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DVD title: Gods and Generals
Productgroup: DVD
Gods and Generals - movie DVD cover picture
Undeniably the best movie of our time

I know some critics will argue with me about my rating. Some may argue about what I have to say too, but this movie was better than the movie, Gettysburg. It portrays Stonewall so very well...the brilliant strategist that he was and the deep abiding faith he held for his Christian beliefs. And so, yankees and atheists will not care for this movie; however, I as a Christian southerner, born and raised in the Bible belt of the south absolutely love it and cannot wait for the sequel. If you want to see a movie that is politically correct, this movie is not for you. If you want to see a movie that is historically factual, you will love this movie as much as I do. If I could give it more than five stars, I would. God bless Ron Maxwell. I believe this is a movie that belongs in everyone's collection.--Kay Davenport Barr

Studio: Warner Home Video
Director: Ronald F. Maxwell
Jeff Daniels
Stephen Lang
Robert Duvall

DVD title: Family Business -The Complete First Season
Productgroup: DVD
Family Business -The Complete First Season - movie DVD cover picture
a show unlike any other

I can safely say that there is no other show out there like this one. You might be sick of reality shows, but this one is worth it. Hey, let's face it, most of us have seen adult entertainment at one point or another. Going behind the scenes is amazing. You get to see a director set up the scenes, you get to see how someone gets into the adult entertainment business for the first time, you get to see what the guys go through to perform, you get to see what happens between takes... you get to see it all, basically. And even better than all that, you get to see Cousin Stevie and his questionable business practices, which is by far the most hilarious part of the show.
The DVD is a bit pricey--you're only getting 8 episodes--but I'm buying it anyway.

Studio: Showtime Entertainme
Adam Glasser

DVD title: The Muse
Productgroup: DVD
The Muse - movie DVD cover picture
Albert Brooks is fantastic once again

Summary: Albert Brooks' genius shines again.
Albert Brooks again shows why he's the best director and writer in America. Like Defending Your Life and Mother, The Muse is packed with insight, heart and originality. A Hollywood writer who (the suits claim) has lost his Edge, turns in desperation to a professional "muse." Sharon Stone plays this role just right - deliciously flaky, but heartrending, too, for her ability to activate others' potential, but inability to realize her own (how many of us play this role, believing our role is to encourage and inspire others, but never jump-starting our own dreams -- I never thought about this until I saw the movie). Albert Brooks and Andy MacDowell are also wonderful.Their bumpy search for the meaning of success is poignant, inspiring and, in true Brooks fashion, hilarious. Albert Brooks has most decidedly not lost his edge. I can't wait for his next one.

Studio: Usa Films
Director: Albert Brooks
Albert Brooks
Sharon Stone

DVD title: The Lost Boys
Productgroup: DVD
The Lost Boys - movie DVD cover picture

Okay, it's a teen flick. It's manufactured to sell (young hunks, beautiful women, weird humour, vampires!) but it's still good. There isn't a lot to say about this one. I think you have to watch it to appreciate it, and it's definately aimed at the younger generation (cue 500 e-mails from over 40's telling me that I'm being ageist). Best soundtrack as well...wish it included the Run DMC / Aerosmith song played by the punks at the campfire (remember them? they were the fireside meal for the vampire gang). Get this movie and you'll fight to keep it out of your VCR.

Studio: Warner Studios
Director: Joel Schumacher
Jason Patric
Corey Haim

DVD title: The Crossing
Productgroup: DVD
The Crossing - movie DVD cover picture

I love this movie! Except for the exploding shells I find it to be very believable and extremely enjoyable. The dialogue is interesting (Howard Fast's work) and the acting is good. The settings and props add to the authenticity.
I noticed that the "making of" documentary shows that the movie was shot in widescreen. I am disappointed that the DVD did not have this version.
I hope A&E or others will make more Rev. War movies like this one. Enjoy!!!

Studio: A & E Home Video
Director: Robert Harmon

DVD title: Dangerous Beauty
Productgroup: DVD
Dangerous Beauty - movie DVD cover picture

It was at the end of the age of courtesans in Venice! This is the tale of Veronica Franco. Based on a true story of the legendary courtesan and poet who seduced the highest ranking officians of Venice, the King of France and demanded respect for being who she was. Discovering that she is too poor to wed, she has three choices: become a ladies maid, join a nunnery or become a courtesan. Her mother, a former courtesan, taught her the tricks of the trade - so to speak - and upon learning that she would be given the chance to learn and read and gain an education Veronica learned her lessons - all of them - with relish! It was a delight to watch Catherine McCormack as Veronica, Rufus Sewell was surprisingly charming and the ever-present Oliver Platt even had his moments! When people start dying of the plague and the church starts looking for who to blame - courtesans are targeted. Veronica herself is forced to stand trial. This is a tale of something that goes deeper than simple romance, but rather LOVE. Passion is just the bonus!

Studio: Warner Studios
Director: Marshall Herskovitz
Catherine McCormack
Rufus Sewell

DVD title: Thomas The Tank Engine And Friends - New Friends For Thomas
Productgroup: DVD
Thomas The Tank Engine And Friends - New Friends For Thomas - movie DVD cover picture
Gr8 tomas vidoe!!!

I likd this tomas movy. It wuz good. I thot that the nu trans were clo. Spncer gets stucks on a hlill and Gordon willlove this mvoi. I jsut rote a rview.

Studio: Anchor Bay Entertainment
Director: David Mitton

DVD title: The Money Pit
Productgroup: DVD
The Money Pit - movie DVD cover picture
This movie had me on the floor

I feel this is one of Tom Hanks & Shelley Longs' funniest roles. I loved this movie because it hits home with me & maybe with anyone that has purchased a older home. I still makes me smile no matter how many times I've viewed it. Great bit of fun!

Studio: Universal Studios Ho
Director: Richard Benjamin
Tom Hanks
Shelley Long

DVD title: Grand Hotel
Productgroup: DVD
Grand Hotel - movie DVD cover picture
Excellent Classic Film on DVD

I absolutely adore this movie! The cast is exceptional.

I instantly fell in love with Joan Crawford; I liked that she was beautiful, witty, and yet coyly aware of living outside the box. Her clothes were beautiful and compliamented the art deco hotel. I really wish she would have stuck with the thin eyebrows; she was so much prettier in the 30s.

I also fell in love with Lionel Barrymore who I have never seen in a film since that topped his performance as Kringelein. It was so easy to feel sorry for him, to love him, and to want to take care of him. He was wonderful and I really feel like the story is almost about him, not everyone together. He was sort of tied to everyone except Grusinskaya.

Wally Beery was good as Preysing. I don't believe he was so dislikable as he thought the character to be. His scenes are actually somewhat boring. I can sympathize with Preysing though. I heard he was the only character allowed to have a German accent which was a stipulation to getting him to stay on the project.

I hated Greta Garbo and her over-acting in the film. As a ballerina, she was somewhat believable because she was so tall, but she DID look awkward in the dress. I think that a lot of the reason why her scenes seemed so dramatic and overly played was because of the way the film was edited. There are scenes of her that begin with her violently spinning around and blurting out a dramatic line. She also cradles the phone and talks to it. And what kills me is the way she constantly furrows her forehead and those eyebrows! Egad!

I read the book by Vikki Baum, the translation into English of course, and I really think that it is a great novel that was adapted well but stands on its own. There are so many pieces of it that cannot be translated into film. I think that maybe Garbo knowing the motives behind her character had a right to overact but because the audience did not know her thoughts did not understand her protrayal of Grusinkaya.

I thought that John Barrymore was good enough was the Baron von Geigern although the character itself does not stand out much. It was cool to see that brothers played in the same film together.

It seems crazy to me now that Garbo and Crawford were so childish about each other but stories about their fights make me laugh. Supposedly, Garbo hated Marlene Dietrich and tardiness about the same amount so Crawford came late to the set just to bug Garbo (which I find somewhat hard to believe because Crawford was so efficient about everything) and she also played Dietrich records loudly. The pranks they played on each other just make me laugh horribly. They were like junior high school kids.

I do like that so many big name stars were cast together to create sort of a phenomenon. I don't like the way the system is used today because it is like people who are not famous cannot get good roles, but back then, it sort of refreshed the screen to occasionally see a film that featured many stars. The only other film I can really think of besides Grand Hotel that is noted for using this is Dinner at Eight which is sort of the answer to the success of Grand Hotel.

The DVD is awesome; it included footage of stars attending the premiere. For an older film, any extra features are exciting. The DVD also includes a parody of the movie which was well made.

Studio: Warner Home Video
Director: Edmund Goulding
Greta Garbo
John Barrymore
Joan Crawford

DVD title: Requiem for a Dream - Director's Cut
Productgroup: DVD
Requiem for a Dream - Director's Cut - movie DVD cover picture
Requiem that was worhty of a dream?

Having seen this film during an existenialism through modern cinmetography lecture, where I first expereinced this truely monumetally life changing experience I was forced to purchase this work of art.
The first time I was lucky enough, and I do sincerely feel blessed having seen this film due to the way it has altered my perseption of society, I was so blown away that I found it almost impossible to leave my darken room for 3 days due to the way that it rocked the foundations of my belief structure.
Never before have i born witness to such existentialist neo-facist post-modern reivalist impressionistic cubism.
I feel that the final irony created by this, surely once in a life time experience, was that I manifested an addiction for it and the way that it was able to alter my perceptions in much the same way that drugs altered the characters.
In conclusion I would like to thank all of the people involved in the production of this film for allowing my eyes to be opened, I truly now feel that I can begin to live. Thankyou for unleashing eternal liberation on my soul.

Studio: Lions Gate Home Entertainment
Director: Darren Aronofsky
Ellen Burstyn
Jared Leto

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