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DVD title: Pitch Black (Rated Version)
Productgroup: DVD
Pitch Black (Rated Version) - movie DVD cover picture
Wow, a must see!

The shadows of everything and the way the aliens looked when you could actually see them, was outstanding. Vin Diesel was so talented, he just blew me away. He literally would take over the screen. I will definatley be following his career!

Studio: Universal Studios
Director: David Twohy
Vin Diesel
Radha Mitchell
Cole Hauser

DVD title: Big Fat Liar
Productgroup: DVD
Big Fat Liar - movie DVD cover picture
good 1!

I went to see Big Fat Liar with high expectations. Okay, so it's only a PG but it had Nickelodion's Amanda Bynes in it and Malcolm In The Middle's Frankie Muniz. It turned out to be really good.
Jason Shephard (Frankie Muniz) accidentilly left his English paper in a famous movie director's limozine. He had to go to summer school, so he went on an adventure to get it back with his friend Kaylee (Amanda Bynes).
They had to do lots of pranks on the director to get it back. In the end it turned out to be really funny. I liked it because it was original with witty humour.
I would reccomend this to mostly kids but some adults might like this too.

Studio: Universal Studios Ho
Director: Shawn Levy
Frankie Muniz
Amanda Bynes

DVD title: Tales from the Darkside: The Movie
Productgroup: DVD
Tales from the Darkside: The Movie - movie DVD cover picture

TALES FROM THE DARKSIDE is a horror anthology that contains three gruesome stories that are bookended by a wraparound story."The Wraparound Story" is about a little boy who tells scary stories to a modern day cannibal in order to save some time before she cooks the little boy for a dinner party. "Lot 249" is about a college student who brings an ancient mummy back to life in order to seek revenge against the people who have done him wrong. "Cat From Hell" is about a rich man who hires a hitman to kill a cat that he believes has come to kill him. "Lover's Vow" is about a man who witnesses an act of murder committed by a demonic creature and is given the chance to live if he promises never to speak about what he saw. All these stories contain plenty of gore, humor, and scares to keep you on the edge of your seat! Plus, you have a great cast of actors in the movie!

Studio: Paramount Studio
Director: John Harrison
Deborah Harry
Matthew Lawrence
Christian Slater

DVD title: Agatha Christie's Poirot - The Movie Collection, Set 2
Productgroup: DVD
Agatha Christie's Poirot - The Movie Collection, Set 2 - movie DVD cover picture
A must own for Mystery fans!

Quite possibly the best thing to ever happen to mystery, Agatha Christie's "Poirot" comes to life in the PBS Mystery! and subsequent A&E series and now you can own it on DVD! David Suchet plays the part of the quirky mastermind Belgian detective Hercule Poirot so perfectly, I could never be able to read one of the books without putting his face to the character. The series is splendid and intriguing, Christie's writing shining the entire time.
Hugh Fraser plays the most wonderful coutnerpart in Captain Hastings, Poirot's right hand man. (He tries ever so hard to be just as crafty as Poirot, but he does not have the necessary 'grey cells' to match wits). Chief Inspector Japp, also played remarkably by Philip Jackson, is the typical bumbling but useful Scotland Yard detective who has a strange kind of friendship with the Belgian who can always put him to shame when solving a crime.
Also, for those of you who might have purchased set 1, Acorn Media did a wonderful job in cleaning up the quality of the picture, removing the graininess and those slightly distracting lines. A much better effort on their part. If you're turned off from buying set 2 due to the inadequacies of the picture quality of set 1, let me be the first to allay your concerns and tell you that they really got it right this time. You will not be distracted by the picture quality. Also, there are a good deal of extras with each DVD, mainly bios, an Agatha Christie quiz, and extra information on the timeless writer and the superb actors.
Overall, a must have for any mystery lover, or for that matter, those who enjoy suspense, drama, or to some extent the witty humor of a Belgian intermingling with the British. Yes, it is funny to watch, too. Some scenes even had my and my friends laughing raucously out loud! Truly a masterpiece of television, a reason to keep public television rolling along, and a treasure so rarely found in the DVD world these days!

Studio: Acorn Media Publishi
David Suchet

DVD title: The Twilight Zone: Vol. 8
Productgroup: DVD
The Twilight Zone: Vol. 8 - movie DVD cover picture
Great DVD

"To Serve Man" is a favorite of mine, though it is kind of funny to see Richard Kiel in costume with the big head - and he never speaks.
"Third From the Sun" has a neat twist, but is otherwise not special. I like Fritz Weaver in almost everything, especially the movie "Fail Safe".
"The Shelter" is a formulaic plot that seems well-used. This was probably much better when it was first shown, because of the political time-frame.
"The Fugitive" is pretty light and a little fluffy for my taste, almost like Disney wrote it.
I think there are better collections. I like #7.

Studio: Image Entertainment 2

DVD title: The Man Who Knew Too Much
Productgroup: DVD
The Man Who Knew Too Much - movie DVD cover picture
Great Movie for every collection

Jo McKenna (Doris Day), and her husband Dr. Ben McKenna (James Stewart), and their little son Hank McKenna (Christopher Olson) go on holiday to a small mid eastern country! While their they get tied up in a fight for right full of intrigue, kidnapping, murder! Their they meet a detective that is on the tail of an American Family supposedly going to be bombing the British Royalty He first expects the McKenna family but then he is mysteriously murdered! They then find out that their dear friends that they make are actually the people who are planning the nasty deed! Well they kidnap Hank and Jo and Ben follow them to London this movie has a touching ending! Jo is playing Que Sera Sera at a big party in London at Buckingham Palace and Hank hears it and Hank's captors wife tells him to whistel the tune and he does it and Ben hears it and follows the tune up to find his son! Great classic movie and Tear Jerker! I highly suggest it to everyone!

Studio: Universal Studios
Director: Alfred Hitchcock
James Stewart
Doris Day

DVD title: Baby's Day Out
Productgroup: DVD
Baby's Day Out - movie DVD cover picture
Imagine that---a baby who's smarter than his kidnappers!

I remember seeing this movie in the theater when it came out and I finally managed to get it on tape this Thanksgiving. It's as funny now as it was back then. Why these three ditzes are holding a baby for ransom in the first place isn't really explained; it's pretty obvious that they don't know thing number one about taking care of a baby. But the scenes which make this movie one of my favorites include the incident involving the cigarette lighter, Joe Mantegna doing battle with the gorilla, and Nordby's completely off the wall rendition of "Mary Had a Little Lamb". (It followed her to work one DAY!!...and Mary lost her job!)

Studio: Twentieth Century Fox
Director: Patrick Read Johnson
Joe Mantegna
Lara Flynn Boyle

DVD title: Rodgers and Hammerstein's Oklahoma! (London Stage Revival)
Productgroup: DVD
Rodgers and Hammerstein's Oklahoma! (London Stage Revival) - movie DVD cover picture
A Oklahoman says....WOW!!

I have seen many, many, many productions of "Oklahoma" over the last fifteen years. If you live in this state, it's pretty much a given that if one of your younger relatives (or a close friend's relative) has any musical talent at all, they will appear in a junior high or high school production of this musical. I've also enjoyed the summer performance at Discoveryland, which is the official "National Home" of the musical. And, of course, the 1955 film with Shirley Jones and Gordon MacRae has been an often-watched favorite on my VHS/DVD shelf for many years.
Frankly, I bought this DVD for one reason--I was curious to hear if Hugh Jackman could sing. Let's face it--he's gorgeous to watch (and my husband gets jealous every time I say that, LOL), but I had a great deal of trouble imagining him in this rough-and-tumble cowboy role. In fact, the thought of "Oklahoma" on the London stage was a concept I had trouble accepting intellectually.
Boy, was I wrong.... :)
I agree 100% with Mary Rodgers. If you only have the chance to see one performance of "Oklahoma" in your lifetime, THIS is the one to see.
Shuler Hensley is magnificent as Jud Fry, and well deserving of all the awards he received. Jimmy Johnson and Vicki Simon make a delightful pair as Will Parker and the "I can't say no" Ado Annie. Maureen Lipman provides the heart of the family with her performance as Aunt Eller.
But Jackman and Josefina Gabrielle...well, there are no words. They weren't the typical clean-and-polished Curly and Laurey that we're so used to seeing. Laurey was <gasp!> barefoot and wearing pants! Curly *looked* like a cowhand who had just come off the range. They were...well, real. Genuine. Laurey had doubts about marrying a cowboy; Curly had doubts about giving up his life in the saddle and settling down as a farmer. Curly was *nervous* when he stumbled through his proposal...and Laurey *still* had doubts about accepting.
Again, the only word that comes to mind...real. Human. True human emotions. And, amazingly, not a British/Australian accent anywhere to mar the perfection.
Oh, and did I mention that Hugh Jackman was gorgeous?? :)
Yes, some of the set changes are a bit confusing when they cut in the audience reactions. But I was so caught up with the presentation that the distraction was a minor inconvenience at worst.
If you're trying to make a choice between this version and the 1955 movie...get both. But get this one first :)
Yes...Hugh Jackman can most definitely sing. And did I mention that he's...well, you get the idea :)

Studio: Image Entertainment
Director: Trevor Nunn

DVD title: Whatever It Takes
Productgroup: DVD
Whatever It Takes - movie DVD cover picture
Definitely a must see

At this time, we all should know what a teen movie is.That predictable pink and stupid piece, Hey!, i'm not saying all teen movies are bad, but this one it is.High School, Ryan(Shane West) is in love with the most popular girl, called Ashley.Her boyfriend(Chris)is in love with Shane's best friend, Maggie(Marla Sokoloff).So they help each other to get what they want, whatever it takes.The acting is good, specially by Shane West.They all do good the stupid high school kid rol.This movie has some funny moments, like the Titanic parody in the schooll prom.Or the girls locker room, and some more.But what i didn't like was MARLA.She's so bad acting and her character was so stupid, I mean, who is like her in real life.Sorry, didn't mean to offen you.Well, let's wait for the next teen movie and let's see the differences, hope to be better than this one.

Studio: Columbia Tri-Star
Director: David Raynr
Shane West
Marla Sokoloff

DVD title: The Professional
Productgroup: DVD
The Professional - movie DVD cover picture
He Does It For Mathilda

Leon (Jean Reno) drinks only milk -- it is healthy and good for his stomach. Leon needs his strength. Leon is a 'cleaner' -- a professional hit man.
Leon's twelve-year-old neighbor Mathilda (Natalie Portman) purchases milk for Leon. One afternoon Mathilda hides at Leon's apartment after returning from the grocer's. Mathilda's parents' apartment has been raided by a DEA squad led by popper-energized Special Agent Stansfield (Gary Oldman). Mathilda's father has been holding narcotics for Stansfield and the narcotics that Mathilda's father returned are cut with milk sugar. Stanfield's squad demolishes Mathilda's parents' apartment and murders everybody in the apartment including Mathilda's four-year-old brother. Stansfield's squad finds the missing narcotics, but they miss finding Mathilda. With misgivings Leon harbors Mathilda.
Mathilda wants revenge for her four-year-old brother's murder. Mathilda learns that Leon is a cleaner and convinces Leon to teach her 'cleaning skills'. Too early Mathilda borrows several handguns and goes after Stansfield at the Federal Building. Mathilda gets caught ...
French writer/director Luc Besson ("La Femme Nikita") has produced *a masterpiece* set in New York City. The film's only flaw is a long range sniper's rifle that also shoots paintballs. Character development for Leon and Mathilda is superb -- Leon is a professional killer but a naive man, while Mathilda is both childish and streetwise. The cast provide great performances and Eric Serra's score reinforces the film's drama. Luc Besson and Jean Reno set the standard for this genre with "The Professional".

Studio: Columbia/Tristar Studios
Director: Luc Besson
Jean Reno
Gary Oldman
Natalie Portman

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