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DVD title: WWE Unforgiven 2004
Productgroup: DVD
WWE Unforgiven 2004 - movie DVD cover picture
Unforgiven great hardcore like Pay Per View

1. Chris Benoit and William Regal vs Batista and Ric Flair- Good match Chris Benoit put on a great performance in this match. 8/10

2.Trish Stratus vs Victoria- very good for a womens match. 7/10

3.Tyson Tomko vs Steven Richards- Boring basically this match was to waste time, Tomko wins. 1/10

4. Chris Jericho vs Christian Ladder Match- WOW lots of bumps taken here. Great spot when Christan was hanging from the belt and Chris Jericho got the ladder and hit his legs and Christian fell. 10/10

5. Shawn Michaels vs Kane- This was brutal, very quick finish. Michaels wins with some help from Lita. 9.5/10

6. Rhyno and Tajiri vs La Resistance- Decent match, crown wasn't into the match. 6.5/10

7. Triple H vs Randy Ortan- I was suprised that Ortan lost. He only held the title for a month. A great match, triple h needed Batista, Ric Flair, and Coach to become nine time world champion. Randy Ortan battled everbody but came up a little short at the end. 10/10

Studio: Sony Music (Video)

DVD title: The Secret of Roan Inish
Productgroup: DVD
The Secret of Roan Inish - movie DVD cover picture
This is still a rare gem!

It's a little movie, to be sure. But it's very powerful.
I heard a story on NPR when the film first came out. I drove all the way to Dallas just to see it and I purchased the video when it came out.
This is a story about love, hardship, and family.
I doubt you'll ever find such a delightful, enchanting combination like this one. I LOVE Fiona and her grandparents.

Studio: Columbia/Tristar Studios
Director: John Sayles
Jeni Courtney
Mick Lally
Eileen Colgan

DVD title: Farscape Season 2 (Volume 3)
Productgroup: DVD
Farscape Season 2 (Volume 3) - movie DVD cover picture
Another great Farscape Volume!

Wow, was I wrong about this show. It's tightly written, well acted and amazing story. Possibly the best science fiction show I've yet seen!!!!

Studio: A.D. Vision

DVD title: Thirteen
Productgroup: DVD
Thirteen - movie DVD cover picture
completly familier.

This movie was very entertaining throughout the film, showing you truthful situations of young teenagers, falling into a trap that is hard to get yourself out of. Witness it all in this movie. It shows how an inasant girl goes bad, hanging out with the wrong person. They both fall into a deep world of drugs,sex, and lies, doing anything that is against the rules.

The situations get more terrifying and serious, up to the point where the parents can't help you anymore, no one can. Tracy and Evie will not stop with the drugs and lies, revealing that they both need serious help. Some of the scenes include the girls trying to hit each other, busting each others lips open, then laughing about it, and wanting more. These girls lie more and more, steal money, and if they don't stop, they'll get killed. Witness the terrifying but truthful experiences that can face young teenagers just at age thirteen.

Studio: Twentieth Century Fox Home Video
Director: Catherine Hardwicke
Holly Hunter
Evan Rachel Wood
Nikki Reed

DVD title: Chappelle's Show - Season 1
Productgroup: DVD
Chappelle's Show - Season 1 - movie DVD cover picture

The first season of the Chappelle show was simply genius. I believe he has what it takes to overtake Chris Rock as the funniest comedian of our time. Great comedy like this is rare nowadays. This is a time when "comedy" is represented by some teen pervert making love (for prohibition of better words) to a pie. I do find that sort of thing funny, but it is by no means true comedy, raunchy yes but it still takes a genius (Chappelle) to elaborate and make the sketches great. For crying out loud, his Rick James sketch was seen only 2-3 weeks ago and everybody I know is saying "I'm Rick James b...." There is even T-shirts for sale already. I'm glad this was released. I was actually considering having to buy a dvd burner to download the shows and burn them. Thank you for releasing this and not making a "pirate" out of me!

Studio: Paramount Home Video
Dave Chappelle

DVD title: Carmen Electra's The Lap Dance & Hip Hop
Productgroup: DVD
Carmen Electra's The Lap Dance & Hip Hop - movie DVD cover picture
my thighs are burnin!

this is a great workout series. its challenging as as well as fun to do, but you could get it a lot cheaper and new at

Studio: Paramount Home Video
Director: Edward Lachman

DVD title: The Music Man (Special Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
The Music Man (Special Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
A family musical even a curmudgeon can love

OK, I have to be honest here: I don't like "family entertainment." If I go to Blockbuster, I usually avoid the Family section entirely for something a bit edgier or darker. And although I love Fred Astaire and most Gene Kelly, I am not at all a fan of Hollywood musicals from the fifties and early sixties, when they were becoming more "epic" as the movies tried to provide something that television could not.
Nonetheless, I find THE MUSIC MAN to be one of the most thoroughly enjoyable pieces of light entertainment ever. Primarily there are two reasons for this. First, there is the great score, the most famous tune notwithstanding (maybe I have heard it too often, but "Seventy-Six Trombones" really leaves me cold). But nearly every other song is utterly delightful, especially the magnificent "Till There Was You." Am I a dork if I confess that I love the barbershop quartet numbers (I was second tenor in a high school quartet)? But as fine as the score is, take away Robert Preston and you have at best an average, forgettable film. Preston today is remembered almost exclusively for his role as Professor Harold Hill, which is a reflection not so much on his prior career as on the extraordinary job he did in performing this role. There is a similar parallel with Rex Harrison, who despite a long career on stage and screen, is primarily remembered for MY FAIR LADY. Interestingly, in both MY FAIR LADY and THE MUSIC MAN, other actors were considered for the lead role, although both Preston and Harrison created the roles for Broadway. Interestingly, Cary Grant was considered for both films (though Grant very famously responded that he wouldn't star in the film and if Preston weren't cast in the lead, he wouldn't even go see it), though Warners first choice was Frank Sinatra. Luckily, things worked out, and Robert Preston "owns" the role of Professor Harold Hill like few actors own a role.
The film is also helped by a rich supporting cast. Shirley Jones was her usual excellent self in the film (though it is well known that she was pregnant during the shooting), and the film provided the late Buddy Hackett with one of his finest screen roles. Paul Ford, best known as the colonel on the Phil Silvers Show, turns in a nice screen performance as the Mayor. Hermione Gingold, who spent most of her career on stage and had as a result a surprisingly small screen career, excels as the mayor's wife and the leading light for culture in the town.
But mainly, this is a great, great vehicle for a great leading man who has utterly nailed a great role. If Frank Sinatra or Cary Grant had been enticed to play the lead, perhaps we would still be watching this film today, but for some reason I am sceptical. But I am certain that this is one family film that all but the hardest of hearts will enjoy.

Studio: Warner Studios
Director: Morton DaCosta
Robert Preston
Shirley Jones

DVD title: Joe Versus the Volcano
Productgroup: DVD
Joe Versus the Volcano - movie DVD cover picture
Are you Joe, Banks?

One of my favorite films. Full of symbolism and philosophical insight. Subtle humor. Certainly not a movie for the masses. My favorite scene is when out of total frustration, Joe opens or closes the main drain. Pure genius.

Studio: Warner Home Video
Director: John Patrick Shanley
Tom Hanks
Meg Ryan

DVD title: Candy
Productgroup: DVD
Candy - movie DVD cover picture


Studio: Anchor Bay Entertainment
Director: Christian Marquand
Ewa Aulin
Richard Burton

DVD title: The Company
Productgroup: DVD
The Company - movie DVD cover picture
For ballet fans, the best ballet movie ever made.

For the ballet fan, this is a brilliant movie. It's likely the first ballet movie to give the viewer an authentic sense of what ballet is really like, behind the scenes, day-by-day, in a performing company. In this case, the company is the Joffrey Ballet of Chicago, whose dancers participated in the picture. The director is Robert Altman, and the movie is magnificently produced, filmed, and performed. The Joffrey emerges from the film looking like the best ballet company in the world and gains from it the best of all possible advertisements.
Neve Campbell, the film's star, had been a professional dancer and had trained at Canada's National School of Ballet from age 9 (she started dancing at age 6). She gave up dancing because a long history of injuries (about 40, in all) intersected with an increasing number of acting opportunities. When she was cast in "Party of Five" at age 20, the acting took over her career.
Her contributions to the picture are staggering to contemplate. The seven-year project that it represents was Campbell's dream. Briefly (and over-simplified), she conceived the idea, sold it, co-wrote the story with Barbara Turner, and nursed the project through an intensive final three-year gestation period, where she and Turner commuted to Chicago to spend time with the Joffrey observing classes, rehearsals, and performances and getting to know the dancers. Then Turner and Campbell persuaded Altman to direct the film, after which Campbell spent 4 1/2 months of 8 1/2-hour days dancing herself back into performing shape and another 1 1/2 months of 8 1/2-hour days dancing with the Joffrey prior to the start of shooting.
Three days before she was to join the company, she broke a rib. She danced through the month-and-a-half with the Joffrey and the entire filming with that injury. She performed not only as the movie's dramatic but also as its ballet star. She did all of her own dance scenes and also served as co-producer. Her acting and her dancing in "The Company" are both superb.
The dance sequences are sensationally good and sensationally well filmed. Perhaps the best of a most memorable lot is Campbell's and partner Domingo Rubio's performance of "My Funny Valentine," a pas de deux ballet, in an outdoor Chicago venue as a summer storm rolls in, lending its thunder, lightning, wind, and rain accompaniment to the on-stage trio and the Lar Lubovitch choreography. This is the same ballet that American Ballet Theatre has performed with Sandra Brown and Julie Kent dancing Campbell's role. Lubovitch originally made the ballet on Sandra Brown. Indeed, a very brief rehearsal-tape clip of ABT's Sandra Brown and Marcelo Gomes is shown being watched by Joffrey personnel and the choreographer as they prepare the ballet for performance.
The audience for the movie may be narrow because the picture is all about ballet, a ballet company, and the way those associated with that company lead their lives; in many cases in a state of near-poverty, which is tolerable in exchange for the opportunity to dance (Campbell's character has a second job as a waitress to help pay the rent). "The Company" has the flavor of a documentary, albeit a considerably enhanced one, because its focus on dance, ballet culture, and the ambience of dancers' lives does not permit an elaborate problem-solution or beginning-middle-end story line. Think Frederick Wiseman (a la his ABT documentary) with dialog and a near-heroine.
Campbell did not want this movie to be the standard corps-to-stardom ballet melodrama, and she did not want it to be about her. While it is clear that she is one of the film's principal interests, she pretty successfully blends into the body of the company, which really is the film's principal interest. For fans of ballet, it is the best ballet movie ever made. There is nothing phony or artificial or sentimental about it. The message is simple and direct: This is the way it is in the ballet world.
And it is beautifully cast and wonderfully acted in those segments where there is the opportunity for acting. Malcolm McDowell, as the company's artistic director, is splendid. James Franco, as Campbell's love interest of the moment, is as fully beautiful a person as she. And Campbell is heroic in any dimension one cares to name. A single measure of that: When the film concluded its shooting, Gerald Arpino, the real-life artistic director of the Joffrey Ballet, asked Campbell to join the real-life company.

Studio: Columbia Tristar Hom
Director: Robert Altman
Neve Campbell
Malcolm McDowell
James Franco

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