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DVD title: Heavenly Creatures
Productgroup: DVD
Heavenly Creatures - movie DVD cover picture
Unbelievable film!

This movie speaks so well of teenage angst- but at an angle sorely neglected in Hollywood. Two teenage girls who form an emotional, physical and what is for them- a very spiritual bond. They are (as often happened in those days especially) deemed to be "diseased" because they were homosexual. Parents scramble to seperate the girls, which causes deep resentment and frustration. Adding further to the problem, are the odd habits and ways of one girl's family. Shocks there alone, enough to send the young girl off balance.
It is horrible that these events culminated in such a tragedy.. but the director here allows the story to encompass us entirely. He does not "interfere" if you will, and allows the girls story to play out quite well.

Studio: Miramax Home Video
Director: Peter Jackson
Melanie Lynskey
Kate Winslet
Sarah Peirse

DVD title: Imitation of Life
Productgroup: DVD
Imitation of Life - movie DVD cover picture
Well written with great actors.

I found the movie very heartfelt, but not uncommon in this day and time. Susan Kohner was great in the movie and her role was very memorable. Ms. Moore's role was good, and humbling.
As always, Lana Turner always make the parts she plays very believable. I've seen her and Sandra Dee play in several movies together. All of their movies are definitely worth watching repeatedly.

Studio: Universal Studios Ho
Director: Douglas Sirk
Lana Turner
John Gavin

DVD title: Airport Terminal Pack (Airport/Airport '75/Airport '77/Airport '79 - The Concord)
Productgroup: DVD
Airport Terminal Pack (Airport/Airport '75/Airport '77/Airport '79 - The Concord) - movie DVD cover picture
Get on board and fasten your seat belts.

This is a very good deal. Finally you'll get the chance to have the whole collection in just one pack, separated in two DVD's. Also the price is very good considering that you're purchasing 4 movies for less than 20 Dollars.
Movie #1: AIRPORT (1970)
This movie received 10 Oscar nominations in 1970, including Best Picture. The special effects are very good, but don't imagine special effects like Titanic, there are almost 20 years of difference. This story is about a Boeing 707 flight from Chicago to Rome and in the passenger list there is a man whois broke and gets an insureance for the trip so he gets on board with explosives to blow the plane so his family could claim the insurance.There are other stories in this movie like an old woman stowaway and the unexpected pregnancy of the captain's flight attendant mistress.
Movie #2: AIRPORT 1975 (1974)
This movie is not as good as the first one but it's good anyway.The story is about a flight of a Boeing 747 that in the middle of the flight crashes with a small private plane leaving no captain and first officer, so the senior flight attendant has to be in charge of the cockpit until an expert pilot gets on board in the middle of the air from another plane (something almost incredible to show back in 1975).
Movie #3: AIRPORT '77 (1977)
Another story about a Boeing 747 but this time is a private flight from an art collector who's carring several millions in paintings. So some workers in the plane plan to make sleep the VIP passengers with gaz so they can steal the artworks but everything goes wrong when then the automatic pilot crashes one wing with a petrol base in the Atlantic making the plane go under the ocean. So a rescue team have to save the pasengers who are 200 feet underwater before the airplanes cracks with the water pressure.
Movie #4: THE CONCORDE: AIRPORT '79 (1979)In my opinion this is the best one. The story is a bit crazy but very good making you be glued to the screen. It's about a nuclear weapons expert who plans to destroy the Concorde with missiles because his lover who happened to be a jurnalist has in her power documents that revealed his secret operations, so the pilot and captain have to skip the missiles and then prevent the damaged aircraft from breaking and crashing the French Alps.
You'll find First Class actors in all the movies including: Burt Lancaster, Dean Martin, Jacqueline Bisset, Charlton Heston, Karen Black, Gloria Swanson, Linda Blair, Jack Lemmon, Lee Grant, Alain Delon, Roberto Wagner and George Kennedy who appears in all the movies.I really like this movies, they are very interesting and another thing that I like very much in this movies is that you can notice how we have changed our concept of travelling, now it's something normal and usual but you'll see that everybody in the movies are so excited because they're going to be inside of a plane and everyone is very elegant.

Studio: Universal Studios Ho
Jack Lemmon

DVD title: Rush - Rush in Rio
Productgroup: DVD
Rush - Rush in Rio - movie DVD cover picture
Don`t know what you are talking about

All the 2 or 1 stars reviews sucks. All this people complain about the crowd noise and the cameras rollin on the crowd, and Geddy`s voice can`t hear it, BLA BLA BLA. I guess they haven`t (and never will) find the esence of this masterpiece. You all are people that are used to go to the theater, sit on the chairs, listen the concert, a flew claps when it`s over the song, and go back to your home. The fans you see here have waited for 30 years to see their heroes that have inspired their lives. How can you shut up a 40,000 crowd that is singin every lyric, every note, every beat with all his guts? This was a tour for Americans (and don`t mean Canada or US, I mean Mexico, Central America, South America) I`m sorry but that`s an experience you`ll never feel (even if you were at a Rush Concert). That feelin is something that only Alex, Geddy and Neil and the fans that were there know it. Like Neil said: "This is not an ordinary audience". How do I know it? I WAS THERE

Studio: Rounder
Director: Daniel E. Catullo

DVD title: Buffy the Vampire Slayer - The Complete Second Season
Productgroup: DVD
Buffy the Vampire Slayer - The Complete Second Season - movie DVD cover picture

This is an exceptionally great dvd collection. The acting is incredible and the story is captivating.
The Second Season of Buffy, I believe, is the most pivotal moment in the history of the show. It is the season where Buffy actually becomes Buffy. It's the season where she comes into her own and becomes her own person. She also falls in love for the first time with explanation needed! In this season, Buffy comes to understand that what she does in life has in equal effect on her and that when nobody is there to help her and she is completely alone, all she needs is herself.
Nothing can truly describe how wonderful this dvd collection is. The only way to comprehend it is to watch it. It is charming, funny, sad, powerful, and worth every penny.

Studio: Twentieth Century Fox Home Video
Joss Whedon
Seth Green
Charisma Carpenter
Sarah Michelle Gellar
David Boreanaz

DVD title: Chopper Chicks in Zombietown
Productgroup: DVD
Chopper Chicks in Zombietown - movie DVD cover picture


Studio: Wea Corp
Director: Dan Hoskins

DVD title: Poltergeist
Productgroup: DVD
Poltergeist - movie DVD cover picture
An Extreme Classic

Poltergeist was a wonderful, thrilling movie! It provided terror and humor in one well-made movie. It starts out with a 5-year old girl's interaction with the "T.V. people" as she calls them.This girl, Carol-Anne, seems to know about these incidents as they happen such as moving chairs and other items.Eventually, she is sucked out of their "ordinary" house in to another world. While the rest of the family is struggling without her, Carol-Anne is trapped in a terrifying place which may have a certain evil presence. The family does hire specialists to help them. This includes a midget woman that seems to know all about this. I loved the way that this movie gave the chills whenever anything remotely eerie happened. Because this was my first horror movie, it will always remain a classic. There are also two sequels that I thought didn't compare to the first, yet they weren't the worst movies I've seen. I totally recommend this to anyone who likes thrill and terror.

Studio: Turner Entertainment
Director: Tobe Hooper
JoBeth Williams
Heather O'Rourke

DVD title: Weird Al Yankovic - The Ultimate Video Collection
Productgroup: DVD
Weird Al Yankovic - The Ultimate Video Collection - movie DVD cover picture
Weird AL DVD

Man, if you are the big fan of Weird AL...then you should get this! Not only has Close Caption which that helps me alot to understand what its saying and I can enjoy more with this DVD!
Thanks guys! You did it again! Woot!

Studio: Bmg Distribution (VI
Al Yankovic

DVD title: Dirty Dancing (Collector's Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Dirty Dancing (Collector's Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
Future Release?

I loved Dirty Dancing from the first time I saw it over a decade ago. This movie is what made Patrick Swayze hot for me (I was a teenager when it came out). I think what makes this movie so great is it's outstanding music. It makes you want to dance! I am puzzled, however, that it is in the future release section. I already own the Collector's Edition version and have for some time. At first I thought, "Oh great, they are re-releasing a DVD I already own and they're putting other neat stuff on it-something which seems to happen ALOT (I.e.: American Pie, The Mummy, Pretty Woman, etc..)." I'm happy to report that the copy I have is the same as the one being released in January, 2002. The behind the scenes "stuff" makes switching to DVD's a very smart decision, indeed.

Studio: Artisan Entertainment
Director: Emile Ardolino
Jennifer Grey
Patrick Swayze

DVD title: The Elephant Man
Productgroup: DVD
The Elephant Man - movie DVD cover picture
If this movie does not move you, then somethings wrong!

This is probably one of the more sad movies I have ever seen. I know a movie is good when I can see it more than once and still be moved. The acting is great, Hurt is totally convincing as Joseph Merrick.(Called John Merrick in the movie). The fact that this movie did not win any Oscars is mind boggling, but what do you expect from the Hollywood elite. They could not allow a new director (Lynch) to get any sort of recognition. Best picture that year went to Ordinary People...??????????? Though the story has been changed a bit, Lynch does a very good job of showing how horrible Merrick's life was. Horrible, yet amazing when you think about the way he has touched so many of us. It is extremely moving watching Merrick react to humane treatment, friendship and love with tears and overwhelming joy. To think a ladies smile and politeness would bring a tear to Merrick's eye is very telling and it give the viewer and idea of how hard his life must of been.

Studio: Paramount Home Video
Director: David Lynch
Anthony Hopkins
John Hurt

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