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DVD title: Jesus of Nazareth
Productgroup: DVD
Jesus of Nazareth - movie DVD cover picture
The Story of the Life of Jesus

Jesus of Nazareth, although made for television, is the pinnacle of Franco Zeffirelli's illustrious directing career, which includes such masterpieces as Romeo and Juliet and Brother Sun Sister Moon, and the definitive film about the story of the life of Jesus Christ.
Beginning with the lives of the Virgin Mary and St. Joseph before the Infancy Narrative, Zeffirelli does a wonderful job of blending the four Gospels together, recounting the life of Jesus from the Nativity through His Ministry as he proclaims the Kingdom of God and gathers the Apostles about him to His Passion and glorious Resurrection. There are a very few events from Jesus' life which have been omitted, for example the Wedding at Cana, but on the whole Jesus of Nazareth is remarkable for it's thoroughness.
Zeffirelli's choice of locations and use of scenery recreate biblical Palestine, and the actors portray the socio-political climate of the area, providing the backdrop of political and religious unrest against which Jesus would begin His ministry. The cinematogrophy is stunning, as is usual for a Zeffirelli film.
The cast is splendid, with Robert Powell giving a breath takingly powerful performance as Jesus of Nazareth, Olivia Hussey as the Blessed Virgin Mary, Anne Bancroft as Mary Magdelene, Anthony Quinn as the High Priest Caiaphas, Peter Ustinov as King Herod, Christopher Plummer as Herod Antipas, Ernest Borgnine as the Centurion, Michael York as John the Baptist, James Farentino as Simon Peter, and Rod Steiger as Pontius Pilate.
Jesus of Nazareth is a wonderful telling of the story of Jesus, full of hope and emotion. Whether your interest in the life of Jesus is from the perspective of faith or of history, you must see this film.

Studio: Lions Gate Home Entertainment
Director: Franco Zeffirelli
Robert Powell
James Mason
Laurence Olivier

DVD title: Christy - A New Beginning
Productgroup: DVD
Christy - A New Beginning - movie DVD cover picture
Choices of the Heart: A New Beginning

In Choices Of the Heart (COTH) A New Beginning, many loose ends get tied, while some remain loose. Between Neil,David and Christy, Miss Alice and Dr. Ferrand, who again proposes, John Spencer and Bessie Colburn who want to get married and many many other things, this movie is full of drama and romance and even some comedy here and there!
The movie starts out 3 months after the typhoid epidemic that hit the Cove, causing many deaths including Lundy Taylor (the school bully) and Christy's dear friend Fairlight Spencer. In COTH, Christy has accepted David Grantland's(played by James Waterston, son of Sam Waterston) proposal of marrige, and is 2 weeks away from the big day, when suddenly, Dr. Neil MacNeill (played by the wonderful and handsome Aussie Stewart Finlay-McLennan,who's Scottish accent is enough to make Mel Gibson run and hide!) returns for a visit to the Cove after leaving 3 months earlier to do research on typhoid in Baltimore,MD. Neil asks Christy to come for a ride with him. Christy accepts. While the two are gone, Neil tells Christy his true feelings for her, in hopes that she may feel the same. Christy, clearly flustered, knowing what her true feelings are but not wanting to accept them, runs away from Neil with Neil closely behind. In the mean time, John Spencer and Bessie Colburn are speaking about marrige, which has Miss Alice, Christy and David concered, since they are clearly too young for marrige. Then the biggest storm the Cove has ever witnessed hits, and Neil and Christy get stranded in the rain, and have to resort to taking shelter in an abandoned hunters cabin. While in the cabin, Christy asks Neil why he choose now to return, so close to her wedding, and doesn't understand why Neil shows nothing but contempt towards her, he kisses her and she slaps him and runs out of the cabin and into the woods. (Poor Neil) While running, Christy falls down a ravene and hurts her ankle, and Neil finds her and carries her back to the cabin, where she ends up devloping a fever that Neil can do noting about. So he goes to his last resort.....
Meanwhile, back at the Mission, Alice is having a time of it! With David in El Pano, who finds out that Neil is back and decides to make the 7 mile hike up the mountain in the rain, with Dr. Ferrand who shows up at the last minute, Alice is having to deal with hordes of highlanders coming to the mission door in search for shelter. All of their cabin's are in danger of being swept away by the rising river.
Finally, morning comes, and with it dawns new hopes for everyone. David and Tom McHone meet Neil, carring Christy, back to the mission, in the woods after searching for them all morning. And then, Christy makes her choice. 2 weeks later, dawns Christy's wedding day. With her chat with her mother, she walks down the isle and meets her beloved...
Choices of the Heart: A New Beginning is, along with Choices of the Heart: A Change of Seasons and Return to Cutter Gap, a wonderful trilogy in the beloved Christy series. I highly recommend it to everyone. Christy is an inspiring, touching, heart warming story full of all the great aspects of good books and movies. Romance, drama, spirituality. While some of the acting may not live up to the acting of the actors in the series, it is still superb. I will agree, that on some aspects Diane Ladd was not the perfect Miss Alice, and though she is a fantastic actress, Tyne Daily sure is a hard one to beat! Though I did prefer Randall Batinkoff over James Waterston, James was wonderful for the David that he portrayed. Lauren Lee Smith to me, played a different Christy then Kellie Martin. Kellie played a younger, niave Christy, while Lauren played a more mature Christy. One ready to make the life changing decision into marriage. All in all, the movie (s) are wonderful, and I will always recommend them to everyone!!

Studio: Lions Gate
Director: Chuck Bowman

DVD title: The Ugly Dachshund
Productgroup: DVD
The Ugly Dachshund - movie DVD cover picture
Don't count out this oldie but goodie

You can read the plot synopsis elsewhere...

I am a grad student in Texas who is tickled pink that this finally came out on DVD. When I was younger this and "The Happiest Millionaire" were two of my favorite movies. It is clean wholesome humor that can entertain the whole family. There are other reviewers that have sung the praises of the doxies, it made me a great dane fan forever, Brutus rocks.

This film is a great investment for anyone, especially for those with kids and/or dogs!!!

Studio: Walt Disney Home Video
Director: Norman Tokar
Dean Jones
Suzanne Pleshette

DVD title: Pickup on South Street - Criterion Collection
Productgroup: DVD
Pickup on South Street - Criterion Collection - movie DVD cover picture
Richard Widmark is mesmerizing.....again!

Watching Richard Widmark chew up this movie begs the question: "Why can't they make em like that anymore"! He is simply brilliant as a cheap petty pick pocket who lifts some microfilm from a hot chick (Jean Peters) on a train only to find that he's become involved with communist sympathisers stealing secrets from our government. At first he thinks....hmmmmmm let me cash in on this, beat up Candy, Insult some detectives, and brow beat Thelma Ritter for crossing him. Later Candy (Jean Peters) gets beat up brutally trying to protect Widmark who only twenty minutes before smacked her around pretty good himself leaving the audiience to shout at the screen: "Have you lost your mind"? Anyway she can't help her feeling for Widmark and only after about an hour and fifty minutes does he turn human and allows feelings for her to surface after she is brutaly beat up and shot protecting him. Hospital bed repentance will do that everytime. He then avenges the death of Thelma Ritter and Candy's assalt and then in the last five minute of the film flashes that "killer smile", turns almost straight, and heads off into the sunset to bed down Candy in what amounts to the strangest attraction in memory between a crook and a victim. It's film noir at its best! Hail King Richard!

Studio: Criterion Collection
Director: Samuel Fuller
Richard Widmark
Jean Peters

DVD title: Knight Rider - Season One
Productgroup: DVD
Knight Rider - Season One - movie DVD cover picture
Very Cool show!

I just picked this show up yesterday.Very cool DVD set.This was one of my favorite shows back in the 80's.I been to Universal studios Hollywood while this show was still on.I remember every body on the tour bus was hopeing to get a glimps of either the star's of Ateam or the stars of Knight Rider.They had KITT on displayed for every tourist to sit in and talk to KITT.So I got to sit in the car with my brother and got are pictures taken with KITT.It was a real treat.And Universal also had the car talk to you,then it was the real William Daniels speaking,now you go to Universal and it's somebody else speaking threw KITT.I remember asking KITT where Michael was? "KITT responce was "Michael is out on a date"I'll never forget that.Now 20 years later to Have the first season of Knight Rider on DVD is a dream come true.I hope season 2 is not to far behind.I also heard they are going to do a Knight Rider movie.I hope it's going to be good? I also hope Hasselhoff's other show will be coming out in DVD seasons Baywatch?Classic stuff.

Studio: Universal Studios Ho
David Hasselhoff

DVD title: Phil Hellmuth's Million Dollor Vol 1
Productgroup: DVD
Phil Hellmuth's Million Dollor Vol 1 - movie DVD cover picture

I was pretty skeptical when I sat down to watch this DVD. I had seen Howard Lederer's pile of crap and I thought this might be similar... Boy was I wrong! This DVD is filled with useful tips for all levels of play. Phil Hellmuth is actually quite likeable in his recounting of poker "war stories" and his real knack is as a teacher! There are tons of different stratagies that you yourself can use at any poker table, and watch the money start to flow your way. I've become a better player since watching this DVD... It's that simple!

Studio: Ventura Distribution
Phil Hellmuth

DVD title: Are We There Yet
Productgroup: DVD
Are We There Yet - movie DVD cover picture
Are We There Yet delivers!

This movie will get you laughing just from the start! It's great! Nick(Ice Cube) falls in love with Suzanne(Tia Long) but then he realizes that She has two kids and Nick hates kids! After Suzanne's ex cancels plans with the kids Nick volunteers to drive them to Vancouver to visit Suzanne for New Years. On the drive to Vancouver the fun starts. Ton of things happen to Nick mostly the car is affected. Nick is tired of the kids but if he wants Suzanne the kids have to be safe. You should watch this movie if you like hillarious,out of control movies. This is somewhat like Johnson Family Vacation. Recommended

Studio: Columbia Tristar Hom
Director: Brian Levant
Ice Cube
Nia Long
Aleisha Allen
Philip Bolden

DVD title: Dinner Rush
Productgroup: DVD
Dinner Rush - movie DVD cover picture
Bang Bang for the buck

Two thumbs up is right on! I recommend this movie to anyone. I rented it from a video store but then had to purchase it to add to my movie collection! I think it's a movie I'll enjoy watching over and over and over!

Studio: New Line Home Entertainment
Director: Bob Giraldi
Danny Aiello
Edoardo Ballerini

DVD title: Psycho
Productgroup: DVD
Psycho - movie DVD cover picture
A very good revamp of a classic

I''ve been a fan of the original for years and I really believe this is avery masterful shot for shot remake of a classic. The only thing I didn'tlike was the bates house. They built a totally different house. If your going to do a faithful remake you have to leave aleast one aspectof the original the same. The house in this movie [stinks]!!!!It's just not as creepy as the one in original movie.

Studio: Universal Studios
Director: Gus Van Sant
Vince Vaughn
Anne Heche

DVD title: Real Men
Productgroup: DVD
Real Men - movie DVD cover picture
The best movie ever!

This movie is a classic, but hardly anyone knows about it. This movie deserves more recognition because it's an excellent film! I've seen this movie countless times (honestly, countless), and I never get bored or tired of it. It's a movie that anyone and everyone can enjoy! I can't describe the feeling I get every time I watch it! There is no other movie like it. I love everything about it! And even though you may say it's cheesy, I love the background score! James Belushi and John Ritter act out the Nick Pirandello and Bob Wilson characters like nobody else could! But of course, hardly anyone has seen it, so take it upon yourself to buy this movie and enjoy it as much as I do!

Studio: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
Director: Dennis Feldman
James Belushi
John Ritter

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