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DVD title: Free Willy
Productgroup: DVD
Free Willy - movie DVD cover picture
This Movie Is A Gem And A Whale Of A Tale!!!

In this very good movie we see a young orphaned street kid named Jessie who finds true meaning and purpose in his life when he discovers a sad, lonely Orca whale named Willy. Willy is too old to train and is hostile about being separated from his family. Lori Petti is is very impressive as the Marine Biologist in this film and sadly we do not see enough of her in movies these days. I also learned that salmon was "Whale's Chocolate" which is a very informative piece of Whale Trivia. This movie is about Loneliness, the Search for Freedom, the Importance of Family and a host of other good values. 5 stars for this very well made piece of filmaking.

Studio: Warner Studios
Director: Simon Wincer
Jason James Richter
Lori Petty
Michael Madsen

DVD title: Garfield As Himself
Productgroup: DVD
Garfield As Himself - movie DVD cover picture
Excellent DVD

The TV specials "Here Comes Garfield", "Garfield On The Town" and "Garfield Gets A Life" are finally on DVD. The TV specials were originally on short videotapes released in the early '90s and we rented just about all of them several times.Now after all these years, they have been discovered again due to the popularity of the new movie, these three original 24 minute TV specials will now be preserved forever because you can't find these anywhere else unless you own the old tapes and they're worn out. The picture quality is very sharp and rich in color. Garfield's TV specials as well as the aimated series was always a very colorful show. The sound, although in mono, sounds better than ever an is more crisp. The DVD quality far exceeds the VHS quality. Also available on this disc is a fantastic Spanish language track (great if kids want to learn another language), plus there are Englsih and Spanish subtitles. As a bonus, there is a short "Inside Look" on the new Garfield movie.Within the packaging of this DVD is the listing of the programs and the chapter stops, and a little booklet promoting Garfield's website, the three TV programs in their comic book editions fitted into a "fat cat 3-pack" comic book called "Garfield As Himself" with the same design as the DVD. I grew up watching Garfield and was practcially raised on Garfield. I'm glad to see he has regained enough popularity again to be preserved on DVD. "Garfield and Friends" was on different stations, but on the station I used to see it on it had been taken off the air. Disappointing! However, with this 3-disc set of volume 1 of the animated series coming out soon, you can finally see them again.I can't wait! In the booklet for "Garfield As Himself" it says to look for more TV specials on DVD. How does this sound for the next disc: "Garfield Goes Hollywood", "Garfield In The Rough" and "Garfield In Paradise"? I would love to see it soon. For now if you love Garfield, this is the first DVD available so act now!HERE COMES GARFIELD!

Studio: Fox Home Entertainme
Director: John Sparey

DVD title: Dante's Peak
Productgroup: DVD
Dante's Peak - movie DVD cover picture
This is a family favorite.

This is a movie that my whole family enjoys, except for one part that we "fast forward" through... that is the part where grandma gets eaten up by acid.

Studio: Universal Studios
Director: Roger Donaldson
Pierce Brosnan
Linda Hamilton

DVD title: Spider-Man 2 (Widescreen Special Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Spider-Man 2 (Widescreen Special Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
Superhero Smash!

This is the finest superhero film done to date. As a fourty year plus reader of Spider-man and a film buff I was totally enthralled by the experience of viewing this film. It is a true thriller in all aspects. The character of Spider-man becomes a much more realistic human being, a little less angst and a little more real world coarseness really works. The moment where Peter Parker decides to walk away from his other persona and return to the world of meekness and academia is quite effective. His self doubt seems to wash away as he moves further away from being a hero. But it is only a temporary respite, and when the moment calls he answers fearlessly, finally accepting the twin burdens he must carry as a hero and a human being. The film has so many incredible moments that it would be useless to list them all. Suffice to say the action is astounding and the realization of Doc Ock and his terrifying tentacles of death will leave you in awe. This is a film that will hold up on multiple viewings and will stand on it's own as a fine example of American cinema.

Studio: Columbia Tri-Star
Director: Sam Raimi
Tobey Maguire
Kirsten Dunst
Alfred Molina

DVD title: Minna - Emergency Workout
Productgroup: DVD
Minna - Emergency Workout - movie DVD cover picture
Favorite Cardio Workout

This has to be one of my new favorite cardio workouts. The DVD is divided into a cardio workout and a toning workout (which I haven't tried yet). I wanted a cardio workout that would be fun and a little different. There are some salsa moves, mumbas, etc. that are really fun without being too difficult. Even my husband jumped up and started doing the workout with me and thought it was fun although he did say he was glad the guys at work couldn't see him!
I found the moves pretty easy to follow yet I worked up a good sweat. It doesn't even matter if you're doing all the moves correctly as long as you're moving and having a good time. I love Minna in the fact that she's cute but not so bubbly she drives you crazy. I would highly recommend this video.

Studio: Parade
Minna Lessig

DVD title: Tenchi Muyo - OVA DVD Boxed Set
Productgroup: DVD
Tenchi Muyo - OVA DVD Boxed Set - movie DVD cover picture
We Need Tenchi!

A WONDERFUL series. Though I've only seen it dubbed (but oddly enough its not a horrible dub *gasps in shock*) It's got enough oh a story to pull you in and the characters quickly become your best friends (I'm a strange lonely man, so sue me) I really like when <cencored to prevent spoiling> I recommend getting this, even if it does cost half a months salary.

Studio: Pioneer Video
Tenchi Muyo

DVD title: Rodan
Productgroup: DVD
Rodan - movie DVD cover picture
Rodan is a great old fashioned movie

Rodan is a great movie because everything is good-looking and supurbly acted. The special effects are fairly good as well.

Studio: Sony Music (Video)
Director: IshirĂ´ Honda

DVD title: The Green Mile
Productgroup: DVD
The Green Mile - movie DVD cover picture
Take the journey of The Green Mile

From the start to the end The Green Mile arouses all the emotions in your body thrusting you into E Block (Death Row) at Cold Mountain Penitentiary. This movie will consume you from beginning to end leaving you breathless as you exit the theater. Frank Darabont masterfully directs this prison tale. You may remember Frank Darabont as the first time director of another prison epic, The Shawshank Redemption. The cinematography in this movie is great, with lush colors it turns the nightmarish death row setting into a beautiful structure of death. It is a pleasure to watch this movie. The Green Mile tells the story of death row in a 1930's prison and the incidents that take place there. It focuses mainly on an inmate named John Coffey who seems to have supernatural powers. You may notice that John Coffey's initials (J.C.) are identical to another influential biblical figure. Coffey is played by Michael Clarke Duncan in a breakout role. He can be seen previously in Armageddon but you will definitely remember him for this role. For most of the movie your not sure if Coffey is innocent or guilty but you suspect that he is innocent. As you discover Coffey's story and learn about his character you follow three other inmates two of which you follow to the electric chair affectionately named "Old Sparky." These electric chair sequences are some of the most harrowing and suspenseful scenes in a long time. I personally could hear my heart pumping during them. The most powerful part of The Green Mile is the acting. Tom Hanks gives his usual brilliant performance that we have come to expect from him but the supporting cast is the best part of the movie. David Morse (Contact,The Negotiator,The Rock) gives an excellent performance as the biggest of the guards named Brutus. Barry Pepper (Saving Private Ryan,Enemy of the State) also gives a good performance as the smallest of the guards. However Doug Hutchinson gives the best supporting performance as Percy the mean, insensitive guard who often abuses the inmates. The ensemble cast of the guards in The Green Mile have great chemistry together. The actors who play the inmates are also a pleasure to watch. Of course Michael Clarke Duncan (John Coffey) is great but also Graham Greene, Sam Rockwell, and Michael Jeter. Graham Greene plays an Indian who we follow first to the electric chair. He does a great job. Sam Rockwell plays "Wild Bill" your usual troublemaker causing havoc throughout the prison. And the great Michael Jeter plays Eduard Delacroix. Jeter just about steals the show as Delacroix the man we grow to love right as he is sent to "Old Sparky." He is befriended by Mr. Jingles, the infamous mouse who also almost steals the show. Eduard Delacroix's execution is the hardest to watch due to the fact that it is botched and what happens next is unforgettable. Bonnie Hunt is also good as Tom Hanks' wife just trying to comfort her husband. The cast is what makes this movie really live. The dialogue is some of the best of the year. John Coffey's signature line is when he is introduced to someone. He says "Coffey, like the drink except spelled differently." The best line in the movie though is directed at Percy when he is perplexed by what he sees John Coffey do. "This boy's cheese fell off his cracker" is the line said towards Percy. The Green Mile is an extraordinary movie in many cases. It is a movie that deserves attention and deserves to be seen. It is a movie that you will be tempted to see over and over again because you want to take the journey many times. It is a movie you will not soon forget and is a movie you wait all year to see. It is a shame that we had to wait all year to see the movie and take the journey that The Green Mile has to offer. ****(cinematic ecstasy)

Studio: Warner Home Video
Director: Frank Darabont
Tom Hanks
Michael Clarke Duncan

DVD title: Vampires in Havana
Productgroup: DVD
Vampires in Havana - movie DVD cover picture
A Brilliant Subtle Political Film

Wolfgang Amadeus von Dracula has discovered a formula that will allow vampires everywhere to enjoy the sunlight by day. Wolfgang knows that his formula is successful because he has given it to his nephew for many years and the sunlight does not harm him. The nephew, Pepe, doesn't know he is a vampire. Because Pepe is liberated to enjoy the sunlight, he thinks nothing of enjoying his life as an individual (he is a trumpet player with healthy sexual appetite) and as a revolutionary, a member of a group intent on assassinating a right-wing general. He is, in effect, socialism's "new man."

It is significant that Pepe doesn't initially know he is a vampire. By not knowing his origin, he is able to lead his life unaware and unaffected by the personal nature that the formula transforms. Wolfgang (who is in some respects like Marx) intends to make the formula available to all vampires free of charge. The lack of the formula keeps vampires longing for the ability to enjoy sunlight as well as dependent on wealthy elite vampires who provide them with artificial sunlight for a hefty price. In short, the vampires are not truly liberated but must accept bastardized versions of true freedom

Wolfgang's offer to socialize the formula becomes the occasion for the audience to see the true nature of the vampires. Rival vampire syndicates battle each other and with Pepe and Wolfgang to control the formula. The syndicates (representing competing capitalist elite groups) are composed of two factions: one that wishes to repress knowledge of the formula altogether (thus preserving the status quo as well as their financial interests as peddlers of artificial daytime tropical beaches) and another that wishes to merchandize the formula to vampires for profit. In the end, Pepe broadcasts the formula by radio to all vampires, reminiscent of Castro's radio broadcasts to Cubans near the end of the Batista dictatorship.

This animated film is a must see.

Studio: Vanguard Cinema
Director: Juan PadrĂ³n

DVD title: The A-Team - Season One
Productgroup: DVD
The A-Team - Season One - movie DVD cover picture
How can you go wrong yo

A little pricey but every episode is a full hour minus the commercials. So you're looking at like 15 hours worth of A-Team yo... That's mad happinin' as this is easily the best action series of the 80's.

Studio: Universal Studios
George Peppard

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