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DVD title: George Lucas in Love
Productgroup: DVD
George Lucas in Love - movie DVD cover picture
The Force is strong with this one...

Any fan of George Lucas and of Star Wars -- I'm a hardcore fan of both -- will love this movie. It is clever, witty, and well-crafted, perfectly balancing the directorial styles of Shakespeare in Love (Steadicam shots, lighting) with Star Wars (Lucasian wipes, close-up shots, pans). Some of the most subtle jokes were my favorite, such as the "womp rats" line, the Howard the Duck reference, and the THX 1138 door sign.

Studio: Red Hill
Director: Joe Nussbaum
Martin Hynes

DVD title: Virginia's Run
Productgroup: DVD
Virginia's Run - movie DVD cover picture
An awesome film .. towards what really counts in life!

This is an wonderful film. Especially, if you want to view people in their horse "click" environment versus why most horse owners love their animals. This is one of the best Horse films made with lots of real life issues and filming. A must see film.

Studio: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
Director: Peter Markle

DVD title: Fight Club (Single Disc Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Fight Club (Single Disc Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
Unique, Stunning Piece of Art.

Fight Club follows the story of our nameless narrator, played by Edward Norton, and all the crazy things that happen when he meets Tyler Durden (Brad Pitt) and they start a club. A fight club.
I was told Fight Club was a very good film, but I had been told lots of films were very good. This film was very good and then some. Actually, it was excellent. The adapted screenplay was perfect, the direction was stunning and the acting was brilliant, unfortunately it was rudely underrated....

Studio: Fox Home Entertainme
Director: David Fincher
Edward Norton
Brad Pitt

DVD title: The Mummy Returns (Widescreen Collector's Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
The Mummy Returns (Widescreen Collector's Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
Ranks up there with T2 and The Lost World! GOOD SEQUEL!!!

I saw the original Mummy in theaters the second day it came out in 1999. I loved it a lot it stands as one of my favorite movies of all time. When I heard there was going to be a sequel i was more excited than ever. This one I was able to see the first day it came out. I was blown away. This movie is fantastic it is definatly one of the best sequels ever made. It takes everything form the first doubles it and throws it right back. The fight seens are the best since the Matrix. The Battle scenes are absolutly beautiful. And the story line is as rich and funny as ever. There are a few big suprises in this movie especially when you find out the truth behind evelyns past. There is one thing about the movie that i did not like at all. When the rock comes out in the end as the scorpion king, he is entirely visual effects and his face looks extremely fake, but that doesn't mean the movie is bad. I highly recommend this sequel it definatly gives you a lot of bang for your buck.

Studio: Universal Studios
Director: Stephen Sommers
Brendan Fraser
Rachel Weisz

DVD title: Citizen Toxie - The Toxic Avenger IV (Unrated Director's Cut)
Productgroup: DVD
Citizen Toxie - The Toxic Avenger IV (Unrated Director's Cut) - movie DVD cover picture
Toxie still lives on in the hearts of men!!!

I am the biggest Toxic Avenger fan. I can't get enough of Troma films. I have not yet seen the DVD edition of this movie. I have seen a promo copy on VHS that was sent to me by Troma last summer. I would have to say that Citizen Toxie is just as good as the first Toxic Avenger. I will admit that Toxic Avenger both 2 and 3 were somewhat disappointing, but Citizen Toxie is good all of the way through. Troma did not let me down with this one.If you like the Toxic Avenger and if you have an appreciation for Troma films- you will love this release.

Studio: Wea Corp
Director: Lloyd Kaufman
David Mattey
Clyde Lewis

DVD title: The Others
Productgroup: DVD
The Others - movie DVD cover picture
Extremely chilling, creepy, and well-done

The Others is probably one of the best horror movies I've seen. Actually, I don't even know if I'd call it horror. There wasn't any blood or disgusting stuff, but it did keep me scared on the edge of my seat, twitching every time I heard the suspenseful music start up again. With the music, you always knew when something would happen.
The ending is creepy, but a lot of people thought it seemed kind of obvious and stupid. No matter. The cast does a good job in the atmospheric setting, which somehow makes it seem more real. Nicole Kidman gives one of her best performances as a religious and over-protective mother of two children who are hypersensitive to light. The children did a good job as well.
Another factor adding to the creepy atmosphere was the house. They live in an old, large house that is the perfect setting. A lot of time was spent on set decoration for the house. It works, too, as their home seems more like a haunted house site than a place you'd want to live in.
All in all, this is an excellent film with strong acting, cinematography, and production values. Rent it if you liked The Sixth Sense or The Exorcist.

Studio: Miramax
Director: Alejandro AmenĂ¡bar
Nicole Kidman
Christopher Eccleston

DVD title: Power Yoga for Every Body
Productgroup: DVD
Power Yoga for Every Body - movie DVD cover picture
Good DVD

I started power yoga classes about 7 months ago and have always found it to be really challenging and hard to keep up with others in my class. My yoga teacher offered some advice and suggested that I pick-up a book or really good at home video/DVD to supplement my in class workout. This DVD's instructor is precise and very engaging with many alternatives to fit anyones fitness level or flexibility. Its a slower pace than advanced power yogi's may be in to, but the slow pace method is gaining popularity and this DVD is just on that curve. Most of all its an incredible value with user friendly capabilities.

Studio: Bodywisdom Media, Inc.
Barbara Benagh
Jason Gordon

DVD title: Donnie Darko
Productgroup: DVD
Donnie Darko - movie DVD cover picture
An Excellent Surprise

As far as titles go Donnie Darko" is about as unassuming as they get. Go figure then that the movie is one of the more original, thought provoking contributions to cinema in recent memory.
What makes this film so engrossing is the effective balance that is achieved between the more technical aspects of the film and the story itself. This balance cannot be overlooked as there have been innumerable movies over the years with interesting ideas but poor execution, as well as the inverse. The Thirteenth Floor and Cameron Crowe's Ope... Vanilla Sky come to mind.
Technically, this movie is wonderful. The lighting, the camera work, the pacing, etc all fit the movie perfectly. Also, the use of music is done quite well as it adds to the mood of the picture and does not distract. The script is also a triumph, which is noteworthy given that the film does tend to ebb and flow, 'changing' from 80's teen flick, to horror, to dark comedy, and back again. The casting is spot on as well. Patrick Swayze finally has a career-defining role and Jake Gyllenhaal is perfect in the title role.
And then there's the story. At first glance, the plot could come off as a jumble of ideas tossed together, I suppose. But, the way the pieces fit together (and they really do) and the shear originality of it all make it work. Amazingly, "Donnie Darko" is one of the few modern movies that cannot be directly compared to something else, which is noteworthy in this era of big budget remakes and explosionfests that are supposed to pass as legitimate cinema. Sure, certain aspects of the movie may seem familiar, but whole of the movie is original.
If you like movies that require thought, attention, at least a second viewing, and an open mind, "Donnie Darko" would get my highest recommendation. And even if you prefer movies that require less work, ignore this and go rent Con Air (again).

Studio: Twentieth Century Fox Home Video
Director: Richard Kelly (II)
Jake Gyllenhaal
Mary McDonnell
Jena Malone

DVD title: The Matrix Revolutions (Full Screen Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
The Matrix Revolutions (Full Screen Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
The Best Flim of 2003

This movie is the most outstanding film in the world. I loved everything about it. The beginning was very good but when you get to the "War Scene" you will literily be at the edge of your seat. You will be so happy walking out of a movie like this. What makes this movie interesting is, unlike "Matrix Reloaded" this had a point to it. People say that "Matrix Reloaded" was "all action, no thinking". I liked the movie but that was actually what it was.
When I saw "Matrix Revolutions" it just blew me away. It had everything a movie could ask for, Romance, Thrills, Action, Comedy, and even Horror. Also another thing was that the movie had was the "flavor" that it was not even close to what the other Matrix films where like. This had so much to do with all the life of zion and the thing that could happen and everything like that.
Mostly the thing that made me like this movie the best was becasue of the battle sequence it was about 15 to 20 minutes long. I was so happy to see what would happen next in everything that they seemed to have. This is one reason why I don't like to "Get up in the middle of the Movie", just like when i saw "Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King".
Most of all I liked that this movie made sure that there will not be a sequal. Even if there would be a sequal it wouldn't be any good. It wouldn't have Neo, Trinity, or Agent Smith in there. That would ruin the whole series if they made a Fourth Matrix Film. Same with Lord of the Rings.
Why see The Matrix Reloaded when you can see The Matrix Revolutions?

Studio: Warner Home Video
Laurence Fishburne

DVD title: Conflict
Productgroup: DVD
Conflict - movie DVD cover picture

Trevor Howard and Martin Sheen star in this portrayal of an attempt to completely destroy the Catholic Church. Trevor Howard is the abbot of an Irish monastary that continues the two thousand years of the Roman Latin Rite of the Church. People come from all over the world to participate in the last of the Roman Latin Rite Masses and the Vatican (Vatican V) wants to put an end to it. The Vatican sends a priest, Martin Sheen, as emissary to end the latin Mass. Catholics is a supposed futuristic view of the Church while in reality it is about the struggle Catholics face today.

Studio: Direct Source Special Products
Director: Jack Gold

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