dark side which is definitely destroyed. The Emperor, the dark half of human nature, tha dark evil of humanity, the dark forces of the universe is brought to his end by the father who is thus regenerated and finally can take off his mask to look at his son with his real eyes. During that time, the sister and Solo, the ex-mercenary, destroy the shield of the death star and make friends with some primitive people on the planet. Those are so funny and so cute that they are lovable at first sight, looking like big living teddy-bears. But deeper than those plain events, it is the victory of the bright side over the dark side of things, the victory of the alliance of all the little Davids against the tyranny of the big Goliath. It is the victory of a joyful and happy society of individuals who love each other and love music, dancing and celebrations over an austere and sinister tyranny. The only mystery that survives at the end of the film, once the body of the father is burnt as some kind of religious homage, is why the sister is called a Princess, which is a reference to a monarchy and which builds a parallel with the Emperor of the dark side. She should be anything but a Princess. She should have no link with any non-democratic political system, she should have no link with any political system at all. She is pure life and happiness in a world of death and political tyranny. She is imagined Liberty and realized Freedom and conquered Peace. But well, we can do with this limitation. Dr Jacques COULARDEAU, Paris Universities II and IX.

Studio: Twentieth Century Fox Home Video
Harrison Ford

DVD title: The Seventh Seal - Criterion Collection
Productgroup: DVD
The Seventh Seal - Criterion Collection - movie DVD cover picture
not a date movie..

a classic which has aged well. still has more than a few moments of stunning cinematography. make sure to see it subtitled.

Studio: Criterion Collection
Director: Ingmar Bergman
Gunnar Björnstrand
Max von Sydow

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