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DVD title: Fight Club (Single Disc Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Fight Club (Single Disc Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
Undoubtedly interesting...

This movie is brilliant. You are first introduced to a Mr. Narrator (Edward Norton), who is living his job, suffering insomnia, and crazed about IKEA furniture.
After becoming conscious of this constrictive lifestyle he constantly questions himself. This questioning reaches out to many philosophical concepts, and alludes to many questionably sane people. Finally, after curing his insomnia with group therapy for conditions which he himself has none of, he meets Helena Bonham Carter, a fellow group therapy faker. Her role is that of a chain smoking suicidal sex crazed lunatic, it is at this point that Norton's character reaches the boundaries of his subconscious.
What follows is the battle between Edward Norton and his subconscious, with Brad Pitt playing Tyler Durden along for the ride and bringing an organized method to this madness; Fight Club. Fighting society, this group attempts to create a segue for the blue collar, white collar, run of the mill every day workers trapped in a routine lifestyle just like Edward Norton's character. Growing to national proportions, Norton eventually finds himself overwhelmed, shocked and confused by some of the deeds the group has graduated into doing.
The DVD version of this movie aesthetically perfect. The transitions are second to none, everything is very clean. The supplemental disc contains scenes that were, unbelievably so, too gruesome or questionable for the final cut. If you have not seen this movie, rent it while your waiting for your order to arrive. Some might like the think the world will eventually benefit from this movies ideals and gratuitous concepts.

Studio: Fox Home Entertainme
Director: David Fincher
Edward Norton
Brad Pitt

DVD title: Return to Me
Productgroup: DVD
Return to Me - movie DVD cover picture

I was really skeptical about this film at first. It seemed oddly cast, and the story seemed overly cheesy, but I was very surprised. Driver was wonderful and believable; she brought life to a not so likely character and made her a beautiful person and more importantly, a relatable one. David Duchovny had a little more trouble with his role it seemed, but overall his character is enjoyable as well. The real triumph here, however, is the supporting cast. Lead by Bonnie Hunt (whom I love) they were all drop-dead hilarious and loveable. I would strongly recommend this film.
The DVD itself is a little boring, but that is made up by the wonderful film.

Studio: Mgm/Ua Studios
Director: Bonnie Hunt
David Duchovny
Minnie Driver

DVD title: Metallica - Some Kind of Monster
Productgroup: DVD
Metallica - Some Kind of Monster - movie DVD cover picture
A Must For Metallica and Non-Metallica Fans

SOME KIND OF MONSTER's main appeal will be mostly to people who've known the band for the last 10 years or so, but it might also be an interesting documentary about how the music industry works. SKOM is a brutally honest portrayal of METALLICA's grueling recording of "ST.ANGER" and all the hell they went through to achieve this album. Only after seeing this movie will some of us understand WHY "ST.ANGER" sounded the way it did. It's utterly fascinating, yet baffling to see METALLICA at a creative all time low. These seasoned rock veterans started to write "ST.ANGER" in the studio, without having any solid song ideas to start with. As a result, the birth of the songs came out of pure chaos, improvisation and uncertainty. This lead up to some very tense creative moments mainly between Lars and James. At times, it seemed that they doing this album out of pure contractual obligation, rather than out of creative fertility. For a band to agree to showcase themselves in this rather "demystifying" manner is enough for applause and it shows that METALLICA still has the guts, albeit, in a very different way.
The band go through a (as Jason Newsted would comment inthis film)"lame" therapy period. The band were scared out of their pants to confront themselves with unresolved issues, so they hire Phil Towle, a renowned therapist for rich people. But, as lame as Jason Newsted suggests this is, the therapist actually helps the band to sort their problems out, even if he's "kicked out" in the end.
For METALLICA fans, this is probably their most personal and intimate documentary ever, to the point of where it could have backfired. Ex-METALLICA fans might want to take a look at what has thier ex-favorite band become: James picking up her daughter at dance school, Lars selling mega-expensive art at a New York auction, Kirk Hammett surfing and admitting that he CAN'T play one of James' guitar riffs!!! We also get to know Bob Rock a lot better. I had the impression that, as a producer, Bob Rock influenced in a wrong way METALLICA's sound on "ST.ANGER", but after watching SKOM, it's apparent that what you hear on that album is METALLICA's show ALL the way, and Bob just merely contributed to some ideas here and there.
Other very revelatory scenes involve managerial decisions, money issues and percentages, something that, as far as I'm concerned, has never been talked about in such a public way. This is classified stuff people, and we're getting the inside scoop!
The DVD includes tons of extra scenes, some of them would have been great if included, others are just more informational. The Extra scene that stands out is the infamous "Dave Mustaine" talk. The scene, to me anyway, was in no way disrepectful to Dave and actually shows him as a very sensitive and hurt man; someone who wasn't given the chance to go the "re-hab" as James did. It's understandable that such a private moment was captured AND released in a major film, but Dave himself could've asked for the cameras to be turned off in the first place. Dave is, and always will be to me, an integral part of the original METALLICA sound.
SOME KIND OF MONSTER ends on a highlight, of course; after choosing Robert Trujillo as, not only their new bass player, but as their new family member as well, METALLICA's future seems brighter than it was back in 2001 when Jason abruptly left. You just CAN'T miss SOME KIND OF MONSTER, METALLICA or non METALLICA fan alike!

Studio: Paramount Home Video
James Hetfield
Lars Ulrich
Kirk Hammett

DVD title: The Calling - Wherever You Will Go/Adrienne (DVD Single & CD Single)
Productgroup: DVD
The Calling - Wherever You Will Go/Adrienne (DVD Single & CD Single) - movie DVD cover picture
A great item for all fans of The Calling

I loved this DVD because it has both copies of the Wherever You Will Go video and also the Adrienne video...and the colors are GREAT. My favorite part of this DVD is the "behind the scenes" footage that was taped during the making of the FIRST Wherever You Will Go video. Alex is in charge of the video's short, but definately entertaining!!!

Studio: BMG Distribution
The Calling

DVD title: It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown
Productgroup: DVD
It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown - movie DVD cover picture
This Is A Super DVD!!

This is a super DVD. It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown is a classic holiday special. This is such a classic episode. This episode is super. It's fun hearing Linus talking about the Great Pumpkin.
The bonus feature You're Not Elected Charlie Brown is a super episode. Linus runs for student body president. This is a super episode.
I just love this DVD it is just great.

Studio: Paramount Studio
Director: Bill Melendez

DVD title: Godzilla, Mothra and King Ghidorah - Giant Monsters All-Out Attack
Productgroup: DVD
Godzilla, Mothra and King Ghidorah - Giant Monsters All-Out Attack - movie DVD cover picture
Big G is BACK

The Big Guy is back in all his glory.I have always been a tremendous Godzilla fan and when I saw this movie it blew me away.I saw Godzilla 2000 at the theaters and loved it.2000 was a great comeback for the Big G and it led him into a whole new series of movies.This movie was great even though I don't think the big King Ghidorah should be a good guy.He's the King of Terror for crying out loud.I also was a little upset Godzilla was a bad guy.Even though he looked great and played his role very well.He also finally gets Mothra YES!Sorry to all the Mothra fans It's just Mothra was never one of my favorite monsters.Over all it's a great Godzilla movie.A MUST buy for any true Godzilla fan.Also Godzilla vs.Megaguiras.LONG LIVE THE KING.

Studio: Columbia Tristar Hom
Director: Shusuke Kaneko

DVD title: Personal Training System
Productgroup: DVD
Personal Training System - movie DVD cover picture
Great Workout!

I like workouts that have cardio and toning all in one. This workout makes me sweat AND tones me up all in one. I LOVE it.
I'm just a beginner, but she also has intermediate and advanced workouts so I can grow with this dvd.
She's also very motivating! I just love her.
Another good thing is that you can customize your workout. So if you are short on time to workout, you can pick and choose which segments you want to do. Nice feature. Dvd also comes with recipe tips for weight loss...that was an added extra that was cool.

I will definitely buy her other workout dvd's.

Studio: Lions Gate Home Entertainment
Denise Austin

DVD title: Frankie & Johnny
Productgroup: DVD
Frankie & Johnny - movie DVD cover picture
Great movie!

I know it may seem silly, but this is one of my all time favorite movies! Every time it comes around on the networks, I cannot help but stop everything and watch it. It is captivating, emotional and I am sure that everyone who has seen this movie can relate (at least in part) to it.

Studio: Paramount Home Video
Director: Garry Marshall
Al Pacino
Michelle Pfeiffer

DVD title: Carmen Electra's Fit to Strip
Productgroup: DVD
Carmen Electra's Fit to Strip - movie DVD cover picture
Loves it.

This dvd doesn't have any strip moves, but even if that is all your looking for, I would buy this anyway. It is a GOOD workout, and it'll keep your attention. It's hard, but fun. I definitely reccomend it. It's one of the best workout videos I've ever tried.

Studio: Paramount Home Video
Director: Edward Lachman

DVD title: Queen - Greatest Video Hits 1
Productgroup: DVD
Queen - Greatest Video Hits 1 - movie DVD cover picture
Great For A Queen Fan (4.5 stars)

The first of 2 Greatest Video Hits DVDs released by Queen features seemingly all of their biggest hits captured through their 70s and very early 80s music videos, as well as video by video commentary from the crew and a look inside the making of their most famous and epic song, Bohemian Rhapsody.

This is a wonderful purchase for any die hard Queen fan as it captures their early work very nicely and is highlighted by the superb sound quality of the DVD. However, the picture quality is weak in a few of the tracks, despite each of them being digitally remastered.
The reason to avoid this DVD would be that you would be getting hit songs that you may already have on a CD, shown through a TV screen with far from perfect picture quality. The reason to buy it would be the interesting commentary of the crew, the inside look on Bohemian Rhapsody, the live versions of the songs We Will Rock You(Fast Version), Now I'm Here, and Love of My Life, and some impressive music videos that you've most likely never seen before. Therefore, I'll let you decide. I quite enjoy this DVD, and all the commentary from Queen, particularly Brian May and Roger Taylor is effective.

Music Video Highlights include: Bohemian Rhapsody, Crazy Little Thing Called Love, Flash, and Save Me.

Worst Video: Fat Bottomed Girls. A very pathetic video probably kept this song from being an even bigger hit then it could have been. Brian May and Roger Taylor both commentate on how weak a music video it is. It's still nice to hear the great song though.

Overall, I'll leave it up to you, the reader, to decide whether or not it's worth purchasing this 2 Disc DVD collection from Queen. If you're interested in a Live DVD, your best choice would probably be Queen On Fire Live at the Bowl. Live at Wembley Stadium is most likely a good selection from what I've heard, but I don't own it myself.

Studio: Universal Music & VI
Freddie Mercury

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