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DVD title: Siegfried & Roy:Magic Box
Productgroup: DVD
Siegfried & Roy:Magic Box - movie DVD cover picture
Visually Stunning Production

This is a wonderful production showcasing the most successful magic team in history. I liked the 3D viewing option. Watch it first in regular view mode, then on the second viewing select the 3D option and put on the glasses (4-pairs per set). It's mind-blowing!!

Studio: Hannover House
Anthony Hopkins

DVD title: In the Heat of the Night
Productgroup: DVD
In the Heat of the Night - movie DVD cover picture
Two Greats Mesmerize Film Audiences

Rare and exciting events in cinema annals occur when two great performers are at the top of their craft and are drawn by each other's energy to scale soaring heights. This occurred in David Lean's "The Bridge on the River Kwai" with Alec Guinness and Sessue Hayakawa. It happened again with Laurence Olivier and Michael Caine in "Sleuth" after, as the latter actor noted, he told his co-star at the film's outset, "Take your best shot, Larry!"

The same kind of brilliant one-on-one chemistry emerged in the 1967 classic produced by Walter Mirisch and directed by Norman Jewison, "In the Heat of the Night." From the very outset, when Sidney Poitier as a visitor to a small rural Mississippi town is arrested by enthusiastic deputy Warren Oates as he sits on a train station bench, believing that he has solved a recently committed murder, viewers were aware that this film contains a special kind of magic. Oates eagerly takes Poitier to the police station and presents his murder suspect to his boss, the town's police chief played by Rod Steiger.

It is a very small rural town buried deep in racial stereotypical tradition. When Poitier is spotted on a bench awaiting the next train after a wealthy northern white man has been murdered, it is assumed that the stranger is guilty. Both Steiger and Oates receive a tremendous jolt when the well dressed Poitier explains that not only is he a visitor from the northeast, specifically Philadelphia, who was preparing to leave town after visiting his mother; he is a top homicide officer from the major eastern city who makes considerably more money more than Steiger.

The interesting character to observe for the film's character arc is Steiger. While a police chief in a small town deeply rooted in a segregationist past, he immediately demonstrates not only a pragmatic willingness to adapt that is not evident in his deputies and others in town; he exhibits ethical fairness when it comes to evaluating Poitier. He concludes that Poitier possesses an expertise for shrewd murder investigation that none of the members of his force, including himself, possess.

Considering the controversy of using an African American detective from the northeast to solve a local case, the issue becomes a hot potato for Steiger. The deciding element becomes Lee Grant, widow of the murdered man, who was a rich northern manufacturer planning to build a factory in town amid great controversy. Grant concludes that solving her husband's death will be greatly enhanced by Poitier heading the investigation.

The decision is naturally a controversial one and town bullies immediately seek to attack Poitier, who is assisted by Steiger, to the fury of the racist element, that feels Steiger is a traitor to his race and class. Two strong men from different backgrounds and cultures, there is a natural clash between Poitier and Steiger, but the film's ultimate message of hope is that the latter is able to learn and put past prejudices behind him in the pursuit of justice.

In the most memorable clash between the two men, occurring early in the film, Poitier responds with the most single memorable line of his distinguished movie career. When, after Poitier has been referred to as "boy" with great frequency and is asked by Steiger what he is called among his colleagues in Philadelphia, he stiffens with determination, stares determinedly at Steiger, and emphatically responds:

"They call me Mr. Tibbs!"

As the film progresses and the hunt for the killer intensifies, we learn that Steiger is a natural outsider within the small town he serves as chief of police. Like Poitier he is married to his job, as both are bachelors. When he invites the African American visitor inside his house one evening the chief of police reveals that Poitier is treading where townsfolk do not. Steiger is a man dominated by privacy.

Steiger won a highly deserved "Best Actor" Oscar for his brilliant portrayal, assisted by the powerful work done by Poitier, who had secured an Academy Award less than five years earlier for the 1963 release "Lillies of the Field." In addition to Steiger's award, the film was honored as "Best Picture" while Stirling Silliphant won in the "Best Screenplay" category and Hal Ashby took home the Oscar for "Best Editor".

In addition to being a powerful visual experience, "In the Heat of the Night" is also memorable for Quincy Jones's brilliant musical score with Ray Charles opening the film on a brilliant note by singing the film's title song.

Studio: Mgm/Ua Studios
Director: Norman Jewison
Sidney Poitier
Rod Steiger
Warren Oates
Lee Grant

DVD title: SLC Punk
Productgroup: DVD
SLC Punk - movie DVD cover picture
The Best Movie EVER!!!

my feelings on this excellent movie are mixed. on the one hand it is about ten times better than the worthless explosion movies that dominate theatres today, but on the other hand it is a sell out movie in the sense that it discourages youthful questioning and rebellion. while it is true that senseless rebellion, directed at nothing in particular and just angry for the sake of being angry, is not real rebellion at all, it seems self evident to me that the person who recognizes society and traditional ways of life for what they are, i.e. death traps and ridiculously absurd, will come to the conclusion that nonconformism and rebellion of the authentic kind, individual and philosophical, is perhaps the only way to a happy existence of any kind. the 'realism' represented by the main character's father is not by any means a recognition of the true state of things, but is rather a weak submission to a commodified and insane world. so in that sense i can only call this movie an active encouragement to conformity, and therefore despicable.

Studio: Columbia/Tristar Studios
Director: James Merendino
Matthew Lillard
Michael A. Goorjian

DVD title: Dark Angel - The Complete First Season
Productgroup: DVD
Dark Angel - The Complete First Season - movie DVD cover picture
Can't get enough Dark Angel

I f*ckin' love this show. Watching the "Pilot" episode again made me remember of how much I still remember about the show. I remembered everything from the show except for a few of the details. Why the f*ck did it have to get canceled? It's a great show even if you didn't see it when it was still airing. God how I miss seeing it on TV. It should've never been canceled. Buy it even if you were not a fan to when it was airing and you'll be thinking the same as me and many others. Great f*ckin' show.

Studio: Twentieth Century Fox Home Video
Jessica Alba

DVD title: Rodney Dangerfield - The Ultimate No Respect Collection
Productgroup: DVD
Rodney Dangerfield - The Ultimate No Respect Collection - movie DVD cover picture
ultimate rodney dangerfield


Studio: R2 Entertainment
Rodney Dangerfield

DVD title: Mad Max
Productgroup: DVD
Mad Max - movie DVD cover picture
Max/Toecutter/Bubba/Mudguts/Goose a classic

A cult classic this, personally it's an all time favourite but I know a lot of people who hate it. A plot that is the stuff of westerns, Mad Max is set in the desolate near-future where the police are fighting a losing battle against psychopathic bikers who wreak havoc on anyone they feel like. Even when arrested the law is virtually powerless to contain the thugs and they are generally released without charge. Super-cop Max keeps his cool, even when his best friend is murdered, but when they see off his wife and child Max decides enough is enough, heads out in his super-charged V8 Interceptor (one of the coolest cars in cinema history), and embarks on a zero-tolerance one man campaign to wipe out the mad criminals. It's this finale that is the films main asset - Max is mesmerising as he relentlessly mows down all the bikers without giving them any chance of redemption. But the entire film is a real treat, with a weird atmosphere and some truly bizarre scenes, most of which involve the crazy bad guys, especially hilarious main baddie Toecutter. Unfortunately though this terrible American print which I recently had the misfortune of seeing - or more appropriately, hearing - ruins the film. The dubbing is truly awful, turning the whole cast into ham actors, altering parts of the script and even in occasional instances, bizarrely, omitting some of the sound effects. Oddly, this print is also the one featured in the most recent UK video release. I must stress that the only way to fully appreciate Mad Max is to hunt down a copy featuring the original Australian soundtrack and, preferably, in Widescreen.

Studio: Image Entertainment
Director: George Miller (II)
Mel Gibson

DVD title: The Bishop's Wife
Productgroup: DVD
The Bishop's Wife - movie DVD cover picture
a great film!

"The Bishop's Wife," is such an entertaining and heartwarming film, not just for the Holidays but anytime. It deserves all the stars it can get. I'd give it ten stars if I could. It's well worth seeing and Loretta Young, David Bivan and Cary Grant make a wonderful and all star cast.

Studio: Hbo Studios
Director: Henry Koster
Cary Grant
Loretta Young

DVD title: Cheers - The Complete Sixth Season
Productgroup: DVD
Cheers - The Complete Sixth Season - movie DVD cover picture

Mr. Sticka dude, you're obviously out of your mind to denounce a whole dvd set cos of it's cover. i think it's cool that they're changing the look. it's obviously because this is when Kirsti Alley steps in. great show with some of the greatest characters in TV history.

Studio: Paramount Home Video
Ted Danson

DVD title: Robotech - The Macross Saga - Legacy Collection 1
Productgroup: DVD
Robotech - The Macross Saga - Legacy Collection 1 - movie DVD cover picture
I think it was great

I saw Robotech on Cartoon Network a few years ago and I thought it was grat,I think anyone who likes space battels , transforming jets,spaceshipes and ailiens will like this DVD set.

Studio: A.D. Vision
Robotech-Macross Saga

DVD title: The Best Years of Our Lives
Productgroup: DVD
The Best Years of Our Lives - movie DVD cover picture
An American Classic

Just as important as GWTW, Citizen Cane, and films of that ilk. You already know the basic story from the 1,001 other reviews, so I won't repeat it. This remains one of March's and Andrews' shining moments. Loy is also very good, though, truth be told, not her very best performance. Russell is nothing short of phenomenal. Yes, it gets a hair overbearing and sappy at times, but this is eclipsed by the breadth and message of the film overall. A true must-own.

Studio: Mgm/Ua Studios
Director: William Wyler
Fredric March
Dana Andrews

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