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DVD title: Bastard out of Carolina
Productgroup: DVD
Bastard out of Carolina - movie DVD cover picture
Unique blend of women's victimization AND women's strength

This emotionally intense but wonderful movie weaves the story of abuse of women alongside women's strength provided by family. I found it unique in this respect. It made me wish I had lots of female relatives living nearby to provide strength and support. The reviewer who gave it one star because the subject matter was filthy should remember that if we don't talk about these issues we will never change them.

Studio: Fox Lorber
Director: Anjelica Huston

DVD title: Yu Yu Hakusho - Spirit Detective - Artifacts of Darkness (Vol. 2)
Productgroup: DVD
Yu Yu Hakusho - Spirit Detective - Artifacts of Darkness (Vol. 2) - movie DVD cover picture
Really great

I really liked this DVD but I sort of prefered the uncut version over this one. Yusuke first meets Hieh and Kurama. Apparantly there are three theives in this DvD. Hieh, kurama, and Gouki. Kurama leaves the three for a very sad cause. It almost made me weep. (sniff sniff. crying for five hours) just kidding. It is very sad though, about Kurama trying to use one of the three artifacts he and the other two theives stole from Koenma just so he couldsave his mom. Hieh and Gouki on the other hand are just down right peices of crap who don't care for anyone but themselves. This DvD is excting and fun to watch. No cliffhangers in the end of the dvd.

Studio: Goldhil Home Media 2

DVD title: Hoop Dreams - Criterion Collection
Productgroup: DVD
Hoop Dreams - Criterion Collection - movie DVD cover picture
One Of The Best Ever!

And easily the best of the nineties. I've heard people using excuses such as "It's too long" or "It's a documentary" or "It's just a sports movie." Well it is a documentary, but I've seen two other documentaries ("Roger and Me" and "Hearts of Darkness") that rank among the finest I've seen. "Hoop Dreams" encompasses not only basketball, not only the ghettos, but life itself. We see ups and downs, successes and failures, and because we know it's all real, the film affects us tremendously. Its length is no factor. When the Gates or the Agees make bad decisions we cringe, when they gain succeed we cry (literally.) No other film has such an incredible impact emotionally and intellectually. This film will change your life.

Studio: Criterion Collection

DVD title: Thick As Thieves
Productgroup: DVD
Thick As Thieves - movie DVD cover picture
Fast paced revenge

I heard the description of this movie and I wasn't interested. But this movie surprised me. I certainly wasn't expecting a dark comedy that kept me laughing. The cast did a wonderful job. I especially loved the performances of Alec Baldwin and Michael Jai White. (The two of them are so gorgeous, they are reason enough why any woman would love this film.) I highly recommend this film.

Studio: Usa Films
Director: Scott Sanders

DVD title: Natural Born Killers
Productgroup: DVD
Natural Born Killers - movie DVD cover picture
*Get Your Kicks on Route 666!*

Oliver Stone is one of the greatest filmmakers of modern times, carrying with him an in-your-face style and revolutionary attitude towards the American landscape. This film encompasses most of Stone's fears, anxieties, and bitter commentaries on the state of America in our 'modern age'. This film was misunderstood by many, understandably as it paints a very lurid and menacing portrait of American family life as Mallory (played smolderingly by Juliette Lewis) is mistreated by her abusive father and ignored by her brainwashed mother. Into this picture walks the unstable and animalistic felon Mickey (a tour-de-force performance by Woody Harrelson, probably his best acting role to date). After a vengeful and liberating killing of Mallory's parents and a symbolic, snake ring marriage over an archetypal bridge, Mickey and Mallory become a Gen-X Bonnie and Clyde in their nonstop barrage of death and destruction down a lonely wasteland desert highway.

What gives the most food for thought in this film, however, is Stone's cynical and biting (and diabolically dark) satire of the Media's power and influence in the minds of the American public, as Mickey and Mallory become an almost deified, heroic couple whom 'audiences' everywhere are enamored by and fascinated with, teenagers especially, whose fixations on Mickey and Mallory are inspired by the materialist propaganda marketing by manipulative media hounds like Wayne Gale (played hilariously over-the-top by Robert Downey, Jr.) However, Stone does not stop there as he also deconstructs the prison system, law enforcement, and morality itself in the characters, such as fame-feeding, tyrannical warden Tommy Lee Jones or Tom Sizemore's portrayal of the equally sadistic and troubled detective, just as obsessed with the death and capture of Mickey and Mallory, as he is obsessed by their 'image'.

Incorporating a literal blitzkrieg of cinematographic techniques and camerawork (from handheld Super 8 to animation to garish, filtered-color psychedelia hallucinations to gritty, grainy black and white) and bookended by a microcosmic, stylized drive through America's past and present in the beginning of the film to a macrocosmic, philosophical, and ultimately bleak (yet strangely adrenaline rushing) ending: a montage of the 'future' marked by Leonard Cohen's urgent, plaintive song of the same title.

In the end, Natural Born Killers is one of the most unique (and some would say disturbing films) ever made, one of the few to truly touch on the issue of violence and human nature so unwaveringly since those such as A Clockwork Orange and Straw Dogs. Except this one goes one further, as it stares US in the eyes and asks us some piercing and burning questions that we may or may not want to answer about ourselves or the world we live in. Although Stone's paranoid outlook on life may not be everyone's cup of tea, it is presented undiluted in this (his most enigmatic and maverick of films) and Natural Born Killers is (whether one likes it or not), when all is said and done, an intensely visceral experience of the greatest kind.

Highly Recommended.

Studio: Vidmark/Trimark
Director: Oliver Stone
Woody Harrelson
Juliette Lewis

DVD title: Mr. Show - The Complete First and Second Seasons
Productgroup: DVD
Mr. Show - The Complete First and Second Seasons - movie DVD cover picture

Honestly, Mr. Show with Bob and David is the funniest thing I have ever seen in my life! Bob and David take sketch comedy to a whole new level with their original ideas and unique presentation. If I could give this DVD a higher rating I would have. Definitely a must have for anyone with a sense of humor.

Studio: HBO Home Video
David Cross (II)
Bob Odenkirk

DVD title: Jesus Christ Superstar
Productgroup: DVD
Jesus Christ Superstar - movie DVD cover picture
A Fantastic Rock Opera

This movie is a true classic. And no, this isnt coming from some old timer or a religious fanatic. Its just that i can remember when i first saw this movie, I'm 16 now and i was just 5 when i saw it. It instantly became my very favorite movie. The next week after i got the movie, i had memorized every line. I can sing the whole thing, accurately imitating the voices of all the actors, accents included. Thats quite something. The choreography is incredible, and surprisingly my favorite character is not Jesus, but rather Judas. His voice is particularly striking, especially so in the opening scene (which by the way has some of the most beautiful scenery i have ever seen). The tale it tells is also very interesting and engrossing. You laugh at the funny singing in the beginning ("what's the buzz"), you wince when Jesus is whipped, and you cry when he dies on the cross. It's simply that powerful. There is no other match to this movie that i know of. If a 5 year old can be emotionally touched by this, why cant you? Get this now, or else you will miss out on one of the true cinematic gems of the last 40 years.

Studio: Universal Studios
Director: Norman Jewison
Ted Neeley
Carl Anderson (II)
Yvonne Elliman

DVD title: The City of Lost Children
Productgroup: DVD
The City of Lost Children - movie DVD cover picture
Different, but makes you think.

City of Lost Children is a great movie. I have also Watched Delicatessen, which was done by the same people. (Also did Alien Ressurection) It is a science fiction / futuristic movie in which a Man (Krank) Is aging rapidly since he does not dream. He tries to steal and live out dreams from little boys, but things just start to go wrong from there. It is a great movie you will watch time and time again. Ron Perlman plays a great roll in this film. Also If you can't get enough of Dominique Pignon, you will get 5 times more in this film.

Studio: Columbia/Tristar Studios
Ron Perlman
Daniel Emilfork

DVD title: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (Full Screen Edition) (Harry Potter 1)
Productgroup: DVD
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (Full Screen Edition) (Harry Potter 1) - movie DVD cover picture
Best Movie Yet-NO, Ever!

i saw this movie nov 16( i skipped school, hee hee) and it was amazing! every where you go people are saying oh yeah, its really long, kids can't sit through this! but to me it seemed short until i looked at my watch and noticed 2 hours and 40 minutes went by. the special effects were awesome and Tom Felton( plays Draco Malfoy) was the hottest he has ever been. if you haven't seen this movie you must, go buy your tickets now!

Studio: Warner Home Video
Director: Chris Columbus
Daniel Radcliffe

DVD title: Six Feet Under - The Complete Second Season
Productgroup: DVD
Six Feet Under - The Complete Second Season - movie DVD cover picture
Over the Top with Six Feet Under

I'm sooooo disappointed at not being able to see Six Feet Under -The Second Season. I just discovered the first season, and am chomping at the bit to catch up with The Fishers. Get this out on DVD NOW!!! What a truly wonderful series this is. Please don't withhold it from non-HBO subscribers any longer!

Studio: Warner Home Video
Peter Krause

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