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DVD title: The Fighting Sullivans
Productgroup: DVD
The Fighting Sullivans - movie DVD cover picture

25 years ago, I rented this movie (16mm) in Antwerp, Belgium for the first time ( and many more times after that)...The Sullivans are soon a part of our family, we laugh, cry, trill and chill with this heart breaking performance, especially it was my moms favorite movie. Time past by until, 10 years ago, I immigrate to the United States with the reminder in me to rent the Sullivans movie again, after searching all video stores no results are found. Finally a great surprise comes to me, when I found the Sullivans video here in Amazon. At first when I told my wife and children ( I have 3 sons ) to enjoy this movie with me, no excitement was show for this old B/W movie at first. Anyway after 15 minutes... THE SULLIVANS found a heart warming space again in the whole family, and in a new generation. In memory of the Sullivans and my lovely mom. Thanks Amazon

Director: Lloyd Bacon
Loyd Bacon
Thomas Mitchell Anne Baxter
Anne Baxter
Thomas Mitchell
Selena Royle

DVD title: Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
Productgroup: DVD
Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory - movie DVD cover picture
A Wonderful Movie

This is one of the greatest movie ever! No matter how many times I saw it, it is still great. The songs are very beautiful with meaningful lyrics, especially the one about the Candy Man. It maybe a little different than the original book, but the movie was still wonderful and worth to buy it.

Studio: Warner Studios
Director: Mel Stuart
Gene Wilder

DVD title: Varsity Blues
Productgroup: DVD
Varsity Blues - movie DVD cover picture
A Great Movie

I really enjoyed the movie. If you have ever went to a high school where sports ruled the school, you can relate to the movie a lot. I think that it was very well writen and I really liked the casting. It was nice to see a movie where it is actually pretty close to the truth about sports and small towns.

Studio: Paramount Home Video
Director: Brian Robbins
James Van Der Beek
Jon Voight

DVD title: The Ballad of Andy Crocker
Productgroup: DVD
The Ballad of Andy Crocker - movie DVD cover picture
Lee Majors Best Acting Role Ever!!

Lee Majors stars as a war hero in this 1969 film from the Vietnam War who is unfortunately treated with contempt by many due to the unpopularity of that war co-starring Marvin Gaye, Joey Heatherton and Jimmy Dean.It's a must see movie!!

Studio: Platinum Disc Corp
Director: George McCowan

DVD title: Big Space Shuttle
Productgroup: DVD
Big Space Shuttle - movie DVD cover picture
Very Educational

My son loves this video and watches it over and over. It is narrated by children, so it reaches kids better. My son can quote things about velocity and friction and he is only 4. Parents will enjoy watching this video with their children. I have worked indirectly with the Space Shuttle for many years and still learned a lot from this video.

Studio: Little Mammoth Media
Director: William VanDerKloot

DVD title: A Hard Day's Night
Productgroup: DVD
A Hard Day's Night - movie DVD cover picture
The quintessential rock 'n' roll film

One of the greatest rock 'n' roll movies ever made. This was the best film the Beatles ever made, having both an excellent script and terrific music. The film shows an exaggerated day in the life of Beatlemania, with all the hilarious hijinks and superb music that entailed. END

Studio: Miramax Entertainment
Director: Richard Lester
John Lennon
Paul McCartney
George Harrison
Ringo Starr

DVD title: The Forgotten
Productgroup: DVD
The Forgotten - movie DVD cover picture
"The Forgotten" is great!

"The Forgotten" is great! A well-made, psychological thriller that keeps you guessing. It is well-executed, well-conceived, and superb. Julianne Moore (who was recently on screen as Audrey Woods in "Laws Of Attraction" (2004) stars as Telly Paretta, a woman whose son died in a plane crash and finds out that she created memories of a son never had. Dominic West (who was last seen on screen as Bill Dunbar in "Mona Lisa Smile" (2003) plays Ash Correll, a man whose has the same experience as Telly. They both go on a quest to search for the truth. They are also being chased down by government officials who don't want them to remember. Julianne Moore's performance is well-executed and superb. Dominic West's performance is great and superb. Anthony Edwards (who was recently seen on screen as Brains in "Thunderbirds" (2004) & as Happy in "Northfork" (2003) plays Jim Paretta, Telly's hubsand. Gary Sinise (who was recently on screen as Ray Ritchie in "The Big Bounce" (2004) plays Dr. Jack Munce, her psychologist. Alfre Woodard (who was seen on screen as Principal Daniels in "Radio" (2003) plays Detective Anne Pope, a detective investigating about why the government is interested in Telly and Ash. Linus Roache (who recently was seen on screen as Purifier in "The Chronicles Of Riddick" (2004) plays a man who is involved with the sudden memory disappearances from Telly and Ash. The directing by Joseph Ruben (who also directed "Dreamscape" (1984), "The Stepfather" (1987), "True Believer" (1989), "Sleeping With The Enemy" (1991), "The Good Son" (1993), "Money Train" (1995), & "Return To Paradise" (1998), returns to the thriller genre after 11 years. It is his first movie in 6 years.) is excellent. The music by James Horner (who recently did the music to "Troy" (2004) is excellent. The cinematography by Anastas N. Michos (who recently did the cinematography to "Mona Lisa Smile" (2003) is excellent. The film editing by Richard Francis-Bruce (who recently film edited "The Italian Job" (2003) is great! The costume design by Cindy Evans (who recently costume designed "Along Came Polly" (2004) is excellent. The art direction by Paul D. Kelly (who recently art directed "Ladder 49" (2004) is excellent. Go see it if you want to be scared. This movie makes you think.

Studio: Columbia Tristar Hom
Director: Joseph Ruben
Julianne Moore
Dominic West

DVD title: The Simpsons - The Complete Fourth Season
Productgroup: DVD
The Simpsons - The Complete Fourth Season - movie DVD cover picture
good show slow rate

The simpsons is a great show and now finnaly the fourth season is out. There will be 22 episodes and dvd extras. One thing I do like about the box set is that it is the most durable box sets of seasons that I have ever seen. I bought the first three seasons and they were funny and all but the fourth season was the one that it really started to show the humor that Matt Groening had in mind the whole time. Well now that I have said the good stuff that I wanted to say lets get to the bad stuff. I may be only 12 but right here I know what im talking about. First off it takes way to long to get the seasons out in the market.It takes a year to get a season out. Ok lets see here im 12 and there is four seasons out and thy just finished the fifthtenth season and they plan to make two more seasons so there will be a total of 17 seasons. Lets see here subtract 4 from 17 equals 13 so im 12 and 12 plus 13 equals 25. So I will be 25 when they all get out. Ok so im 25 they just go the last season out. So im now an adult I live in my own place I could be married and I could have kids something better than dvd will most likley be out so I will have to rebuy it all plus some will be broken or something else and have to buy them again. I rated it with 5 stars because it said to rate the show but if it was the rate it came out it would be 1 star. well when im 25 my collection will be complete.

Studio: Twentieth Century Fox Home Video
Dan Castellaneta

DVD title: Face/Off
Productgroup: DVD
Face/Off - movie DVD cover picture
John Woo's best U.S. film to date -- perhaps his best ever?

FACE/OFF is excellent. As a fan of John Woo, I have seen most of his post-1986 movies, and I think this could be his best one. It has a solid story, great characters, and awesome action.
If you haven't seen Woo's Hong Kong films, FACE/OFF (F/O herein) will come as a surprise. Woo's previous U.S. movies -- HARD TARGET (1993) and BROKEN ARROW (1996)-- were good movies, but they were "unWoo" in many ways. FACE/OFF brings the return of what made Woo so good in Hong Kong: fancy gunplay, and a strong character dynamic, in the form of a one-on-one duel between two men.
I will note that, while the action is good in this movie, it is not up to par with the action in HARD-BOILED (1992). HB still has the best action to date. I would say the action in F/O is comparable to that of THE KILLER (1989), with a much lower body count in the former. But make no mistake: the action in F/O is great. F/O is violent, but nothing like Woo's HK films, but still bloody nonetheless.
The DVD has a nice transfer, with a 2.35:1 widescreen mode. No pan/scan is available. Unfortunately, there aren't many extras. Only a trailer. It would have been great to have a director's commentary here.
However, if you like the movie, I would still recommend getting the DVD.

Studio: Paramount Studio
Director: John Woo
John Travolta
Nicolas Cage

DVD title: Nas - Video Anthology, Vol. 1
Productgroup: DVD
Nas - Video Anthology, Vol. 1 - movie DVD cover picture
Possibly the best hip hop video collection...ever?

Nas is definetly one of the most important hip hop artist of this era. With the addition of his video anthology, he proves his value to the hip hop world. The difference between Nas and other artist of his stature is that Nas is imbedded in the same streets in which hip hop has risen from. It is expressed in his music and it's very apparent in his videos. Nas is so street, when he tries to crossover, it usually doesn't work. His most sucessful attempt was "You Owe Me" featuring Ginuwine. Which is included here. The "Hate Me Now" video is especially interesting with the release of the Passion of Christ. Some say it's blasphemy? I guess they didn't read the caption in the begining. Or is it because they have a problem with seeing Jesus being portrayed accurately as a Black Man. Anyway, just about every video includes some sort of social commentary expressed visually. Definetly watch and enjoy the videos, but go back and listen to Nas's commentary on each one. The Anthology is a reminder of what hip hop was...and could be. A balanced art with both party music and raw street news. This is a Gem!The Videos:1. It Ain't Hard to Tell2. One Love3. Halftime4. Nas Is Like5. The World Is Yours6. If I Ruled The World7. Hate Me Now8. Street Dreams9. Nastradamas10. You Owe Me11. Got Ur Self A Gun12. One Mic13. Made You Look14. I Can
I tried really hard not to say anything...but that guy SKI...he is the one that is soooo ignorant. To give this one star based on one video which he misinterpetated because he didn't read the prelude or listen to Nas's commentary...that's a shame. Peace and Wisdom people.

Studio: Sony Music Entertain
Lauryn Hill

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