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DVD title: Unfaithfully Yours
Productgroup: DVD
Unfaithfully Yours - movie DVD cover picture
Unbelievably funny!

If you like Dudley Moore, don't miss this movie. When Claude Eastman (played by Dudley Moore) thinks his beautiful new bride is having an affair, Eastman becomes crazed with the thought and plans to murder both his wife and her "lover." What follows will leave you rolling on the floor with laughter.

Studio: Fox Home Entertainme
Director: Howard Zieff
Dudley Moore
Nastassja Kinski
Armand Assante

DVD title: Escaflowne - The Series (Limited Edition Boxed Set)
Productgroup: DVD
Escaflowne - The Series (Limited Edition Boxed Set) - movie DVD cover picture
I love this series!

I watched this entire series completely mystified by the creative and interesting story. It is magical to watch with the dragonhearted machines and Van the adventurous and at times obsessive hero. Hitomi is a young girl that finds herself zap into another world. She believes that she is in love with one man and finds in the end that he was never the one for her. This series is full of just about everything that a person could want out of a story. It has war scenes, fighting scenes with swords, love, evil,mystery, suspense,and fantasy. It shows the struggle to win out over evil and see the world more clearly.
Hitomi finds out that she is powerful and stonger than she could have ever imagined. This story is delivered with style and patience. The music is beautiful and uplifting. Usually I say that if the music sucks and seems out of place that 9 times out of 10 your watching a bad anime. But sometimes I'm wrong, most times I'm right on the money! Watch this series if you want to see the absolute best in anime!

Studio: Pioneer Video
Kazuki Akane

DVD title: Tremors
Productgroup: DVD
Tremors - movie DVD cover picture
Guess you broke into the wrong damn rec room, didn't ya!

In "Tremors," as you know, massive underground worms threaten to devour everyone in a small redneck town. I'm sure Freud would've loved it!
You'll love it too, if you have a penchant for cheerfully profane horror/comedy. "Tremors" is a delight, from the slightly bickering (and somewhat homoerotic) performances of Kevin Bacon and Fred Ward, to the offbeat casting, to the clever dialogue ("What kind of fuse is that?" "Cannon fuse." "What the hell do you use it for?" "My cannon."), to the worms themselves, which are totally convincing, if not all that scary.
It adds up to a wonderful waste of a couple hours. Is "Tremors" for you? Well, put it this way: if you're not interesting in seeing Steven Keaton and Reba McEntire blast the hell out of a massive worm from their underground arsenal, well, I just don't know how to talk to you.

Studio: Universal Studios
Director: Ron Underwood
Kevin Bacon

DVD title: The Bar Method Body 2-Pack (Fat Free / Designer Sculpting)
Productgroup: DVD
The Bar Method Body 2-Pack (Fat Free / Designer Sculpting) - movie DVD cover picture
The only exercise you'll ever need

Don't bother with anything else - this is it. If you want serious change in your body, this is what will do it for you. The moves are simple, though it may take a try or two to get the hang of the basic form (the "tuck"). Once, you do, it's a breeze. The variety makes the time fly. The first time I tried these DVDs, I was skeptical that they would do anything for my body because the moves are so small and simple. I was astounded with the results. Doing these exercises shattered my weight plateau, brought me to my target weight and measurements within three weeks, and has increased my overall health, energy, and happiness. If you care at all about getting and staying fit, this is the product for you. Anyone can do it. There is even a modified version of each move designed to accommodate those with back problems. My experience with the Bar Method has been phenomenal. I feel more in touch with my body than ever, and I really enjoy exercising now. I don't have to force myself to work out - I really want to. Take it from me - I've tried every diet and exercise regimen imaginable. This is the only one that has given me the results I wanted - mind, body, and spirit. Do yourself a favor. Start Bar Method now.

Studio: Goldhil Home Media I
Burr Leonard

DVD title: Wuthering Heights
Productgroup: DVD
Wuthering Heights - movie DVD cover picture
A Romantic Masterpiece

I don't care if this picture isn't faithful to the novel; accept it for what it is, a beautifully acted movie that tugs at your heart. I became an Olivier fan after seeing this performance, and I don't believe his performance is over-the-top, as some may say. The finale where Heathcliffe is at Cathy's deathbed gets to me EVERY time, and I never walk away dry-eyed. One of my all-time favorites.

Studio: Hbo Studios
Director: William Wyler
Merle Oberon
Laurence Olivier

DVD title: Gundam Wing the Movie - Endless Waltz (Special Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Gundam Wing the Movie - Endless Waltz (Special Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
Maniacal Child Takes Over Universe....

This was the wonderous conclusion to a thoughtfully deep series about space kids going around and blowing stuff up. The best is that the daughter of a dead war leader is now positioning herself to lead an army to take over the planet earth, and the space colonies, as well. This story is the conclusion of the gundam wing saga and relates to the relevance of human suffering and war. Powerfull musical score and a somewhat twisted ending make this a beautiful addition to any anime collectors library. Highly recomended. Two Dons up.

Studio: Pioneer Video

DVD title: Friends - The Complete Second Season
Productgroup: DVD
Friends - The Complete Second Season - movie DVD cover picture
Friends Series 2

All of the other reviews do so much to fill in exactly what is on these discs for this season. However there are so many other funny, funny moments that are included in these shows that i had to take a moment and fill in some of the rest of the things that are on these DVD's but not listed.

Included in these episodes are:

1. Chandler's having a "problem with touching" with Joey's tailor.

2. Ross feeling jealous about the breast milk and pouring some on his arm and then being unable to do anything about it takes a towel and wipes it off and storms out.

3. The funny scene from the baby on the bus where Chandler and Joey are deciding to flip for which baby to take home and Chandler says "what kind of scary *** clowns came to your birthday parties.

4. Ross and Julie on the phone saying "no you hang up, no you hang up" and Rachel, unable to take it anymore, grabs the phone from Ross and hangs up.

I was rolling on the floor laughing watching these and although the descriptions for the shows give you a lot of insight into which show you are getting, the other precious, funny moments that are included in these episodes as subplots are just unreal. Just thought I would share with you.

This is a SUPERB season of Friends and you will LOVE it. ENJOY!!

Studio: Warner Home Video
Lisa Kudrow

DVD title: Vanilla Sky
Productgroup: DVD
Vanilla Sky - movie DVD cover picture
Vanilla Sky Shows us why we don't want other spices.

The title of this masterpiece may be Vanilla Sky, but the movie itself is far from Vanilla. It is unfortunate that there are going to be countless bad reviews about the complicated plot, lack of mainstream appeal, and so on. The movie is based on an inherently rich young playboy who is focused on nothing and everything as long as it means fun for David Aames (Tom Cruise). Of course, like most films the playboy is the recipient of a good old-fashioned dose of love. It seems David has a new purpose and vision all in one night (and he didn't even have sex). His life takes a wicked twist when a not-so-ex girlfriend drives Cruise and herself off a bridge, leaving the playboy disfigured. The audience and Cruise are then catapulted into a world where reality and dreams melt together, and the only answers seem to be questions. A plethora of questions like, what is love? What does appearance mean? How important is appearance "really" to us? How much of our lives are an illusion, or the result of our perception? Crowe does a great job of providing us the opportunity to experience the confusion of trying to sort it all out right along with Tom. We, like Cruise, are confronted with the option to continue with the painful process of trying to sort it out or utopia, and can we live with our decisions however real or illusory they are? The film has so many twists and hard questions that upon conclusion we are longing to get back to the taste of our Vanilla lives, which makes the movie so great. If you like to be swept away, forget about reality, and be challenged the film like Monet's' masterpiece will inspire the dark corners of you mind. Isn't that why they call film making an art?
The Crew
Tom Cruise - Brilliant, his best movie to datePenelope Cruz - Very GoodCameron Diaz - Not a big role but good performanceKurt Russell - Very good performance
Director Cameron Crowe - Should put him on the map with artistic talents like Spielberg, Kubrick, Scorsese, and Burton.

Studio: Paramount Home Video
Director: Cameron Crowe
Tom Cruise
Penélope Cruz

DVD title: The Usual Suspects
Productgroup: DVD
The Usual Suspects - movie DVD cover picture
And like that - he's gone.

San Pedro: the aftermath of what looks like a huge explosion dockside. The burning wreckage of a boat and the charred remains of bodies are being dragged out of the harbour by the authorities. It seems like the classic heist gone wrong scenario: five criminals trigger bloody mayhem in attempting to hijack the exchange of [money amount] worth of cocaine between Argentine and Hungarian gangsters. Only two men escape with their lives, one of the Hungarian gangsters, Arkosh Kovash, and Roger "Verbal" Kint (Kevin Spacey in superb form), one of the five hijackers, and a cripple to boot.
In Bryan Singer's masterful directorial debut we learn how, six weeks earlier, the five men (Gabriel Byrne, Kevin Pollak, Stephen Baldwin, Benicio del Torro and Spacey) came together in the film's most famous scene - the police identity parade. The Usual Suspects line up for what turns out to be a trumped up police charge which none of them will admit to being implicated in. Locked up in the same cell for the night, they proceed to hatch a plot to rob New York's finest taxi service, a ring of corrupt cops who take bribes from criminals in return for immunity. Only Dean Keaton (the ever impressive Byrne) wants nothing to do with this plan. An ex cop turned criminal, with a reputation for absolute ruthlessness, Keaton is under investigation by FBI agent Dave Kujan (Chazz Palminteri) despite his attempts to go straight. Keaton and Verbal are already acquainted after meeting in prison some years earlier, but Verbal is unknown to the others, and they will only include him in the job if Keaton is on board as well.
Through Kujan's interrogation of Kint we learn of the unfolding events and how he persuaded Keaton to become involved. The one flaw that each man shares is that he is addicted to committing crime, and predictably after the taxi service heist the men take on another job hijacking a consignment of diamonds. Unfortunately for them, they get involved with the wrong people and soon find themselves forced into taking on what seems like another, suicidal, job.
It becomes clear that there is more to the story than Verbal is letting on, but every time Kujan seems to be getting close to the truth, Kint goes off at a tangent. In parallel to this thread is the interrogation of the horrifically maimed Kovash, who is clearly dying, but before lapsing into unconsciousness in hospital manages to utter the name of the man who seems to be responsible for the carnage in San Pedro, "Keyser Soze".
The name inspires utter terror in Kovash and when Kujan mentions it to Kint, the same terror seems to take hold of him. Reluctantly, Verbal explains the myth of Keyser Soze - a mysterious underworld figure who every criminal has heard about, but whom nobody knows. Legend has it that back in the days when Soze was a relatively minor criminal in Hungary he butchered his own family rather than surrender to the local mob, proceeded to hunt down and kill his persecutors and their families, and then vanished, becoming a kind of bogey man for other criminals who, if they crossed him, inevitably came to a gruesome end.
A razor sharp script by Christopher McQuarrie (which won an Oscar for best screenplay), brilliantly taut and suspenseful direction and a fine ensemble cast make The Usual Suspects an electrifying experience. It possesses all the components to make it one of the best thrillers in recent memory, and will literally have you on the edge of your seat. The fiendishly confusing plot will leave you struggling in its wake and the ending is a stroke of sheer, twisted brilliance. Marvellous.

Studio: Mgm/Ua Studios
Director: Bryan Singer
Gabriel Byrne
Kevin Spacey
Chazz Palminteri

DVD title: Idle Hands
Productgroup: DVD
Idle Hands - movie DVD cover picture
Gory SFX and silly gags abound in this pot-filled film.

I find it such a shame that Sony did not delay the release of this film due to the Columbine tragedy. I'm certain that this hilarious slasher would have made a more than respectable gross. The film certainly differs from other run-of-the-mill slasher 'teen' movies, the characters were actually amusing rather than irritating, the make-up was fantastic and the end result was hilarious. Two thumbs up.

Studio: Columbia/Tristar Studios
Director: Rodman Flender
Devon Sawa
Seth Green
Elden Henson

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