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DVD title: Macross Set 2 (Vols 4-6)
Productgroup: DVD
Macross Set 2 (Vols 4-6) - movie DVD cover picture

I am still impressed with this whole series, this set contains episodes that are some of my favorites. it has some extended death scenes and misc other tidbits removed from Robotech. I still am amazed at the quality of the restored animation here. it is truly vibrant! there are still flaws, after all its an 80s show. I had never seen Macross until these sets were released I stuck to my guns claiming that Robotech was the Ultimate, but this is the Ultimate companion to Robotech, or the other way around. the Robotech and Macross sets are must haves if you are a fan.

Studio: Koch Vision Entertai

DVD title: Silverlake Life - The View from Here
Productgroup: DVD
Silverlake Life - The View from Here - movie DVD cover picture
First hand view of living with AIDS

A gay couple who both suddenly fall victim to the disease of AIDS, decide to film their lives as the disease slowly robs one of them of his health, mental faculties and finally life . One of the man's disease is much more progressed then the other's so the healthy one does much to care for his dieing lover during most of the film. Short of showing actual sex, this movie leaves nothing out. It shows the grim reality of this disease , in full unbiased view, and makes no attempt to voice any political message. The man's disease progresses from lesions, demensia, and yes , actual death . The movie is just as much about death as it is about AIDS itself, and shows the man's reaction as he discovers that his lover is finally dead. Even the dead body of the man is shown in full view, as it is wrapped up and carried off by the corroner. As a straight man, I found this movie very educational and actually recommend that all young adults see it, for it is also an effective reminder of the consequence of unsafe sex, as well as understanding gay relationships .

Studio: New Video Group

DVD title: Honey Glaze/Braindrainer
Productgroup: DVD
Honey Glaze/Braindrainer - movie DVD cover picture
No-Budget Films at thier best

This film has nearly no Budget but it pulled me in laughing every second. I went to the premier of this film, then bought the DVD shortly after. Good Flick and its worth it for any B-Movie kinda Guy.

Studio: Srs Cinema, Llc
Lorna Nogueira

DVD title: Ready to Rumble
Productgroup: DVD
Ready to Rumble - movie DVD cover picture
Ready To Rumble Rocks

If You Want To see a good movie see this movie it is loaded with laughs and wrestling action and its a great movie to add to your collection

Studio: Warner Studios
Director: Brian Robbins

DVD title: Suspect Zero (Widescreen Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Suspect Zero (Widescreen Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
An Absolute Gem of a Movie

Take a menacing serial killer (Ben Kingsley), assign a brainy FBI agent (Aaron Eckhart) to follow the case, force him to work with his old flame (Carrie Ann Moss) and you have Oscar-worthy performances all around!

If you thought "SE7EN" was a little too suspensful and a little too creative, then this is the movie for you! This is a perfect example of mild suspense and mild creativity executed flawlessly.

Aaron Eckhart is one of the last brilliant actors in Hollywood who has mastered the art of thinking out loud in a room by himself, "What??...See??...See what??...What do you want me to seeeee??!!" I'm telling you, with lines like that its goosebump city!

I would give this movie 6 out of 5 stars if that were possible!

Studio: Paramount Home Video
Director: E. Elias Merhige
Aaron Eckhart
Ben Kingsley
Carrie-Anne Moss

DVD title: Baby Einstein - Baby MacDonald - A Day on the Farm
Productgroup: DVD
Baby Einstein - Baby MacDonald - A Day on the Farm - movie DVD cover picture
My 5 month old loves this video and so do I!

Baby MacDonald is a wonderful video! It's filled with colour, movement, beautiful music, and charming video clips of farms around the world...there's everything from windmills in Holland and wheat fields in the Prairies to rice paddies in Asia. There's so much to look at in this video (including lots of animals!), my son never gets bored of it.
Also cute are the puppet shows inserted into the son loves them. There's one where a cow is picking apples and they keep falling on her head, another where pigs are going down a slide into a mud puddle that my son giggles at every time!
This video is so cute that I really enjoy watching it with my son. I plan on getting more BE videos and I hope there are others as good as this one. (I already bought Baby Galileo and it was a HUGE disappointment!)
If you enjoy farms, animals, or the outdoors, get this video for your baby! Note: The DVD is better than the video because the special features are great--about another 20 minutes of puppets shows, singing, and stories!

Studio: Walt Disney Home Video
Director: Jim Janicek

DVD title: A Mighty Wind
Productgroup: DVD
A Mighty Wind - movie DVD cover picture
The extras on the DVD are great!

This movie is great. Good characters and funny situations. I have my copy of the DVD already and the extras are worth the money! You get to see the whole songs from the PBN broadcast (although I wish they could have spliced them together to look like the actual broadcast - they were separate takes from several of each song). Of course, the out-takes were good enough to include in the movie if not limited to the time given. They even have scenes from 60's shows that the groups appeared on. You have to watch this at least twice - once with the commentary on.

Studio: Warner Home Video
Director: Christopher Guest
Christopher Guest
Harry Shearer
Michael McKean
Eugene Levy

DVD title: The Big One
Productgroup: DVD
The Big One - movie DVD cover picture
i was there

What really stands out in this uneven but entertaining look at Corporate America is the Nike CEO's pathetic attempt to justify his factories in Indonesia, complete with underage workers and death squads lurking outside the doors. There is a lot of evil here in our own country, and more power to Michael Moore for trying to do something about it. And if the movie lacks the focus of his 1989 masterpiece "Roger & Me", you can't blame the guy for trying. At least he seems to care.

Studio: Miramax Home Entertainment
Director: Michael Moore (II)
Michael Moore (II)

DVD title: The Beatles - The First U.S. Visit
Productgroup: DVD
The Beatles - The First U.S. Visit - movie DVD cover picture

The Maysles Brothers have done it again (first, with"Salesman" in which they followed around Bible salesman andshowed the human side of door-to-door salesman). That was brilliant and this is even better. The footage is unbelievable. You wouldn't have ever guessed that the Fab were so funny! GET THIS DVD! There's nothing like it (unless, of course, you can find a copy of A Hard Day's Night, which is currently on moratorium/not available to buy at this time)! This and "The Compleat Beatles" are the definitive Beatles documentaries. DON'T MISS OUT ON THIS DOCUMENTARY! You won't be sorry! Don't pay attention to the negative reviews! The good ones overshadow them.

Studio: Repnet

DVD title: Charlie's Angels
Productgroup: DVD
Charlie's Angels - movie DVD cover picture
A blast in every sense

The new take on the old 1970s television show that introduced "jiggle TV" to America has it all. It's exciting with great stunts. It's funny with three women who know a good joke when they tell one and what else can you say about Bill Murray. It's sexy. Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore and Lucy Liu at their most beautiful and sexiest. This movie truly rocks. If you never thought an action movie starring women would work, take a look at this one. I can't get enough of it. It has all the same elements of the television show, only everything is much, much, much better. The script did get a little weak, but you hardly even notice. The direction is fast and furious and the photography is second to none. All three ladies look great all the time just as they should in a movie like this. They are hot, funny and exciting. Don't miss it.

Studio: Columbia/Tristar Studios
Director: McG
Cameron Diaz
Drew Barrymore
Lucy Liu
Bill Murray

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