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DVD title: A Touch of Frost - Season 3
Productgroup: DVD
A Touch of Frost - Season 3 - movie DVD cover picture
Unpolished Morse

Frost is a British policeman who is brave,intelligent,emphatic with
crime victims.He is messy,doesn't like paperwork,and has a skimpy
social life.The stories are always realistic without being gory,and
are 100 minutes in length.This series has the 4 stories:Appropriate
Adults,Quarry,Dead Male One,and No Refuge.The acting,photography,
and music are excellent as usual. Frost develops but later ends
a relationship with Shirley Fisher because he can't commit himself.
In the process he considers selling the house he shared with his
now dead wife.I find these series to be among the best of British
mysteries and have preordered Series 4,due in November.

Studio: Mpi Media Group
David Jason

DVD title: The Secret of NIMH
Productgroup: DVD
The Secret of NIMH - movie DVD cover picture

I first watched this movie was I was six years old, but since that day I was completely hooked. Now almost twelve years later I can watch this movie with the same enjoyment.

The secret Of N.I.H.M (stands for National Institute Of Mental Health) is one of Don Bluths better classics, (director of American tail, land before time)the animation is old, yes, but there is a surreal dark magical feel to it that enhances its effect. The story is not quite for children, and is often violent such as NIHM using the rats for tests and such. Although nothing is shown, an adult will understand the deeper meaning that went into the story.

If you've ever seen Bambi or Watership down,N.I.H.M is much like them, although containing a more lustrious magic spectrum that makes it one of a kind.

The characters are engaging, and the voice acting is superb. Peter Strauss and Dom Delous are so right in their various roles that one can't help but feel delighted with this movie. Peter Strauss plays Justin, who's good-looking in his own way and quite a swashbuckler. The end scene between him and the leader Genner is really cool even at this day and age, and the emotion is portrayed uncannily through it all. Dom De lous, well, frankly, who couldn't like him as the klutzy crow just looking for love?

One the whole this is a wonderful movie for more than just the children to enjoy. Take it from me.

Studio: Mgm/Ua Studios
Director: Don Bluth
Derek Jacobi
Elizabeth Hartman
Dom DeLuise

DVD title: Neon Genesis Evangelion - Perfect Collection
Productgroup: DVD
Neon Genesis Evangelion - Perfect Collection - movie DVD cover picture
smack talking Eva is like self...

Eva is supposedly this milestone in dramatic anime. And anyone watching it cannot argue that it is reasonably well animated, full of intriguing characters and melodrama that is placed in a setting so bizarre that you can't help but be interested.
At a glance, however, this series is really mecha-blandness.
Just as truly, though, to glance at this series is like to buy one grape... completely and utterly impractical. This show demands your time! Here's how I recommend going about this show.
1) Watch it once, and try to understand it as best you can.2) Obtain the two alternate movies. Watch them.3) Take a breather, and think! A lot!4) Watch it again, you'll absorb and comprehend a lot more.5) To fully understand this show, go online and find a good website that has Stephen Chung's essays relating this show to the Kaballah, a mystical aspect of Judaism. I won't give away too much, but you'll soon see the incredible amount of research that went into this show. The abstract personalities of all the characters will be explained. Also, you may realize just how the events in the show are meaningful, such as how Rei and some other characters does in fact free herself from the binding human condition.
In short, do not watch this show if you're a casual viewer.
Also, what I personally loved most is just how INTENSE this series is... so intense that when I heard one of the songs from End of Evangelion on a CD, I felt this wrenching in my stomach. This show is so extremely emotional, and all the characters so real and all so tragically flawed... absolutely beautiful.

Studio: A.D. Vision

DVD title: Dumb and Dumber
Productgroup: DVD
Dumb and Dumber - movie DVD cover picture
Funniest movie ever!

This movie is so funny!!!! yes, i does have a lot of "fart jokes" (not literaly but that kind of ha ha ha)
"That's it! I've had it with this DUMP! We've got no FOOD! We've got no JOBS! Our pets HEADS ARE FALLING OFF!!!"
you wont find another movie like this anywhere. take it from me, it guarentees hundreds of laughs during the movie and after. you'll watch it 50 times and it will still crack you up. one of the best movies of all time. a true classic.

Studio: New Line Home Entertainment
Jim Carrey
Jeff Daniels
Lauren Holly

DVD title: Minkus - La Bayadere / Guerin, Hilaire, Platel, Paris Ballet
Productgroup: DVD
Minkus - La Bayadere / Guerin, Hilaire, Platel, Paris Ballet - movie DVD cover picture
Una magnífica producción.

Como es de esperarse de una compa??a tan prestigiosa, que tuvo la fortuna de contar con la colaboraci?n del Gran Rudolf Nureyev,y que esta vez nos ofrece una magn?fica realizaci?n ballet?stica plena de virtuosismo y color. que nos transporta a vivir las emoci?nes del profundo romantisismo que recrea el libreto ,y que con una espectacular coreograf?a El Ballet de la Opera de Paris y sus grandes bailarines nos regalan. Es una magn?fica adaptaci?n, con ligeras variantes del libreto original. y con un final diferente al montaje que de la misma obra hace Natalia Makarova. El Reino de las Sombras me emociona de sobremanera, y la compa??a aporta el talento maravilloso de los mas fieles exponentes de su prestigiosa escuela. Mil gracias.

Studio: Kultur
Isabelle Guerin
Laurent Hilaire
Elisabeth Platel
Paris Opera Ballet

DVD title: Best Seller
Productgroup: DVD
Best Seller - movie DVD cover picture
James woods best role; great movie

6. BEST-SELLER (action, 1987) In 1972, 4-armed-masked men rob the police evidence depository in downtown LA. The thieves kill two cops and fatally would a third one. Surviving, policeman Dennis Meechum (Brian Dennehy) writes a book on the now 'infamous' robbery. The book becomes a best seller making Meechum a part-time writer but full-time cop. He is eventually promoted to Detective. 15 years later, on an undercover job, he meets Cliff (James Woods), a mysterious character whom saves his life. Cliff knows many personal things about Meechum's life, including the fact that ever since his wife's death he has given up writing. He tells him that he can provide him with an assured best seller based on David Matlock (one of the richest men in town). Cliff used to work for Meechum as an assassin, but after years of loyal work, he was dismissed. In order for Meechum to believe him, Cliff takes him on a tour of his previous work and private life (Cliff's wants to be included in the book as its inspiration). An uneasy alliance is formed, as Meechum uncovers Cliff's darkest secrets.
Critique: There are many reasons to like Best-Seller. It has a good, entertaining premise (a rogue assassin on the loose), the moody cinematography (another Adam Greenberg job), and displays a strong performance from the always reliable Brain Dennehy. But best of all, it has what I consider to be James Woods' best role. This capriciously underrated actor has given excellent performances in many films including: the sleazy TV-producer in David Cronenberg's interesting, albeit obscured masterpiece Videodrome (1983), his red-neck southerner in The Onion Field (1979), and in Oliver Stone's sadly neglected Salvador (1986- for which he received an Academy Nominee). In most of his films, Woods has specialized in playing low-life has-beens, who have few redeeming qualities. The only fault I saw in his early roles was that they were too shallow, not allowing the 'actor' enough room to move. In Best-Seller, he plays it cool. The character of Cliff knows what he wants and how to get it, and proves himself worthy of Meechum's respect. What better actor to give us a tour through the life of a criminal, hitman, sleaze-ball, all-nice guy?
QUOTES: Cliff: "Will power is what distinguishes the amateur from the professional. Do you have it Dennis? Will power?..Let's hope so."

Studio: MGM/UA Video
Director: John Flynn
James Woods
Brian Dennehy

DVD title: Rat Race
Productgroup: DVD
Rat Race - movie DVD cover picture
Non-Stop Funny

Though the commercials make this movie look stupid, it is defiantly not.
An all-star comedy cast brings laughs from start to finish when a casino tycoon(John Cleese) gives six money crazed teams the chance to win 2 million dollars in a race from Las Vegas, Nevada to Silver City, New Mexico. Who will win this dash for the cash is anybodys guess, but one thing is for sure-It's going to be an hilarious ride.
Here are the teams:
Italian narcoleptic Enrico (Rowan Atkinson AKA Mr. Bean).Though at some points his italian accent becomes annoying, his acting is funny enough for you to ignore it. His modes of transportation are a train, and an organ doner truck driver(Wayne Knight)
Newly aquainted Mother and daughtor team Vera and Merill Baker(Oscar winner Whoopie Goldberg and Lanai Chapman). They work magic together, their scenes are funny, and so are they.Their modes of transportation are a sports car, a rocket car, and a bus.
Owen Templeton(Oscar winner Cuba Gooding Jr.) is a football referee who is recognized everywhere because he made the wrong call on a coin toss!!! Cuba Gooding jr. is no doubt the highlight of this movie. His modes of transportation are a taxi cab, with mad football fan cab driver Gus(Paul Rodriguez), a bus filled with Lucielle Ball impersonaters, and a horse.
The cody brothers, Blaine and Duane (Seth Green, and Vince Vieluf).Their scenes are very funny. Vince Vieluf's character is histerical because he bought a home tounge piercing kit. He pinches a nerve in his tounge, and now has a speech impetiment. Their modes of transportation are a convertible,and a hot air baloon.
The Pear family, led by Randy and Bev(Jon Lovits, and Kathy Najimy). Hands down, the funniest scene in this movie is the scene with the Pear family at the world war two veterans reunion.Their modes of transportation are a van, Adolf Hitler's Meredes Benz, and a truck.
The final team is Nick Schaeffer and Tracy Faucet(Brecken Meyer and Amy Smart). In my opinion, these are the worst scenes in the movie. They are not bad scenes, they just dont live up to the standard of the others. Their modes of transportation are a helicopter, and a pick up truck.
Along the way, they meet some interesting characters. Merill and Vera baker meet an insane squirrel lady(Oscar winner Kathy Bates) who gives them some bad directions. Blaine and Duane cody meet a girl who has lots of piercings(Silas Weir Mitchell). Owen Templeton meets many Lucy Ball impersonaters including Charlottte Zucker.
"Rat Race" is not going to win any awards, but it is a fun time. If you have nothing to do, invite some friends over, order a pizza, and rent "Rat Race".
"Rat Race" is rated PG-13 for Sexual Referances, Crude Humor, Partial Nudity, and Language. The nudity is not that bad, so dont worry about the tounger kids.
If you have a DVD player, i strongly suggest that you watch the special features. They include english subtitles, interactive menus, scene selections, the theatrical trailer, an interview with Director Jerry Zucker and writer Andy Breckman, 7 deleted scenes, half hour special:The Making of Rat Race, Gag reel, outtake scene, and a new feature "Jerry Zucker and Andy Breckman call the actors"
"Rat Race" is a great movie, go see it!!!!

Studio: Paramount Studio
Director: Jerry Zucker
Breckin Meyer
Cuba Gooding Jr.
Vince Vieluf
Whoopi Goldberg
Jon Lovitz

DVD title: Terror Firmer
Productgroup: DVD
Terror Firmer - movie DVD cover picture
This Movie ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!

Terror Firmer would have to be one of the most amazing films that I have ever seen. A lot of 'film within a film' and comedy movies about 'independant' film making have come out, Bowfinger for example, but Terror Firmer blows them all away. For starters in TF it REALLY looks like a film set at all times. There are dozens of hilarious characters running about crazy like, who can forget the Todster? TF also is just so full of energy and laughs that words cannot do it any justice.
The story is basicly about a blind director struggling to make his B-movie while a killer is murdering cast members with a romance developing between boom operator Casey and stage hand Jennifer. I won't spoil the ending but I will say it is sick and twisted beyond the expectations of even the most hardcore Troma fans.
This film is very fast and amazingly funny. The acting is really great as well. Will 'Tromeo' Keenan, Alyce LaTourelle and Trent Haaga are all great as crew member and Terror Firmer also features Debbie Rochon, my all time favourite actress, who is amazing as always playing a [promiscuous] actress. Debbie's character apparantly is a combination of all the difficult 'actresses' that Lloyd has had to work with over the years. Lloyd steals the show in ever scene he is in. His timing and delivery, what can I say, this movie would not be anywhere as great if the director was played by anyone else.
Lloyd is the man and this film will blow your mind!

Studio: Troll Assoc
Director: Lloyd Kaufman

DVD title: Sailor Moon - The Man in the Tuxedo Mask (TV Show, Vol. 3)
Productgroup: DVD
Sailor Moon - The Man in the Tuxedo Mask (TV Show, Vol. 3) - movie DVD cover picture
great episodes

The enchanting story of SAILOR MOON continues in this third volume of episodes from the first series.
Serena and Raye find themselves competing against each other to win a honeymoon trip to Hawaii in "Wedding Day Blues". Serena's friendship with a photographer leads to deadly complications in "Shutter Bugged". Sammy finds himself on the outer after smashing his friend's doll in "Dangerous Dollies". Molly's infatuation with the disguised Neflyte's alter-ego Maxfield Stanton almost kills her in "Who Is That Masked Man?". Animation school student Laurey finds herself a target of the Negaverse in "An Animated Mess" and in "Worth A Princess's Ransom", Luna and the girls attend the ball held in honor of the visiting Princess Diamond, convinced that it might be the elusive Moon Princess that they have been searching for.
Some fantastic episodes. Featuring the voice talents of Terri Hawkes and Mary Long.

Studio: A.D. Vision
Director: Junichi Sato

DVD title: Three's Company - Season One
Productgroup: DVD
Three's Company - Season One - movie DVD cover picture
A Great DVD Caputring One Of The Greatest Sitcoms Ever

The 1970s' marked the rise of the sitcom. There were early signs of this in the 1960s' with shows like "The Nelsons" and "The Donna Reed Show". Shows like "All In The Family" were among the first hit sitcoms, But the sitcoom boom didn't really take off untila round 1974, when "Happy Days" and "Good Times" hit the air. These shows opened the door for a long line of sitcom hits - "The Jeffersons", "The Facts Of Life", "Barney Miller" and many others to name a few. Thrown into this barrage of sitcoms was "Three's Company". It turned out to be tv gold, garnering huge ratings and making star out of Joyce DeWitt, Suzanne Somers and, of course, the late John Ritter.
"Three's Company" was first aired in 1977. Shows like the ones I just mentioned were in their peak period. But "Three's Company" was different from most. Its plotline was more risque:a man living in an apartment pretending to be gay in order to live with 3 lovely women, much to the dismay of the sexually problmeatic landlords, The Ropers (Norman Fell and Audra Lindley). But the show worked. For starters, the acting was great. The three stars had a full understanding of their charcters' characteristics. Plus, the show as well - written with many great oneliners.
The release of this dvd was bittersweet, coming out about 11 weeks after the shocking and untimely death of John Ritter from heart failure. And anyon who thinks this was a way to cash in on Ritter's death is wrong because his dvd was scheduled for release long before his passing.
The episodes here are hilarious. The first episode is the pilot, "Man About The House". This one gives a very good introduction to the characters; Chrissy, the sexy and stupid blonde who attracts all different kinds of men, Janet the plain but pretty girl who would kill to get a good man, and of course Jack, the bumbling skirtchaser who pretends he's gay to live with the two girl. Actually, at first he just wants to make it with Chrissy, but as the series goes on he grows to love Janet just as much.
The other episodes are all good except for the one entitled "Roper's Niece". I just didn't like this one. But my favorites were "No Children, No Dogs" (featuring the first appearance of richard Kline's Larry) and "It's Only Money".
Overall, a great dvd. With season 2 just released, I cn't wait for seasons and 4. However, seasons 5 - 8 I can wait for. During these years, Suzanne Somers was fired from the show and replaced with the flacid Terry played Priscilla Barnes. Jack started to become less attracted to the girls in the aprtment and focused more on his job. Pity it had to end that way. If they had kept Chrissy til the end, it could've lasted longer.

Studio: Anchor Bay Entertain
John Ritter
Joyce DeWitt
Suzanne Somers

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