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DVD title: The Rockford Files - Season One
Productgroup: DVD
The Rockford Files - Season One - movie DVD cover picture
Waiting Anxiously

I too hope "Season One," and for that matter, the ENTIRE series, is just around the corner. I agree with one of the other reviews about WGN shredding the episodes to cram in wasteful commercials, but at least some Rockford Files is better than none. I know I have seen every episode countless dozens of times, and they are still as good as when they first premiered, in fact maybe even better. And no doubt, much better than the slop being shown on mainstream TV today. Enough said, I'm off to have a couple tacos for breakfast :)

Director: Richard T. Heffron

DVD title: Ever After/Never Been Kissed
Productgroup: DVD
Ever After/Never Been Kissed - movie DVD cover picture
Great movies, Drew Barrymore Rocks!

Both of these movies are great!

Studio: Fox Home Entertainme
Director: Andy Tennant
Drew Barrymore
Anjelica Huston
Dougray Scott

DVD title: The Phantom of the Opera (Widescreen Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
The Phantom of the Opera (Widescreen Edition) - movie DVD cover picture

Come on, I mean all these people putting down the movie because the original cast of the stage will not be on the screen. No offense, I love Sarah Brightman's voice but have you even heard Emmy Rossum's voice it is spectacular. As is Gerard Butler!!
Michael Crawford is also awesome but is also 20 yrs older. I think the new cast will be a good one if not better. I also am a big fan of Phantom and a little sketchy of putting it on screen but I have seen the Trailers both teaser and regular and it looks awesome. So i am stoked and can't wait to see it!!! I live in a small town so it will never come here so i travel an hr - 2 hrs to see movies that don't come to our local mall. I did for Chicago and will again for Phantom of the Opera, which i think should be faithful to the stage play, that is if Andrew Lloyd Webber didn't let them cut it up like so many movie musicals have done before. I think if someone is going to turn a Musical into a movie they should be faithful to the script and not change a single thing. My high school did the production of "On the Town" which is a wonderful show and when i went to rent the movie i had found out the movie was WAY differnt then the play.!. i hate when the movie is nothing like the play itself. Hopefully, ALW let the Phantom movie stay just like the stage musical spectacular!!!! If not I WILL be VERY upset!!!! But to get bummed out over the cast when there is other things to worry a/b is ridiculous!!!!

Studio: Warner Home Video
Director: Joel Schumacher
Gerard Butler
Emmy Rossum
Patrick Wilson

DVD title: Dogville
Productgroup: DVD
Dogville - movie DVD cover picture
One of the Best Movies I've Ever seen.

This movie was spectacularly super amazing! It was almost like Our Town, in that it was set as a play... which caught me off guard and was weird... but I eventually learned to love this about the film and it complemented it well.

The story is very good and I got so into it and this is at like 5 in the morning when I can't sleep but almost am... I was just wide awake! You kind of get so emotionally raped by this movie because it plays with you like it knows it can and the ending is just so gratifying... I jumped up and said, "Yes!"

Nicole Kidman gives an amazing performance... perhaps her best beisdes a Virgina Wolfe character, which she won an Academy Award for. Another stand out in this movie was Paul Bettany who plays Tom Edison Jr. He is definitely a great up and coming actor. Lauren Bacall gives a great performance, as well. Finally, Patricia Clarkson, a fabulous actress, was just sensational. And there's anothe rlittle nice actor in there that I can't mention so as not ruin a surprise.

The beauty fo this movie was that it wasn't your typical feature film. Some may find in ignorance that it was cheap and boring, but I say find some culture. This picture is truly magnificent.

Dogville gets 5 stars and is rated as one of my favorite movies of all time now!

Studio: Lions Gate Home Entertainment
Director: Lars von Trier
Nicole Kidman
Lauren Bacall
Paul Bettany

DVD title: Hope Floats
Productgroup: DVD
Hope Floats - movie DVD cover picture
The best movie this season

The story is moving, sad, funny, romantic, great performances by the whole cast, what else can we ask for? Sandra Bullock, the great Gena Rowlands, little "Bernice" and that hunk Connick are great! They act so natural you think they are your neighbors next door, it made me want to live in Smithsville, Texas, with all the great scenery, simplicity of their people, their gossip, but above all, the love this family really have for each other except for the sister in California who doesn't even care for her little son Travis (as cute as a rosebud) nor to come to her own mother's funeral. The romantic scenes with macho Connick and Sandra are great! made for each other, specially when they perform that really cute on line dance. I noticed Connick in Excess Baggage even though he only plays a little role, but I never thought he was this handsome guy until I rented the video,which I already bought, not to talk about the music which is great also and I am buying also the soundtrack. It left me with a feeling of love for my family, sadness because my mom has "oldtimers" disease, and even more love for my 5 year old grandson, who I am raising, he is my Travis, I am weeping as I am writing, so many emotions this movie awaken in me! I just loved it and loved all the stars,! I give it 10 stars. One more thing, Gena Rowlands is even more wonderful than ever in this matronly roles as in Something to Talk About and Unhook the stars. One Oscar for her!

Studio: Twentieth Century Fox
Director: Forest Whitaker
Sandra Bullock
Harry Connick Jr.

DVD title: Bowfinger
Productgroup: DVD
Bowfinger - movie DVD cover picture

What lifts this film up and makes it not just funny but great is that lurking behind the facade of a light-hearted slapstick about movie-making is a fairly devastating satire of Hollywood and its denizens.? So on the surface you've got Bobby Bowfinger (Steve Martin), B-movie producer/director, using his last $2000 to make the film, Chubby Rain, from a script by his earnest Muslim accountant.? Promised major studio backing if he can just secure the services of action-film superstar, Kit Ramsey (Eddie Murphy), but realizing he's got no chance of doing so, Bowfinger decides to just surreptitiously include Kit in the movie.? This leads to some hilarious guerilla filmmaking, in which the other characters from Chubby Rain, to whom Bowfinger has not explained what's really going on, run up and interact with an increasingly bewildered and terrified Ramsey.? As we soon learn, Kit's frantic reaction to the dialogue and special effects of Bowfinger's invading-space-aliens film is exacerbated by some significant prior mental problems, which include an obsession with exposing himself to the Laker girls.
Also assisting in the production of the film are : a devious studio prop man, who steals everything from cars to cameras for Bowfinger; a seemingly fresh-scrubbed country girl, Daisy (Heather Graham); a serious, but bad, professional actress (Christine Baranski); Kit's twin, but excessively geeky, brother, Jiff (also played by Eddie Murphy);? a gaggle of illegal Mexicans, picked up at the border; and even Bowfinger's multi-talented dog.? All add to the? mayhem in their own ways.
But meanwhile, Kit turns out to be a member of a cult called Mind Head, led by Terrence Stamp in a funny turn, which bears an uncanny resemblance to Scientology.? Heather Graham's supposedly innocent character sleeps her way through the entire Bowfinger operation, whoring for more lines and a bigger role.? In the final scene of the movie she even turns up with a lesbian girlfriend, who just happens to be a major Hollywood player, summoning memories of Steve Martin's own relationship with a pre-Ellen Anne Heche.? And Graham's entire role appears to be an implicit critique of her own career which seems to be likewise based almost exclusively on her breasts.? Kit Ramsey's claims of racism in the industry are made fun of as he at one point adds up the "k's" in a movie script and divides by three to show his agent how often "KKK" appears.? Several other ostensibly good-natured bits that we can see on further examination have an edge to them include a scene where Bowfinger gets Jiff to run across a busy thruway by telling him that the cars are driven by stunt men, but which also shows how little he cares about the actor's safety, and a conversation where Jiff asks wonderingly why someone's willing to pay him just for looking like someone else, raises inevitable questions about an industry where mere physical appearance can mean millions.? In fact, the whole conceit of the story, that you could basically make a successful action flick without the big-salaried star knowing he'd been in the movie, and that everyone in the movie business is just using everyone else, is a pretty tough commentary on the current state of Hollywood.
This harsher undercurrent gives the movie a nasty, though subtle, edge that I really liked, but which some critics found off-putting.? Much of the potential tension is defused by Steve Martin and Eddie Murphy who give tremendous performances, Murphy in the seemingly tougher dual role, and Martin in the actually more difficult balancing act of making Bobby Bowfinger likable even as he cheats, lies to, and steals from everyone in sight.? The end result is a picture that works on two levels, one of mostly broad physical comedy, the other darker and more satirical.? Comedy is hard enough to get right, but to nail it above and below the surface is an exceedingly rare achievement; that it manages this unusual fate makes Bowfinger one of the best comedies of the '90s and vastly underrrated.

Studio: Universal Studios
Director: Frank Oz
Steve Martin
Eddie Murphy

DVD title: Poltergeist
Productgroup: DVD
Poltergeist - movie DVD cover picture
Excellent movie

This is one of the best horror movies I've ever seen and yes it's rated PG. Not only does it have good special effects but it has a very talented cast. It's touching and scary all at the same time. The story involves around a family whose daughter is held hostage by evil spirits. The t.v.s in the home make it able for the family to communicate with their child who is on the other side. One of my favorite scenes is where the daughter's soul moves through her mother's. Very well done.

Studio: Turner Entertainment
Director: Tobe Hooper
JoBeth Williams
Heather O'Rourke

DVD title: Queen - On Fire at the Bowl
Productgroup: DVD
Queen - On Fire at the Bowl - movie DVD cover picture
They really were on fire

It's easy to see why some people would claim this was Queen at their peak. This is a very solid concert, very high energy, and very Queen.

Of course, there are flaws in the actual video, due to the date of the concert and the lack of huge budgets for live videos at the time. These shouldn't be a problem for your enjoyment, however, unless you really dig picture perfect presentation. Queen was more about the show anyway, and the sounds are pretty top notch. The visual performance is every bit as good, even if the video doesn't always capture a picture perfect reflection of it.

My only real issue is that Brian's vocals appeared to be heavily buried in the mix. I know that Brian has never had the presence of Freddie or even Roger, but his vocals should be a little more obvious. This could, however, be a flaw in the actual recording of the concert, and doesn't ruin the disc at all.

Otherwise, Freddie Mercury is on the entire night. Queen's presentation is simply excellent. This is, perhaps the only chance to catch "Hot Space" tracks in full versions on video (Action this day, Staying Power, Backchat). While the hot Space album is considered by many fans to be the low point of Queen's career, it's part of the Queen experience (And I am personally a fan of Staying Power and Backchat). Hearing "Hero" from Flash Gordon live is also a solid option.

The high points of this show are many, but include: We Will rock You (Fast), Somebody to Love, Now I'm Here, Dragon Attack (on of my favorites), Back Chat, Get Down, Make Love (The visual presentation in the bridge of this song is amazing), Fat Bottomed Girls, and Tie Your Mother down.

In total, this video does capture Queen in a strong light, whether this is at their "peak" or not. Highly recommended to Queen fans, or just fans of a good live show.

Studio: Universal Music & VI

DVD title: Vertigo (Collector's Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Vertigo (Collector's Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
A misunderstood masterwork

It's astonishing that so many people, to this very day, disparage Vertigo. This is far and away Hitchcock's best movie, and in my opinion ranks second only to Citizen Kane as the greatest film ever made. It is utterly spellbinding and engrossing. Watch it, AND PAY ATTENTION!

Studio: Universal Studios
Director: Alfred Hitchcock
James Stewart
Kim Novak

DVD title: Jurassic Park III (Widescreen Collector's Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Jurassic Park III (Widescreen Collector's Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
Finally, a BETTER Jurassic Park Sequel !!!!!!!

Unlike the Lost Word JP this sequel remains closer to the viewpoints of the original, Jurassic Park. Reflecting the same concept of how dangerous biotechnology can be when developed with greedy motivations and no real moral reasoning. This opinion is held by the film's lead character, Dr. Alan Grant, who is from the first movie, as well as Ellie Sattler. I was glad to see that they brought back these two favorites of mine, and found them to remain true to their original characters in Jurassic Park. Although it seems like Grant was slightly made into the Indiana Jones type, because there are segments that give similar impressions. Also, JP III has some situations that are reminiscent to the first film, which was nice.
Despite what anyone else thinks, I'm going to say that the acting in this film is great, I really love it, and Tea Leoni did an admirable job. The actions and reactions of all the characters appear completely natural, making it a believable experience to watch. Once again the dinosaur animation is outstanding! The raptors are truly amazing! The movie becomes quite unpredictable, with suspense that just won't quit. All seasoned with a bit of humor at the right timing. The scenes are excellent and the camera flow is superb, making use of some fantastic angles to tell the story. It just has a way of grabbing your attention through sight, sound and emotion.
I'm a DIE-HARD Jurassic Park fan, and even if I wasn't, I still think I would recommend this movie. Because it's just one bazaar thrill ride of narrow escapes for those of you who like disaster/survival adventures where man verses nature, (or in this case, beasts of terror.) It has no out right swearing, but still heed the PG-13 rating. Compared to the 2 previous films, this one has some of the most gruesome images. It's a bit obvious that a sequel is to follow, and it seems too, that this film was made with the prospect of another theme park ride in mind. But these things didn't totally ruin the excitement of the movie. Personally, I think Jurassic Park III is a far BETTER sequel than the Lost World JP and wish I could double underline the word BETTER.
And oh yeah, even if you're somewhat of a Jurassic Park fan, don't hesitate a bit. Get this one on DVD or VHS; it won't be as disappointing as you might be lead to believe.

Studio: Universal Studios
Director: Joe Johnston
Sam Neill
William H. Macy
Téa Leoni

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