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DVD title: Miracle of the White Stallions
Productgroup: DVD
Miracle of the White Stallions - movie DVD cover picture
White Stallions Dancing

I have been trying to track down this movie for a long time. It was a movie from my childhood and I loved it dearly, I simply could not remember its title. I remember the heroics of the rescuers and the beauty of the Lipizanner horses. This is a movie that would still entrance all viewers, but especially those with a passion and love of horses. I wish Disney would release this on video for the children of today and tomorrow. This movie reminds us that war is not just about people but treasures and animals as well.

Studio: Walt Disney Home Video
Director: Arthur Hiller

DVD title: The Graduate (Special Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
The Graduate (Special Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
A REAL Film Classic

I normally do not review films. I don't consider myself a "movie-nut" or anything like that. But, there are exceptions. The Graduate is truly a classic work of filmmaking. The acting by all is top-notch. The chemistry/tension between Benjamin and Mrs.Robinson is absolutely amazing. Ben encapsulates in his character what almost everyone has felt at that point in their lives - the lack of direction, the loneliness, confusion,etc. I also like the fact that the end is not a pretty, happy-ever-after kind of thing. Although he does get the girl, the expressions on their faces betray a bit of insecurity and uneasiness. I found that to be very realistic. Such is life. It is rarely 100% good. An astounding piece of work. Yes, it is old, and those weaned on Adam Sandler movies will find it slow and uninteresting, missing the finer points of true acting and great directing at its finest. Classic.

Studio: Mgm/Ua Studios
Director: Mike Nichols
Anne Bancroft
Dustin Hoffman

DVD title: Fahrenheit 9/11
Productgroup: DVD
Fahrenheit 9/11 - movie DVD cover picture
Turning up the heat to Fahrenheit 9/11

In literature, one's premises and view of US politics and history are quickly destabilized and reconstructed by Whiteout: The CIA, Drugs and the Press (Alexander Cockburn, and Jeffrey St. Clair) and Lies My Teacher Told me by Professor James Loewen. This is exactly what Michael Moore does with the tools of film and cinema. What was presented visually was common knowledge to those of us who choose to be inform and was consistent with The September 11 Commission's 567-page final report has confirmed key facts presented in Fahrenheit 9/11. These include; Attorney General John Ashcroft told acting FBI director Thomas Pickard that he did not want to hear anything more about terrorist threats. Confirmed, Commission Report at p. 265 After Bush was informed of the first plane hitting the World Trade Center, he went ahead with his classroom event. After Bush was informed that the nation was under attack after the second plane hit, Bush stayed in the classroom for nearly seven more minutes, continuing to read with the children. Confirmed, Commission Report at pp. 35, 38-39. Bush failed to have even one meeting to discuss the threat of terrorism with his head of counterterrorism Richard Clarke. Confirmed, Commission Report at p. 201. Bush failed to react to the August 6, 2001 security briefing, "Bin Laden Determined to Strike in U.S." Confirmed, Commission Report at pp. 260-262. 142 Saudis, including 24 members of the bin Laden family, were allowed to leave the country after September 13. Confirmed, Commission Report at p. 556, n. 25 [Note that Fahrenheit 9/11 understates the number of Saudis who left.] Individuals were interviewed by the FBI before being allowed to leave (although the report confirms that most individuals on these flights were not interviewed.) Confirmed, Commission Report at p. 557, n. 28. White House former counterterrorism chief Richard Clarke approved these flights. Confirmed, Commission Report at p. 329. It should also be noted that the 9/11 Commission does not address or deem important a number of other issues either addressed in Fahrenheit 9/11 or revealed since completion of the film, including: What exactly was the rush in getting these individuals out of the country so soon after the worst attack in U.S. history, why did Saudi Royals and bin Laden family members receive such special treatment at a time when most Americans still could not get flights (even though airspace may have been open), and how exactly were the flights arranged by the U.S. government? Several unanswered questions posed by Senator Byron Dorgan (D-ND) in a July 20, 2004, Grand Forks Herald column: "At a time when 14 of the 19 terrorists from Sept. 11 were Saudi citizens, how and why were six secret flights allowed to sneak 142 Saudi citizens out of the United States in the days after Sept. 11 before they were properly interrogated? How do we know they weren't properly questioned? Because Dale Watson, the No. 2 man and former head of counterterrorism at the FBI has said none of them were subjected to `serious' interrogation or questions before being allowed to leave. In fact, we now know that at least two and perhaps more of the Saudis who were allowed to leave after Sept. 11 were under investigation by the FBI for alleged terrorist connections." Information that came to light in Dana Milbank's July 22, 2004 Washington Post article, including the fact that at least one bin Laden family member who was allowed to leave lived with a nephew of Osama bin Laden, who "was involved in forming the U.S. branch of the World Assembly of Muslim Youth" (WAMY), which the FBI has described as "a suspected terrorist organization," and that the bin Ladens flew out of the country on the same airplane that "has been chartered frequently by the White House for the press corps traveling with President Bush. The film is correct on all major facts presented. Opponents tend to argue on cosmetics and semantics rather than the documented facts. Very reminiscent of what happened to Gary Webb and "Dark Alliances".


Studio: Columbia Tristar Hom
Director: Michael Moore (II)
Michael Moore (II)

DVD title: BASEketball
Productgroup: DVD
BASEketball - movie DVD cover picture
never gets old

I've watched this movie millions of times. it never gets old to me. the jokes are just so priceless you can't say something like "oh that wasn't very funny" b/c these guys pioneered comedy for my generation. South Park was their most successful creation, followed by this movie. their other attempts weren't as popular but still valiant efforts. this movie helped get SP noticed more.
the best parts are the psych outs. totally classic material. the fat lyposuctioned out of Marlon Brandos rear...ew
highly recommended if you love south park like i do.also check out Orgazmo, classic, one of their best.

Studio: Universal Studios
Director: David Zucker
Trey Parker
Matt Stone

DVD title: The Fifth Element
Productgroup: DVD
The Fifth Element - movie DVD cover picture
Oddly Appealing...

While I'm am not usually into SciFi movies, The Fifth Element peeked my interest. Instead of being a movie with just robots and annoying computer jargon, it was actually a mix of New-Age*ism*, magic, science, romance, opera, and pop! Though that may sound confusing, the movie works with these elements very well.Korben Dallas has been chosen to help an odd being known as the *fifth element* in order to save the world. In order to save the world, they must find 4 Elemental Stones, ride in spaceships, travel to other countries and planets, encounter DJs and odd aliens, aid a diva, and all within 48 hours!Despite other comments, I think all of the actors did a great job. I really enjoyed Chris Tucker as Ruby Rod! I don't know why everyone else didn't. The plot is pretty solid and actually pretty comical. It actually helps the movie rather than slow it down, and all the actors contribute, especially Tucker. I didn't find the characters annoying.The visuals are really top-notch. Smooth battle scenes and great lighting effects. Costumes are neat.The music is blend of several genres, like Middle-Eastern instrumentals and pop styles. My favorite part was the Diva Dance where a song starts out as an opera then goes into a retro interpretation. It sounds strange, but depending on your tastes, this will definitely appeal. Great score!The DVD really helps with the picture as images are crisp and colorful. The sound is awesome working the score in well with blasts, wind, machines, you name it! DVD quality is A+
I don't think the creators were trying to start another franchise with The Fifth Element, or there might have been another movie or a series (which would have been disappointing). I personally dislike Stars Wars and don't see what all of the fuss was/is about, even with the new movies coming and improved visuals. I wouldn't ever compare the two because they are very different. Fifth Element is stylish and well diverse in terms of genre. The movie works well in itself and requires no sequels or series.
Please give it a try ^_~!

Studio: Columbia/Tristar Studios
Director: Luc Besson
Bruce Willis
Gary Oldman
Milla Jovovich

DVD title: Wallace & Gromit: The First Three Adventures (1990-1995)
Productgroup: DVD
Wallace & Gromit: The First Three Adventures (1990-1995) - movie DVD cover picture
A great set of movies!

This fantastic DVD has three Wallace and Gromit adventures, the very cream of British animation!
1) A Grand Day Out (first released in 1991) - When Wallace runs out of cheese, he decides that he must spend his vacation gathering more. Now, what place is synonymous with cheese? Why the Moon, of course! And so, with the long-suffering Gromit in tow, Wallace sets out to get some of that Moon-cheese.
2) The Wrong Trousers (first released in 1993) - After Wallace gets Gromit the latest thing, a pair of Techno-Trousers to take him on walks, he suddenly finds that his finances need a boost. But, when the new boarder shows up, he turns out to be a penguin with a secret - he's really the notorious thief Feathers McGraw! Feathers sees a real opportunity with Wallace and the Techno-Trousers, but he needs Gromit out of the way.
3) A Close Shave (first released in 1995) - When Wallace meets Wendolene Ramsbottom, it's love at first sight. But, there's a wool shortage caused by the activities of a sheep-rustler, and Wendolene has a secret. There's a Frankenstein's monster on the trail of Wallace and Gromit, and it will take brains (oops!) and a lot of luck to see them through this adventure!
This is a great set of movies! It has everything you could want in an animated series - monsters, villains, gunplay, skiing robots, sheep, toy train chases (you have to see it to believe it!), automobile chases, and, of course, cheese. As an added bonus, this DVD has a 30-minute behind-the-scenes special, that shows you how the Wallace and Gromit adventures are made, some scenes from other Nick Park productions, and more.
My children and I love this DVD, and we highly recommend it to you!

Studio: Audrey L Ward
Director: Nick Park

DVD title: Pilates Intermediate Mat Workout
Productgroup: DVD
Pilates Intermediate Mat Workout - movie DVD cover picture
It works!

After having two children, I was seriously overweight. On a whim, I bought both Ana Caban's beginner and intermediate workout DVD's. It has been a life changing experience. Take it from a person who has tried Tae-Bo, Walk Away the Pounds, and Buns of Steel, this DVD set is the best hands down. I love that it is low impact and doesn't drain your energy. And it works! I have been doing it for 3 weeks now, 3-4 times a week after the kids go to bed and have dropped 28 pounds. I have never had as much success with any other type of exercise. Buy it today!

Studio: Gaiam Americas

DVD title: Smallville - The Complete Third Season
Productgroup: DVD
Smallville - The Complete Third Season - movie DVD cover picture
it keeps on getting better

Smallville season 3 is amazing so far... I take my time watching... I'm halfway through, but it gets better everytime i watch it. Season 1 and 2 were awesome and so is the 3rd. Tom Welling is great as Clark as usual, Lana is excellent and Lex and Lionel are the 2 best actors on television right now guaranteed. This is a must buy for everyone, along with season's 1 and 2! It's amazing!!!

Studio: Warner Home Video
Tom Welling

DVD title: Fight Club (Single Disc Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Fight Club (Single Disc Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
The best film of 1999?

Maybe one of the best films of the last 10 years. Fight Club is one of the deepest film released in a long time. Most people see it as just violence, for violence's sake. But in reality, it's a modern day parable about consumerist culture. The fact this film is also very funny, will probably pass unnoticed by many.

Studio: Fox Home Entertainme
Director: David Fincher
Edward Norton
Brad Pitt

DVD title: This Is Spinal Tap - Criterion Collection
Productgroup: DVD
This Is Spinal Tap - Criterion Collection - movie DVD cover picture
This Movie Fits Me Like A Flesh Tuxedo......

One word..Classic. Not only will you laugh your a*# off, but the music isn't bad at all! If you can get past lyrics like "working on a sex farm...." and "Big Bottom, talk about mud flaps, my girl's got 'em". And the actors play their own instruments!This music has classic lines(anyone remember "Hello Cleveland"?, and you'll bust a gut counting how many drummers the tap has gone through, and how their music venues somehow get smaller and smaller! Seriously, these guys are genius! And for extra fun and uniqueness, the commentary is done in character, and apparently the band members aren't too happy with Marty! I promise you, buy this dvd, any serious collector must have "Tap" in their collection!

Studio: Home Vision Entertainment
Director: Rob Reiner
Rob Reiner
Michael McKean
Christopher Guest

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