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DVD title: Footballers Wives - The Complete First Season
Productgroup: DVD
Footballers Wives - The Complete First Season - movie DVD cover picture
Very Impressive.

I have been looking for a juicy soap for a while now, since Melrose Place was cancelled and now i'm in love with FOOTBALLERS WIVES. Unfortunatly because of the word "WIVES" there will be comparisons with DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES, don't get me wrong DH is an OK show i just feel it's like comparing apples and oranges. While DH is constantly winking at the audience, FW is deadly serious. While DH's world and characters are more surreal and cartoony, FW despite it's soapiness seems more rooted in reality.
The series focuses on the lives of three Earls Park soccer stars. We have team capitain Jason Turner (Cristian Solimeno) a self important jerk who believes he's irreplaceable and thus acts like a big baby, His fabulous wife Tanya (Zoe Lucker) will do anything and anyone to keep her status as team capitain. Meanwhile Kyle Pascoe (Gary Lucy) only has eyes for his bride to be, glamour/topless model Chardonnay Lane (Susie Amy) their trip to the altar and marriage will have more than a couple of bumps. And last but not least The Whalmsleys Ian And Donna (Nathan Constance and Katherine Monaghan) Ian is becoming more taken by the glamourous lifestyle while down-to-earth Donna just wants to raise her family and have a normal existence, but Ians decisions will put his family in jeopardy in more ways than one. The fact that the season is so short (8 Episodes) means there is not a lot of time for filler, things that would drag on and on other shows are dealt with in a very prompt and satisfactory way. For example Chardonnay was deppressed after what happened to her she moped for one episode and picked herself up and kept on going, on DH it would have taken 7 episodes to get to that point and it would have been very annoying. Anyway the DVD quality is great it contains subtitles (THANK GOD) since their accents take a while to get used to, and a slang dictionary to help you with their slang.Hopefully seasons 2 and 3 will be released quickly. Overall an excellent show for those of you who are looking for something sexy and scandalous. EP

Studio: Capital Entertainment Ind.
Susie Amy

DVD title: Bad Taste
Productgroup: DVD
Bad Taste - movie DVD cover picture
Very Very Very Very Very Very Gory!!!

This movie is sick! I came extreamly close to throwing up and I have a very strong stomach! If you are looking for the sickest goriest movie out thier....this is definatly it! one of the best movies i own! RECOMENDATIONS:Bad Taste (Limited Edition)Meet The FeeblesDead Alive (DVD UNRATED EDITION)The Frighteners

Director: Peter Jackson

DVD title: Strange Days
Productgroup: DVD
Strange Days - movie DVD cover picture
worth getting on DVD

this dvd is amazing on dvd. Make sure you have surround sound. The first 2 minutes of the mive will proove to you it was worth gettting extras speakers. Not to gove away the scene but the story begins through the eyes of a robber and you can hear him breathing heavy in the back speakers. Really cool. This movie was a big hit in the theaters, and kind of dissapeared afterwards. It's got a great story which takes place in a span of two days including the turn of the century. This movie was prior to the turn of the century, so it's cool from that standpoint. The dvd extras are worth it though. There are a few deleted scenes that was cool sthey showed but you understand why they got cut. Also it has 2 trailers. This one is worth your money and sound system.

Studio: Twentieth Century Fox
Director: Kathryn Bigelow
Ralph Fiennes
Angela Bassett
Juliette Lewis

DVD title: Fraggle Rock - Complete First Season
Productgroup: DVD
Fraggle Rock - Complete First Season - movie DVD cover picture
It's just a dream away!!!

We-Baa We-Baa, Wa-pa Wa-pa, Garbage, Gumbage, Whoo-Pee!!
We've been writing petitions, making noise, and basically begging for this for almost a decade. It looks like someone finally heard us, and understood.

We are not just shopping for an episode or two for our kids. We are a generation of "Jim's Kids". We grew up on these shows, and even as children some part of us knew that Henson's (creator of the Muppets) Genius was only outweighed by his Wisdom..... and Fraggle Rock is where both meet in an wondrous philosophical party for you brain and your heart! We *will* show them to our children, and our children's children, but we will be right there by their side reliving every moment of the laughter and warm glow we felt the first time we encountered Jim Henson's amazing perspective of the world, and knew that (if no where else) we were at home in Fraggle Rock.

I am pre-ordering this RIGHT NOW, to make sure my message gets sent loud and clear in the cooperate executive language... here's my money, take it, please!
...just keep them coming, every season!.. right up until the end when all the races of Fraggle Rock finally discover that we are all interdependent, and none of us are "silly creatures"... or at least not too silly to look at each other and completely understand that "you're a you!"
.... Or at the very least, can I just have the Mud Bunny episode? ;P

Even if you have never seen this series, if you have children and are struggling to communicate an open-minded, non-religious-but-very-spiritual, value based, ethical, soically aware, fun loving World View...This is a MUST Have!! Given that it is Henson, the production quality easily rivals what is produced today, and the content has no rivals.

If you have seen the series, make sure you check out the amazon customer review that lists the episodes included in the first season. Right now it's the last one in the list.

Studio: Hit Entertainment, P
Gerard Parkes

DVD title: High Voltage/Circus Kids
Productgroup: DVD
High Voltage/Circus Kids - movie DVD cover picture
Donnie times two!

This has got to be the best value for money on Amazon!Two of Donnie's greatest films for one price.Circus Kids is in English version,and High Voltage is in the original Chinese language(much better that way!).High Voltage is especially good in the action and story line.
Buying this DVD is a no brainer!

Studio: Ventura Distribution
Donnie Yen
Yuen Biao

DVD title: Belle de jour
Productgroup: DVD
Belle de jour - movie DVD cover picture
Catherine Deneuve forever

Hi saw this film in 1967, when it came out and enjoyed it. Over the years I have seen it several times and now own a video recording.Wonderful film. Not for the prudish, by any means, but a solid film for adult viewing, since it explores the boundaries of marriage and infidelity.

Studio: Miramax
Director: Luis Buñuel
Catherine Deneuve
Jean Sorel

DVD title: Quickfix - Cardio Hip-Hop Workout
Productgroup: DVD
Quickfix - Cardio Hip-Hop Workout - movie DVD cover picture
Better than the Grind

I always love dance style workouts, but have been disappointed in the past. I've pretty much given up until I happened upon the QuickFix Hip Hop on cable TV (Comcast on-demand fitness section). The workout is broken up into 3 segments... and you can do one or all of them depending on how much sweat (or time) you can afford. It's so great that I am buying the DVD after swearing off fitness videos.

Studio: Inspired Corporation

DVD title: Monster
Productgroup: DVD
Monster - movie DVD cover picture
Monster DVD

Bought this for my husband. Great condition!! Quick delivery too! Thank you

Studio: Columbia Tristar Hom
Director: Patty Jenkins
Charlize Theron
Christina Ricci
Bruce Dern

DVD title: The Lord of the Rings - The Return of the King (Widescreen Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
The Lord of the Rings - The Return of the King (Widescreen Edition) - movie DVD cover picture

I don't know what to say about this singularly spectacular movie which has not yet been said already. This is, without doubt, the best picture of the year, and anything less than that from the *Academy* would be a grave disappointment.Peter Jackson, with grace, deference, and a masterful hand, has directed three of the best films of our time. The ending to this film trilogy is a far cry from disappointment, or even mediocrity! Fans of the Tolkien's original masterpiece will remain admirable of Jackson at how true his direction stays to the books. Special effects afficionados will marvel at the stunning, epic proportions of the beautiful Middle Earth landscapes, heart-pounding battle sequences, and all the rest of the magnificent visual wizardry present throughout this film.The characterizations, performed by a fine cast, are never overdone, and are presented in this astounding mythic tale with near Shakespearean quality.The Return of the King is far and away, the best installment of the trilogy, and possibly the best studio release of the year. I know nothing comparable to it except HBO's equally beautiful and fascinating mini-series, Angels in America.The Return of the King is the final chapter in the legendary Lord of the Rings saga. However, this trilogy will not soon be forgotten, and stands as one of the great achievements in motion picture history.

Studio: New Line Home Entertainment
Director: Peter Jackson
Viggo Mortensen
Ian McKellen
Elijah Wood

DVD title: Buffalo 66
Productgroup: DVD
Buffalo 66 - movie DVD cover picture
Godard for the Nineties

An excellent film, mixing the better of the indie-film off-color colors with the better of the French new wave innovative techniques. It is also a great situation comedy, with a great respect for emotion in the way it was filmed. Everything that Vincent Gallo's character feels, we feel. If he needs to urinate, we feel it. If a moment is awkward, the audience will feel it. The confusion of the strip club echoes Billy's confusion inside. It is by far the best movie of 1998 and among the best of the decade. Superb, funny, and strange-anyone currently lacking in invention and greatness should buy this film.

Studio: Universal Studios
Director: Vincent Gallo
Vincent Gallo
Christina Ricci

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