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DVD title: Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
Productgroup: DVD
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas - movie DVD cover picture

Hunter S. Thomspon's "epitaph for the 60's" as translated by directorial genius Terry Gilliam. I doubt most of the reviewers who have spoken unkindly of this film have any clue what Thompson or Gilliam were up to, but the fact remains that this is one of the finest examples of a successful translation from book to film. People really used to live like this, and it is an important reminder that nobody could ever get away with this in today's maximum security world. Gilliam captures the feel, look and most importantly, the message Thompson conveyed in the original print version, and he does it in an entertaining and artful way. Merging the natural surrealism of Vegas with Ralph Steadman's illustrations and Thompson's vivid imagery, Gilliam succeeds magnificently in an almost impossible task. The DVD of the movie is one of the finest currently available on the market.

Studio: Universal Studios
Director: Terry Gilliam
Johnny Depp
Benicio Del Toro

DVD title: Bottom - Not Another Half-Arsed DVD Set
Productgroup: DVD
Bottom - Not Another Half-Arsed DVD Set - movie DVD cover picture
Funniest series ever?

Aaah, this is great: one of my all time favorite tv series is now available on DVD. All episodes of all 3 seasons, with outtakes and bloopers as a special bonus.If you like absurd British humor then this is the set you'll have to buy!

Studio: Warner Home Video
Rik Mayall

DVD title: Poetry in Motion
Productgroup: DVD
Poetry in Motion - movie DVD cover picture
Poetry Brought to Life

"Poetry in Motion" is an early documentary by Ron Mann, who is now more widely known for his documentaries "Grass" and "Comic Book Confidential". As with most of Mann's documentaries, he partly uses this film as an excuse to explore "alternative culture" by meeting with people he admires and capturing it all on film (something most people would love to be able to do for a living). But, as always with Mann, the product is meaningful and insightful, as well as entertaining and educational for anyone with an interest in the arts and culture, and not self-indulgent or fluffy.
In some of the most interesting parts of the film, Charles Bukowski bravely dismisses most poetry, including most poems considered to be classics, as boring and pretentious and lacking in any meaning to the average person, and is equally critical of most people making a living as poets. In fact, his rant strongly reflects the feelings (usually not so well expressed) of most people I knew in highschool. But while Bukowski makes a great point, the rest of the film manages to prove that at least some poets are not guilty of such crimes as it brings their works to life.
Most of the film consists of various poets, some unfortunately now departed, performing one of their poems, plus there are a few scenes wherein several of them explain their philosophies about poetry and its performance.
The performance styles of each poet varies as greatly as the contents of their poems. Some poets are accompanied by background music or actually turn their poems into songs. Others incorporate dance or other visuals. Others merely read out their poems (some, e.g. Jonathan Carroll, with more feeling than others), sometimes proving that a poem is an intrinsically beautiful thing without a big production. Of course very few people will enjoy all of the performances. I found a few (e.g. the Four Horsemen's) to be horribly pretentious, showing all style and no substance. However, even the less palatable performances do a wonderful job of illustrating that poetry can be given unexpected and exciting new form when removed from the page and given life and motion, and that one's experience of a poem can be significantly transformed merely by the way it is performed.
To mention a few of my favourite performances: Tom Waits performs a song, playing solo on an accoustic guitar (illustrating the fine line between poetry and music). William S. Burroughs delivers one of his poem/stories in his usual laid back, gravel-voiced, sardonic style. And, in an especially entertaining performance, Allen Ginsberg energetically sings an anti-government poem with a full rock band accompanying him while the audience dances and twists (Ginsberg sometimes joining in, wiggling and shaking on stage).
"Poetry in Motion" is an interesting documentary which should be especially enlightening to those whose exposure to poetry is limited to classroom dissections of those boring, stale poems Bukowski gripes about. But old converts will find it enlightening as well.

Studio: Home Vision Entertainment
Director: Ron Mann

DVD title: The Craft
Productgroup: DVD
The Craft - movie DVD cover picture
Awesome movie

On her first day of school, Sarah is snubbed by the more popular girls and ends up becoming part of a circle of girls who are witches.
One by one, it goes through and shows each one of the girls problem. Bonnie was in a fire and left with horrible burn marks, Rochelle is the target of a racist clique, Nancy comes from a broken home, and Sarah is still haunted by memories of a suicide attempt. They all cast spells to improve their lives, and they work. Sarah makes a guy fall in love with her, Rochelle causes her harasser's hair to fall out, Bonnie overcomes her scars and Nancy ends up killing her jerk stepfather, resulting in her mother and her to inherit a bunch of money from him.
As the girls get deeper and deeper into the craft, Sarah realizes that they are taking everything too far. Bonnie has turned into a total snob, Rochelle's tormentor goes completely bald, Sarah's love spell has turned into dangerous obsession, and Nancy has completely turned power hungry. When Sarah makes her desire to leave the circle known, they will not hear of it. Nancy ends up trying to kill Sarah, resulting in one of the best fight scenes EVER.
Overall, some of the stuff referring to the craft in this movie is true. The quarter calls made by the group are actual Gardnarian Tradition quarter calls, and the threefold law is TRUE (I know from experience, lol)

Studio: Columbia/Tristar Studios
Director: Andrew Fleming
Robin Tunney
Fairuza Balk
Neve Campbell

DVD title: The Princess Bride
Productgroup: DVD
The Princess Bride - movie DVD cover picture
Gotta see this!

Hysterical movie, great line, fun swordplay.

Studio: Mgm/Ua Studios
Director: Rob Reiner
Cary Elwes
Mandy Patinkin
Robin Wright Penn

DVD title: Wimbledon
Productgroup: DVD
Wimbledon - movie DVD cover picture
Wonderful Mix

This movie combines all my favorite film features: sports, romantic comedy, and beautiful filmography. The tennis action is sensational, with brilliant camera angles (e.g., viewing a volley from the ball's perspective). The romance is sweet and touching. The English ambience is eternally appealing. And the movie is just plain funny.

I watched it once, and wanted to walk right back in to watch it again. It was quite enjoyable.

Studio: Universal Studios Ho
Director: Richard Loncraine
Kirsten Dunst
Paul Bettany

DVD title: Joan Jett and the Blackhearts - Live!
Productgroup: DVD
Joan Jett and the Blackhearts - Live! - movie DVD cover picture
Wild Child Rocks On

I Love Rock n Roll, especially when you have a rock icon like Joan Jett to watch. This DVD is a definitive buy!
Within this DVD you can see and watch Joan and her band perform all the classics that have put her in a place where female musicians should be proud of. She has paved the way for many new and upcoming rockers. But I sometimes wonder where they all are?
Joan has never given up on the punk rock music she loves, so get out your credit card, and make this purchase. You will see what a real female icon is all about.

Studio: Bmg Special Products

DVD title: Corridors of Blood
Productgroup: DVD
Corridors of Blood - movie DVD cover picture
Best of the later Karloff's.

This is an old favorite of mine; it also happens to be one of Karloff's best later performances. He's perfect as the kind elderly doctor who gets involved with the wrong people, one of them being Christopher Lee as grave-robber Resurrection Joe (!). And the always good Francis Matthews is, well, good as always. (The film is actually close in tone to "The Body Snatcher", but Karloff's part here is a quite different one.) You really feel deeply for the poor doc, thanks to the great Boris. The b/w movie may look like a Hammer film, but I wouldn't call it a Horror movie. -Sure, it's got some "horrific" scenes, but overall it looks more like a nice period drama stuck with a misleading title. (-If they had to give it such an awful title; something like "Corridors Of Pain" might have been a better choice, considering there are more screams heard than blood seen.) It's not only the best of his last films, but among the very best of his massive and impressive body of work.

Studio: Image Entertainment
Director: Robert Day
Boris Karloff
Betta St. John

DVD title: The Day of the Jackal
Productgroup: DVD
The Day of the Jackal - movie DVD cover picture
Fascinating thriller

If you are looking for action then this film is not for you. But if you are looking for an intelligent intriguing, suspense thriller then this is it. The story revolves around a killer code named Jackal, how he manages to get so close to his target the president of france... it is a constant battle between the french investigators and the Jackal..

Studio: Universal Studios
Director: Fred Zinnemann
Edward Fox

DVD title: Elmo's World - Families, Mail & Bath Time!
Productgroup: DVD
Elmo's World - Families, Mail & Bath Time! - movie DVD cover picture
Adorable -- one of Elmo's best

My daughter LOVES this furry little red guy, so we naturally tried to get as many fun to watch DVD's as possible starring ELMO! Unfortunately many don't feature him throughout, and she gets bored, but this edition is jam packed with Elmo from start to finish. Each segment teaches your little one something useful: "Families" show various types of families; "Mail" teaches how mail is created and mailed, how it gets to wherever it's going; "Bath Time" is hilarious with a long segment starring Mr. Noodle goofing around showing us what "supplies" you need to take a bath. There are scenes with washing babies, animals, etc. Your child will easily associate their own routines with those played out in each segment and of course have fun singing the silly song Elmo plays on his piano.

Studio: Sony Music (Video)

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