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DVD title: WWE WrestleMania X-Seven
Productgroup: DVD
WWE WrestleMania X-Seven - movie DVD cover picture
This review is not a ripoff of Scott Keith

This is an excellent WWF DVD to have in you colllection!

Studio: Sony Wonder
Steve Austin
Triple H
The Rock

DVD title: The Towering Inferno
Productgroup: DVD
The Towering Inferno - movie DVD cover picture
A better film than is often assumed

More than 10 years ago, Roger Ebert and the late Gene Siskel did a special edition of their program that examined "The Early '70s: The Last Golden Age of American Film." It was a great show, with a look at each nominee for the Best Picture Oscar for the years 1970-1974, and then which film Siskel and Ebert would have chosen as the winner.
When the duo got to 1974, and a split screen revealed the five Best Picture nominees for that year, Ebert expressed some amusement at "The Towering Inferno's" nomination, when compared with the others ("Chinatown," "The Conversation," "Lenny" and the winner, "The Godfather Part II."). But while it was not the best film in a truly great year for the medium, "Inferno" did deserve to be considered one of the best.
This is polished, professional filmmaking. It was not intended to be a scathing expose of construction politics, or an actor's showcase. "The Towering Inferno" never tries to be anything more than an action spectacular, pure and simple, and on that level, it has few equals.
The film has been criticized for being almost gleeful in its depiction of various deaths, but I'm not sure what those critics would have had directors John Guillermin and Irwin Allen do. The story is about a giant skyscraper on fire, which means that the primary dangers involved are burning, falling, smoke inhalation and being buried under tons of debris. All of these are horrific, and "Inferno" conveys that horror.
The movie takes on a different hue than the Irwin Allen film it's inevitably compared to, "The Poseidon Adventure," the minute Steve McQueen arrives at the scene as the San Francisco Fire Dept.'s battalion chief, O'Hallorhan. Unlike "Poseidon," in which a small band of ship passengers follows a layman toward safety, the "Inferno" disaster is going to be taken on by a competent, experienced professional, leading other professionals. McQueen conveys an authority that anchors the film.
None of the acting struck me as truly bad, even in action-oriented scenes that called for broad playing. Aside from McQueen, my favorite performances were those of Susan Flannery and Jennifer Jones. Flannery makes the most of a small but memorable part as Robert Wagner's love interest, while Jones, looking very good for a woman of 55, plays the kind, heroic love of Fred Astaire's con man character.
Fred Koenekamp's cinematography received a well-deserved Academy Award, as did L.B. Abbott's special effects. The song "We May Never Love Like This Again," sung by Maureen McGovern, also won an Oscar, though I found it to be forgettable. "The Poseidon Adventure's" similar "The Morning After" is much better (which will certainly be faint praise to some).
John Williams' Oscar-nominated score would have been a perfectly reasonable choice as the winner, though Jerry Goldsmith's evocation of film noir classics for "Chinatown" was probably the year's best. Carmine Coppola and Nino Rota wound up winning for "The Godfather Part II."
Williams is in majestic form here. The main title is appropriately busy and exciting, the love themes for the Paul Newman/Faye Dunaway and Astaire/Jones duos are poignant, and the finale is one of the masterpieces of the art. This is a justifiably a favorite score among film music buffs, and Williams' greatest triumph, in my opinion, until "Star Wars" in 1977.
"The Towering Inferno" is a must for action film fans, and the finest representation of the "disaster film" genre.

Studio: Twentieth Century Fox
Steve McQueen
Paul Newman
William Holden
Faye Dunaway

DVD title: Ghost in the Shell - Stand Alone Complex (Vol. 1) (Special Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Ghost in the Shell - Stand Alone Complex (Vol. 1) (Special Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
Absolutly Stunning!

I just bought this movie today so I figured I would write down a review for it. Here you go.
Let me start out by saying this is a spectacular anime. I have been a huge fan of the gundam series ( even though I have watched muiltiple anime's ) which was my favorite series, until now. The animation is top notch, even though sometimes between frames it makes a distortion appearence ( though it could be my tv/dvd player ) but I am not sure if everyone will experience it.
Along with the animation the sound is perfect. With the same composer as wolf's rain, and C. Bebop it is kinda implied that it is great. On the internet this series was bashed for not developing the characters. I will admit this is true, but it doesn't effect the series at all, because the plot's are so amazing that the characters just fall right into place and prove their strenghs and weakness's perfectly. You will also appreciate the action sequences. Right from the beginning the there is a gory action scene that will dazzle you mind.
The only cons I could come up with is that you have to watch it a couple times because a lot of info is tossed at you, And some of the voice overs do not fit the role.
But minor flaws aside this is a great series that I look forward to seeing the rest of the series. Do Not hesitate buy this Now, you will not be sorry!

Studio: Anchor Bay Entertain

DVD title: Samael: Black Trip
Productgroup: DVD
Samael: Black Trip - movie DVD cover picture
The Best Yet!

This DVD represents a new high point in the impressive career of what has been called by some "One of Industrial Black Metal's mosts inspirational bands." Continuing the brilliance of Eternal ad Passage, Samael bring a new visual dimension to their work on this amazing 2 disc box of goodies. For old fans, there are echoes of many classics like Shining Kingdom and Decay, and the unforgettable Infra Galaxia . For the neophyte to Samael's unique universe, there is more than enough here to raise yoour consciousness to a new plane. Put it in, [turn] it up and prepare to be blown away!

Studio: Caroline Distributio

DVD title: Mortal Kombat
Productgroup: DVD
Mortal Kombat - movie DVD cover picture

This movie is sweet. Awesome music, awesome action scenes. Liu kang is the best (almost as good as jackie Chan) Johnny cage is so funny. This is a must see movie.

Studio: New Line Home Entertainment
Director: Paul W.S. Anderson
Christopher Lambert
Robin Shou

DVD title: Best of the Best
Productgroup: DVD
Best of the Best - movie DVD cover picture
A very underrated movie

I enjoyed the plot, the cast, and the soundtrack. The ending is not a total surprise and the song played during the ending is excellent. I highly recommend it.

Studio: Columbia Tristar Hom
Director: Robert Radler
Eric Roberts
Phillip Rhee
James Earl Jones
Sally Kirkland

DVD title: The Patriot
Productgroup: DVD
The Patriot - movie DVD cover picture

This movie struck close to home because i live in Charleston, and know all the landmarks that are presented in this movie. It is 1776 and the colinists of the new world have gone to war with England because of freedom and liberty, but there are sacrifices made by the men who fought in this campaign. Benjamin martin- portrayed by Mel Gidson- was a hero of the famous Wilderness campaign during the brutal French and indian war, and knows about warfare, his son wants to join the Continental army and fight for the pride of his country, but his father is hesistant to let him, and actually the son ends up joining without his father consent. Benjamin Martin ends up leading the South Carolina malitia into battle against the juggernaut army England, the milita, very underestimated, helps turn the tide of the war and the colonists hold out until their friends across the Atlantic, the French, come and help win the war in favor for the new country, America. This movie contains pure movie magic combined with,in my opinion, Mel Gibson's best performance yet to make a heart wrenching and touching story along with the realism of war that so often is lost in war movies.

Studio: Columbia/Tristar Studios
Director: Roland Emmerich
Mel Gibson

DVD title: Rob Roy
Productgroup: DVD
Rob Roy - movie DVD cover picture
A great addition to DVD releases

I saw this movie in the Theater and thought it a better film than Braveheart! It is sort of unfair to compare the films because of Braveheart's tremendous scale in its battle scenes, however; I found myself more emotionally connected to the characters in this film (compared to Braveheart). The Villain in Rob Roy is easy to hate, as he stands for so many things despicable. This role is wonderfully played by Tim Roth. Jessica Lange gives an impassioned performance, my favorite of her many roles. Liam Neeson, of coarse, is a big lug of a hero and manages to set things right in a wonderfully dramatic climatic confrontation with the arch villain. The character develop is great, the plot is rich and the scenery is spectacular. I instantly added this film to my permanent DVD collection upon its release. Highly recommended.

Studio: Mgm/Ua Studios
Director: Michael Caton-Jones
Liam Neeson
Jessica Lange

DVD title: Friday Foster
Productgroup: DVD
Friday Foster - movie DVD cover picture


Studio: Mgm/Ua Studios
Director: Arthur Marks

DVD title: The Shield - The Complete First Season
Productgroup: DVD
The Shield - The Complete First Season - movie DVD cover picture
TV doesn't get much better than this...

The show's main focus is on Detective Vic Mackey ( Michael Chiklis) who leads a team of three other detectives with the best arrest records in the department. While the team does get fantastic results, they are the dirtiest cops in L.A.. Captain David Acevada ( Benito Martinez) is brought into the department to help clean it up and to make sure things run smoothly so that a strong media image is maintained. Acevada soon learns however, that he is going to have his hands full when it comes to Vic and the strike team because they go by their own personal agenda. This of course soon pushes Aciveda towards going after the Strike Team personally...
"The Shield" in my opinion is one of the best shown on TV right now. The FX Network raised the quality of their programming up a notch when they released The Shield onto the air. The thing that I like most about the show, is how realistic it is. It actually feels like you are witnessing what goes on in the real world. The show often showcases acts of violence, nudity, and tons of profanity. That is why the show works. The quality of the show is put above the actual opinion of the viewers. The Shield is also the first cop show that I have seen that actually ties the episodes together. A lot of cop shows are based on what happens from case to case. But with The Shield, you actually have to see every episode to understand what's going on. Michael Chiklis offers one of the best performances I have ever seen with his portrayal of Vic Mackey. The character often toys with your emotions because you will find yourself hating the guy and supporting the guy all at the same time. The rest of the cast is top notch as well, despite being filled with relatively unknown actors.
If you are fan of police related TV shows, The Shield is the one show that you should definately watch. The disturbing cases, excellent acting, and overall realistic feel will have you hooked after the very first episode. The DVD extras are a sweet bonus because of all the behind the scenes footage that is shown. Overall, this is an excellent buy that should not be passed up.

Studio: Fox Home Entertainme
Michael Chiklis

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