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DVD title: The Tox Box (The Toxic Avenger Box Set)
Productgroup: DVD
The Tox Box (The Toxic Avenger Box Set) - movie DVD cover picture

Someone under this has given this set ONE star for reasons of not having seen it!! I hope Amazon will delete this nonsense, because this gives people the wrong idea. This set is ESSENTIAL for every serious movie collector, everyone who likes to look a bit further than there noses are, everyone enjoying a good film, everyone with a sense of humor and everyone with something even remotely resembling some good taste. THE TOXIC AVENGER is one of the greatest creations in film history, his adventures in Lloyd Kaufman's films some of the most unique ever committed to cellulloid. This set contains the first three of Toxie's films PLUS a disc full of otherwise unavailable adventures of the animated spin-off THE TOXIC CRUSADERS, probably Troma's most successfull franchise to date. This fourth disc is worth the price of the set alone, add the other THREE films (and all of this loaded with extra's, as is Troma's custom) and this is the best buy on DVD of the millennium.To get ready for the soon-to-be dvd-release of Lloyd Kaufman's ultimate masterpiece (and he has made quite a few) THE TOXIC AVENGER PART IV: CITIZEN TOXIE, the Tox Box is an essential MUST-buy. Forget all the prejudiced criticisms about Troma: it is one of the most innovative and original filmcompanies, and the longest in business of all independants. And still creating unique works of art.Get this box - you won't regret it.

Studio: Wea Corp

DVD title: The Three Lives of Thomasina
Productgroup: DVD
The Three Lives of Thomasina - movie DVD cover picture
One of my favorites that still makes me cry.

There is so much intergrity in this story that could be called sentimental. The two kids were also in Mary Poppins. Patrick McGoohan was very gruff, but of course, shows his love for his daughter eventually. You'll love the cat, even if you're not a feline fan.

Studio: Walt Disney Home Video
Director: Don Chaffey

DVD title: What About Bob?
Productgroup: DVD
What About Bob? - movie DVD cover picture
murray,a patient who drives, dreufess, a physcrist, crazy.

i thoght this was the best movie i saw in years, murray, is such a funny guy, i especially liked the part where murray when to drefuess's vaction spot and ran into him at the groccery shop, saying, "give me, give me, i need, i need, i need." i just laughed so hard, murray was a five star actor and i will buy it when it comes out on veido!!!!

Studio: Walt Disney Home Video
Director: Frank Oz
Bill Murray
Richard Dreyfuss

DVD title: Simon Birch
Productgroup: DVD
Simon Birch - movie DVD cover picture
Jules review of a lifechanging movie

i have watched this movie many times and it never gets old to me.i just love the way it grab's you by the heart and won't let go. it just makes you think and most of all it makes you feel the love that simon and joe had for each other. the first time my wife and i saw this was in a small theater and there was only one other lady in there but it turn out that was good because the three of us flooded that theater with our tears. i don't mean just tears rolling down cheeks i mean very loud sobbing coming from all three of us. i admit i am a guy that loves to to cry over movies but never before had i been this moved. and it this way no matter how many times i watch this. it makes me think of my best freind and what he mines to me i always end up calling him after i watched to tell what he mines to me.this movie is one that just breaks our heart as you see that strong freindship between simon an joe and what happen in the end. to me this is just on of the best movies ever made. see it.

Studio: Hollywood Pictures
Director: Mark Steven Johnson
Ian Michael Smith
Joseph Mazzello

DVD title: Resident Evil (Deluxe Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Resident Evil (Deluxe Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
Very Entertaining !!

It never gets the heart pumping never provides decent suspense no tense moments what so ever. the action is shoddy and terriably executed. Watch a classic Zombie flick instead somthing from the Dead trilogy.

Studio: Columbia Tristar Hom
Director: Paul W.S. Anderson
Milla Jovovich
Michelle Rodriguez

DVD title: Beloved
Productgroup: DVD
Beloved - movie DVD cover picture
The Most passionate, and tender movie made in the 90's

This film deserves so much more credit than it has received. Words cannot describe the intense amounts of emotion and dedication the film-makers had when they did this. This movie has all of the beauty, and power that every great film displays. The movie is about a former slave named Seth and the struggles her family has to endure. The ghost of her slain daughter haunts the house, and her surviving daughter has become a recluse. She breaks down crying when she tells her mother that she has no friends because of that house. Seth is determined to hold her ground. She'll never run from anything as long as she lives. An old friend from Sweet Home named Paul D finds Seth after years of walking, they begin a romantic relationship and everything seems to be going the way things should. The ghost leaves, and Paul D treats Seth right. Enter Beloved, a young woman they find half dead next to their house. She speaks as though she has never had the strength to use her voice. Time passes along and Beloved begins to become attatched to Seth. As if she was looking for a mother figure in her life. This is a threat to Paul D who feels he doesn't belong anymore. The rest of the film unfolds bueatifully and the horrible secrets are uncovered to find the truth. The acting is so superb and authentic, you feel as though the actors actully embodied these characters from the page. The directing is magnificent. Jonathan Demme lets the story take its time, giving the characters time to become familiar with the audiance. The plot thickens and twists so deeply, and the viewer becomes entranced by the tragedy. The music is great and the cinematography is jaw-dropping. The movie is so brilliantly colorful. Let the movie hypnotize you in its brilliance. Movies of this magnitude are rare, and very unique. This is the best movie of the 90's. Its powerful, horrifying, and undeniably original.

Studio: Touchstone Video
Director: Jonathan Demme
Oprah Winfrey
Danny Glover

DVD title: Six-String Samurai
Productgroup: DVD
Six-String Samurai - movie DVD cover picture
Beyond awesome......this movie is swell

You have to love a film with cool music and samurai. This film actually has original ideas in the plot, unlike most of the trash that is out today. A great film.

Studio: Ryko Distribution - Video
Director: Lance Mungia
Jeffrey Falcon

DVD title: Las Vegas - Season One Uncut & Uncensored
Productgroup: DVD
Las Vegas - Season One Uncut & Uncensored - movie DVD cover picture
Las Vegas Delivers!!

On a boring Monday and looking for something to watch this fall, I decided to give Las Vegas a shot. Immediatedly after the 2nd season premier, I regreted not having watched this show sooner and anxiously awaited the first season to be released on DVD. Needless to say, it was released yesterday and I have already made my way through the first disk and have been berating myself for not having watched a really good show.

About the 1st Season DVD...

I am a little disappointed over 3 issues about this DVD Set.

The first being that the shows are done on double sided DVD's, which requires you to get up, flip the DVD over after watching 5 episodes to watch the remaining episodes before moving on to the next DVD.

The second issue being that you seem to have to watch an entire side of the disk before it allows you access to the bonus. Nothing major, just a hinderance to say the least.

The last issue is perhaps the most trivial, the usual Elvis theme song has been replaced for some other, rather annoying theme song... this is easily fixed by skipping the credits with the remote.

I suggest this set for anyone who has been searching for a decent show to watch on television that isn't the usual 'reality show'. As said, this is a drama with a lot of excitement, action, intrigue and some nice twists and character development... and speaking of characters, I found it interesting that the characters (particularly Danny and Big Ed) seem very believable and comfortable for the actors who protray right from the start, where it usually takes a little bit for an actor to grow comfortable with the role that they play.

Oh... and for the record, it is INDEED uncensored! If the viewing of breasts is something that you don't want your children to see, then wait till they are in bed!

Hope this helps you!

Studio: Universal Studios Ho
James Caan

DVD title: Team America - World Police (Special Collector's Widescreen Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Team America - World Police (Special Collector's Widescreen Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
Good clea...ehem, ah, good fun.

To think, I almost missed this movie at the box office. My excuse was something like "puppets?". If anything, puppets have always caused me that queasiness many get from clowns, or the movie Deliverance for that matter. I couldn't see how puppets...i'm sorry, "marionettes" could make for a gripping action/comedy.

How wrong I was.

The creators (Trey Parker and Matt Stone) who busted our guts with paper cutouts (as in South Park) have once again opened up a new front for their sometimes political, often insightful, and always hilarious expression. In the first 10 seconds of the movie any pretense or prejudice I had around puppets immediately evaporated.

Team America: World Police is a hyper-dramatic odyssey set in modern times. The movie follows a crack team of American Commandos in their pursuit of "terrorism". The protagonists are good natured and simple to the point of absurdity, the antagonists are evil to the point of absurdity.

What a fantastic way to make a point.

And that they do. This movie is rife with micro-lessons/criticisms on everything from world politics, to popular culture. In the creators typical style, they push every character to their absolute extreme, then lay them against a background of total chaos. What you get are puppets laying waste to every national treasure they end up in a firefight in, then claiming "everything is OK, you're all safe, we got the terrorists" while the broken Eiffel Tower is laying on top of the Arc De Triumph in Paris against a smoldering backdrop of the Louvre. Good times.

I would be wary of anyone that didn't find this movie hilarious (or at least very entertaining). For those of you that haven't seen it yet, you have something to look forward to. For those that have, consider seeing it again, I did, and found it to be (in many ways) funnier the second time around.


Christian Hunter
Santa Barbara, California

Studio: Paramount Home Video
Director: Trey Parker
Trey Parker
Matt Stone
Elle Russ

DVD title: The Crow (Collector's Series Boxed Set)
Productgroup: DVD
The Crow (Collector's Series Boxed Set) - movie DVD cover picture
Good box Set

Good stuff people well lets get down to it
part one was the classic it should be....solid story...acting..action and the like.
part two was..... a sad kind of remake of the first but did not totaly fail but none the less is the worse of the three movies. Poor Sarahs charceter was there for no good reason.
Part three was orginal and very cool......good story......not as good as the first.....but a stand alone film

Studio: Dimension Home Video
Brandon Lee
V Perez

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