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DVD title: Battle of Britain
Productgroup: DVD
Battle of Britain - movie DVD cover picture
Why would anyone watch this movie?

A. Incredible WWII Aircraft (they went to alot of trouble to get these planes, some found in Spain).B. Great depiction of the air battles.C. Wonderful job of portraying officers and enlisted men at leisure and in battle.D. Even in this age of CGI the F/X of this movie still stand up nicely.E. To annoy those that don't appreciate this movie.
I'm a Yank and I love this movie! This is one of the many wonderful WWII movies the British have produced. I am a big fan of WWII movies and this is one of the best available. Call me slightly prejudiced but their portrayals are more realistic to me than many of our American made war movies. Don't get me wrong I love John Wayne too, but the Duke was larger than life. Another good example of the Brits abilities is "Sink the Bismarck". Talk about an exceptional movie. So I suggest all my fellow Yanks catch this movie, and my hats off to the Brits for making it.

Studio: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
Director: Guy Hamilton
Michael Caine
Trevor Howard

DVD title: Igby Goes Down
Productgroup: DVD
Igby Goes Down - movie DVD cover picture
I fell in love with this movie.

Wow, honestly, I was shocked by this movie. Shocked because I end up ALWAYS watching movies that are awful attempts to capture market share on a friday night.

My previous favorite movie was American Beauty, now it is Igby Goes Down. Igby Goes Down was well directed, well acted, and best of all well written. It captures Igby's life (Kieran Culkin), my life, and the life of many others appalled by a heartless, cold, and self-serving upper class. Believe me, from the perspective of a Cornell University student studying business/engineering, but really interested in sociology, psychology and how the world works (not scientifically, but socially), I will tell you that this movie spells reality like no other. It takes everything that upper society ignores and brings it out for you, yet brings it out with great taste and "dark humor" as they call it on the box.

In the end, this movie was well done and well worth your time if you are looking for a movie to get you thinking.

Studio: MGM/UA Video
Director: Burr Steers
Kieran Culkin
Jeff Goldblum
Susan Sarandon

DVD title: Rush - Rush in Rio
Productgroup: DVD
Rush - Rush in Rio - movie DVD cover picture
Worth Every Penny!!

This is by far the best DVD I own. It's easy for me to say this for the following reasons: I love Rush and everything they do; the two DVDs allow you to see everything that went into the concert and how close they were to not pulling it off; the camera views are absolutely perfect, and many others. My favorite thing about this, next to the music (of course) is the crowd! In this DVD, the crowd is awesome and know everything. I would strongly suggest this DVD or CD set to any Rush fan. They are absolutely awesome in the studio, and they play a little better live, and that says a lot. Peart, Lifeson, and Lee are unbelievable in how hard they work and care about what they are doing. PERFECT, PERFECT, PERFECT!!

Studio: Rounder
Director: Daniel E. Catullo

DVD title: Ellen - The Complete Season One
Productgroup: DVD
Ellen - The Complete Season One - movie DVD cover picture
Please, PLEASE! Do us justice and release it on DVD

"Ellen" is a show that is now a part of history, it became one of the most important sitcoms of it's time. That show helped Ellen DeGeneres pave a pathway for future TV shows and celebrities. This sitcom was one of the FUNNIEST shows I had ever seen, it had me laughing every time. I think it would be an obvious shame if something like this show, went to waste and was never released on DVD. Some shows that aren't even funny, or good, or anything, are beign released on DVD, and it seems like such a HUGE waste to be letting this show be put on the shelf, releasing it on DVD shouldn't have even been a question. So please, PLEASE! Do us justince and release it on DVDThanks you

Studio: A & E Home Video
Ellen DeGeneres

DVD title: Paco De Lucia: Light and Shade
Productgroup: DVD
Paco De Lucia: Light and Shade - movie DVD cover picture
nice documentary on the brilliant flamenco guitarist

"LIGHT AND SHADE" is a well-made British documentary from 1993 about the great Spanish flamenco guitarist Paco de Lucia. Although of short length ( approx 60 min ), the documentary / interview ( available in Spanish, English and French ) is a good introductory look at his family history, musical career and outlook on flamenco culture ( and of life as a whole ). Paco is well known in flamenco circles as a wise and thoughtful man ( if one with a streak of melancholia ) and thankfully, his sense of humor is seen in places.
The documentary starts out with Paco's ( nearly ) complete performance of his virtuosic composition "La Barrosa". For those not familiar with the flamenco guitar, the DVD features of freeze frame and slow motion will allow a close-up view of what many musician's consider the world's most advanced guitar technique. Along with the actual interview, which weaves through the entire documentary, are short clips of Paco's performances in the 1970's and 1980's: these include performances with his friend Camaron de La Isla, with jazz guitarist John McLaughlin, and with his touring group ( the Paco de Lucia Sextet ). There is also a fascinating clip from his recording session of composer Joaquin Rodrigo's famous "Concierto de Aranjuez".
"LIGHT & SHADE" is not a definitive biography nor does it pretend to be ( the only satisfactory book about his life is in Spanish ). It is however a noble introduction to a musician who continues to exemplify the living flamenco tradition and bring both its vibrant musical life and his individual genius to audiences around the world.

Studio: Arthaus Musik
Paco De Lucia

DVD title: House, M.D. - Season One
Productgroup: DVD
House, M.D. - Season One - movie DVD cover picture

I cannot get enough of this show - my husband and I have already converted both sets of parents, several friends, and I'm working on my co-workers. The acting is amazing, the writing brilliant, and whoever cast Hugh Laurie as House was a genius. Catch some reruns this summer - you won't be disappointed. Actually, you'll probably come back here to order the first season!

Studio: Universal Studios Ho
Hugh Laurie

DVD title: Dead Man Walking
Productgroup: DVD
Dead Man Walking - movie DVD cover picture
It will make you think!

An amazing film that made me seriously consider my views on capital punishment. Penn and Sarandon are extraordinary.

Studio: Mgm/Ua Studios
Director: Tim Robbins
Susan Sarandon
Sean Penn

DVD title: Bullitt - Limited Edition Collector's Set
Productgroup: DVD
Bullitt - Limited Edition Collector's Set - movie DVD cover picture
Steve McQueen and the Car Chase

Steve McQueen is Lieutenant Frank Bullitt, a San Francisco police detective embroiled in an organized-crime case after professional hit men kill a star witness awaiting a Senate subcommittee hearing. Bullitt finds himself in a major investigation with few clues to pursue and his career on the line due to government pressure. Bullitt maintains his cool and commences to uncovering some surprising answers. Very good story and more well remembered for its classic car chase sequence when Bullitt finds the hit men still lurking in San Francisco. The chase impressed audiences back then and will still stir viewers' adrenaline today. There are no special effects, the sequence was done with great stunt driving at speeds of up to 115 mph (according to the DVD's extra feature notes), with Steve McQueen doing a lot of his own driving for realism. Director Peter Yates' work is smart and McQueen under his direction is in fine form as a slick police officer who carries out his investigation without excessive machismo or silly rhetoric. The film has a nice style, enhanced with a '60's jazz music soundtrack. The DVD edition is very good with the film stock evidently well preserved, nicely transferred to digital, as well as the audio track. Some nice features are included, especially a short documentary about the movie production.

Director: Peter Yates
Steve McQueen
Jacqueline Bisset

DVD title: The Gods Must Be Crazy
Productgroup: DVD
The Gods Must Be Crazy - movie DVD cover picture
Droll humor combined with side-splitting slapstick comedy

The above reviews certainly capture the essence of this multifaceted, completely original film that is a favorite of anybody who has watched it. Any encounter a with fellow viewer has invariably turned up another member of the cult following. I am devastated that it is no longer in print and hope somebody has the wisdom to re-release it, preferrably on DVD.

Studio: Columbia Tristar Hom
Director: Jamie Uys

DVD title: The Lord of the Rings - The Return of the King (Widescreen Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
The Lord of the Rings - The Return of the King (Widescreen Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
Long-Awaited "Return" is King

Seeing as the first two parts of the "The Lord of the Rings" trilogy were some of the most critically acclaimed, visually spectacular, and highest-grossing movie events in film history, the last and final part, "The Return of the King" certainly had high expectations to live up to. But, after a long year of waiting, the conclusion to the journey of Frodo and Sam meets and goes beyond all boundaries to create a truly remarkable cinematic experience. Directly after the lights begin to dim, we as the audience find ourselves already emmersed in the story of men, wizards, elves, and of course, hobbits. Much like "The Two Towers", the original fellowship of nine has split up, each involved in their own plotlines, and each with their own missions to fufill. Aragorn, on a tumultous road to the throne of Gondor, rides with Legolas, Gimli, and Gandalf, as they defend the last city of men, Minas Tirith. Merry and Pippin are in Rohan with the newly introduced characters Theodin and Eowyn, while, in the most important plotline, Frodo, Sam, and Golem continue their treacherous journey to Mordor to destroy the One Ring. While there are many to follow, each plot brings a new kind of excitement and suspense to the big picture, keeping the audience completely enthralled on the edge of their seats.
Aside from the plots, the acting and special effects are what makes this an amazing movie. As far as acting is concerned, "Return of the King" is the most emotionally charged part of the Lord of the Rings saga; all of the performances are solid, with each actor completely absorbing their character and the events taking place around them. One of the best, in my opinion, is the raw, complex and heroic portrayal of bumbling hobbit Samwise Gamgee (played by Sean Astin), but Elijah Wood (as the ring bearer Frodo Baggins), Ian McKellan (as Gandalf), Billy Boyd and Dominic Monaghan (Pippin and Merry, respectively), and Viggo Mortensen (as Aragorn) all provide a strong and talented ensemble. Another high point is the performance by Andy Serkis, as the hobbit Smeagol and later as the cave dwelling creature Gollum (personally, my favorite), as he delivers an almost flawless portrayal of a pathetic, and dark character, easily corrupted by the power of The Ring. As I said before, this film deserves much praise for their special effects, which to say the least, are breathtaking. From their huge battles, to the insides of Mordor and Rivendell, to the overall beauty of Middle Earth itself, "Return of the King" is a feast for the eyes, and it breaks all boundaries of modern fantasy filmmaking. Director Peter Jackson should recieve an Oscar, or at least a nomination for his brilliance in creative views, layouts, and his skill in creating these movies.
Overall, "Return of the King" is one of, if not the best film of 2003, and with its talented cast and visually stunning sets and CGI effects, it will satisfy any "Lord of the Rings" fanatic, or anyone wanting to spend three hours completely absorbed in a compelling and breathtaking story.

Studio: New Line Home Entertainment
Director: Peter Jackson
Viggo Mortensen
Ian McKellen
Elijah Wood

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