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DVD title: Amityville Dollhouse
Productgroup: DVD
Amityville Dollhouse - movie DVD cover picture

This was a great movie.There's sooooo much to say about it.I liked how it was erie and spooky.The part where the girl got sick from it was wierd.I liked the part when the fireplace lit up in the dollhouse so did the one in the realhouse.Something horrible happend to everyone in the movie and it was cool.I was afraid to even look at my old dollhouse after I saw it.Tht was funny how all the little dolls in the dollhouse had x's over their eyes beacuse they had died.I am wondering If they were real people and had died in a real house or something.It was good anyway even if sometimes in the movie you wondering about something.I think it's one of the best horror movies to be seen.Watch it at like12:00-2:00 at night and you will not be able to go back to sleep!

Studio: Lions Gate Home Entertainment
Director: Steve White (II)

DVD title: Payback
Productgroup: DVD
Payback - movie DVD cover picture
My Money Yes Or No?

That is the phrase that has made this movie one of the best anti-hero flicks you can ever see. A remake of the 1967 Point Blank it out performs the other well. Most people see this as light hearted but somehow Marvin's ice cold Walker never did the job instead of shooting he was more or less waiting for the action to settle down around him as he made his moves. Gibson however plays the character Parker from Donald E. Westlake's novels cold. As the ruthless and cold blooded Porter he scours the city seeking out his money. During a deal gone wrong his partner shoots him, takes off with his wife, and then gives the money to the outfit. As part of a coke deal he wasted Henry plays Val well and to the point but he sticks around for to long as trying to be colder and harder then the Mal in the novel. What makes this movie shine is performances by Coburn, Kirstoffson, Paymer, and Devane they are all cut throat seeking for a way out. Coburn and Kristoffoson give turns as the two premier crime bosses trying to stiff out Porter. While Paymer plays a greedy cab owner and Devane plays the boss of the hitmen. Well put together and directed this changes the themes and tones to fit well with todays standard story lines. Not a standard however is that Porter shoots people a change from Marvin's side line. I'm all ready rooting for the bad guy.

Studio: Paramount Studio
Director: Brian Helgeland
Mel Gibson

DVD title: Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie
Productgroup: DVD
Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie - movie DVD cover picture
The Great Litmus Test of Personality

Irreverant, iconoclastic, cerebral, quick-witted, subtle and uproariously funny, this movie (and the TV series it grew out of) is a National Treasure -- one of the best things to emerge from American Culture in the 20th century.
I had a grandmother, born in Arizona in 1884, who could have been a writer for MST3K. This is our family's brand of humor, now so deeply ingrained in my children that I fear for their future in-law relationships.
Not everyone gets MST3K, which is a good thing. It acts as the great litmus test of personality. See how a person reacts to "This Island Earth", and discover how deep the humanity runs.

Studio: Image Entertainment
Director: Jim Mallon
Trace Beaulieu
Michael J. Nelson

DVD title: Keeping the Faith
Productgroup: DVD
Keeping the Faith - movie DVD cover picture
A Chick Flick for Dudes

i don't usually go for chick flicks, so i bumbled into this one and i have to say it's one of the best romantic comedies i've ever seen in my life. what gives?
'keeping the faith' had me howling with laughter. i liked this one even better than that wedding movie with hugh grant. absolutely slamming dialog is what kept this one so very good. this movie was as close to perfect as i can imagine something in this genre gets, i was completely sucked in.
it is making me wonder if perhaps this is a type of film that i can actually look forward to enjoying on a regular basis. it had a complete lack of irony that i found very refreshing. it was *real*, which is probably the highest complement i could pay a romantic comedy. the relationship between the two male stars is very true to life - even though movie dialog makes people say in one sentence what it usually takes ten minutes for real guys to say - this was completely believable.
much of the authenticity streams, i imagine, from a level of jewish cultural exposition previously unseen on the big screen. not even my old bud michael benben got quite this deep. the shiksa question is always played for a joke in film, and even though this was lightly done, the weight of stiller's decision worked very well.
of all stiller's work (not that i have been a study) this one makes him shine without the complicated pretense with which i had previously associated him and that short babe, garafolo.

Studio: Walt Disney Home Video
Director: Edward Norton
Edward Norton
Ben Stiller
Jenna Elfman

DVD title: Total Eclipse
Productgroup: DVD
Total Eclipse - movie DVD cover picture
Only Leo

A very powerful and poingnant film which will linger in your heart long after watching it. A love story between two poets which is unruly, sometimes even unbearable, yet exquisit and imbued with soulful passion. I watched the film several years ago but still remember its strong impact to my heart! It is unforgettable & it's the best DiCaprio's film which I have even seen.

Studio: New Line Home Entertainment
Director: Agnieszka Holland
Leonardo DiCaprio
David Thewlis

DVD title: The Crush
Productgroup: DVD
The Crush - movie DVD cover picture
Bad Girl

She is Smart Beautiful and Bad, what a Combo!!!

Studio: Warner Studios
Director: Alan Shapiro
Cary Elwes
Alicia Silverstone

DVD title: Moulin Rouge (Single Disc Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Moulin Rouge (Single Disc Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
Beautifully Done

Moulin Rouge, is by far the greatest love story ever written. This spectacular story about love, is told through song and it is a must see for the "hopeless romantic". The first fifteen minutes are intense, but give it a chance and I know you'll enjoy it like you've never enjoyed any other movie about love.

Studio: Fox Home Entertainme
Director: Baz Luhrmann
Nicole Kidman
Ewan McGregor

DVD title: Paisiello - Nina / Bartoli, Kaufmann, Polgar, Galstian, Veccia, Fischer, Zurich Opera
Productgroup: DVD
Paisiello - Nina / Bartoli, Kaufmann, Polgar, Galstian, Veccia, Fischer, Zurich Opera - movie DVD cover picture
A Worthy Revival for Cecilia Bartoli

Giovanni Paisiello (1741-1816) is best known for having written the first opera based on 'The Barber of Seville.' It was so popular in its day that when, thirty years later, Rossini wrote his version it was considered an outrage. We all know how THAT turned out. Nonetheless, Paisiello was a talented opera composer who had the misfortune not to be Mozart. And thus although his operas have pretty much disappeared from the world's stages they deserve periodic revival.
This DVD captures a production of 'Nina, o sia La Pazza per Amore' ('Nina, or The Girl Driven Mad by Love') done at the Zurich Opera in 1998. It also includes a fascinating 40-minute documentary on Paisiello and 'Nina' done by Reiner Moritz that includes commentary by the opera's director, Cesare Lievi, in which he describes his ideas about how the opera has a proto-feminist subtext; he claims that Nina doesn't actually go mad, but simply pretends to be driven mad by her father's refusal to let her marry her lover, Lindoro, all in the service of punishing him and securing some freedom for herself. All that is well and good, but the production itself doesn't lean too heavily on this conceit and we are better off for that. It is, actually, a pretty conventional--and dramatically effective--staging, thank goodness. None of the post-Freudian Eurotrash production values one so often sees in continental opera stagings.
The story is fairly simple. Nina loves Lindoro, but her father, the Count, wants her to marry a wealthy rival. Lindoro and the rival duel, in Nina's presence, and Lindoro is killed. Nina goes mad immediately. All this occurs before the curtain rises. In Act I we meet Nina, who is under the care of her duenna, Susanna, on the grounds of the Count's castle. She is under the illusion that Lindoro is not dead and she awaits his return eagerly. This delusion is fostered by Susanna in order to spare Nina's delicate nerves. The Count is very sad for his daughter and regrets his earlier tyrannical behavior. But Nina doesn't even recognize her father. A shepherd appears, accompanied by a bagpiper, and sings a pastoral air. Nina remarks that he sounds like her beloved Lindoro and is reminded of her cruel fate. She becomes agitated and sings an interpolated rage aria by Mozart, 'Ah, io previdi!' (K. 272). Susanna prevails upon her to go into the village and bring presents to the peasants. Act II opens with the Count thanking Susanna for taking such good care of Nina when the major domo, Giorgio, arrives breathlessly to announce that Lindoro hadn't died after all, that he has returned in disguise as a shepherd, because although he cannot marry her, he wants to be near his beloved Nina. So it turns out Nina was not wrong to think the shepherd sounded like her dear Lindoro. The Count encounters Lindoro, greets him as a son, accepts him as a prospective son-in-law. Nina enters but takes a while to recognize that the stranger is her long-lost lover. They reunite and a happy finale ensues, but not before--in a clever touch--Lindoro begins acting like the lord of the manor and one gets some sense that all may not live happily ever after.
Cecilia Bartoli stars as Nina and sings up a storm. Her fioriture are a marvel, of course, and her acting quite good, although she does tend to chew the scenery in her mad scenes. The distinguished Hungarian basso, Laszlo Polgar, sings and acts the Count very effectively. Juliette Galstian is a particularly moving (and humorously very bossy) duenna, Susanna. A young and handsome Bavarian tenor, Jonas Kaufmann, is extremely effective as Lindoro, both as himself and in his disguise as a shepherd. Angelo Veccia sings the major-domo, Giorgio. The chorus and orchestra of the Zurich Opera are conducted expertly by the Hungarian Adam Fischer, a well-regarded opera conductor who was first made known to me twenty-five years ago in a stunning recording of Karl Goldmark's neglected 'Die K?nigin von Saba' ('The Queen of Sheba').
I was delighted to make the acquaintance of this rare Italian opera buffa. It makes me wonder whether we might enjoy Paisiello's 'Barber of Seville.'
Scott Morrison

Studio: Naxos of America
Director: Thomas Grimm

DVD title: Double Indemnity
Productgroup: DVD
Double Indemnity - movie DVD cover picture
A Classic Film Noir From Start To Finish

Double Indemnity is one of Billy Wilder's best films. It is a classic film noir and it contains all the trimmings to make it what it is. As in most other films in the film noir genre, it contained dark nights, spooky shadows, and an eerie plot to match. Billy Wilder did an excellent job making this film one of my favorites full of dark, spooky, and eerie film with a plot full of suspense. The story begins with a failing salesman named Walter Neff who is giving a confession of a "perfect crime" which he committed, trying to finish before his boss and friend, Barton Keyes, shows up to hear it. It all began when Mr. Neff was sent to a Mr. Dietrichson's house to discuss his car insurance policy. He finds that when he arrives Mr. Dietrichson isn't present, and the only one who is present is the wife, Phyllis Dietrichson, who Walter finds very attractive. They begin discussing the lapse of car insurance payments when Phyllis brings up the she wants to get accidental insurance for her husband without him knowing. Walter finds this a little odd that she doesn't want her husband to know, and ends his involvement in the discussion. Walter always wanted to cheat the system, and he believes that involvement with Phyllis is his only chance. He visits he again, and soon they have a growing relationship. They then begin planning the murder of Mr. Dietrichson to appear suicidal so that they can get the insurance money and run off together. Knowing that his boss my figure it out he tries his best to pull it off. In the end he finds out that Phyllis was just using him and others to get money and what she wanted. She attempts to kill him, but he kills her first and then goes back to his office dying to leave his story for his boss on the Dictaphone. I would recommend this film to anyone and everyone who loves to sit and watch movies especially if they like movies with crimes, murder, a plot full of suspense and drama, and even love.

Studio: Image Entertainment
Director: Billy Wilder
Fred MacMurray
Barbara Stanwyck
Edward G. Robinson

DVD title: The Bob Newhart Show - The Complete First Season
Productgroup: DVD
The Bob Newhart Show - The Complete First Season - movie DVD cover picture
Finally, The Bob Newhart Show!

I have been waiting, sometimes not so patiently, for a DVD of The Bob Newhart Show. I admit I've been a fan of the series since it was first aired, and I long ago grew weary with the snowy old VHS tapes I taped off of reruns. The quality of the DVD is good, especially considering the original source material.

Now, of course, the question is: Where are the rest of the years? Don't make us wait...

Studio: Fox Home Entertainme
Bob Newhart

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