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DVD title: The Giant Gila Monster
Productgroup: DVD
The Giant Gila Monster - movie DVD cover picture
Thought is was a classic - 50ish great -

Wish they were still making movies like this one - didn't care for Don but loved Shug Fisher (Mr. Harris) and the cute Pat Simmons (Sherry). You should give both a good credit for putting some class into this film. Where are they today?

Studio: Select-O-Hits, Inc.
Director: Ray Kellogg

DVD title: Licence To Kill (Special Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Licence To Kill (Special Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
James Bond - License to Kill

This Bond movie is my all-time favorite! Not that I've seen them all! I love Pierce Brosnan, too, but Timothy Dalton is MY FAVORITE BOND man! I wish he had done more Bond films!

The opening of this film with Bond (Best Man) and his friend (Groom) floating down by parachute to a wedding, followed by Gladys Knight singing the title song IS my favorite part of this movie.

I enjoyed watching Timothy's Bond because he didn't seem to be as womanizing as the others were/are, making him a LOT more irressitible!

The Bond plots are always exciting, but my overall opinion is this movie was more about the 'inner' Bond as a person and not the agent, and I liked getting to know him better.

-Marvette Cox

Studio: MGM/UA Video
Director: John Glen (II)
Timothy Dalton
Robert Davi

DVD title: The Stepford Wives
Productgroup: DVD
The Stepford Wives - movie DVD cover picture

Much better than the remake as this is not a comedy.
Much more enjoyable and satisfying.
And of course this version has the happy ending!!!

Personally I prefer human social reality.
`Slaughter, Rape and Pillage' as historically 99.9999%
of human history has been.
But then all people must pay a price to live in a civilized
And stable society (!!!)

Studio: Anchor Bay Entertainment
Director: Bryan Forbes
Katharine Ross
Paula Prentiss

DVD title: Backstreet Boys - All Access
Productgroup: DVD
Backstreet Boys - All Access - movie DVD cover picture

I've saw the video a friend let me borrow it . Ithink Brian is soo cute and really sweet.This video is the only one where you can sit and watch the most gorgeous guys show there most hottest move in dancing. You also get to see some behind the seens footage. Now thats what you call awesome.It's like your sitting right there with the guys, I absulutely love this video. Brian if your reading this I LOVE YOU 4-EVER AND ALWAYS!!!! I think each guy is cute in there on little way. When you watch the video it makes you love them more and more. It's one of those videos where you can watch it over and over with out getting tired of it. Even if your not a BSB fan for some odd reason, watch this video and I promise you the minute you see these sweet and funny guys you'll be a BSB fan like everyone else. So go out and get it, I know I am and trust meyou will love it and want to watch it over and over again!! For everybody who loves Brian like I do, you have great taste!!!!

Studio: Bmg/Jive/Silvertone

DVD title: Incubus - Alive At Red Rocks - (DVD/CD combo in DVD digipak)
Productgroup: DVD
Incubus - Alive At Red Rocks - (DVD/CD combo in DVD digipak) - movie DVD cover picture
In-credible, make yourself by this....

...the fact that out of 19 reviews 17 are 5star says alot about this DVD. Im not going to go off on one about this as i dont have time to (i know i'd get carried away as theres so much to comment on this) but basically i thought the Morning View Sessions were a good demonstration of Incubus live, Volume 2 is great, especially the live Cali-accoustic tracks (awesome) but this concert is unbelievable, so so good! Highlights for me are for a start seeing alot of the Crow Left of the Murder tracks live as the album is brilliant & has grown on me so much over time, but also just seeing how well Incubus can improvise & adapt their songs to sound even better live. Theres a great version of "Drive" here, but the lengthened versions of "Sick, Sad Lille world" & "A certain shade of Green" are amazing. The guitar work on "S,S L W", "Priceless" & "Pistola" is brilliant. Other greatly performed trackes include "Wish you were here" (such an anthem nowadays), "Here in my room", "Made for TV movie" (a new favourite of mine) & "Talk shows on mute". also very cool to see "Pantomine" live, its also on the bonus CD, along with a couple live tracks & a couple of non-album tracks.

im hoping to get to the Leeds festival this summer (if i can blag a ticket somehow) so very much looking forward to seeing them even if it is only for an hour! Theyre the best band in the world in my opinion.

Basically buy this if you love incubus, its the best DVD you can get of them....

Studio: Sony Music Entertain

DVD title: Alice in Wonderland (Disney Gold Classic Collection)
Productgroup: DVD
Alice in Wonderland (Disney Gold Classic Collection) - movie DVD cover picture
Very welcome Masterpiece Edition DVD

This deluxe DVD packaging of Disney's incomparably magical ALICE is loaded with extras. It does not, however, have all of the material available on the deluxe Laserdisc issue of several years back, which was packed with a lot of video and audio extras. I believe the same video extras are all here plus a few new items, but the audio extras are considerably less than on the Laserdisc version. Still, great fun and lots to see and listen to, including some great historical features. Grab this before it disappears. ALICE has always been underrated by critics, but it's long been a favorite of mine and many others.

Studio: Walt Disney Home Video
Kathryn Beaumont
Ed Wynn

DVD title: Character
Productgroup: DVD
Character - movie DVD cover picture
A Supercharged Drama

CHARACTER is all about tough love. Extremely tough. It is about family. In this instance, an extremely distant pair of parents and a young man seeking his identlty. It's also about great psychological drama, superior period design and unbelievably assured freshman filmmaking from director Mike Van Diem. It's also, as the title implies, about "building character." The father, Dreverhaven, has some unusual character building techniques, to put it mildly. He at one point tells the young man's mother that he will strangle 9/10s of the life out of son Jacob, but the remaining 1/10ths will make him strong. And just for good measure, he may take the last tenth as welll.
Jan Decleir, as Dreverhaven, is a revelation. He's built like Gerard Depardieu and is even more preposessing than that fine actor on screen. He would make a great Javert or Lear in some future production. Victor L?w, as Jacob's mentor and elder friend, De Gankeelar, is unlike anyone you will have seen on screen or stage. With an impossibly jutting jaw and unique mode of speech, he is the ultimate character actor. The entire cast is splendid. I'm not at all familiar with Dutch Cinema, and am not even entirely sure the term isn't an oxymoron. This film, however, can stand beside anything in contemporary cinema. Now I just have to dig up the novel by Ferdinand Borewijk, from which the movie was adapted. It's such a compelling story that I'm sure the novel will be excellent, as well.
Five Stars and counting.

Studio: Columbia Tristar Hom
Director: Mike van Diem
Jan Decleir
Pavlik Jansen op de Haar

DVD title: Gigli
Productgroup: DVD
Gigli - movie DVD cover picture
cool movie

this movie was wicked. and i didn't get bored of this movie which is no doubt.

Studio: Columbia Tristar Hom
Director: Martin Brest
Ben Affleck
Justin Bartha
Jennifer Lopez

DVD title: Gladiator
Productgroup: DVD
Gladiator - movie DVD cover picture

In the same vain as monumental action/historical pictures: Spartacus and Braveheart to name a few. Gladiator serves well to keep the tradition strong. The story of General Maximus of the Roman Empire is an inspiring journey of persaverence and elevation despite the odds. Maximus is ousted from Rome during a cruel conspiracy headed by the less than moral "heir apparent" Commadus. Without divulging any key information, subsequently this is when the "fun begins". During his odyssey he is transformed into an entertainer for the masses who crave the blood and guts arena in which he performs. An overlooked screenplay is blanketed by the unreal vivid action scenes. These seat gripping scenes are ultra violent, but fit well within the context of the story. So, I feel comfortable attending this movie with a mature twelve year old. If you have the chance, I suggest you view this movie in a wide screen DVD environment to capture the true essence of this great movie!!

Studio: Universal Studios
Director: Ridley Scott
Russell Crowe
Joaquin Phoenix
Connie Nielsen

DVD title: Somewhere in Time
Productgroup: DVD
Somewhere in Time - movie DVD cover picture
My Favorite Romantic Film of All-Time

There are few romantic films that just melt my heart, but this is one. It just feels so innocent and sweet throughout that there is no choice but to fall in love with it. The story is never contrived.
It is the tale of a young man (Reeve) who is visited by an elderly woman who tells him to "come back" to her. What follows is a wonderful, almost fairy-tale romance at a beautiful hotel (the Grand Hotel on Macinaw Island in MI, a truly awe inspiring location).
I won't ruin it, but it has a great suprise ending, and I have yet to find a single person who does not cry for the last fifteen minutes of the film. So brings some tissues. See this film!

Studio: Universal Studios
Director: Jeannot Szwarc
Christopher Reeve
Jane Seymour

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