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DVD title: Heat
Productgroup: DVD
Heat - movie DVD cover picture
Wow!What a movie!De Niro and Pacino set the screen on fire!

If there's been a more underrated film this decade, then by all means, let me know. I was nothing less than completely blown away when I first saw this film, and after nearly 25 additional viewings, it maintains its edge and its extraordinary brilliance. Al Pacino is terrific in his role as Detective Vincent Hanna. He moves through the film with a facade of professionalism and coolness, but he simultaneously emanates the inner demons that have pushed his marriage to the brink of disaster. Robert De Niro is unforgettable as master thief Neil McCauley. He maintains his own sense of coolness, but there is a lurking urgency radiating from his demeanor. This is one of his best roles of the '90s, and he gives it his all. Val Kilmer has his greatest role here as De Niro's partner. The supporting cast that includes Jon Voight, Tom Sizemore, Diane Venora, Ashley Judd, Wes Studi, and Ted Levine is absolutely incredible. Michael Mann's screenplay is vivid and brilliant, with expert character analyses, and his direction is masterful. The shootout scene in the streets is one of the best action sequences in recent memory, and the ending shootout between Pacino and De Niro is equally mesmerizing. This ending scene is also the most moving of the film, as we see two men who seem worlds apart reach a mutual understanding with each other, as they both realize that they're more alike than they could ever have imagined. Moby's beautiful composition "God Moving Over the Face of Waters" illuminates this scene, and truly touches a chord in the heart. Forget "Braveheart," "Apollo 13," "12 Monkeys," etc. "Heat" is 1995's finest film, and it is one of the finest of the decade.

Studio: Warner Studios
Director: Michael Mann
Al Pacino
Robert De Niro
Val Kilmer
Jon Voight

DVD title: The Legend of Suriyothai
Productgroup: DVD
The Legend of Suriyothai - movie DVD cover picture

There is no question this movie has flaws, but quite frankly I would prefer watching such flaws much more than suffering thru the miserable slop which is 98% of Hollywood films today...
This is a fascinating look at another part of the globe which most of us have not experienced beyond eating Phad Thai at the local corner chifa. The colors, the costumes, the bloodthirsty ambition, and the elephants! What amazing images are these. I was particulary enthralled with the scenes of elephant warfare and the one with the elegent river canoes thrusting into battle. And the one-eyed warrior was over the top! Even Hollywood should recognize that guy's talent. How tough was he?
For me, the only reason to not buy this right away is the hope that the longer Thai theatrical version (+45 minutes) might be even better. But I doubt its coming out any time soon, and often editing is done for a good reason (see Das Boot or Blade Runner). If you liked Lawrence of Arabia, Gandhi, Braveheart, or Elizabeth, I think you will enjoy this film. So my advice is to buy this fascinating film right now!

Studio: Columbia Tristar Hom
Director: Chatrichalerm Yukol
M.L. Piyapas Bhirombhakdi
Sarunyu Wongkrachang
Chatchai Plengpanich

DVD title: Thomas The Tank Engine and Friends - Races, Rescues & Runaways
Productgroup: DVD
Thomas The Tank Engine and Friends - Races, Rescues & Runaways - movie DVD cover picture
Crash, bang, clankity clang

This is a sort of "Best Thomas Trainwrecks" collection. It is a series of five minute stories, each involving trains that derail, crash into one another, drive into water or get covered by dirt. It is great fun. My two year old, who is a Thomas addict, loves this video and just laughs with glee with every wreck.
Alec Baldwin's narration is excellent. This is a must have video for your Thomas collection!

Studio: Anchor Bay Entertain
Director: David Mitton

DVD title: The Shawshank Redemption
Productgroup: DVD
The Shawshank Redemption - movie DVD cover picture
Candidate for all-time best...

This movie is one of the best ever made.... it succeeds even without the customary female interest.... very inspiring character portrayed by Tim Robbins.... Morgan Freeman's character is also one worthy of emulation.... this movie has a very strong plot and the prefect pace. Very humbling to watch Tim Robbins bear his injustice with such equanimity.... and actually start a library in Shawshank prison. Watch this when you feel your life sucks, and you will get your dose of motivation in addition to being placated by the fact that a lot of people have lives that suck far more. I do not want to write more about the movie - rent this movie, and sit patiently through the 142 minutes without any breaks.... it'll prove why instant gratification is light years inferior to perseverance and a life of pure karma. A very thoroughly deserved 5 stars, and that too averaged over 742 reviews.... it is so good that I find it very hard to do justice to this masterpiece with words such as these. Watch it!!!

Studio: Castle Rock
Director: Frank Darabont
Tim Robbins
Morgan Freeman

DVD title: The Beautician and the Beast
Productgroup: DVD
The Beautician and the Beast - movie DVD cover picture
The Beaution and the Beast

This seems like a plot constructed to string one-liners together. Fran is charming, but eventually, it just becomes predictable. The kids are reactionary, and not very belivable. Since its a romantic comedy you know what's gonna happen, the journey should be interesting, but its not.

Studio: Paramount Home Video
Director: Ken Kwapis
Fran Drescher
Timothy Dalton

DVD title: Get Fit Kids Vol. 1 - Hustle-Bustle Move Your Muscles!
Productgroup: DVD
Get Fit Kids Vol. 1 - Hustle-Bustle  Move Your Muscles! - movie DVD cover picture
Keep 'em coming...

I am the mother to a wonderful and energetic two year old Presley. She has so much fun singing and dancing along with Kristi and JoJo. When a child falls in love with a video and/or character- you know how many times they beg and plead to sit in front of the t.v. to watch them over and over again. What a great change to have my Presley keep asking to watch Kristi - which keeps her dancing, singing and exercising like she should be.

Studio: Point of View Video Productions
Kristi Dear

DVD title: Fried Green Tomatoes (Widescreen Collector's Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Fried Green Tomatoes (Widescreen Collector's Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
so funny, you'll be bent over laughing and drooling.

This movie might just be one of the better definitions of comedy. It is a bit sad, but the divine acting sure makes up for it. Seeing this movie does require being slightly mature, but it really isn't that rough. If you're hunting around the movie store for a good middle-of-the-night comedy, then this is your best bet. No question about it.

Studio: Universal Studios
Director: Jon Avnet
Kathy Bates
Mary Stuart Masterson
Mary-Louise Parker
Jessica Tandy

DVD title: Half Past Dead
Productgroup: DVD
Half Past Dead - movie DVD cover picture
not boring

I saw this movie on cinemax and its terific. Plus it has some good music like im a bang.

Studio: Columbia Tristar Hom
Director: Don Michael Paul
Steven Seagal
Morris Chestnut
Ja Rule
Bruce Weitz
Matt Battaglia

DVD title: Firefly - The Complete Series
Productgroup: DVD
Firefly - The Complete Series - movie DVD cover picture
great stuff

I bought the Firefly DVD in hopes that it would be good. I had never seen it before, but I was trusting that if Joss could do amazing in 2 shows, then he could produce a 3rd that was even half up to par of Buffy and Angel. Trust me, if it was even half as good as Buffy or Angel I would have loved it. That's how much I adore those two shows.
Immidiately, I was blown away. Thank god I threw away 40 bucks to buy it without ever seeing it. The cast is all amazing, the CGI looks incredibly real, besides the obvious space CGI stuff, I heard in a commentary that there was a shot with a bunch of cows, and the cows looked so real I had no idea.
The DVD is a must-see for fans. It even has 3 unaired episodes (which are all special and wonderful. Trash and The Message are especially amazing, in every way possible.) Joss and Tim really spread their wings with making this show, and it's a shame that Fox ... yet again cancelled an amazing show, (Dark Angel, Family Guy) and plagues the TV with crap reality TV shows. They did not do the show justice.
Still, I was enthrawled. Everything about the show was amazing. It easily matches up to the standards, if not exceeds the standards of Buffy and Angel. Firefly did in 15 episodes what it took a good couple of seasons of Buffy to do, and that was to have every episode be awesome even if the plot was shotty, the witty dialouge and the acting could hold it through.
I can't wait to see what the movie does, and maybe Fox will come around and decide to put the show on air again. I can't even imagine what Joss could have done with this amazing show. I can't even imagine.
Plus it has all these little extra goodies which I love, including a nice little easter egg of Adam Baldwin singing "The Hero of Canton," which is downright hilarious.
Easily worth 40 bucks.

Studio: Twentieth Century Fox Home Video
Nathan Fillion

DVD title: Wild Wild West
Productgroup: DVD
Wild Wild West - movie DVD cover picture
Hooray for West

waste of film in history.
OK, maybe the Incredible Two-headed Transplant was worse. . . maybe not. From Will Smith I expect this type of infantile mugging posing and pubescent "humor".
But Kevin Kline is a wonderful actor who should know better. I cannot possible express the venom I'd like to spew at this one.
The only problem is I can't rate it in negative numbers. <sigh>

Studio: Warner Studios
Director: Barry Sonnenfeld
Will Smith
Kevin Kline
Kenneth Branagh

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