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DVD title: Sailor Moon S - The Movie
Productgroup: DVD
Sailor Moon S - The Movie - movie DVD cover picture
This movie is so sweet

Ok so it's not as good as the R movie but it comes very very close. If I didn't like the ending to the R movie so much this would be my very favorite of the movies. If you like Luna you'll love this one. Otherwise you'll still like it if you love Sailormoon. Personally I think the transformation where she has the heart locket (yes it's in this movie) it the coolest looking and the Spiral Heart Attack where she does that cool spinning move looks awesome! You also get to see Chibi transform and all the others too, Including the Outer senshi (no Saturn). I love the violin music for that. There is also some sweet time between Usagi and Mamoru. This movie is so good!

Studio: Pioneer Video
Director: Hiroki Shibata

DVD title: Puccini - Madama Butterfly / Arena, Kaibaivanska, Antinori, Jankovic, Ferrara, Verona
Productgroup: DVD
Puccini - Madama Butterfly / Arena, Kaibaivanska, Antinori, Jankovic, Ferrara, Verona - movie DVD cover picture

You could not imagine more beautiful and attractif Butterfly than Raina Kabaivanska! If you want to know more about this phenomenal performer you are welcome:

Studio: Kultur
Director: Brian Large
Verona Opera

DVD title: Midnight Madness
Productgroup: DVD
Midnight Madness - movie DVD cover picture
A Lost Treasure is Found

Thank the heavens!! I've been searching for this flick for ages. The early days of cable had me glued to this hokey treasure hunt. Thank you amazon!!! I think I'll have a PBR for nostalgia's sake

Studio: Anchor Bay Entertainment
David Naughton
Debra Clinger

DVD title: Contact
Productgroup: DVD
Contact - movie DVD cover picture
A truly uplifting and fantastic film.

As someone who has spent their working years designing earth stations like you see in this film I was so impressed that the technical detail was so good. Small technical errors are forgiven in a great film overall. This film played out a scenario I have pondered over many times. Late at night in a earth staions during performance tests I have kicked the antenna off it test axis and looked around at the many carriers out there.... Jodie Foster played that role so well and I enjoyed every moment of a thinking persons film..a rare output from any studio. END

Studio: Warner Studios
Director: Robert Zemeckis
Jodie Foster
Matthew McConaughey

DVD title: Brides of Christ (Convent Sisters Cover)
Productgroup: DVD
Brides of Christ (Convent Sisters Cover) - movie DVD cover picture
The best movie I have seen in many years

Brides of Christ is one of the most exceptional dramas about "real life" in a convent that I have seen yet. It portrays "sisters" as real people who struggle with real issues from the teachings of the Catholic Church to power struggles and bouts with their own humaness through love and sadness. It focuses on two sisters who have a great love for one another through friendship and circumstance yet who are seperated soon after their entering so as not to inhibit their formation. They are eventually reunited on their journey...
Sr. Catherine cannot come to grips with the teaching magesterium of the Church and speaks out against it despite much opposition from within. She has a true love for others and wants what is best for them but cannot reconcile herself to a Church and religion she loves and yet cannot come to terms with.
Sr. Paul loves the Church and God with all of her heart and seems to fit right in to convent life with a sense of humor that seems able to overcome anything. She is accepting and loving yet finds herself at odds with the community after falling in love with a "rebel" priest.
This movie is set during the Vatican II era where there is much change and tension within the Catholic Church. It is done within the settings and confines of the convent and within a Catholic Boarding School. The Catholic students within the movie play a very substantial part in the lives of the sisters and help to bring an understanding of those tumultuous teenage years.
Brides of Christ took great strides in trying to bring reality to the lives of those which remain hidden to most of the world. The only exception is that it was misleading in promoting a correct view of how the teachings of the Church come about and how and why they should be accepted. One can pick this up if they are a well instructed Catholic but if one is not they can easily be led astray. All in all the movie was just a great movie with real situations and real characters.

Studio: Wellspring Media, In
Director: Ken Cameron (II)

DVD title: The Outsiders
Productgroup: DVD
The Outsiders - movie DVD cover picture

I had to read the book for a project in school this year as an 8th grader. It was outstanding. It was the last week of school and my class had finished our finals and we wanted to watch the movie, so my teacher went to our school library and got it for us. The movie follows the book pretty well but some parts were left out.
This book shows how lucky some people are compaired to others and makes a great point. It is like a less dramatic version of the movie "Elephant" which shows what people are going through. I am going to head down to my towns public library to borrow it and watch it again becuase it is one of the movies that you can just watch over and over again and still love it becuase it makes a great point and was directed really well.
I would recomend this movie to anyone who has not read it. I would read the book first becuase there are some parts that are left out in the movie that were pretty good.
~Doug Mellon Kennebunk, Maine USA

Studio: Warner Studios
Director: Francis Ford Coppola
Matt Dillon
Ralph Macchio
C. Thomas Howell
Patrick Swayze
Rob Lowe
Emilio Estevez
Tom Cruise

DVD title: The New Method: Baby & Mom - Prenatal Yoga
Productgroup: DVD
The New Method: Baby & Mom - Prenatal Yoga - movie DVD cover picture
Great Yoga video for relaxation and connection to baby..

This is the most poorly conceived and boring prenatal exercise video I own. (I also own Yoga Zone Postures for Pregnancy, Redbook Pregnancy Workout, Kathy Smith Pregnancy Workout, Denise Austin Pregnancy Plus Workout, and Buns of Steel 8. Crunch Yoga Mama is on its way to me, and I'm looking for a prenatal pilates video.)
The woman in the sleek leotard pictured on the front of the case is not the woman leading the video - she's not even in the class. Instead of a streamlined workout, as is suggested by the picture, the teacher is dressed in a swami turban and weirdly swami-like outfit. My husband (who does these videos with me) and I tried to get past that. The angles the video is shot from shifts continually, making it difficult to follow moves. Half the video or more she speaks in the new-age equivalent of psycho-babble in terms of new-age visualizations instead of focusing on the moves, or even meditation. I was so bored long before this video ended that when this video ended I felt like a joyous kid at recess. Neither I or my husband wish to run this video a second time.
My other yoga video, Yoga Zone, is better. Actually, all of my other videos are better. Kathy Smith is the best so far. She follows the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists' guidelines for prenatal exercise, prompts the viewer at appropriate times to check their pulse, is very organized with good, easy to follow camera angles, well-explained moves, and an interesting variety of moves, has a pleasant manner...and I don't get bored even though its running time is longer than most pregnancy videos.

Studio: Parade

DVD title: Star Wars - Episode I, The Phantom Menace (Widescreen Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Star Wars - Episode I, The Phantom Menace (Widescreen Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
Minor Irratations but Big on fun

The new Star Wars is here. Many critics bashed it for it's poorly developed characters, use of to much special effects, among other complaints. Critics also bashed the first Star Wars when it came out in 1977 but now look at it and the movies have become among the most popular of movies. Anyways, the plot for this new installation in the Star Wars serious is much more thicker then the older films. I know, the characters are very shallow and Jar Jar Binks is downright annoying. I see no use for him except a ploy used by the movie makers to make the kiddies laugh. Little Jake Loydd did O.K. as Anakin, he still has a lot of maturing to do, but he did more then I expected. Besides, Star Wars doesn't need Oscar nominating Acting! It's all about fun. The special effects are simply astounding and takes your breath away. The vistas, the cities, the space stations, all of it is created with a new breath and never before attempted in other movies. I do admit that some of it looks very CG, but most of it is very well done. Seeing the special effects alone is worth the buying of a movie. The sound is amazing as well, not Matrix-caliver stuff, but better then most out there. The whole movie was a thrill ride and brought back (not as well though) the memories of seeing first Star Wars for the first time. Highly Recommended, I predict it will become a classic in a few years. It'll grow on people as time progresses

Studio: Twentieth Century Fox
Director: George Lucas
Liam Neeson
Ewan McGregor
Natalie Portman

DVD title: The Shining
Productgroup: DVD
The Shining - movie DVD cover picture

This has some of the GREATEST music in a film EVER. My favorite scene is when Jack swings an axe into the chest of Scatman Crothers - ohhhh! the LOOK on their faces!!!

Studio: Warner Studios
Director: Stanley Kubrick
Jack Nicholson
Shelley Duvall

DVD title: Swordfish
Productgroup: DVD
Swordfish - movie DVD cover picture
Awsome! One of the best movies of the year!

This movie was really good, there were a few flaws but i still gave it 5, it had really good special effects and the plot was really good, the only thing i didnt like was that it started out really exciting and kind of went down from there, but the whole movie was still really good.

Studio: Warner Home Video
Director: Dominic Sena
John Travolta
Hugh Jackman

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