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DVD title: The Tom Green Show: Early Exposure - Raw Meat and Rare Treats
Productgroup: DVD
The Tom Green Show: Early Exposure - Raw Meat and Rare Treats - movie DVD cover picture

This is a very good dvd if you like funny shows such as TOM GREEN. It is funny from beginning to end. Its only ten bucks so go buy it.

Studio: Music Video Distribu

DVD title: Shall We Dance
Productgroup: DVD
Shall We Dance - movie DVD cover picture
One of the Best Astaire & Rogers films

Fred Astaire, especially when paired with Ginger Rogers, is probably my favorite movie performer. I once kept a list of how many times I had seen each of his films, and had seen his 30-plus musicals over 130 times when I lost it. Despite my love for Astaire's films, this is far from my favorite Fred and Ginger film. It is by no means a bad movie, but it definitely falls short of such classics as TOP HAT or THE GAY DIVORCEE or SWING TIME.
SHALL WE DANCE is a somewhat frustrating film, because so many of the elements for a great film are there, but so many opportunities are missed. The movie has a great score, and several great classics of popular song were introduced in it, but this in part points out the problems in the film. The two finest songs are "Let's Call the Whole Thing Off" and the extraordinary "They Can't Take That Away from Me," but neither is well utilized. Instead of dancing to the former, Fred and Ginger do a novelty dance with roller skates, upon which they are stiff and which produce an irritatingly loud rasping sound. The latter song is one of the two or three greatest songs in any of their films, but an unspeakable outrage occurs: they do not dance to it. What could have provided the occasion for a great dance along the lines of "Never Gonna Dance" from SWING TIME or "Let's Face the Music and Dance." Instead, Fred sings this heartbreakingly beautiful song, and the music unexpectedly ends with no dance. When Fred and Ginger reunited in THE BARKLEYS OF BROADWAY, they try to correct this wrong by dancing to it, but this hardly corrects the error in the earlier film.
The supporting cast is first rate, but to me, at least, the parts played by Edward Everett Horton and Eric Blore, otherwise two of my favorite character actors, seem a bit formulaic, efforts at imitating their earlier triumphs in other Astaire-Rogers films.
The plot is pretty hard to swallow. Fred Astaire as Peter P. Peters, a ballet star who prefers to tap dance, is a stretch even by musical comedy standards. And the plot device that a photograph of a woman in dressing gown beside a man who is asleep would convince the world that the couple was married is impossible to swallow. All in all, a pretty disappointing film by the greatest dance team in the history of cinema. Great stars, great songs, but an exceedingly [slow] plot and not nearly enough dances. Worse of all, squandering an opportunity for Fred and Ginger to dance to one of the Gershwin brothers greatest numbers.
Still, it is Astaire and Rogers, and while the film is far from what it might have been, it is still a lot of fun. Not TOP HAT or even FOLLOW THE FLEET (which was flawed but featured absolutely stunning dances), but still quite decent.

Studio: Warner Home Video
Director: Mark Sandrich
Fred Astaire
Ginger Rogers

DVD title: Phil Collins: Serious Hits - Live
Productgroup: DVD
Phil Collins: Serious Hits - Live - movie DVD cover picture
"Phil Collins Delivers His Best Concert Performance Ever!"

This 2-DVD set is probably one of Phil's best concerts ever.Around the time of this recording, Phil was at the top of his game, and had four solo albums under his belt to choose from.All of the hits like "Sussudio", "One More Night", "In the Air Tonight", "You Can't Hurry Love", "Another Day in Paradise", and "Something Happened on The Way to Heaven" are featured, as well as the lesser-known numbers "Inside Out", "The West Side", "Hang in Long Enough", "Always", and "Colours."I highly recommend you view the tracks "In the Air Tonight", "Do You Remember?", and "Take Me Home" as soon as you purchase this masterpiece. They are by far Phil's best songs.

Studio: Wea Corp
Phil Collins

DVD title: Wonder Boys
Productgroup: DVD
Wonder Boys - movie DVD cover picture
Best Michael Douglas role ever

A bit of bad luck at the box office prevented this movie from getting the hype it so richly deserves. Good luck finding roles into which Michael Douglas, Frances McDormand, Tobey Maguire, and Robert Downey, Jr., slip into as effortlessly and brilliantly as they do the ones in this film. With a script that neatly repackages Michael Chabon's excellent novel for the screen, Steve Kloves (lately the screenwriter for the Harry Potter series) shows where he mastered the craft of adaptation. And director Curtis Hanson follows up the tour-de-force of L.A. Confidential with this funnier, more bizarre, and ultimately more enjoyable effort.
On one level, the movie plays out like a drug-induced dream sequence; it's almost implausible that so much would happen during a single weekend. Michael Douglas loses his wife, discovers his girlfriend (McDormand) is pregnant, flees the university at which he and his girlfriend work with his darkest and most troubled student after that student kills his girlfriend's husband's dog and steals Marilyn Monroe's wedding coat, exposes that student to pot and his literary agent of ambiguous sexuality, has his car stolen, loses a 2,000 page manuscript...
Did I mention that his girlfriend is the chancellor and her husband is the chair of the department that employs Douglas?
Yet all these events--and many more--feel very real during the movie. And not in the dreamlike way that anything makes sense while you're sleeping: this movie has the feel of truth. Other reviewers have complained that it's too weird, that each character's eccentricities pile on those of the others until it passes a level of acceptability. But people have quirks; some people are pathological liars, some people just like one kind of shoe, some people can only write in a pink bathrobe. In life we take these quirks for granted in the people we know and love; in Wonder Boys a group of people are thrown together, quirks and all, by fate and common interest and the confines of a very realistic university life. The interplay of their quirks, and the way that people who come to them with sympathetic eyes quickly rally to support one another, makes for a movie that engages, entertains, and provokes thought. If that's not what you look for in a movie, look elsewhere. If it is, prepare to add a new movie to your all-time favorites list.

Studio: Paramount Home Video
Director: Curtis Hanson
Michael Douglas
Tobey Maguire

DVD title: Michael Flatley - Feet of Flames
Productgroup: DVD
Michael Flatley - Feet of Flames - movie DVD cover picture


Studio: Universal Studios

DVD title: Cat People
Productgroup: DVD
Cat People - movie DVD cover picture
great exotic thriller

its not really fair to give below 3 stars, most of the reviewers maybe are complaining that its out dated, yes its out dated bec. that film is done in 1983, but what if that film was done in the 90's were technology is much better, it could have been a blockbuster movie, as of what ive seen, its a great movie compare to those senseless thrillers in the 80's such as Freddy Krouger type of movies or friday the 13'th, where the killers hunt as many preys as they want without any reason. its difinitely a movie with brain. Plus nastassja is difinitely the most beautiful film actress ever and her extraordinary beauty fits so well in her character and malcolm mcdowell is the coolest villain that ive ever saw.

Studio: Universal Studios Ho
Director: Paul Schrader
Nastassja Kinski
Malcolm McDowell
John Heard

DVD title: My Name Is Nobody
Productgroup: DVD
My Name Is Nobody - movie DVD cover picture
Best Spaghetti Western Out There!

If you enjoy Spaghetti Westerns, then you need to sink your teeth into "Nobody". This is our family's most favorite western out there. The musical score is excellent, and Henry Fonda is absolutley wonderful! This is a quirky, unusual western, and you need to be a western fan to appreciate it. Our old VHS tape is going to get replaced by this DVD, and I am looking forward to watching it in an even better than ever format!

Henry Fonda
Terence Hill

DVD title: The Passion of the Christ (Full Screen Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
The Passion of the Christ (Full Screen Edition) - movie DVD cover picture

This movie is a lot more than a so-called bloodfest and being equal to Finding Nemo. For those that think Finding Nemo has more religious value there is no hope for them. The Passion of Christ will make everyone who sees it realize what Jesus Christ did for us as sinners.

Studio: Fox Home Entertainme
Director: Mel Gibson
James Caviezel
Monica Bellucci

DVD title: Mobile Suit Gundam Wing - Operation 1
Productgroup: DVD
Mobile Suit Gundam Wing - Operation 1 - movie DVD cover picture

This is one of the best anime DVD's I have seen. Especailly since it's Gundam Wing. ^_^ You start watching it and you get really into it. If you like Gundam Wing, or anime in general, you should definitely buy this!

Studio: Pioneer Video
Director: Gordon Hunt

DVD title: Tourist Trap
Productgroup: DVD
Tourist Trap - movie DVD cover picture
freaked me out when i was a kid!!!

First of all, IT IS WIDESCREEN!, contrary to popular belief. There is no option for it in the menu, however. You must choose the tv aspect thru the setup options in your dvd player. It took me awhile to figure that out!! Ok...on with the review. Definitely my favorite 70s-80s horror movie. The kill scene at the beginning (one of the best ever) freaked me out when I was about 10 years old. The kill scene towards the end made MY heart stop! If you've seen it, you know what I mean. Tanya Roberts (HOTTIE) first movie, I believe. A must for any fan of 'b-movies.' Watch it , then watch it again with the running commentary---you'll learn a few things! Don't want to spoil it for you with play by plays of the whole movie

Studio: Cult Video
Director: David Schmoeller

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