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DVD title: Barney - Sing and Dance with Barney
Productgroup: DVD
Barney - Sing and Dance with Barney - movie DVD cover picture
Very clever idea....

I was impressed with how they got the former Barney friends into the newer Barney show. It was very cool seeing Michael, Kathy, Tosha, etc. back with our favorite dino. I highly recommend this if you are a fan of the old Barney episodes and are curious as to how the castmembers grew up. It would have been awesome if Tina could come back, but oh well...

Studio: Hit Entertainment, P

DVD title: Jazz Scene USA - Phineas Newborn Jr. and Jimmy Smith
Productgroup: DVD
Jazz Scene USA - Phineas Newborn Jr. and Jimmy Smith - movie DVD cover picture
A Perfect Gem Liberated From the Vaults ! ! !

This was a great TV that hosted by Oscar Brown Jr. and produced by the late great Steve Allen. It only ran one season (1962), but was definitely groundbreaking - - It was distinguished just as much by the incredible guests that came and sat in the casual setting, as the incredible camera work. - -Though the sound is a bit crackly now and then and shows the era in which it was made, the opportunity to see Jimmy Smith and his trio in his prime playing "The Champ", "Walk On The Wild Side" and "Mack The Knife" alone is worth the bread - - in fact, the overhead and unusual shots of Jimmy in action is well worth the price... they're so good you can even see the chords he's playing, his draw bar settings, even his feet from behind the console ! - - Phineas Newborn plays "Theme for Basie," "Lush Life," "Oleo" and "New Blues." - - Its a miracle that a gem like this wasn't lost in the vaults forever... and hurray to Amazon for carrying it !

Studio: Shanachie
Phineas Newborn Jr.
Jimmy Smith

DVD title: Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band - Live in New York City
Productgroup: DVD
Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band - Live in New York City - movie DVD cover picture
Still The Boss

Bruce Springsteen reteamed with the E Street Band for their first tour in ten years in early 1999. The tour took them around the world and eventually ended up in Madison Square Garden in New York City for a series of shows in June & July of 2000. The last two shows where filmed and presented as a television special on HBO in early 2001. The show perfectly captured the raw intensity and energy of the shows. During the tour, Mr. Springsteen talked about how he and the band were rededicated to the power and ministry of rock and roll. Mr. Springsteen plays the part of the preacher and his songs provide the sermons. The DVD adds eleven more songs to the original fifteen from the broadcast and they give an even greater sense of the overall show. There are some nice extras like a featurette on the shows and an interview Mr. Springsteen did with Bob Costas. But the real reason to buy the disk is the performance itself and even as he's reached his 50's, Mr. Springsteen brings a youthful exuberance to his shows and he lets it all hang out.

Studio: Sony/Columbia
Director: Chris Hilson

DVD title: Laura
Productgroup: DVD
Laura - movie DVD cover picture
An excellent murder mystery

Laura is the story of a "hard-boiled" detective's growing infatuation with a murdered girl. Great acting from the entire cast - especially Dana Andrews and Vincent Price. The real scene stealer, however, is Clifton Webb - a great character with witty lines. A nifty plot twist in the middle of the film took me by surprise - yes! for once a movie that's not entirely predictable. Highly recommended.

Studio: Fox Home Entertainme
Gene Tierney
Dana Andrews

DVD title: H.G. Wells' The War of the Worlds
Productgroup: DVD
H.G. Wells' The War of the Worlds - movie DVD cover picture
Vintage horror/scifi works.

I had high hopes for this movie, it looked good in the previews and everything, and the book is one of my favorites, so I was hoping it would be pretty good. And it was. The action was imaginative and fun and there is lots to be drawn in by. Anyway, if you've never read the book, seeing this movie first will help. If you have read it and like the book then you should really like this movie.

Studio: Uav Corporation
Director: Timothy Hines

DVD title: The Godfather DVD Collection
Productgroup: DVD
The Godfather DVD Collection - movie DVD cover picture
Oh my god!

The Godfather movies are the stuff of cinematic legend. Godfather's I and II are two of the finest movies ever made and both rank as #1 and #3, respectively, in the IMDB Top 250 All-Time list. Godfather III is a lesser film and confusing to watch if you have not seen the first two. But, it is still a compelling chapter in the Godfather legacy. The release of the Godfather DVD collection has been long-awaited and the result is very rewarding. In addition to getting the digitally remastered prints of each movie, there is an entirely separate CD that is packed with a cornucopia of extras about Godfather Trilogy. The extras are simply wonderful. There is the obligatory 'making of' documentary (which is supposed to be very good, but I have no seen yet), clips from the 1973 and 1975 Academy Awards where each movie took home best Oscar from the previous year, and family tree that shows how all members of the Corleone Family are connected (with brief biographies of each). The true gem, however, is the deleted scenes section. It makes sense that, in the interest of running time and story continuity, these scenes were left out. However, the deleted scenes do not contradict anything from the movies and actually provide compelling background and side stories. Among the list of deleted scenes is one where Michael Corleone tracks down and orders the hit on his bodyguard that was responsible for the death of his first wife 10 years earlier and another scene where Vito Corleone exacts revenge on all the men responsible for his family's death in turn of the century Sicily (not just Don Ciccio). Even if you own all the Godfather movies on VHS and have seen each of them many times, the Godfather DVD collection is still a 'must-have'. It broadens and expands the already mesmerizing world of the Corleone Family.

Studio: Paramount Home Video
Director: Francis Ford Coppola
Marlon Brando
Al Pacino
Robert De Niro
Al Pacino

DVD title: Braveheart
Productgroup: DVD
Braveheart - movie DVD cover picture

this movie is the best ever!!!! if i could give it 6 stars i would!!!

Studio: Paramount Studio
Director: Mel Gibson
Mel Gibson
Sophie Marceau

DVD title: 24 - Season One
Productgroup: DVD
24 - Season One - movie DVD cover picture
it's finally here! as homer would say...woohoo!

i never missed an episode when the series was on t.v. i was so caught up in the show...i was hoping that fox would put it on dvd. i even wrote them a letter. i was a little dissapointed with the last episode, but i can't think of a better ending that would still leave enouph characters around for a 2nd season. i didn't know there was going to be a second season until i first read the headline at the amazon site. i'm definatly getting this one. i hope the 2nd season is just as good as the first if not better. and for those of you who missed the first season, go out and buy the dvd set, or at least borrow it from a friend. not only is the storyline great, but i really appreciated all of the different camera angles, it added so much suspense to the show. i sat through every commercial so that i wouldn't miss a second, now i don't have to now that its on dvd. ....
your buddy,Zach

Studio: Twentieth Century Fox Home Video
Kiefer Sutherland

DVD title: Stargate SG-1 Season 7 Boxed Set
Productgroup: DVD
Stargate SG-1 Season 7 Boxed Set - movie DVD cover picture
Come on! Season 7 is the best!!!!!

Whoever wrote a bad review for season 7 is so not a Stargate fan!!!!
Season 7 brought back so much...Sarah/Osirus...Michael Shanks...Daniel Jackson...Jonas left(dont let me knock him or anything he was great bot no-one could replace Daniel)...Sam got a boyfriend that LIVED(which probably wasnt so great)...
But still, in my opinion s7 was the best one!!!

Studio: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
Richard Dean Anderson

DVD title: Prisoner Cell Block H (25th Anniversary Collector's Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Prisoner Cell Block H (25th Anniversary Collector's Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
ANY Prisoner is better than NO Prisoner

As I am fortunate enough to have an All-Region DVD player, I have been able to view the 3 Boxed Sets of Prisoner that have been released in Australia and it's about time that U.S. fans get their turn in this wonderful collection of Prisoner's finest moments.

Yes, it's true, those of us here in the States never found out what happened to Bea, Doreen, Lizzie, Mouse and Judy Bryant after the Tunnel collapsed on them during their escape at the end of season 2, as this was when KTLA dropped the series. Let me tell you, the series only got better with the introduction of Joan, "The Freak" Ferguson right through to the final Top Dog, Rita Conners. This DVD will hopefully give viewers a taste of what the final 5 seasons were like and if there ever were a series to come to a complete CONCLUSION, this one was it! Let's hope there's some great demand here as it would be neat to relive the entire 692 episodes all over again!

Even though many U.S. viewers haven't seen past season 2 and won't really know what's going on in some of these later episodes, It is my hope that a tiny dose of Prisoner, such as this DVD, will leave viewers thirsting for more.

Studio: A & E Home Video
Val Lehman

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