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DVD title: The Wiggles - Yummy Yummy
Productgroup: DVD
The Wiggles - Yummy Yummy - movie DVD cover picture
We love the WIGGLES!

I highly recommend this video to any parent of a young child. My 2 yr old watches the tape over and over. The songs are short, simple and very lively. My husband will even dance to this one!

Studio: Lyrick Studios

DVD title: Tombstone
Productgroup: DVD
Tombstone - movie DVD cover picture

This may not be the most accurate movie on Wyatt Earp and friends, but it is the most interesting and entertaining!! Val Kilmer, Kurt Russell, Sam Elliott and Bill Paxton are just incredible! We have tried to watch "Wyatt Earp" with Kevin Costner, but after this movie, it is really dull!
My husband and I watched "Tombstone" AGAIN last night (for the umpteenth time!) and again we laughed a lot and replayed favorite scenes. This movie should certainly be in your collection - you will watch it many times! It quickly became a favorite of ours. "Tombstone" is also very quotable... especially Doc's lines (such as: "Wyatt, I am rolling"; "You're a daisy if you do" and "You're no daisy").
This is an engrossing movie with more in it than just the OK Corral (that is just a highlight!). The movie is action packed and moves quickly. The characters are well developed and so you feel pain when they feel pain and you get excited at the end when Wyatt seeks the reckoning! I think that two of the best acted scenes are: 1) During the fight at the OK Corral, Bill Paxton as Morgan REALLY looks worried and scared and then very distressed after he kills that guy and 2) the scene when Morgan gets killed and everyones reactions to that. The supporting cast is superb.
In short, excellent, spectacular, well filmed, well acted, well scripted movie!

Studio: Hollywood Pictures
Director: George P. Cosmatos
Kurt Russell
Val Kilmer

DVD title: Sailor Moon R - The Movie
Productgroup: DVD
Sailor Moon R - The Movie - movie DVD cover picture
Dubbed Sailor Moon R Movie

When I first got this movie, I thought it was just going to be like the Television series. I was wrong...It was a really good movie. It isn't one of those movies where you just sit there being bored waiting for this movie to end. It keeps you interested and happy throughout the hour. I gave this movie 5 stars because there wasn't anything in there that made me bored.

Studio: Pioneer Video
Director: Kunihiko Ikuhara

DVD title: The Judy Garland Show - Just Judy
Productgroup: DVD
The Judy Garland Show - Just Judy - movie DVD cover picture

Being a Judy newbie in terms of her later work, I was absolutely bowled over the first time I watched this DVD. This is one woman who truly wears her entire heart on her sleeve. Her renditions of "Old Man River," "Cottage For Sale," "Smile," and "The Man that Got Away" are in a word, monumental. I defy the hardest of hearts not to feel a welling up of emotions ranging from broken hearted to exhilarated during these songs. It's especially interesting to observe Judy's facial expressions, eyes, and body language as she delivers some of the most outstanding performances ever witnessed. "Cottage for Sale" in particular seems to really get to her at the end as she bows her head and catches her breath to check her emotions. And "Old Man River" is absolutely astounding, especially the finale in which you know she's feeling every last word down to the bone. No wonder she is worshipped the world over. This DVD shows why she is considered the eternal flame of show business.
Another eye-opening aspect of these performances is the beauty in which they were filmed, almost "film noir" in effect and mood. Nothing cheesy as one might expect from a television variety show; so classy. Mel Torme's musical direction was exquisite. The sets, the camera angles, the gowns... oh my gawd, the gowns! Everything is a class act in this 28-song compilation from her series, but the best part is experiencing Judy herself. They don't make television shows like this anymore, and they certainly don't make singers like this anymore. This is a must have for any music lover. Next purchase: I recommend "the Judy Garland Show, Legends," featuring more solos (none repeated from Just Judy), and some amazing duets with the likes of Barbara, Tony, Liza, Peggy, Lena, and more.

Studio: Pioneer Video
Judy Garland
Jerry Van Dyke

DVD title: The Producers (Special Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
The Producers (Special Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
Mel Brooks' First-And Best

"The Producers", which has gained newfound fame due to the Musical Comedy that Mel Brooks created based on this, his first movie, is also the best thing Brooks has ever done. "Blazing Saddles" was a gag-a-minute take on the Western, and "Young Frankenstein" was Brooks' spoof on horror, but in "The Producers", Brooks' made something that was entirely his own: a madcap, hilarious, perfectly cast satire of life on the seedier side of Broadway.
The late, great Zero Mostel stars as Max Bilalystock, a former big-time Broadway producer who has been reduced to seducing old ladies for checks to fund flops. Into his sad life comes accountant Leo Bloom(Gene Wilder in the first of several Brooks' collaborations). Bloom is a nebbishly high-strung auditor who offhandedly mentions to Max that a producer could make more money from a flop than a hit. This launches one of the most hilarious movies ever made, as Bloom and Bialystock scheme to find the worst sript, worst director, and worst actors to make the most tasteless and awful play ever.
The humor here is some of Brooks' finest. He expertley skewers Broadway egos, Nazis's, and greed as he tells the tale of the production of "Springtime for Hitler", written by an ex-Nazi who still holds onto the idea that Hitler was a great man. What keeps it from becoming an offensive movie is that the play is so hopelessly miscast and directed that it is just a big joke, and the fact that the audience knows that the Nazi is being taken advantage of steers the film away from the dark aspects of that ideology and makes fun of everything Hitler was trying to create. Wilder shines as Bloom, in his first major role, as he moves from loser to producer to desperate criminal, and Mostel shows his fine gift for broad comedy in his portrayal of the morally bankrupt producer who prizes money above all else. The film's funniest scenes involve bizzare breakdowns from Wilder, the hilarious alegiance to the defunct Third Reich by the playright, played with utter conviction by Kenneth Mars, and of course the play itself. The opening musical number is a sight to behold, and manages to spoof every over the top broadway production ever in the sense that everyone involved in the production, save Wilder and Mostel, take it so damn seriously.
The Producers has finally gotten the DVD release it deserves, and should delight anyone who loves Mel Brooks, and perhaps win a few converts who only know him from his latter day flops(Men in Tights, I'm looking at you). Brooks had 10 great years of moviemaking in him, and he starts it out with a bang in this film.

Studio: MGM/UA Video
Director: Mel Brooks
Zero Mostel
Gene Wilder

DVD title: That '70s Show - Season One
Productgroup: DVD
That '70s Show - Season One - movie DVD cover picture

I have yet to purchase this DVD Collection, I just wanted to let someone know how happy I am that they FINALLY put these funny kids on DVD. I was looking for this about 6 months ago thinking that it would already be on DVD and was disappointed that I could not find it! SO I have to just say thank you!!! I can finally watch these funny kids whenever I want to.

Studio: Fox Home Entertainme
Ashton Kutcher

DVD title: Across 110th Street
Productgroup: DVD
Across 110th Street - movie DVD cover picture


Studio: MGM/UA Video
Director: Barry Shear
Anthony Quinn
Yaphet Kotto
Anthony Franciosa

DVD title: Psycho 2
Productgroup: DVD
Psycho 2 - movie DVD cover picture

PSYCHO 2 is a movie I have been waiting very long for release on dvd in widescreen format. Formally released in pan/scan by Goodtimes Video. Finally it's here in Sept. 2005. It's a must see, must have thriller for any fan of the original Psycho film. Storline has many twists and turns and is blessed with a super script.....What happens after Norman Bates is released from the insane asylum years later? You'll want to know so see this film.

Studio: Universal Studios
Anthony Perkins

DVD title: John Petrucci - Rock Discipline
Productgroup: DVD
John Petrucci - Rock Discipline - movie DVD cover picture
Great...but bonus material is subpar

I own both the DVD and VHS versions. This is a stellar instructional video with many examples of important techniques, such as executing a passage at fast speeds, sweep picking, legato, and how to apply scale fragments during improvisation. A chord and composing section is also included. John is a dynamite player and shares his insights on how to develop as a guitarist. This is the most comprehensive video I've seen covering the topic of how to develop the technique necessary for demanding rock or metal styles. However, I do not recommend the DVD version to owners of the original VHS version, unless they want faster selection of different segments. I was dissapointed in the bonus material they chose for the DVD; I've seen more compelling footage on the weather channel.

Studio: Warner Bros Publishi
Tim Landers
John Petrucci

DVD title: Addicted to Love
Productgroup: DVD
Addicted to Love - movie DVD cover picture

I loved this movie. I believe that it reflects the way that these four very different people react to having their hearts broken. It is so easy to judge people based on how they appear and this movie gives us pause. Very few movies can give us such insight without being depressing, yet this one leaves you feeling good.

Studio: Warner Studios
Director: Griffin Dunne
Meg Ryan
Matthew Broderick
Kelly Preston

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