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DVD title: Jackson Browne: Going Home
Productgroup: DVD
Jackson Browne: Going Home - movie DVD cover picture
The Greatest 90 minutes of tape avaialble

I recorded the original Disney presentation and still view it, though the years--and my son--have gotten the better of parts of the tape. It is a remarkable view into the man who has written the soundtrack for many of our lives. Going Home is not as good as a LIVE Jackson show but presents key elements that make you remember the shows you've seen and make you wish you could see him in person again and soon. I've seen him over 30 times since 1976. I just recently ran the tape again and was reminded of just how extraordinary a talent he is. If you love the voice and the message, you'll not be disappointed, rather you'll be granted insight into the mechanisms and muse that surround the man. You'll want to see and hear it again and again. Now, "go on ahead and throw some seeds of your own" and enjoy the music. It keeps our spirits high.

Studio: Pioneer Video
Jackson Browne

DVD title: Secretary
Productgroup: DVD
Secretary - movie DVD cover picture
crazed shocking amazing brilliant

This film is a testament to the new and engaging style of indie cinema. Here we have an impossibly slick and beautifully stylized love story on the edge and I'm glad to see that it's appreciated.Maggie Gyllenhaal (who I've only glimpsed in Donnie Darko and Adaptation) is stunning. Lee's journey from darkness to light, through what may be seen by many as a dark avenue, is touching and earnest. She learns to live and be comfortable in her own skin, as well as finding the strength to fight for what she wants rather than timidly taking the path others set for her. She plays opposite James Spader (a gifted and beautiful actor) naturally and without a single hitch. Their relationship grows and transforms both characters with utter grace and sensitivity. Possibly the most amazing thing about this film is the fact that it never becomes pretentious, preachy or even slightly over the top. It is always honest, true to its characters and often comic, in spite of its rather taboo subject matter.Wonderful as the movie is, watching it at home on DVD is not without some difficulty. If you have a player with a sound equalizer, use it. There are quite a few moments when the sound gets very soft and very loud - often back to back.

Studio: Lions Gate Home Entertainment
Director: Steven Shainberg
James Spader
Maggie Gyllenhaal

DVD title: Star Wars, Episode III - Revenge of the Sith (Widescreen Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Star Wars, Episode III - Revenge of the Sith (Widescreen Edition) - movie DVD cover picture

God I really hope you are joking about the being nominated for an academy thing. I can see it now, as they announce his name they show a clip of him in the bed with hands under the covers moaning and groaning. While I have to addmitt that I don't think the movies were as bad as everyone says I think the acting from Hayden and Natalie was really bad in the last movie. Laughable bad. I am looking forward to this next movie though and I hope they kill Jar Jar Binks quickly in the beginning of the movie. Better than Gollum, HA

Studio: Twentieth Century Fox Home Video
Director: George Lucas
Ewan McGregor
Natalie Portman
Hayden Christensen

DVD title: Futurama, Vol. 2
Productgroup: DVD
Futurama, Vol. 2 - movie DVD cover picture
An outstanding box set

I forgot to mention in my review below, the voice of Bender (my favorite character) is done by John Dimaggio (Not the son of "Joltin'" Joe Dimaggio) He also does the voice of Elzar (The T.V. chef) and Mr. Panucci (Fry's former boss at the pizzaria).

Studio: Twentieth Century Fox Home Video
Matt Groening

DVD title: Gilmore Girls - The Complete First Season
Productgroup: DVD
Gilmore Girls - The Complete First Season - movie DVD cover picture
Gilmore Girls

The most appealing storyline for me is the Lorelei-Emily relationship. As much as I love the dynamics of Rory-Lorelei relationship, the Lorelei-Emily is the one that truly made me a fan of the show. And I guess season 1 gave us a lot of stories about that, because as the season goes on, even though they still have conflicts, they are in better terms now generally compared to the first 2 seasons.

The show is populated by great supporting characters, my favorite besides Emily of course (played to perfection by Kelly Bishop) is Paris (played effortlessly by Liza Weil), the overachiever who won't quit. I miss when Rory and Paris were archrivals. I also love the audiophile Lane, out of this planet Kirk, omnipresent Taylor, bowtied Richard, horny Miss Pattie and the sweet as candy Sookie.

Some of the standout episodes of Season 1 are:

-Pilot (one of the best pilots I have seen, great setup for the characters)
-The Lorelei's First Day at Chilton
-Rory's Birthday Parties
-Kiss and Tell
-Rory's dance (great dramatic showdown for Emily and Lorelei, "She's gonna get pregnant like you")
-Christopher Returns
-The breakup Part 2 (great Rory episode, and great ending)
-Ps I Lo.. (the reaction of Emily when Rory ran away and came to their house was priceless)
-Love, Daisies, and Troubadours (the season ended on a high note, how can you resist the two girls jumping like crazy at the end of the episode)

Grade: A

Studio: Warner Home Video
Lauren Graham

DVD title: Some Kind of Wonderful
Productgroup: DVD
Some Kind of Wonderful - movie DVD cover picture
Before Dawson's Creek, There Was Some Kind Of Wonderful

This movie has remained my favorite film since it came out in 1987. That's 13 years my friends. Like most of the teen angst pictures made by filmmaker John Hughes (Pretty In Pink, Breakfast Club, Ferris Bueller's Day Off), this movie treats teenagers problems with a level of reality that you can't help but respect. John Hughes always made sure the adults were talking on a different level then the kids. Clifford (Keith's dad): "Ah, Keith, you're only 16 years old." Keith (Eric Stoltz): "Then I'm 18, then I'm 19, then I'm 20. When does my life belong to me?" There is a certain level this movie attains that other films cannot touch. Plus, at the core is a love-triangle story that you can't help but get wrapped up in. Mary Stuart Masterson (Fried Green Tomatoes) and Lea Thompson (Back To The Future) reaaly shine as the ladies in the life of Eric Stoltz (Mask). This movie does't pontificate with so many 50 cent words as much as it hits home with bright, witty dialog and a cast that actually looks like they live in the world they move about in. Buy it. You won't regret it.

Studio: Paramount Home Video
Director: Howard Deutch
Eric Stoltz
Mary Stuart Masterson

DVD title: Inspector Morse - Absolute Conviction
Productgroup: DVD
Inspector Morse - Absolute Conviction - movie DVD cover picture
Revenge & Retribution

This entry in the Morse series is somewhat unusual, in that the events unfold largely in a prison setting; moreover, the mystery focuses attention upon punishment (or lack of same) for white collar crime. Morse and Lewis are brought to the minimum security prison following the death of Lawrence Cryer, one of a trio of crooked developers who defrauded scores of duped investors. Although death by heart attack was the initial impression, signs of trauma point to homicide. There is no shortage of potential suspects or motives given Cryer's history.
The obvious suspects include investors or their relatives who were victimized by Cryer, his own partners in crime, and his young wife and/or her boyfriend among others. Morse concludes that the three partners stashed a fortune in secret bank accounts just prior to their bankruptcy declaration and imprisonment; consequently, he is convinced that the homicide is related to avarice. An ambitious police officer (Sergeant Cheatham) shares Morse's view that the death was motivated by monetary considerations and resorts to several tactics (legal and illegal) to prove his point. Later in the episode, one of the two surviving partners is poisoned and Morse becomes even more convinced that greed is the catalyst for these events. The viewer is confronted with several factors with possible relevance to the case-- the presence of a prison guard who is related to one of the cheated investors and the presence of a soon to be released inmate who had been convicted for murder 16 years earlier. In the final analysis, Morse's penchant for solving crossword puzzles helps him solve the case and discover the real motivation behind two homicides and one attempted murder. All things considered, this installment is very satisfying. The character portrayals (particularly the role of inmate Bennett) are generally very good with one exception. The role of the socially progressive female prison governor was somewhat overplayed, as this character was scripted as a rather tiresome and deluded creature who often needed reminding that she ran a penal institution as opposed to a Summer camp for mischievous adults.

Studio: Bfs Entertainment/Mu

DVD title: Pitch Black (Rated Version)
Productgroup: DVD
Pitch Black (Rated Version) - movie DVD cover picture
Excellent, Radha Mitchell and Vin Diesel are spectacular.

Whoever said that Sci-Fi is only ever any good with huge budgets and big stars must be eating their hat now.
Pitch Black, with a cast of relative unknowns and relatively little money just goes to prove the opposite.
This dark, scary "bug hunt" movie will definitely not leave lovers of the genre wanting anything. Maybe not thought provoking but a great ride nonetheless.

Studio: Universal Studios
Director: David Twohy
Vin Diesel
Radha Mitchell
Cole Hauser

DVD title: Sliding Doors
Productgroup: DVD
Sliding Doors - movie DVD cover picture
very good

a good, complex story. Plus, Gwenith Paltorw is really good (and she's hot).

Studio: Paramount Studio
Director: Peter Howitt (II)
Gwyneth Paltrow
John Hannah
John Lynch
Jeanne Tripplehorn

DVD title: Shakira - MTV Unplugged
Productgroup: DVD
Shakira - MTV Unplugged - movie DVD cover picture
Una cantante excelente

Shakira has the beauty and grace of any supermodel with a voice to match. Her MTV Unplugged appearance showcases these qualities, as well as her exquisite dancing in songs such as the delectable "Ojos As?." Her lyrics are honest and her range profound, making this concert truly one of her best.
Both this DVD and the accompanying CD are highly recommended to fans and admirers alike. It's rare to find a recorded performance as exquisite as this.

Studio: Sony Music Entertain
Director: Milton Lage

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