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DVD title: King Lear
Productgroup: DVD
King Lear - movie DVD cover picture
Unbeatble Lear !

This Shakespeare drama in particular has had sublime adaptations: in the screen Ran of course of that japanese genius:Akira Kurosawa of 1985 ; the version of Peter Brook of 1971 and at last , this colossal adaptation originally conceived for the British TV .
This is a full blooded , credible and superb playing , the camera work , the characters and the illumination worked out in the highest level .
Olivier was simply overwhelming as Lear . All the cast was in the top of the line but deserve apart mention : Diana Rigg as Regan ; Anna Colder Marshall as Cordelia ; Brian cox as Burgundy ; Jeremy Kemp as Cornwall , Robert Lang as Albany and John Hurt .
You will be rewarded always with this superb production , fundamental story of a king torn apart for the ambition and treachery .
Lear shows till the saciety that you must never delegate the authority ; just only the duties .

Studio: Kultur Video
Director: Michael Elliott

DVD title: Deep Impact
Productgroup: DVD
Deep Impact - movie DVD cover picture
The Gospel according to DreamWorks

The way I see it, there's a lot of Biblical stuff woven into this film.(1) The comet that's supposed to destroy the earth could symbolize the Fallen Angel. The ancient Hebrews sometimes referred to angels as stars, comets or other heavenly bodies.(2) The crew that's supposed to save the earth could symbolize the Messiah Himself. Just as the original Messiah died so that the world might live, these astronauts sacrificed themselves for the future of our planet.(3) President Morgan Freeman affirms his belief in God and blesses the nation with a prayer.(4) Reporter Tea Leoni makes peace with those who have hurt her before she dies.Whether or not it was director Mimi Leder's intention, this is a story with a very Christian theme.

Studio: Paramount Studio
Director: Mimi Leder
Robert Duvall
Téa Leoni
Elijah Wood
Morgan Freeman

DVD title: Silver Streak
Productgroup: DVD
Silver Streak - movie DVD cover picture
Vote for DVD version

One of my all-time favorites. Still waiting for the DVD. If you would like to see this movie on DVD, do a search for the DVD on Amazon (it's now actually listed) and enter your e-mail address to be notifed of it's release. This information is passed onto the studio.

Studio: Twentieth Century Fox Home Video
Director: Arthur Hiller
Gene Wilder
Richard Pryor

DVD title: Vanilla Sky
Productgroup: DVD
Vanilla Sky - movie DVD cover picture
A wild ride!

I loved this movie! Actually I love any movie that is different and unique, and Vanilla Sky certainly fits the bill. I also love any movie that after is finished you NEED to see it again because so many details come untangled at the end that you need to re-see some scenes to fully understand what's going on! This movie is a wild ride the first time you see it, and a thrill each subsequent time you see it, as you will catch many details that you missed because you were so confused the first time! Very fun.

Studio: Paramount Home Video
Director: Cameron Crowe
Tom Cruise
Penélope Cruz

DVD title: Sanford and Son - The First Season
Productgroup: DVD
Sanford and Son - The First Season - movie DVD cover picture
"It's the big one!"

Fred Sanford (Redd Foxx) and his son, Lamont (Demond Wilson) own and operate Sanford and Son Salvage, where they collect and resell second hand items, antiques and junk. Their hilarious adventures and business dealings set the stage for some classic television comedy.
Sanford and Son ran for five seasons on NBC, earning four Emmy nominations, a Golden Globe for Redd Foxx and the distinction of being the highest rated show on the network for four years.
Since much of the first season was based on previously written material, the series had yet to create many of the great supporting characters we all remember, like Aunt Esther, Grady, Bubba, and Rollo. However, in "The Copper Caper," we meet Officers Smitty and Swanny for the first time. Below is a brief summary of all of the episodes you will get in this set.
1. "Crossed Swords"- When Lamont buys a valuable porcelain statue for $15.00, he auctions it off to make enough money to start his own business.
2. "Happy Birthday, Pop"- Lamont tries to make Fred's sixty-fifth birthday special, but it's not going to be easy to please his dad.
3. "Here Comes the Bride, There Goes the Bride"- It's Lamont's wedding day and he's left at the altar by his bride, who has cold feet. The family gets together back at the house for a "reception," where the main topic of conversation is who gets to keep the gifts.
4. "The Copper Caper"- Another one of Lamont's moneymaking schemes backfires when he and Fred are duped into buying stolen copper.
5. "A Matter of Life and Breath"- Lamont's plan to get Fred to give up smoking crumbles when he joins him for a free test at the Breath Mobile and receives alarming results.
6. "We Were Robbed"- Fred accidentally knocks over Lamont's cabinet of valuable collectibles, so he comes up with a story that he was assaulted and robbed.
7. "A Pad for Lamont"- After Fred scares off yet another one of his son's dates, Lamont decides it's time for a place of his own. Unfortunately, his new bachelor pad is seeing less action than the now available home of "Ready Freddy."
8. "The Great Sanford Siege"- For weeks, Fred has been putting bills he can't pay back into the mailbox. Now he and Lamont are trapped in their house with no heat, no gas, no electricity and an advancing gang of angry bill collectors.
9. "Coffins for Sale"- Lamont sees dollar signs in reselling coffins, but superstitious Fred wants nothing to do with it, sleeping outside until the caskets are sold.
10. "The Barracuda"- Fred decides after 20 years of being a widower, it's time to get remarried. The news doesn't make Lamont happy and he makes his feelings known to both Fred and Donna.
11. "TV or Not TV"- Melvin convinces Fred to ask his son for a color TV set, but there's no money left after Lamont buys a brand new convertible.
12. "The Suitcase Case"- A discarded briefcase containing $70,000 could be the answer to Fred and Lamont's dreams, but it turns into a nightmare when the crook who lost the money shows up to reclaim it.
13. "Return of the Barracuda"- The marriage of Fred and Donna is back on after they've reconciled, but Lamont has a plan to make sure they won't go through with it.
14. "The Piano Movers"- A rich socialite hires Lamont and Fred to remove his ex-wife's grand piano from his high-rise apartment.

Studio: Columbia Tri-Star

DVD title: Wild Reeds
Productgroup: DVD
Wild Reeds - movie DVD cover picture
Wild Reeds is a compelling film that puts Modernism...

Wild Reeds is a compelling film that puts Modernism in perspective. The movie touches on the spirit of French adolescents in a time of utter chaos- a time of absurdity. With vivid scenery and a talented cast, this movie is a must see for serious students and movie freaks alike!

Studio: Fox Lorber
Director: André Téchiné
André Téchiné
Élodie Bouchez
Gaël Morel
Stéphane Rideau

DVD title: Finding Nemo (Collector's Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Finding Nemo (Collector's Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
Chalk Up Another One for the Dynamic Duo of Disney and Pixar

I would just like to say that this movie is the funniest movie ever! It appeals to both young kids and adults because the humor can have so many different meanings. Everything about this movie, from the voices, to the animation, to the storyline and characters makes this movie hysterically funny, fresh and just plain grereat! I have watched this movie several times, the first being in the theaters, and I was about to roll down the aisle from laughing so hard! I think I liked it more than the little kids there! The DVD is also packed with great inside featers, games, stories and more. IF YOU SEE ONE DISNEY MOVIE THIS YEAR, YOU MUST SEE FINDING NEMO!!!!

Studio: Walt Disney Home Video
Albert Brooks
Ellen DeGeneres
Alexander Gould

DVD title: In Memoriam - New York City, 9/11/01
Productgroup: DVD
In Memoriam - New York City, 9/11/01 - movie DVD cover picture
In Memoriam - New York City, 9 /11/01

This is a no-holds-barred look at the horrifying events that occurred in New York City, NY on September 11th, 2001. It's mesmerizing, extremely powerful and unnerving, and might be very difficult for some viewers. I'm usually not an emotional type of guy, but even I couldn't hold back the tears while watching this documentary. It brought back haunting memories and served as a harsh reminder of just how dark that fateful day really was. I've watched this documentary over a dozen times now and it never gets old or boring. It's a very compelling work of footage, interviews, and lots & lots of tears. Try to imagine what must've been going through the minds of all those innocent people who were trapped inside the burning buildings, all of them knowing that they were about to die, and there was nothing they or anyone else could do about it. Try to imagine what it must've been like for all the victims who jumped from the buildings and fell over a hundred stories to their deaths. That's the part that really gives me nightmares. But the bottomline is: Buy this DVD. It's the best 9/11 documentary I've seen so far, and I've seen quite a few of them. In Memoriam is the best ever.

Studio: Warner Home Video
Rudolph Giuliani

DVD title: Camp
Productgroup: DVD
Camp - movie DVD cover picture
Camp rox!

This film is about being accepted for who you are as an individual. It points out that even though we all have struggles there are people out there willing to care, to take the time to be around us, and to get to know us and become friends. These friends become our family even for a short time. This movie isn't about being gay or straight it's about being.
The music is wonderful especially since it comes from young adults and children.

Studio: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
Director: Todd Graff
Daniel Letterle
Joanna Chilcoat
Don Dixon (II)

DVD title: Chased By Dinosaurs
Productgroup: DVD
Chased By Dinosaurs - movie DVD cover picture
BBC does it again

The BBC has come up with a worthy follow-on to Walking With Dinosaurs. The DVD includes two episodes of Chased By Dinosaurs (Cretaceous Mongolia and Argentina), three episodes of Chased by Sea Monsters (numerous time periods), as well as a documentary and some

The effects are spectacular (especially when Nigel Marvin is putting out the scales to try and weigh an Argentinosaurus; at point I thought "Wow, that looks real!") and the diversity of creatures shown adds a lot of flavor to the series (my wife won't sit through it again after the tent scene in Mongolia).

No annoying paleontologist blurbs and cut-scenes, explaining stuff you already know.

Finally, there is the sheer fun of hoping that Nigel Marvin will get gobbled up by a Tarbosaurs, Sarchosuchus, or Liopleurodon.

BBC, please, may I have another!

Studio: BBC

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