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DVD title: House of 1000 Corpses
Productgroup: DVD
House of 1000 Corpses - movie DVD cover picture
Underlying Commentaries Drive this Film

ok, ive been waiting for this movie to come out for about 2 years now... ever sinse i heard Rob Zombie was starting a movie project. this movie is totally insane. if you didn't think zombie should be in S5 before, this would change your mind. his twisted thoughts merged into the best horror movie i've ever seen; brilliantly set in the 1960's w/a coupple of college kids. sex, torture, blood, gore... what more could you ask for? finally, a good horror movie without a happy ending.

Studio: Lions Gate Home Entertainment
Director: Rob Zombie
Sid Haig
Bill Moseley
Sheri Moon
Karen Black

DVD title: Sade - Lovers Live
Productgroup: DVD
Sade - Lovers Live - movie DVD cover picture

What can I say about Sade that you haven't already heard? Nothing. You know her band is as tight as they come; you know her lyrics are thought provoking and insightful; you know her beauty is etheral and angelic; you know her concerts are treasures to be savored over and over.
What you may not know is that "Lovers Live" is a must-buy DVD. Don't feel that because you own the DVD of her earlier tour that this DVD is superflous. It's not. There are many songs on this collection that were not included in the first. Also, of the songs that are repeated on "Lovers Live", the arrangements are changed enough to make this listen a new experience. Even "Red Eye" received a significant updating.
The best thing about watching a Sade concert is her command of the audience. Sade is a true beauty, but she doesn't flaunt her assets like so many other female singers. There are no bootylicious aspirations, thong-exposing outfits, acrobatic dance moves, or salacious lyrics. Simply a beautiful, talented woman doing what she does best: mesmerizing an audience for two hours!

Studio: Sony Music Entertain

DVD title: The Lord of the Rings - The Fellowship of the Ring (Widescreen Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
The Lord of the Rings - The Fellowship of the Ring (Widescreen Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
Rich; Beautifully done

The extended cut of Peter Jackson's Award-winning Fellowship of the Ring is even better than the theatrical version. It is a rich and beautifully done rendition of Tolkien's work, more faithful to the book than The Two Towers. Jackson captures the ethos of Tolkien's vast subcreation, Middle-earth, with its rich array of people and places. From the warmth of the Shire and Hobbiton, to the idyllic beauty of Rivendell, to the terror of the Moria and Khazad-Dum, or the enchantment of Lothlorien, Jackson brings it all to life. The characterisations are excellent - who can imagine a better Saruman than Christopher Lee, a better Gandalf than Ian McKellan, or a better Bilbo than Ian Holmes? The extra footage in this film includes an extended gift-giving sequence in Lothlorien, and though the changes in details from the book seem unnecessary, one hardly cares or notices, it is so well done. A great movie has been made even better!

Studio: Warner Home Video
Director: Peter Jackson
Ian McKellen

DVD title: Frantic
Productgroup: DVD
Frantic - movie DVD cover picture
5 star film, 1 star DVD

This is one of Harrison Ford's underappreciated gems, made in that brief period in the 1980's when he had a two movie fling with roles beyond his usual fare, the other being the fantastic "The Mosquito Coast." Sadly, both movies bombed, and Ford never pushed himself again.

Roman Polanski crafts a creepily realistic thriller. The first half is near flawless, as Ford investigates the mysterious disappearance of his wife. Things do start to unravel a bit as we find out just what happened to her, the mysterious becoming just mundane Hollywood fare. Still, Polanski's direction is so assured that I'm willing to forgive this fault. His own tragic personal loss clearly informs this dark, unceasingly serious film.

Although filmed in Paris, Polanski makes a fascniating choice. This is not the "City of Lights" we're used to. Instead, Polanski shows the city at its absolute worst, delighting in its ugliness. The film opens and closes with lengthy shots of a highway passing through dreary suburbs. Trash trucks are forever collecting garbage and obscuring the Eiffel Tower. We constantly see bathrooms, alleys, concrete parking structures, rooms lit by banks of fluorescent lights, rundown apartments, the list goes on. This is not to say the film is ugly, it's beautifully shot, but not to look like a series of postcard images, this is a working, living organism of a city.

There is an almost documentary feel to this film that will alienate many viewers. This is arthouse style filmmaking. There are no easy jokes and little snappy dialogue. Multiplex moviegoers, used to instant, constant gratification will be disappointed. But those who like a little more depth and intelligence to their thrillers will be mesmerized.

Sadly, the American DVD is a disaster. It was one of the very first DVDs ever released and shows its age. In fact, the picture quality was notably worse than my old VHS. Even more annoyingly, it starts out in widescreen for the credits, teasing you, then zooms in to pan-and-scan for the feature, before zooming out again to widescreen for the closing credits. Infuriating. Luckily, the British DVD, available at, has an anamorphic widescreen transfer. It's not the greatest picture, but until Warner does right by this film in the US, it gets the job done. If you can play Region 2 discs, that's the one to get.

Studio: Warner Studios
Director: Roman Polanski
Harrison Ford

DVD title: Almost Famous
Productgroup: DVD
Almost Famous - movie DVD cover picture
Best 70s Rock Movie Ever!

Anyone who gives Almost Famous less than 5 stars simply doesn't get it! Not only is this the best film to be released in the year 2000, it is the best movie about the rock scene of the early 1970s that I have ever seen - period.
Although I was only about five years old when this story takes place, I'm fairly well read on the history of rock music. I have to admit that I caught absolutely zero historical inaccuracys during the course of the film. Cameron Crowe knows his stuff.
The film is well executed in every area - Direction, Writing, Casting, Acting, Cinematography, Editing, Soundtrack, et al. I've never felt more satisfied after shelling out eight bucks to see a film than I did after seeing A.F.
...and who cares that we have to wait a while for the "special edition director's cut" DVD. I already bought the current edition and I look forward to buying the director's cut as well.
Nuff Said - this film is a timeless classic and deserves all of the praise it's been getting.

Studio: Dreamworks Skg
Director: Cameron Crowe
Billy Crudup

DVD title: Point Blank
Productgroup: DVD
Point Blank - movie DVD cover picture

This film is one of the all-time greats! And now, it is FINALLY on DVD! I grabbed it up the first day (two days ago now) and watch it for the first time with commentary from Boorman with Steven Soderbergh. WOW! Great insight into the mind of the director and into the backstage mechanics of getting such a challenging film made! They talk scripts, lenses, character and locations and so much more. One really funny story is about how Boorman believes that the script that Gibson made Payback with closely resembles the script that Lee Marvin originally read, then threw out a window. Nice.

It's troubling that this DVD has gone into Special Order mode here on Amazon, just two days after its release. I know that there's not a lot of demand for this film (as tragic as that is), but come on!

One last thing: Look, don't buy this movie if you want the story handed to you, okay? If you like linear, A to B, B to C storytelling, this movie is not for you. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with this kind of storytelling, it's just not what you'll find in Point Blank.

But if you want to stretch your ideas of what story can be, definitely take a look at this film! And if you do, just remember...this story may or may not really take may just be all in someone's mind.

Studio: Warner Home Video
Director: John Boorman
Lee Marvin
Angie Dickinson

DVD title: Spider-Man 2 (Widescreen Special Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Spider-Man 2 (Widescreen Special Edition) - movie DVD cover picture

(...)I got my chance this morning at 10am, the opening day for the greatest superhero movie ever.
It really is that good. So far out of 98 reviews at rottentomatoes, only 4 were negative. The complaints are directed at the seemingly retelling of the first movie. However, I (and most people) see these scenes as resolving the issues of the first film. Not all the issues, but fans of Peter and MJ's relationship will no doubt leave satisfied. Everything happened at a perfect pace that evolved naturally and seamless.
Most reviewers have pointed out that the real hero in this movie is not Spiderman, but the guy who wears the mask. It would have been so easy to just fill this flick with mindless action but here, Raimi treats the audience like they're more than brainless popcorn munching sheep.
But the action is, quite frankly, some of the best I've ever seen. The elevated train sequence is arguably the most intense action sequence ever conceived. A brutal battle ontop the train culminates with the controls destroyed and heading towards certain doom. Watch as Spiderman becomes more man than superhero. This scene in particular is incredible because it shows Spiderman as a simple person trying to fighting against impossible odds. How can he stop the train from diving into the river? It's not just his powers that rectifies the situation, it's his heart. After pushing himself BEYOND the limit in a sequence that I guarentee no one saw coming, Peter collapses from exhaustion, only to slowly reawaken and helped to his feet by bystanders. Barely able to stay conscious, he prepares to continue the battle against his inbeatable opponent. Absolutely perfect.
Anyway, look for another cameo by fanfave, Bruce Campbell. A hilarious elevator ride with Hal Sparks. And Spiderman creator, Stan Lee, reprises his cameo roll from the first film as 'bystander who saves another bystander'. Also, if you ever heard that Toby Maguire almost didn't sign on to the sequal because of back injuries, you'll enjoy an obvious mocking of himself as Peter stumbles away from a fall complaing of back pain.
Go see this movie.

Studio: Columbia Tri-Star
Director: Sam Raimi
Tobey Maguire
Kirsten Dunst
Alfred Molina

DVD title: Sleepy Hollow
Productgroup: DVD
Sleepy Hollow - movie DVD cover picture

I am not narmally a fan of any horror movies, but this is definetly an exception. The storyline is not just a killer going mad either. There is a reason. I also thought the effects were AWESOME. The acting was good as well. I highly recommend seeing it when you get a chance!

Studio: Paramount Studio
Director: Tim Burton
Johnny Depp
Christina Ricci

DVD title: GTO - Betrayal (Vol. 5)
Productgroup: DVD
GTO - Betrayal (Vol. 5) - movie DVD cover picture
Good addition!

Of course you won't understand if you haven't seen the other volumes then you wouldn't understand. Onizuka and the gang go through another on of his adventures again. Don't miss out. A lot of laughs ahead. GTO is probably my favorite anime series.

Studio: Tokyopop Inc

DVD title: You Can Count On Me
Productgroup: DVD
You Can Count On Me - movie DVD cover picture
Not a standard Hollywood movie...

This movie is definitely not your traditional hollywood movie. Its not about special effects, or big drama or even overwrought emotionality. Rather, this is about real people, struggling to find a path in life. Its a tale of humanity.
Laura Linney turns in a performance that deserved an Oscar nomination as Sammy, sister to Mark Ruffalo's character Terry. At a young age, Sammy and Terry were emotionally scarred by their parents sudden death. As they grew up, rootless Terry took off to explore life outside of their small town, and Sammy settled down - she got married and divorced, had a child, and began working at the local bank.
After one long extended disappearance, Terry shows up again at the home that they both own, asking Sammy for money. But then things begin to change as Terry winds up staying with Sammy and her son Rudy for a visit. Slowly Terry begins to act as a male father-like influence on Rudy, spending time with the sheltered young boy, trying to teach him "that life sucks". Meanwhile, Sammy begins to let her hair down again by impulsively starts an affair with her detestable boss, and her steady boyfriend proposes.
A study in human contrasts, You Can Count on Me wound up touching me in both predictable and odd moments. Such as when Sammy cries out, during one confrontation, "I wish Mom was here." Or when she kicks him out for what he does to them. Even as he lashes out wrongly at Rudy, Terry's immaturity kicks you in the solar plexus. What really got to me was the fact that even as Sammy was Terrys anchor to stability, Terry is Sammy's anchor to a constant enduring bond.
This movie doesn't have a happy ending- or an unhappy ending. Rather, it has what I call a life ending. That is, it ends in such a way that you have to remember that life does keep going, and you have to life life on your own terms.
This movie is definitely one of the best movies I've seen this year. I'd recommend it for people who want real characters and excellent acting.

Studio: Paramount Home Video
Director: Kenneth Lonergan
Laura Linney
Matthew Broderick

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