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DVD title: Signs (Vista Series)
Productgroup: DVD
Signs (Vista Series) - movie DVD cover picture
Woah! Signs is a way awesome movie!

Signs is a great movie. That's it. See it. But since that isn't really long enough to be a good review, I'll write more. Signs was written and directed by M. Night Shymalan who wrote and directed The Sixth Sense, another one of the best movies ever! So if you like The Sixth Sense you should see this, too. Both movies are very, very awesome. Also, the acting was really good (very believable). This movie was also scary, but it didn't gross you out by showing tons of blood and guts. This movie is about (of course) signs appearing in crop fields. Yeah, it gets to be more, but I won't say who or what is causing the signs. See the movie, then you'll know. Or read other reviews. They'll tell you, too! This is a movie that also deals with family relationships, not just the freaky things going on in the world. It is a great movie, I highly reccomend it, so go see it. It's awesome!

Studio: Touchstone Pictures
Director: M. Night Shyamalan
Mel Gibson
Joaquin Phoenix

DVD title: City of Angels
Productgroup: DVD
City of Angels - movie DVD cover picture
City of Angles! where is it? I want to go there.

I've watched this movie over and over again. Brad Silberling, the director, has done a miracle himself and he isn't even an angel, so I think. This movie will dig down and bring to surface many emotions within you. It's not abotu the "which one's" but rather "the how" that intrigues me. Usually with any given moive there is a plot, climax, and your good old ending. There are very few moives that can portray many climaxes and still follow an orderley plot. Each step of this moive evokes a hard to express feeling which by the end will have you in "ah". All this talk and I haven't said what the movie is about. In short it's about Angles overlooking us and their thoughts and emotions about "life" in general. There are few people that say this movie was a clone of "Wings of desire" which too is about angels and was made in Germany back in 1988 or so. I personally think that movie is on another dimention and was targeted for a much more older and mature audiance. In other words for people who've gone through much of their life time and now like to sit back and reminisce about the old days..... By the way "wings of desire" is mostly in German and french with english subtitles which can distract some of the monolingual viewers :) City of Angels on the other hand is easy for all ages to grasp and enjoy watching and is sure to leave a great impression on you. So stop what you're doing call your girl/boyfriend man/women and watch this moive. And if you end up hating it then don't blame me just blame it on the rain.

Studio: Warner Studios
Director: Brad Silberling
Nicolas Cage
Meg Ryan

DVD title: Black Adder - The Complete Collector's Set
Productgroup: DVD
Black Adder - The Complete Collector's Set - movie DVD cover picture
I love this show!

I just bought this and let me tell you, it is well worth the money. This is a show that I can watch and can be guaranteed that it will make my day so much better. It just cracks me up and it is really important to be able to laugh. I used to watch this every time it came on BBC but for me that wasn't quite enough so when I saw that it was available on dvd, I jumped on it. I highly recommend this to people about 17 years old and up. British humor can be a little crude so it isn't appropriate for people still in high school. Trust me, you'll find yourself repeating a lot of the dialogue and that could cause problems at school. Nah, I'm just joking. Everyone should watch this.

Studio: BBC Video
Black Adder
Rowan Atkinson

DVD title: A Touch of Frost - Season 6
Productgroup: DVD
A Touch of Frost - Season 6 - movie DVD cover picture
Frost at his best as always.

In the continued series of Jack Frost, these 4 episodes will leave the Frost fan very satisfied.

Studio: Mpi Media Group

DVD title: A Fish Called Wanda
Productgroup: DVD
A Fish Called Wanda - movie DVD cover picture
the movie that never gets old

i'll admit it - i'm extremely biased. this is my favorite movie of all time. but i like it with good reason. four great roles wonderfully played by four great actors, in a crazy but hysterical plot with enough twists to keep any sane person glued to the screen. kevin kline was born for this role and he certainly deserves that oscar, but michael palin, jlc, and john cleese more than hold their own. if you have any faith in what i say, you'll be doing yourself a favor in watching this movie.

Studio: Mgm/Ua Studios
John Cleese
Jamie Lee Curtis

DVD title: Shining Stars - The Official Story of Earth Wind & Fire
Productgroup: DVD
Shining Stars - The Official Story of Earth Wind & Fire - movie DVD cover picture
The Story Of Earth,Wind & Fire

Earth,Wind & Fire were very responcible for bringing the many colors of funk to the masses in the 70's and are rightfully well respected for that contribution and for all being such benevolant people.This tells the tale of Maurice White,the groups founder and his musical journey from Memphis to Egyptology-infused sounds in the late 70's.Thankfully the story is devoid of show biz gossip and relys entirely on historical facts and a sense of mutual appreciation.My only nitpick is,like others have mention,a certain lack of detail.I feel alot of footage was left out.I'm curious to know what they were like as people and things like who and who did not desire solo careers and what the band members were like as human beings.It does document in great detail what musical quality each band member baught to the group and that's nice.And another good feature is Maurice himself narrates his own bands discography,albeit a truncated one (he ignores the bands two Warner Brothers albums and 1983's 'Electric Universe') but it works.Overall no complaints.I do desire to see a double DVD version of this one day but until then this will work fine!

Studio: Eagle Vision

DVD title: Hardware Music Videos: Hip Hop, Vol. 1
Productgroup: DVD
Hardware Music Videos: Hip Hop, Vol. 1 - movie DVD cover picture

This DVD is great. The sound and picture quality are both high and when they say uncensored they mean it. If a volume 2 came out tomorrow I would snatch it up. The only drawback is that some of the songs are a little outdated for 2003, but still worth the money.

Studio: Ventura Distribution

DVD title: 25th Hour
Productgroup: DVD
25th Hour - movie DVD cover picture
one of Lee's best

Spike Lee's "25th Hour" is a monumental accomplishment that catapults the filmmaker right back into the pantheon of outstanding American directors. With his past few films, Lee - who seemed so cutting edge and promising a filmmaker a decade or so back - had started to make us wonder if, perhaps, we hadn't overestimated some of his talent. But with "25th Hour," the master has returned to form, fashioning a brilliant and thought-provoking character study out of David Benioff's novel, a chronicle of how a convicted drug dealer spends his last 24 hours of freedom before heading off to prison to serve a seven-year term.
Montgomery Brogan is a good looking, generally pleasant-natured fellow who's made a lot of bad choices in his life and now finds himself having to pay the piper. Although Monty is terrified of going to prison, he harbors no illusions about the fairness of the verdict. He knows he screwed up and he feels no compulsion to squirm out of his punishment or to look for fall guys to take the blame for him. Monty's offense is, indeed, a serious one - selling drugs to schoolchildren - and, much to their credit, Benioff and Lee do not ask us to shed tears for Monty's fate. We are asked to care about Monty as a person, it's true, but not to approve of his actions. Monty has chosen to spend this last day of freedom in the company of his lifelong buddies, Frank and Jakob, the former a high stakes player on Wall Street and the latter a high school English teacher. Both men, who have taken widely differing paths in their own lives, still retain a spark of affection for Monty and even blame themselves to some extent for somehow letting Monty down at a time when they might still have been able to successfully intervene to help prevent the outcome they are all now facing. In fact, much of the film is spent on self-recrimination, with various characters coming to terms with the painful reality of a situation that seems to have gone beyond anyone's ability to affect or control it. The fourth member of the party is Monty's girlfriend, Naturelle, a woman deeply in love with the condemned man, who wishes he had gone straight before all this happened, yet who, during all the time she was with him, was not averse to enjoying what Monty's ill-gotten gains were able to buy for her. All the characters, in fact, struggle with having to find that moral and ethical line over which they will not cross. As the most "noble" person of the group, even Jakob, the schoolteacher, is confronted with having to make that choice and take that stand.
A lesser filmmaker would have used this plot setup as an excuse to fill up the screen with cheap melodramatics, screeching car chases, and endless dumb action sequences. Lee, being an actual film artist, does none of that. Instead, he allows the scenes to play themselves out in a totally naturalistic manner so that we really come to know and understand these various characters, with all their unhappiness and sorrow. It is a remarkably melancholy film, sad to the core, and Lee's beautifully controlled direction brings out that sadness. His style perfectly complements the mood he is endeavoring to create. The minimal cutting he employs within each individual scene allows the actors to establish connections with one another that would not be possible using a more razzle dazzle editing style. The dialogue is so rich and evocative that Lee doesn't feel the need to intervene at every moment to remind us he is there. The result is that the film never feels the slightest bit phony, not even for a moment. In fact, "25th Hour" is one of the most "honest" films to have come down the pike in a long long time. Of course, adding to that sense of sadness is the fact that the events of 9/11 seem to forever hover in the air around the characters and their city. There is a particularly remarkable scene in which Jakob and Frank discuss Monty's fate while sitting in front of Frank's apartment window - which just so happens to look directly down onto the rubble of Ground Zero. It is a stunning moment in a film filled with stunning moments.
Adding to the elegiac tone are Terence Blanchard's moody score and Rodrigo Prieto and Joe Williams' marvelously rich and beautiful cinematography, both of which reflect the contemplative nature of the characters on screen. There is some question as to the aptness of the fantasy coda Lee attaches to the end of the film. It isn't so much that we object to the point it is trying to make but rather that the excessive length of it makes it feel somehow redundant and robs us of the sense of emotional fulfillment we need to experience at the film's conclusion. That is, however, a minor quibble in a film as towering in effect and achievement as this one. And besides, Lee's angry young man tirades, though they still rear their heads from time to time, are kept to a bare minimum in this work.
Lee has gathered a brilliant ensemble cast to help flesh out his very real, very complex characters. The superb Edward Norton demonstrates once again why he is in the forefront of the world's great film actors. As Monty, he is, literally, incapable of hitting a single false note. Norton conveys the innate goodness and charm of a man who is about to embark on a phase of his life for which he alone bears responsibility. We can sense the regret, sadness and fear he is feeling in his every word, gesture and glance. Philip Seymour Hoffman and Barry Pepper do stand-up work as Monty's faithful pals, and Rosario Dawson shines with confident dignity as Monty's stalwart true love. All four contribute immensely to the verisimilitude of the piece.
"25 Hours" shows Spike Lee at the very peak of his form, a true master of his medium. This latest work is not merely one of the very best films of 2002, but one of the very best works this gifted artist has yet provided us. Welcome back!

Studio: Buena Vista Home Vid
Director: Spike Lee
Edward Norton
Philip Seymour Hoffman
Barry Pepper

DVD title: Down to You
Productgroup: DVD
Down to You - movie DVD cover picture
to bestoligirl

This film is reality, that's the way things work. Don't try to find and explanation why girls act this way... the fact is they do it. And that's all.Take Care,JB

Studio: Miramax
Director: Kris Isacsson
Freddie Prinze Jr.
Julia Stiles

DVD title: Alias - The Complete First Season
Productgroup: DVD
Alias - The Complete First Season - movie DVD cover picture
Woman of Many Faces...

In 2001, two new spy dramas went head-to-head during the new television season. The Fox network had their real-time powerhouse "24", and ABC premiered the female driven spy drama "Alias". Reviews for both shows were spectacular, "24" took off with audiences immediately, "Alias" built up more of a cult following that continued to grow each week. Even though "Alias" wasn't pulling down the numbers that "24" was in the ratings, it was strong enough for ABC to know that they had a hit on their hands.

"Alias" focuses on a young, sexy female spy named Sydney Bristow (Jennifer Garner) who was essentially drafted into the spy world during college. Sydney believes she is working for a special black-ops branch of the CIA, known as SD-6. What Sydney doesn't know is that her and everyone she works with really are working for the very people they thought they were fighting, and that the head of SD-6, Arvin Sloane (Ron Rifkin) is a former member of the CIA who became a traitor to his country and now focuses on assembling a device that was designed by an inventor named Milo Rambaldi several centuries prior to now. Sydney soon becomes a double-agent working for the CIA and attempting to bring down SD-6 with the help of her double-agent father, Jack (Victor Garber) and CIA agent Michael Vaughn (Michael Vartan).

"Alias" is one of those shows that missing one week can sometimes lead to total confusion when watching the next week's episode, which is what makes Tivo or these DVD season box sets so awesome. Full of twists and turns that will keep your head spinning, "Alias" is an entertaining thrill ride that never lets up from the opening sequence of the first episode until the cliffhanger for the season finale. Series creator J.J. Abrams has assembled a superb team of writers and directors to brilliantly craft this series into the spy thriller masterpiece that it is today. With an incredibly talented cast, led by Jennifer Garner, and stories that go from the very real world to somewhat sci-fi, this is not a series to be missed.

"Alias" is a highly recommended series for fans of the spy genre or just great drama in general.

Studio: Buena Vista Home Entertainment
Jennifer Garner

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