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DVD title: The Doors
Productgroup: DVD
The Doors - movie DVD cover picture
Very good cast

Oliver Stone is one of the best directors ever, and the cast is great. A must buy movie.

Studio: Artisan Entertainment
Director: Oliver Stone
Val Kilmer
Meg Ryan

DVD title: The Fifth Element
Productgroup: DVD
The Fifth Element - movie DVD cover picture
I called this one to mind

everytime when I wanted to define "romantic". Though I've selled this video because Chris Tucker and Gary Oldman are too noisy and anxious to me. I think this one is classic.

Studio: Columbia/Tristar Studios
Director: Luc Besson
Bruce Willis
Gary Oldman
Milla Jovovich

DVD title: Dave
Productgroup: DVD
Dave - movie DVD cover picture
This review is for people who watch a movie repeatedly

Kevin Kline bears a remarkable resemblance to, well...Kevin Kline in this bit of whimsey from director Ivan Reitman (produced Animal House, directed Ghostbusters). Kline (Silverado, A Fish Called Wanda) portrays a likable man with an uncanny resemblence to the President of the United States, also played by Kline. The unlikable president has a stroke while having an affair with his assistant and Kline steps in to pinch hit while the nearly dead president stuggles to live. (This is not the only film where Kline plays the president. He also portrayed President Grant in the forgetable Wild, Wild West).
Sigourney Weaver (Alien, Ghostbusters, Gorillas in the Mist) plays the wife who no longer loves her wandering husband and presents the greatest challange for Dave. He must convince her that he is her husband and at first succeeds. But once she realizes that the president is not her husband, things really get interesting.
Frank Langella portrays the bad guy with verve, convincingly creating the constitutional crisis. Ving Rhames plays a Secret Service agent in the role that lit his career, Ben Kingsley makes a quick entrance as the vice-president, and Laura Linney plays Randi, the President's assistant who is with him when he has the stroke. She is best known for her role as Jim Carrey's wife in the Truman Show.
A number of characters who were politically important or recently washed up take a turn in front of the camera, as do talk show regulars. I think this was one of the first films to call on political commentators and politicians to make it seem real.
The colateral material is mostly text, hard to read, and the "making of" feature appears to be the trailer with a modest amount of commentary added. Very weak. The CD has one side in widescreen format, one in edited format to fit most screens.

Studio: Warner Studios
Director: Ivan Reitman
Kevin Kline
Sigourney Weaver

DVD title: Killer Cop
Productgroup: DVD
Killer Cop - movie DVD cover picture
An Oscar performance by main actor & xlt an directing debut!

Better than Kill Bill in suspense, this movie brings another level of reality TV...

Studio: Mti Home Video
Director: Marc Rylewski

DVD title: The Phantom of the Opera (Widescreen Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
The Phantom of the Opera (Widescreen Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
Just give it up

Michael Crawford is in his 60s
Sarah Brightman is in her 40s
This is a movie, not a revival of the stage play. Gerard Butler is a good actor, if you listen to the film soundtrack thinking that MC is better before you even hear GB than you are not really listening to it. Michael Crawford has said somewhere that he would not play the phantom anymore, so that does not make it all ALW's decision.

I am looking forward to this. Everyone, stop writing reviews until the movie actually comes out (unless you have seen an advanced screening.)

Studio: Warner Home Video
Director: Joel Schumacher
Gerard Butler
Emmy Rossum
Patrick Wilson

DVD title: Perfect Blue
Productgroup: DVD
Perfect Blue - movie DVD cover picture
Perfect In Deed

Imagine if Walt Disney were alive today, he then worked with master directors Alfred Hitchcock and Stanley Kubrick on an adult animated film. The result of this partnership would be Perfect Blue. This is the most interestingly thought provocative and graphic animes that I have ever seen and I have seen my share of graphic animes. But the story which centers around an aspiring singer turned aspiring actress Mima as she leaves her cutsy teen pop group for a hopeful chance at real stardom as an actress. For me this film was unsettlingly ingrossing from the opening to the ending. The characters are so thurougly thought out and the script is good in either langauge. You can easily take a side on the characters considering there are some sterotypical characters, mainly her managers, one who doesn't like the actress idea and one who is happy about it, but it's better if you just sit back, brain turned on and enjoy the drama, the horror, and the thrill of this suberb creation from Director Satoshi Kon and Screenwriter Sadayuki Murai, based on the original story by Yoshikazu Takeuchi.
Warning: Mature audiences only. Anyone younger won't understand the masterpiece of this work.

Studio: Palm Pictures/Manga Video
Director: Satoshi Kon

DVD title: Housesitter
Productgroup: DVD
Housesitter - movie DVD cover picture
One of My All Time Favorites

I remember being 14 and going to see this movie on opening weekend with my sister, I was a big Goldie Hawn fan at that point and I fell for her big time after seeing her in "Overboard", another underrated comedy from Goldie's cinema showcase. Even though this movie mostly got mixed reviews, I loved it instantly and ordered it constantly on PPV until I managed to get my hands on a tape of it. It is truly hilarious and the comedy team of Goldie Hawn & Steve Martin is absolutely magical perfection. This movie has so many laughs in it that one would be hard pressed to pick 1 certain defining moment but it is well worth the price and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to laugh. Also recommended is Goldie's other hit from the summer of '92, "Death Becomes Her".

Studio: Universal Studios
Director: Frank Oz
Steve Martin
Goldie Hawn

DVD title: Pumping Iron (25th Anniversary Special Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Pumping Iron (25th Anniversary Special Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
The best sport movie of all times!

I think it's a shame that nobody has released this movie on dvd yet. This is the best documentary about bodybuilding of all times. And Arnold is simply THE bodybuilder.Hope to see it on dvd soon.

Studio: Warner Home Video
Arnold Schwarzenegger

DVD title: The Lord of the Rings - The Motion Picture Trilogy (Special Extended DVD Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
The Lord of the Rings - The Motion Picture Trilogy (Special Extended DVD Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
Great Value

My husband and I bought this for an anniversary gift for each other, and we're so glad we did. We had a damaged item the first time it was shipped, but Amazon was more than accomodating and in a few days we had a brand new product. There are 12 dics total. Quality is awesome. Extra footage is awesome. Buy it!

Studio: New Line Home Entertainment
Director: Peter Jackson
Elijah Wood

DVD title: Volcano
Productgroup: DVD
Volcano - movie DVD cover picture
Great Action

In this movie we are taken to a new horror, a volcano in the center of LA. Wow, who would have thought and could this be possible? We have almost gotten numb to the reports of earthquakes hitting that part of our country, but this is a new twist. Tommy Lee Jones is excellent in this flick and always brings something special in any movie he is in.
I think the effects were pretty good and all in all this to me was a good adventure movie and with an interesting twist.
Shirley Johnson

Studio: Twentieth Century Fox
Director: Mick Jackson
Tommy Lee Jones
Anne Heche

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