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DVD title: Iron Monkey
Productgroup: DVD
Iron Monkey - movie DVD cover picture
This is the version of Iron Monkey to get!

Yes, you heard right. This DVD, the 90-minute Iron Monkey version from Tai Seng Video, is the version for the hardcore and casual buyer (though its out of print, at the moment, in 2005). Why? Becuase its NOT the 85-minute version that Dimension Home Video created, for their theatrical release and DVD. What you hear is true, the fight scenes have been trimmed to get a PG-13 rating for the USA release, and the subtitles are severly lacking. Even the wonderful music has been changed, and the story dialog has been altered. Don't listen to any other review that talks about "missing footage" on this page -- they're really refering to the Dimension version, and thought that this page advertises that one.

Now, the Tai Seng Video version (90-minutes) has a good-quality subtitles, uncut footage, and even a Engligh 2.0 audio track for those that rather listen to a dubb track. This is the version that is considered a "must buy" but be sure that you order the original Tai Seng 90-minute version when you purchase from another vendor, since the two versions have seperete entries on this website. You'll thank me if you bought the Dimension Home Video release by mistake. Trust me.

Studio: Tai Seng Video
Director: Woo-ping Yuen
Rongguang Yu
Donnie Yen

DVD title: The Italian Job
Productgroup: DVD
The Italian Job - movie DVD cover picture
The Italian Job 1969

This is an exceptional movie, A must have for MINIacks. The story line and the characters are timeless. The action is breathtaking so real you will beleive a MINI can fly! This is the best comercial for the British Leland Austin Mini Cooper S. Michael Caine & Noel Coward gave this movie the Class British Act. Bennie Hill was outlandish. A must have for your personal library.MINI OWNERS PRAYERNow I lay me down to sleep, My MINI'S parked out in the street,If it should roll before I wake,
Please O'LORD put on the brake!Ron ArfonsThe MINIster of MINIacks

Studio: Paramount Home Video
Director: Peter Collinson
Michael Caine
Noel Coward

DVD title: Blade Runner (The Director's Cut)
Productgroup: DVD
Blade Runner (The Director's Cut) - movie DVD cover picture
blade runner is cool

blade runner is the best movie ever has great effects and drama and action.

Studio: Warner Studios
Director: Ridley Scott
Harrison Ford
Rutger Hauer
Sean Young

DVD title: American Pie (Widescreen Unrated Collector's Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
American Pie (Widescreen Unrated Collector's Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
I almost wet my pants I laughed so hard!

This was one of the funniest movies I have ever seen! I'm a 30 Something "adult" and I was rolling! This will most definitely be added to my collection!

Studio: Universal Studios
Jason Biggs
Chris Klein
Thomas Ian Nicholas

DVD title: Angela's Ashes
Productgroup: DVD
Angela's Ashes - movie DVD cover picture
Extremely Moving

Even though the film keeps getting negative reviews I must say I enjoyed it thoroughly. Rarely do I become deeply moved by a movie but this one really did it for me. The thing that amazes me is how honest and simple, yet so powerful this movie is. There was no corny sentiment or any of that but it still is so touching. While other movies have to try so hard to reach that element of power, this movie gets all of it across by pure emotions demonstrated by such talented actors. I loved Robert Carlyle in Trainspotting and the Full Monty and this film was no different. He is a versatile and talented actor. I had never seen Emily Watson but I think her acting was superb. And the child actors were such stars too. I especially enjoyed Michael Legge's performance as the older Frank McCourt. I recommend it to anyone.

Studio: Paramount Studio
Director: Alan Parker
Emily Watson
Robert Carlyle

DVD title: Operation Condor 2: The Armour of the Gods
Productgroup: DVD
Operation Condor 2: The Armour of the Gods - movie DVD cover picture
One of the best

Got to be one of the best Jackie Chan movies for action, if you like just one of his films and it ain't this one get it bought.

Studio: Dimension Home Video
Jackie Chan

DVD title: Fahrenheit 9/11
Productgroup: DVD
Fahrenheit 9/11 - movie DVD cover picture
If you believe in the truth, see this film.

Groundbreaking documentary that is a real eye opener for anyone who believes in the truth and in what this country should stand for. Michel Moore's film is a masterpiece and it would go down as the most groundbreaking and truthful eye of what this country has turn into under the Bush government. See it and be very outrage, and used that outrage at the voting booth.

Thank you Michel Moore for finally giving the American people the truth.

Studio: Columbia Tristar Hom
Director: Michael Moore (II)
Michael Moore (II)

DVD title: Sex Pistols - The Great Rock 'n' Roll Swindle
Productgroup: DVD
Sex Pistols - The Great Rock 'n' Roll Swindle - movie DVD cover picture
shows what really went on

This is a good movie and shows that the Sex Pistols went through a lot. It shows a lot about Johnny Rotten's look on life. It also shows how Mclaran and Jones Swindled there way to the top of the charts.

Studio: Sony Music Entertain
Director: Julien Temple
Malcolm McLaren
Sid Vicious

DVD title: Deja Vu
Productgroup: DVD
Deja Vu - movie DVD cover picture
Meant to be Together

I love romantic movies that really capture your heart, make you feel like the movie is happening to you. Too many so-called "romantic movies" these days are contrived: they try to force you like the characters and believe in the story. This story captured my heart and kept me thinking about it long after the movie ended. In fact, instead of "White Cliffs of Dover" I have started downloading different artist's versions of "Where or When". There could not have been a better song to go along with this storyline of 2 people that meet that really feel like they've already met each other before. That's always been a favorite theme of mine, from old songs like Dionne Warwick's "Deja Vu", and it's good to see a movie made around this theme. And to throw in the storyline twists of the older woman with the ruby pin and who she turns out to be, it is reminiscent of the feelings I had when Christopher Reeve first saw Jane Seymour's picture in the film book in "Somewhere in Time" and realizes she is the old lady that gave him the pocket watch and said "Come back to me". Highly recommend this for anyone who's a true romantic at heart. You don't have to have graphic sex scenes and language for a good romantic picture: just good eye contact, body language and an engaging, nonpredictable storyline. Plus, you usually have to throw in some twists and turns, some stumbling blocks put in the characters' way in order for them to be together. This movie had all of the above.

Studio: Warner Home Video
Director: Henry Jaglom
Stephen Dillane
Victoria Foyt
Vanessa Redgrave

DVD title: The Thorn Birds
Productgroup: DVD
The Thorn Birds - movie DVD cover picture
The Thorn Birds

I forgot how much I enjoyed this the first time; it's wonderful!

Studio: Warner Home Video
Director: Daryl Duke
Richard Chamberlain
Rachel Ward

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