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DVD title: Jane Austen's Emma
Productgroup: DVD
Jane Austen's Emma - movie DVD cover picture
Wonderful adaptation of the book

One hour and forty six minutes is not nearly enough time for this video to convey the nuances of the Jane Austen book. Too bad A&E et. al. didn't have the courage to develop it further, as they did previously with Pride and Prejudice.
That aside, however, everything contained within the 106 minutes of this video is superbly presented and wonderfully true to the book. Superior to the Gwyteth Paltrow version, in my humble opinion, which came out the same year. This film rightly understands that the book is not simply about a self-deluded matchmaker, but about a spoiled yet good hearted rich girl growing into responsibility and womanhood.
I loved every page of the book, and aside from its brevity, this movie did not disappoint as an adaptation.

Studio: A & E Entertainment
Director: Diarmuid Lawrence

DVD title: Titanic
Productgroup: DVD
Titanic - movie DVD cover picture
Forget 5, give this movie 5 BILLION stars!!!

AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING SPECTACULAR ASTOUNDING UNBELIEVABLY BEAUTIFUL film. i cannot praise it enough. Sure, the beginning is very slow and boring, but the rest of the movie is pure genius and entertainment.
I can't express how well Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet act in this film. Winslet got nominated for best actress, but EVILLYdid not win. As for DiCaprio; well, I used to hate him. Now I think he's amazing!! Gloria Stuart is also very well cast in her role as Rose Dawson Calvert.
A beautiful score makes this movie even better. The Oscar-winning song "My Heart Will Go On," (sung by Celine Dion) can move some to tears. The movie itself sure made ME cry!! the ending is so moving and sad, I can't say in words how sad I felt.
The special effects are baffling!!!! I can't believe how incredible they are!!
I have to say once more how brilliant DiCaprio and Winslet are in this film--they should make more movies together!!
anyone who does not like this movie needs a life. They must die. I'll stalk you at night! I WILL STUFF A DRUMSTICK UP YOUR NOSE!!!!..........but really, you should see it..........

Studio: Paramount Studio
Director: James Cameron
Leonardo DiCaprio
Kate Winslet

DVD title: Along Came a Spider
Productgroup: DVD
Along Came a Spider - movie DVD cover picture

This in my opinion is one of Morgan Freemans best movies. Very exciting and mind boggling. It really makes you think and keeps your attention throughout the whole movie.

Studio: Paramount Home Video
Director: Lee Tamahori
Morgan Freeman
Monica Potter
Michael Wincott

DVD title: Spirited Away
Productgroup: DVD
Spirited Away - movie DVD cover picture
Simply Amazing

I must admit that if it weren't for my friends, I probably would have never even given this title a second look, but after I watched it, I was amazed. Miyazaki has managed to create one of the most beautiful, not to mention entertaining, movies I have ever seen. The characters (especially Chihiro) are very true to life. I highly recommend "Spirited Away" even if you aren't an anime fan or, like me, are an otaku (you know who you are). I also encourage you to check out Miyazaki's other works, two of my favorites being "Princess Mononoke" and "The Castle of Cagliostro."

Studio: Walt Disney Home Video
Director: Hayao Miyazaki
Miyu Irino

DVD title: Onegin
Productgroup: DVD
Onegin - movie DVD cover picture
In a Word. . . Beautiful!

Let's get this out in the air before anything more is said: This movie isn't exactly a cheery comedy. It's not even a cheery drama. It's not even a sad drama! It's a downright depressing, miserable movie. Nothing goes the way you think it will, nothing works out right, everything turns out horrible.
But the movie is still one of my favorites. And no, I'm not mixing medications.
Performances are exellent, especially by Liv Tyler, almost surprisingly as she is such a fresh, modern actress. But of course, that's not all it takes to make a good movie. The script has to be good, and it is, very. Not at all bombastic, boring (well, only sometimes), or corny. And then the visual aspect has to be good, as well, and that's taken care of in the first five minutes. The scenery sets the stage for such a frosty, rainy, gloomy, barren tale such as this.
You don't walk away with a sense of despair and longing, however - and maybe you should - but rather with a sense of hope and endurance. Good feelings to have, especially after so much dreariness.
Depressing in a good, make-you-think, touch-your-soul kind of way.

Studio: Studio Home Entertainment
Director: Martha Fiennes
Ralph Fiennes
Liv Tyler

DVD title: There's Something About Mary
Productgroup: DVD
There's Something About Mary - movie DVD cover picture
Don't miss it,

Anyone who does not find this movie absolutely hilarious is obviously taking themselves too seriously. To try and intellectualize good decent physical comedy is like trying to write a term paper on the dramatic content of Sesame Street. There's just really no point. Not every film has to be A Room With A View.
If we could all just tap into our pure emotions and reactions once in a while without trying to analyze them the world would be full of a lot less uppity people.
I found this to be one of the funniest and most unforgettable movies that I've ever seen. And yes I did pay money to see it more than once in the theaters. And even though it was filled with what is being referred to as sophmoric comedy, I thought it was extremely sweet also, but you'd need a heart to see that.
The funniest scene has to be the one with Harland Williams as the hitchhiker. He is definitely one of the more underated actors around today. I thought he was so good in this that I went out and rented Rocketman. I laughed my glutious maximus off at that one too, but I guess that since it's a kid's movie I must have the brain capacity of a second grader. Just goes to show you the state of our schools today, that a person with the same mental capability of a seven year old can manage to make it through a university with a 3.25 GPA.

Studio: Twentieth Century Fox
Cameron Diaz
Ben Stiller

DVD title: The Iron Giant
Productgroup: DVD
The Iron Giant - movie DVD cover picture
The Iron Giant

Maybe you were fortunate enought to see ads for this great films video release, or perhaps you were one of the measured few who actually went to the theatre to enjoy it. Either way, the great equalizer (home video) has stepped up to give everyone another chance at what has to be one of,if not THE, best animated features of all time. Oh sure, you could easily opt for the entire WALL of Tarzan videos that are currently jamming the rental shelves ( I wouldn't-see my review) but don't be lulled/fooled by the Mouse's sales pitch, Iron Giant has forgotten more about being a great movie than Tarzan ever knew. Set in the 50's, the Iron Giant is the story of young Hogarth Hughes, a lively and likable little guy who's mother works in the local cafe. Hogarth has a nasty habit of bringing home strays, so naturally who better to stumble upon the amnesiac Iron Giant shortly after he crash lands from space? Of course, if you think it's easy playing nursemaid to a giant metal-eating robot then just stick around. Hogarth ends up having to hide the Giant from his mother, an overzealous G-Man investigating the rash of 'monster' sightings and pretty-much the whole town in general. This he manages by forming a new friendship with Dean, the local beatnik metal sculpturist who agrees to let the Iron Giant hide out in his scrap yard temporarily. The Iron Giant is an incredibly sweet movie with genuine heart-wrenching moments. Drawn in a style that is sort of a cross between Hank Ketchum (Dennis the Menace)and early Warner Classics, it's clean lines and rapid-fire humor make for a movie that is equally enjoyable to both kids and the adults that sit and watch with them. The animators have done a fantastic job of emphasising the Giant's formidable proportions while also making him instantly likable. The flawless pacing and design of the movie assure that there are no low points in the film, heck, there's not one lousy singing character or moment in it! Don't be deceived by the marketing! Though about as kid-friendly as a half-pint of chocolate milk, Iron Giant is simply a great movie-period. Do not miss this it!If there was a 1-10 scale of rating, this one'd top out at about 12.

Studio: Warner Home Video
Director: Brad Bird
Harry Connick Jr.
Eli Marienthal

DVD title: Hanging Up
Productgroup: DVD
Hanging Up - movie DVD cover picture
Full Box of Tissues

Good Lawd did it drag on like talking to a relative that wont shut up long enough to just get to the Hanging Up. Oh man what a snore bore! Hollywood had the nerve to lable this a comedy ? Bad Drama at best!No doubt a steller cast but no script,no direction....No Point ! Here is a hint if you watch this. Take a clock or a watch,And count how many times that you look at it. No kidding, That BAD.Meg Ryan can only be so cute,Kudrow can only whine so much. And I swear when will Diane Keaton give up that one Womans lib suitshes been wearing for the past twenty years.3 sistersdivorced mom and dad,Hurts,Healing,Life.....But my gosh somebody had to of yawned before it left the cutting room !I sure hope their checks cashed, Because they sure didnt get paid by box office ticket sales.MISS AT ALL COSTS!

Studio: Columbia/Tristar Studios
Director: Diane Keaton
Diane Keaton
Meg Ryan
Lisa Kudrow

DVD title: Daredevil (Widescreen Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Daredevil (Widescreen Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
love the director's cut!

I don't agree with the reviews that claim that the director's cut is just a longer version. It's a much better cut that makes more sense than the theatrical cut. GREAT MOVIE!

Studio: Twentieth Century Fox Home Video
Director: Mark Steven Johnson
Ben Affleck
Jennifer Garner
Colin Farrell
Michael Clarke Duncan

DVD title: Local Hero
Productgroup: DVD
Local Hero - movie DVD cover picture
This film is an classic

Who at Warner thought this movie so slight, that it didn't warrant a decent sound format. Mind you, I don't know if they were to blame at the time - it was shot in mono - but given the success of the soundtrack album, and how much sound contributes to the fim, it cries out for a new mix. Look at the imdb reviews. Understandably, the content is the most compelling reason for owning and rewatching this swift-flowing, sweet, heartbreakingly beautiful, and intensely rewarding little Scottish Ealing comedy. But look how many of them single out the sound! Mark Knoppfler's finest soundtrack, many say. The haunting, spacious sounds and atmospheric effects of the aurora borealis scenes, the 'rocks and the water'... you ought to be able to smell the sweet salt air, ozone, heather and whisky. What a film for the full wonders of DVD!
For those who haven't seen it, you'll still love the visuals, the story, the characters, the exquisite one-liners and tiny jokes. But if only we could make the math add up to justify a new sound mix...or inspire someone at Warner to throw in a little labor of love.

Studio: Warner Studios
Director: Bill Forsyth
Burt Lancaster
Peter Riegert

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