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DVD title: Heartland
Productgroup: DVD
Heartland - movie DVD cover picture
Very good movie

A brilliant and absolutely authentic story about the stark realities of pioneer life in late 1800's Wyoming. "Heartland" is based on a series of letters ("Letters of a Woman Homesteader" by Elinore Pruitt Stewart). The actors are very real, and the story unfolds almost like a documentary. Rip Torn and Conchita Ferrell are superb in mostly just living their everyday lives. However, they perform tasks and "everyday pleasures" considered quite extraordinary by modern standards, especially considering the harsh winter conditions. Excellent photography, and DVD bonus commentary explaining each scene.

Studio: Hen's Tooth Video
Director: Richard Pearce
Rip Torn
Conchata Ferrell
Barry Primus

DVD title: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Productgroup: DVD
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre - movie DVD cover picture
This is the best movie ever made!!!

This movie was loosly inspired (as was Psycho and Deranged) by the serial killer Ed Gein. This movie has cannabalism, murder, and all sorts of cool things. It inspired many other people to start making slasher movies. It is very graphic but also very well thought out. Very low budget and spawned 3 sequels. A must see.

Studio: Pioneer Video
Director: Tobe Hooper
Marilyn Burns
Edwin Neal

DVD title: Angel - Season Two
Productgroup: DVD
Angel - Season Two - movie DVD cover picture
Great show!

Although it's not the same without Doyle, season 2 starts out strong and keeps on going! I'd recommend this to any fan of Buffy, Angel, Joss Whedon, or just those who like a good storyline! Great for everyone!

Studio: Twentieth Century Fox Home Video
David Boreanaz

DVD title: Knife in the Water - Criterion Collection
Productgroup: DVD
Knife in the Water - Criterion Collection - movie DVD cover picture
Deserving of more publicity

This film isn't among the top 100 in the AFI listing, but it should be. I agree with the previous comments about its potential dis-favor with modern viewers, but as an artistic film this one ranks way up there. The photograpy is superb and in a medium of black and white.
The story line is about a wealty husband who thinks very little about his wife's abilities, claiming that she would be nothing without him. The couple picks up a teen on the road on the way to sailing, and the husband begins a competive power struggle with the more sensitive and naive hitch-hiker. The resulting response is a secretive and rebellious affair between the wife and the teen.
Nearly all of the film takes place in a cramped sailboad in a lake in Poland. The filming is absolutely beautiful. The overall tone is very relaxing, and at times slow-paced for "modern" action seekers. It has a "retro" sixties feel to it with a solo sax as musical accompliment. This is an intelligent movie for people who really love good photography.

Studio: Criterion Collection
Director: Roman Polanski
Leon Niemczyk
Jolanta Umecka
Zygmunt Malanowicz

DVD title: N Sync - N the Mix
Productgroup: DVD
N Sync - N the Mix - movie DVD cover picture
This video is awesome

Hey all!! I just have to say that this is a great video for any *NSYNC fan. Most all of us don't know what it's like to be part of a successful and popular group, but through this video we find out a little bit about what it's like to deal with screaming girls and security guards, performing in the streets of Boston and making appearances on radio shows. It's nice to know that things aren't as easy for them as it seems. They deal with four hours of sleep per night, jet lag, performing in 100 degree heat (TX performance at Six Flags), and traveling for 8 hours everyday. They deal with so many things, yet they are able to perform phenomenally every night. I also like that the European videos were shown in the video. Plus, hearing the true story of how they came together and their hobbies, etc. from their lips instead of reading it in an unreliable magazine. Also, the funny facial expressions and comments would make anyone laugh (i.e. Chris and why he won't ride a horse on a video shoot, and the limo performance of "I Would Walk 500 Miles"). Anyhow, they are an awesome group with wonderful voices and harmonies that blend beautifully. It's about the music, but it's also about the lifestyle they have to take on while being part of one of the best groups around. They're fabulous and so is this video. It's worth it, so go and buy it!!

Studio: Bmg/Rca
N Sync

DVD title: Jason Goes to Hell - The Final Friday
Productgroup: DVD
Jason Goes to Hell - The Final Friday - movie DVD cover picture
Jason goes to hell the final friday.

This must be one of the best friday the 13:th movie of them all except for Jason lives and the new blood.I like the deth senes specialy wen Jason smashes two cops heads together i think this movie has earnd it self a 5.

Studio: New Line Home Entertainment
Director: Adam Marcus
John D. LeMay
Kari Keegan

DVD title: Run Lola Run
Productgroup: DVD
Run Lola Run - movie DVD cover picture
"....I wish I was a heartbeat that never comes to rest!"

Run Lola Run is a supercharged, ultra-kinetic roller-coaster ride that twists, turns, and boggles the mind with its remarkable profoundness! Lola is a shocking redheaded punk with a memorable scream, and the film all starts out with a really frantic phone call from Lola's boyfriend, Manni. He needs to deliver 100,000 German marks to his mobster boss Ronni in 20 minutes, or he will die a most definite death. From then on, Lola literally races time in three separate scenarios to save Manni's life, so the movie basically ends three times. Although this movie looks all rock-video, MTV-style from the outside, it actually has a profound message behind its unusual exterior. Plus it's got one of the most heart-racing soundtracks I've heard in a long time. This is probably my favorite movie--next to The Matrix, of course!
Rated R, but it doesn't deserve to be. It has a few profanities, some violence, and a couple non-explicit discussions about sex. But that's it. This movie will appeal most to people between the ages of 12 and 25. It also often looks or sounds too weird for people to be interested in it, or they just scoff at the fact that it's in German with English subtitles. But you have to look beyond that in order to appreciate this movie. If you rated it less than 5 stars, you only looked at the outside, and in the third scenario, you were just too dizzified or disappointed to really see what finally happened. But you can still believe whatever you want.

Studio: Columbia/Tristar Studios
Director: Tom Tykwer
Franka Potente
Moritz Bleibtreu

DVD title: Summer Magic
Productgroup: DVD
Summer Magic - movie DVD cover picture
Flitterin', Flitterin', Flitterin'

For anyone who enjoys a good, heartwarming movie - this is the one for you! This is a wonderful story of a family who leaves the city and pursues a life in the country at "the yellow house". This is a movie that I not only enjoyed watching as a kid, but still enjoy as an adult! The happy songs will stick in your head, and you will wish you could live in the same town with Hayley Mills and her family! This is a wholesome, family worthy movie that you will want to watch over and over! I promise! Enjoy the movie - I think it's a Disney classic! If you are a Mills fan as I am, then I would also suggest watching "That Darn Cat".

Studio: Walt Disney Home Video
Director: James Neilson
Hayley Mills
Dorothy McGuire

DVD title: Ed Wood (Special Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Ed Wood (Special Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
Burton's Best

Tim Burton's best(yet OOP) film casts Burton favorite Depp and the Mission Impossible great Landau(in his best performance). It makes Wood's already hilarious image and makes it funnier with the image of brilliance they portray him with. How can you get funnier then looking behind the scenes of already horribly funny flims? You can't. PLEASE GOD, RELEASE THIS ON DVD.

Studio: Buena Vista Home Vid
Director: Tim Burton
Johnny Depp
Martin Landau

DVD title: In Search of the Castaways
Productgroup: DVD
In Search of the Castaways - movie DVD cover picture
Unforgettable imagery and ambience.

This movie made a powerful impression on me and my sister as children. For years we kept asking our mother, "What was the name of that movie where they were sliding down a mountain through ice caves?" The whole ambience of snow-covered mountains of pine forests (think Matterhorn Bobsleds and Christmas trees), sleeping in the branches of a huge tree (think Swiss Family Treehouse), alligators lurking underneath (think Jungle Cruise and every kid's fear of alligators underneath the bed), being chased by angry natives, reuniting with a long-lost father (think "The Little Princess"), and escaping from a jail with a rope of human hair that took years to make is classic material consisting of powerful imagery that sticks in kids' minds. Although the story is thin and the coincidence of still meeting their father after going to the wrong country is outrageously implausible, the visual and emotional impact of the film is enormous, and helped coalesce some of my earliest tastes in nature and sense of atmosphere. Years later I read that there is indeed a large tree called an ombu' that grows in South America, but what the film didn't mention is that at night that species emits a horrible stench as a defense mechanism against insects. Imagine spending the night in such a tree! Anyway, this is a video that you'll want to watch repeatedly. I can't part with my copy, despite trying to thin out my video collection.

Studio: Walt Disney Home Video
Director: Robert Stevenson
Maurice Chevalier
Hayley Mills
George Sanders

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