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DVD title: My Neighbor Totoro (Full Screen Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
My Neighbor Totoro (Full Screen Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
Wonderfully Delightful

No sex, no violence, no bad words. Just lots of fun for children from 2 to 60. Touching, funny, imaginative. No it's not Disney, but take a chance and buy it! You will not be disappointed. The characters are so charming. The animation is very pleasing to the very young. My 2 year old watchs it as well as my 10 year old who I purchased it for 7 years ago.

Studio: Twentieth Century Fox Home Video
Director: Hayao Miyazaki
Noriko Hidaka
Hitoshi Takagi

DVD title: Beau Geste
Productgroup: DVD
Beau Geste - movie DVD cover picture
Entertainment from a by-gone era.

This movie is from an era when movies were real entertainment. High adventure without a distracting social message. There is an error in the databank as to who the star was. It was Gary Cooper, not Donald O'Connor.

Director: William A. Wellman
Gary Cooper
Ray Milland

DVD title: Hamlet
Productgroup: DVD
Hamlet - movie DVD cover picture
I saw it at least 30 times!

The movie was a tad hard to get at first, but that soon changes, as it always does with Shakespeare. The plot line was wondeful, and the charchters (mainly Mel, that is) plaed it out wonderfully. The only fault I can seriously find was that the words were hard to catch, but that truly isn't a fault since it makes me only watch the movie more and more and more. An geuss what that means? Yup! More Mel Gibson, wow, can you ever get enough? Nope, I don't think so either.

Studio: Warner Home Video
Director: Franco Zeffirelli
Mel Gibson
Glenn Close

DVD title: Grease 2
Productgroup: DVD
Grease 2 - movie DVD cover picture
I love Grease 2 it has lots of great acting and singing!

I love the movie Grease 2 it has a lot of great acting and singing. Everyone should really love this movie! I love the actors and actresses in Grease 2 also like Michelle Pfeiffer, Maxwell Cawlfeild, Adrian Zmed , and Lorna Luft and thats just to name a few very talented actors and actresess in this movie. My favorites were Pollette (Lorna Luft) and Johnny (Adrian Zmed) You got to see this movie it is the best. It never gets old!

Studio: Paramount Home Video
Director: Patricia Birch
Maxwell Caulfield
Michelle Pfeiffer

DVD title: Pirates of the Caribbean - The Curse of the Black Pearl (2-Disc Collector's Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Pirates of the Caribbean - The Curse of the Black Pearl (2-Disc Collector's Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
Fabulous entertainment

Johnny Depp is sensational in this movie. It is packed with action and has an interesting plot. It was also great to see Orlando Bloom in something so totally different than his LOTR trilogy role as the blonde elf Legolas. Romance, swashbuckling, great effects. Fun for nearly all ages. Some of the pirate scenes might be too graphic for small children, but otherwise I would recommend it for kids over 5 or 6 if they are used to viewing action movies. I thought it was charming and I disagree with the 32 year old who thinks she is too mature for this... I am 56 and I LOVED it!!

Studio: Walt Disney Home Video
Director: Gore Verbinski
Johnny Depp
Geoffrey Rush
Orlando Bloom
Keira Knightley
Jonathan Pryce

DVD title: The Lover
Productgroup: DVD
The Lover - movie DVD cover picture

This film is my most favorite. I could watch it over and over again. This movie is a must see. This guy is so sexy, and so is his sex scenes with Jane March. But Ms. March looked more like she was younger than 18. Her thin frail body was quite hard to watch. At any rate, this is my favorite soft erotic very dramatically moving film; it's definitely worth buying.

Studio: Mgm/Ua Studios
Director: Jean-Jacques Annaud
Jane March
Tony Leung Ka Fai

DVD title: Gone in 60 Seconds
Productgroup: DVD
Gone in 60 Seconds - movie DVD cover picture
Zoom "He's Gone"

The storyline is nothing spectacular. There's no twisting subplots or mystery. No heart-wrenching drama. Well, for car lovers seeing the Shelby destroyed may indeed be heart-wrenching.
But if you're a fan of Nicholas Cage and like fast cars then this movie rocks! Costar Angelina Jolie certainly doesn't hurt the movie either.

Studio: Touchstone Video
Director: Dominic Sena
Nicolas Cage
Angelina Jolie

DVD title: The Clan of the Cave Bear
Productgroup: DVD
The Clan of the Cave Bear - movie DVD cover picture
Great Movie - Great Book

I saw the movie on a rented VHS and liked it a lot, so I bought the book. Both are excellent. When I got a DVD player, I decided to buy it on DVD. The DVD disc has normal format on one side and wide screen format on the other, which is a nice feature. If you like the book, I don't see why you would not like the movie, and vice versa. There are very few differences in the story and the characters are brought to life in the movie very much as I would expect them to be. The glacial and forest scenes are spectacular. The only complaint I had is that some of the scenes of the cave interior by firelight are very dark, especially when the disc is played on a computer.

Studio: Warner Studios
Director: Michael Chapman
Daryl Hannah

DVD title: Teen Titans, Volume 2 - Switched (DC Comics Kids Collection)
Productgroup: DVD
Teen Titans, Volume 2 - Switched (DC Comics Kids Collection) - movie DVD cover picture
The second half of season 1, with some of the best episodes.

Vol 2, Switched features the second half of the original season, and most of the episodes on this disk are classic.

Raven fans will want to check out Switched, in which Raven and Starfire switch bodies, while the other members have their minds trapped inside puppets. The girls must work together to save the boys despite being stuck in each other's form. Although both get equal screen time, Raven noticeably has a bit more importance in the episode. Props to both Hynden Walch and Tara Strong for delivering a great performance as Starfire and Raven, respectively.

Car Trouble has the return of annoying pest in Gizmo. In it, Cyborg builds a hi-tech car, but it winds up getting stolen by some thieves... then Gizmo steals it from them. Cyborg(with help from Raven) attempts to take it back. Raven also shows a slightly lighter and friendlier side in this episode. A cute show, especially if you're a fan of either character(me being a fan of both, I enjoyed it quite a bit).

Mad Mod has the Titans get captured by... Mad Mod. They wind up having to deal with his psycadelic "school" of death. The episode is pretty much an excuse to be crazy, and you'll either love or hate this one.

Deep Six has the Titans facing a new foe called trident. Due to his underwater abilities Beast Boy has to face him alone, but luckily, there's also underwater ally Aqualad to help. Shame I didn't care for this one. Beast Boy was just too much of a jerk, and Aqualad was boring.

The other 3 episodes, Masks, and Apprentice, pts. 1 and 2, deal with the main plotline of season 1: Robin vs. Slade. Masks sets the events of Apprentice up, as Robin must battle Slade(brilliantly voiced by Ron Perlman, who was also Clayface in both Batman: TAS and Justice League) as well as his own inner demons, especially when Slade reveals just what he wants. These episodes are fantastic, and give the series some nice depth and even a bit of darkness, which may surprise a regular viewer who expects this just to be a regular "kiddy" show.

Sadly, I don't know of any special features confirmed yet. The first disk had an excellent look behind the creation of the original 1980's comic, so I wonder if there will be anything along those lines for the second volume. I wouldn't mind if there was an interview with the voice actors of the show. However, in typical with the "DC comics kids" releases I won't be surprised if there is another "interactive" game for the kids. Overall, these are some classic episodes from the series, and fans will likely enjoy this DVD.

Studio: Warner Home Video

DVD title: The Ring (Widescreen Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
The Ring (Widescreen Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
The ring

I've seen both American and Japanese versions of the movie (American first) and I enjoyed American version much better since it is much scarier. Yeah, some things as mentioned by previous reviewer were done better in the original but the winning factor of American version is that it is much scarrier than the original. I can guarantee you that you'll be scared...while watching this flick!!! Can't wait for DVD to come out.

Studio: Universal Studios
Director: Gore Verbinski
Naomi Watts
Martin Henderson
Brian Cox

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