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DVD title: Nine Inch Nails Live - And All That Could Have Been (DTS)
Productgroup: DVD
Nine Inch Nails Live - And All That Could Have Been (DTS) - movie DVD cover picture

This is the most amazing music DVD I've seen! I have a surround sound system, and I feel like I'm actually at the show every time I watch it. Leave it to Trent to get the best possible sound! Also, find the "Easter Egg!" It's definatley worth the hunt! I strongly recommend this DVD to any NIN fan! Fantastic!!!

Studio: Universal Music & VI
Director: Rob Sheridan (II)

DVD title: KISS: Animalized Live and Uncensored
Productgroup: DVD
KISS: Animalized Live and Uncensored - movie DVD cover picture
The Show rocks

First of all, don't listen to the loser who is reviewing from his GARAGE from FLORIDA. A reviewer from Florida in a Garage with greasy overalls and named 'BUBBA' is not a fan, thats scary. He just wants to be cool. KISS were thriving at this time and kicking butt doing it.They were on the road promoting the PLATIMUM selling album "Animalize". Two original members are gone at this point and Bruce Kulick (The one "GOOBER" criticized) had not been in the band a week and he was adjusting to being in KISS. For the time recorded and the point KISS were in KISSTORY the DVD is a must in your library, as a real KISS fan and not a mechanic, I bought the video in 1985 when released and I still watch it every now and then and get off everytime. Klassic without makeup KISS!

Studio: Super D / Phantom So

DVD title: The Simpsons - The Complete Third Season
Productgroup: DVD
The Simpsons - The Complete Third Season - movie DVD cover picture
Morphing Into A Legend By Season Three

Of the first three seasons of The Simpsons, Season 3 is definitely my favourite. This show has been running for so many years now, that it was clear from the start that it would gradually get better and better by each season. For example, the show didn't peak in Season 2 or 3 like most shows do; it only continued to get stronger through Seasons 4, 5, 6 and 7. This is the point where a lot of television shows are packing it up and calling it a day because the show isn't as good as it was in its early years. Not the case with The Simpsons. By Season 3, the show was the most popular cartoon in the world and had infiltrated popular culture in a way that was completely unprecedented. If Matt Groening and his team of devoted writers had actually lifted their heads from their drawing boards, they would have surely been shocked at the impact of their creation.

Season 3 opens with "Stark Raving Dad," where Homer is sent to a mental institution and meets Michael Jackson, just not as we imagine him! It's also Lisa's birthday and her present is one she could never have dreamt of. In "Mr. Lisa Goes To Washington," Lisa gets involved in politics after winning an essay writing contest, and soon learns the injustice of the big world. In "When Flanders Failed," Ned Flanders opens a store devoted to merchandise for left-handers. Homer secretly wishes his store will fail, and has to rectify the problem when it does. "Bart The Murderer" sees Bart become a Goodfella and getting into all sorts of trouble, while the rest of his classmates are out enjoying a field trip to a chocolate factory. In "Homer Defined," Milhouse begins avoiding Bart because his mother says Bart is a bad influence on him. Meanwhile, Homer inadvertently saves the nuclear power plant from a meltdown.

In "Like Father, Like Clown," Bart and Lisa track down Krusty's rabbi father, whom he has not seen since his youth when he was shunned for wanting to make it big as a clown. In "Treehouse Of Horror II," a monkey's paw that grants wishes leads humanity to fall prey to sadistic space aliens. Bart also acquires incredible powers for mischief, which results in turning Homer into a giant Jack-in-the-Box. Finally, Mr. Burns puts Homer's brain into a robot, only to find that the robot is lazier than even the original Homer was! In "Lisa's Pony," Homer buys Lisa a pony after she is humiliated at a school concert because her sax doesn't work properly, even though Homer promised to buy her a new one. Homer gets a second job to afford the pony, but the long hours soon take their toll. In "Saturday's Of Thunder," Homer builds Bart a soapbox derby racer after he fails a quiz designed to test how well he knows his son. In "Flaming Moes," Homer gives Moe the idea for a new cocktail. Moe steals Homer's creation, and the cocktail becomes a huge, nationwide success. In "Burns Verkaufen Der Kraftwerk," Mr. Burns sells the power plant to a group of German investors for $100,000,000. They discover the plant is not all it seems, and are willing to sell it back to Burns, who is also desperate for his plant back.

In "I Married Marge," we are treated to a flashback to the early stages of Marge and Homer's marriage in a casino wedding chapel. In "Radio Bart," Bart receives a microphone for his birthday which he uses to play a prank on the town, in which he pretends to be a boy trapped down a well. In "Lisa The Greek," Homer discovers that Lisa has a great knack for picking football winners. He takes advantage of her 'powers' and wins tons of money from Moe through gambling. Lisa is upset when she realises his true aims, thinking that he actually wanted to spend quality time with her. In "Homer Alone," Marge has a breakdown in the middle of a bridge and decides to take a break to Rancho Relaxo. Bart and Lisa are left with Patty and Selma, while Homer must take care of Maggie. In "Bart The Lover," Mrs. Krabapple is searching for love in a local ad. Bart messes with her mind by pretending to be a fictious lover, but feels remorse when she is stood up on her date with her secret lover. In "Homer At The Bat," Homer rules the power plant softball team with his homemade baseball bat, until Mr. Burns hires a troop of professional baseball players to win a bet. They all fall victim to misfortune, however, and the game is left in Homer's hands.

In "Separate Vocations," school tests show that Lisa is destined to be a simple housewife and not the famous sax player she dreamed, while Bart is set to become a police man! He goes on to become the school hall monitor, while Lisa rebels against her previous goody attitude. In "Dog Of Death," The Simpsons discover their dog needs an expensive operation to survive. They didn't realise this to begin with, because lottery fever had gripped the nation, with a jackpot of $130,000,000. The family pay for the operation, but the dog runs away when they resent the cost of the op. In "Colonel Homer," Homer finds himself in a country-western bar after a big row with Marge, where he stumbles on Lurleen, a beautiful songstress. He gets her a record deal and she becomes a big star with him as her manager, but Homer must decide between his superstar and his family. In "Black Widower," evil Sideshow Bob reappears intent on marrying Selma. Everyone is happy for the marriage except Bart who sniffs trouble, and finally proves that Bob intends to murder his new bride for the money.

In "The Otto Show," Otto loses his license after a riotous visit to a Spinal Tap concert. He moves in with the Simpsons but is urged to get his job back. In "Bart's Friend Falls In Love," Milhouse falls madly in love with a new student, Samantha Stanky, after a sex education video at school. Bart's jealously drives them apart, landing Samantha in a Catholic School. The final episode of the season is "Brother, Can You Spare Two Dimes?" in which Homer's half-brother Herb Powell returns off the streets and attempts to resuscitate his sagging fortunes with an invention that allows babies to talk to adults. Mr. Burns discovers that Homer is sterile, and that he could sue the plant for millions. Instead, he presents Homer with a cheque for $2000 at a phoney awards ceremony. Herb begs for the money to invest into his new creation, and gives the Simpsons presents they've always wanted after it becomes a huge success.

This season is an incredible collection of 24 episodes, in which every single one is of superb quality. Most TV shows have at least a few rubbish episodes per season, but this is simply not the case for The Simpsons. The quality is astounding, and the minor characters add immensely to the feel of this show. Selma and Patty, Mr. Burns, Moe, Barney, the 'tortured soul' Krusty, Otto Man and Mrs. Krabapple are just some of my personal favourites. This DVD box set includes running commentaries for every single episode. I've not actually listened to any of them, because I've only just finished watching each episode on their own. I think it is a bit excessive to provide running commentaries for EVERY episode, but I guess there's so much genius that goes unnoticed in each episode that it would be criminal not to point them out! All in all, *essential* - nothing more. A must have!

Studio: Twentieth Century Fox Home Video
Dan Castellaneta

DVD title: Masters of the Universe
Productgroup: DVD
Masters of the Universe - movie DVD cover picture
Could you ask for anything more?

I must say I love this movie, though I also must say that at some points, we could've done without Dolph Lundgren as He-Man, but he does fit the part. Evil-Lyn was so much better than in the cartoon, and Skeletor was deliciously evil. Also an impressive debut for Courtney Cox. Who knew she'd make it this big?

Studio: Warner Studios
Director: Gary Goddard
Dolph Lundgren
Frank Langella

DVD title: Toy Story & Toy Story 2 (2 Pack)
Productgroup: DVD
Toy Story & Toy Story 2 (2 Pack) - movie DVD cover picture
Toy story 3

toy story is one of my best films ive ever seen i think that we should get toy story 3 then every one would be watching it and they would be engoying it so so much your sinceaelystephen j kumblubee

Studio: Disney/Pixar
Director: John Lasseter
Tom Hanks
Tim Allen

DVD title: Futurama, Vol. 3
Productgroup: DVD
Futurama, Vol. 3 - movie DVD cover picture
Can't get enough of that Futurama!

This is the third season, 22 episodes on 4 discs, with extras, audio commentary on all episodes and much more. These are some of the best episodes, with Amazons, parasitic worms, the return of Sanata, penguins, evil brains, Hollywood magic, insane robots, buggalo herds, an army of Lucy Liu robots, blernsball, 1947, and cooking! Even the warnings and ratings at the start of each DVD is great.
But of course, what I wanted was Bender. Bender as god, Bender meeting God, Bender as a Iron Cook, Bender as a folk singer, Bender as the Tin man, Bender as a father, Bender as a Pharaoh, Bender as an insane bank robber, Bender as a penguin, and Bender as a human.
In the commentary of episode 17, "A Pharaoh To Remember", Billy West and John DiMaggio are Fry and Bender - giving the characters a chance to talk during a commentary! And episode 19, "Roswell That Ends Well", has two audio commentaries!
I can't wait for season four!

Studio: Fox Home Entertainme
Matt Groening

DVD title: Beyond the Valley of the Dolls
Productgroup: DVD
Beyond the Valley of the Dolls - movie DVD cover picture
Highly recommended if you like 60-70's music & styles

A must for collector's of FUN pop culture. All rolled into one package, this sometimes silly/tragedy/comedy/trashy/taboo-subjec t/sexual-sensual/sensational-sound-track /musical flick will be fun to watch with the oldies but goodies crowd at your next get-together. Much to enjoy commenting on when viewed with friends. good story, great finale, highly recommended to collectors. *taboo subjects according to most Christian view, but not too off-limits for all adults to watch and enjoy! ....

Director: Russ Meyer
Dolly Read
Cynthia Myers
Marcia McBroom

DVD title: Unfaithfully Yours (Criterion Collection)
Productgroup: DVD
Unfaithfully Yours (Criterion Collection) - movie DVD cover picture
One of Sturges' very best

Only The Lady Eve forces me to edge this movie out of number-one spot among Preston Sturges' comedies. The dialogue is snappy as ever (Doltish husband: "Too much temperament! Give me the simple viewpoint!" His wisecracking wife: "You've got it, kid. You don't have to yearn for it.") but the slapstick of the finale is cleverer by far than any in his other movies. The use of music is inspired, both in Harrison's concert revenge-fantasies and in his later attempts to put them into action, when the music is spiked with comic effects. A little slow to get started, this movie soon enough develops a quirky, unpredictable, and completely fascinating story line. Don't deprive yourself of seeing this!

Studio: Criterion Collection
Director: Preston Sturges
Rex Harrison
Linda Darnell

DVD title: Sex and the City - The Complete Third Season
Productgroup: DVD
Sex and the City - The Complete Third Season - movie DVD cover picture
how can you not?! me likey...

i am a sex and the city addict. how can you resist following around four georgeous new york city? carrie (sarah jessica parker) and her three best girl friends, Miranda (cynthia nixon) charlotte (kristin davis) and samantha (kim cattrall) play outstandingly in this amazing show. you "follow" each girl around town, expierence the breaking up process, bat mitzvahs, public relations, one night stands, clubbing, shoes, shoes, shopping, fashion and most of all friendship. ofcourse, the guys of sex and the city are just as hot. from day one, mr.big(CHRIS NOTH) who has NO name plays opposite of sjp, and may i absolutley amazing!!!! so watch seasons 3,2,1 and trust me, you'll be an addict also!!

Studio: HBO Home Video
Kristin Davis
Cynthia Nixon
Kyle MacLachlan
Sarah Jessica Parker
Kim Cattrall

DVD title: Yes - Live in Philadelphia
Productgroup: DVD
Yes - Live in Philadelphia - movie DVD cover picture
A Yes video recorded in my home town nonetheless...

My Dad went to this show when he was 17, and it was one of the best experiences of his life, he says. I have to agree with him because this video is stunning! The song selection the way that it is performed, amazing.

Studio: Image Entertainment
Rick Wakeman

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