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DVD title: Firefly - The Complete Series
Productgroup: DVD
Firefly - The Complete Series - movie DVD cover picture
Thank goodness for the movie

Here was a series that was smart, funny, clever, insightful, and beautifully shot. I still can't believe that it was cancelled. However, because of the thousands of fans that have risen up to support it, the great studio Universal has green lit the movie and they are shooting right now, for a release date of April 22, 2005. Buy the DVD series, you will be hooked by the third episode, if not the first.Enjoy.

Studio: Twentieth Century Fox Home Video
Nathan Fillion

DVD title: The Road to El Dorado
Productgroup: DVD
The Road to El Dorado - movie DVD cover picture
Road to El Dorado commentary

When I heard that Dreamworks Pictures were making the road to El dorado Then I started to wait for the movie.I do not go to the cinemas to watch movies but for this particular movie I saw it twice in the Cinema and I admit that this movies has the greatest animation among other animation movies.I am anxiously waiting for the dvd for my own collection and I suggest to the other movie collectors to buy it.Its worth buying of it.

Studio: Universal Studios
Kevin Kline
Kenneth Branagh
Rosie Perez

DVD title: Dawn of the Dead (Widescreen Unrated Director's Cut)
Productgroup: DVD
Dawn of the Dead (Widescreen Unrated Director's Cut) - movie DVD cover picture
Best Zombie Movie I Have Ever Seen

This does lack some of the suspense the original had, but i think that the overall movie was better than the original, especially because of the special effects. Best Zombie effects I have ever seen. The zombies were the scariest they have ever been.

Studio: Universal Studios Ho
Director: Zack Snyder
Sarah Polley
Ving Rhames
Jake Weber
Mekhi Phifer

DVD title: Steve Vai - Live at the Astoria London
Productgroup: DVD
Steve Vai - Live at the Astoria London - movie DVD cover picture

Great DVD. Many of the bad reviews find silly reasons to give the DVD a bad rating. I personally bought it for the music and the performance. I agree the camera work is a little rough. Steve Vai is an amazing virtuoso who can play better than 99.9% of the guitar playing population. (with the exception of maybe Satch and Petrucci) Steve's stage antics are downright hilarious. May I suggest that the outfits thing and the wind in the face is not his ego showing, but him making a mockery of the whole rockstar image thing? maybe....

Studio: Red Distribution, In
Steve Vai

DVD title: The Three Musketeers
Productgroup: DVD
The Three Musketeers - movie DVD cover picture
Buckle Your Swash for this Wonderful Adventure-Comedy

This is one of those movies I just don't get tired watching. And every time I do watch it (having first seen it in the theater at age 8), I find myself overlooking the appalling, horrific conditions of 17th century France to wish I were one of these capable, independent, honorable, heroic, and really totally cooly dressed men. As so magically portrayed by the screenplay, the costuming, the cinematography, and actors, the story was and remains totally enthralling. It just looks like so much fun, despite the dangers.
From the enthralling slow-motion opening credits, with their evocative title fonts and matching yet almost haunting sound accompaniment, you know you are in for a thorough well-done and promising film.
The women look absolutely fantastic, every single one of them, even the hand maidens, even (most) of the peasant women. Most of the men also look fantastic in their meticulously recreated costumes, especially the musketeers. Whether the costuming and overall placement of the movie is historically accurate I am not qualified to address, but the look and feel of the film is consistent throughout and deeply, richly presented. A great deal of this comes from the cinematography, the film treatment and other technical details as well, further testament to the expertise of these filmmakers.
Attention to detail is precise and meticulous throghout the film. This is best shown with interior shots, such as the book carousel in the musketeer captain's office, the games of chance inside the cabaret/club, and D'Artagnan's dank lodgings. The portrayal of contemporaneous technology is also very well-done, as shown by the periscopes (with its upside-down rendering of the image), the lift outside the musketeer captain's office, and the Queen's servant-driven carousel.
The fight scenes are exhilarating and earthy, with rapiers and foils used as clubs and even thrown as distractions, with good old fashioned hand-to-hand mixed in very well. The debonair swordplay of the traditional, Fairbanks-era swashbucklers is absent; the fights are staged to communicate to the viewer that all fighters are consummate swordsmen. The fight settings also are inspired, ranging from a convent courtyard, a laundry, a crowded roadside tavern, and the inspired lantern-illuminated pitch-black of a nighttime country road.
The story is surprisingly complex; its Macchiavellian twists require some attention. The film does move along well enough without a full understanding of the details of the plot, but is much better enjoyed if one knows the characters' motivations and goals.
The comedic aspects of the film are probably the most endearing and best-remembered. There is plenty of physical slapstick, such as D'Artagnan jumping out of a window onto a rising work platform, assassins dropping blindly from a tree, Porthos' post-duel sliced hat, etc. Taking the comedy a step further are the short, anonymous asides by extras and fringe characters. This is best illustrated by the hilarious passageway mutterings of the dwarves (just observed in the previous scene with trays of food fastened to the tops of their heads), with one of the little guys muttering something about punching someone in the throat. This technique is highly reminiscent of the street-scene asides so well done in the film adaptation of the Broadway comedy "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way To The Forum." Both the physical comedy and the asides come together near the end, with the palace servants muttering, "He tore our carpet" after D'Artagnan unsucessfully attempts the traditional swashbuckling pull-the-rug-out maneuver during his attempt to enter the palace.
I strongly recommend this film to anyone and everyone, especially those with a taste for a less-than-serious approach to adventure. The film is great, great fun. For anyone who has seen and enjoyed this film, I strongly recommend the original novel by Alexandre Dumas, which is available as an FTP online.

Studio: Fox Lorber
Director: Richard Lester
Oliver Reed
Raquel Welch
Richard Chamberlain
Michael York
Frank Finlay
Christopher Lee

DVD title: One Crazy Summer
Productgroup: DVD
One Crazy Summer - movie DVD cover picture
This movie is amazing!!![...]

I've recently rented this and Better Off Dead, and this is my favorite of the two (which should be seen together). It's funny, and a great geeks-beat-the-cool-guy movie. There are really cool animation shorts, Demi Moore sings (if that's actually her voice) and it's also got Bobcat Golthplait and Jeremy Piven as a preppy jerk. I laughed out loud. My favorite scenes were the one where the preppy bullies make a human basketball hoop out of one of Cusack's friends and when Bobcat Golthplait gets stuck in a Godzilla costume and crashes a party. Definately worth viewing.

Studio: Warner Home Video
Director: Savage Steve Holland
John Cusack
Demi Moore

DVD title: The Great Escape
Productgroup: DVD
The Great Escape - movie DVD cover picture
The Great Escapade

This blockbuster has retained it status as one of the great war movies of all times despite the passage of 40 years or so. There are a number of reasons for this. Let's start with the acting. Steve McQueen was just emerging as a star and this vehicle helped jump-start him even further. The essence of McQueen is "cool" and he is all of that in "The Great Escape". He seems quite capable of handling everything that comes his way and wait til he gets on a motorcycle! James Garner is excellent as the scavenging expert who comes up with all the impossible ingredients to pull the escape off. Richard Attenborough excels as the brains of the operation. He was relatively unknown at the time and has picked his movies carefully ever since. Charles Bronson and James Coburn give their characters a quiet strength that captivates most viewers. The supporting cast all do their jobs well.
The story is a compelling one of courage in the face of overwelming odds. It helps the viewer that he/she is advised from the beginning that this story actually happened. I know that it worked for me. Although I was still in elementary school, I went out and bought (and read) the book the movie is based on. The movie pays respect to the accomplishments of these men by taking care to show the complexities of the planning and execution of their escape. Even so, the movie moves along at a quick pace. The suspense of the actual escape is properly drawn out without over-doing it. The suspense continues with the breakout as we follow the various characters in their attempts to reach freedom. There actually is a success story or two but the movie ends with the realization that something tragic has happened. Thus we are left with an even greater appreciation of what these men did.
The other apects of the movie; music, costumes, sets, and scenery, are all excellently done as it the screenplay adapted from the book (of the same name) by Paul Brickhill. I recall one of the screenwriters was the famed James Clavell.
In "The Great Escape", Hollywood found an excellent vehicle for a dramatic action-packed blockbuster. To his credit, the director (Sturgis) has put together an unforgettable movie that entertains while honoring the deeds and sacrifices of the men whose lives (and deaths) the movie portrays.

Studio: Mgm/Ua Studios
Director: John Sturges
Steve McQueen
James Garner
Richard Attenborough
Charles Bronson
Donald Pleasence
James Coburn

DVD title: Robbie Williams - Live at the Albert
Productgroup: DVD
Robbie Williams - Live at the Albert - movie DVD cover picture
A favorite

This is a favorite of mine. I love the songs that he sings, the visual was wonderful, very intimate and inviting!!! Robbie is just the best. I also own the CD that features most of the songs from this DVD and must say that it is rare that I have it out of my CD player in the car. I listen to it all the time.If you like swing, Frank, Dean-o and Sammy... you will love this!!!

Studio: Emi Distribution
Robbie Williams

DVD title: Not for Ourselves Alone - The Story of Elizabeth Cady Stanton & Susan B. Anthony
Productgroup: DVD
Not for Ourselves Alone - The Story of Elizabeth Cady Stanton & Susan B. Anthony - movie DVD cover picture
My First Video Purchase

Yes, this is my very first ever purchase of a video. If you watched the PBS telecast earlier this month, the experience speaks for itself. Director Ken Burns has done his usual magnificent job of capturing and examining a piece of history. Whether you're interested in the history of the women's movement, the personal stories of Anthony and Stanton, or just enjoy old photos and film there's something for you here. As an added plus, if you 've lived in or visited western NY, you might see some familiar places--the Susan B. Anthony House, Genesee Country Museum, and various other sites in Seneca Falls.

Studio: Paramount Home Video
Director: Ken Burns

DVD title: Meet the Parents
Productgroup: DVD
Meet the Parents - movie DVD cover picture
Meet The Parents Was Great!

That's right, there are only two scenes in this whole long boring movie that where funny. My wife and I wanted to rent a comedy and heard that Meet the Parents was a great comedy. I guess people will laugh at anything really stupid, which this movie is; very stupid and not very funny. The best scene, by far, is when Ben Stiller is on the roof trying to get the cat and what happens after that. That's it. Typical Hollywood ending too. Very disappointed. After this movie my wife and I watched Charlie's angels which (I can't believe I'm saying this) was a much funnier and more enjoyable movie. Meet the parents also dragged a lot. A lot of the scenes could have been shorter and funnier. I just don't understand what people are laughing about when they watch this movie.

Studio: Universal Studios
Director: Jay Roach
Robert De Niro
Ben Stiller

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