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DVD title: The Transformers - The Movie
Productgroup: DVD
The Transformers - The Movie - movie DVD cover picture

At last, the long-awaited release of one of the immortal animation of all time. You've heard what the others have said about this flick. I put 10 times more praise to that. This flick, as already been said before, is the ultimate collection for TRUE Tranformers fans....especially it's already out on DVD! I don't want to repeat mentioned on this board, just read it and you won't regret it! TRANSFORMERS RULES FOREVER!

Studio: Rhino Video
Director: Nelson Shin

DVD title: Reservoir Dogs
Productgroup: DVD
Reservoir Dogs - movie DVD cover picture
Simple., yet brilliant

Tarantino has been known for his outlandish,and sometimes childish style of film-making, but it all pays off in this 1992 classic, starring an all-star cast (Keitel, Roth, Penn), and having a plot so simple its brilliant.

The story is simply a group of diamond thieves, who after getting ratted out to the police by one of their own, meet up at a warehouse to figure out which one of them is the traitor. What makes this task more complicated is the fact that even though the thieves think they know everything about each of others, Joe, the leader behind the hiest, has created color-coded nicknames (Mr. Pink, Mr. Orange)for each of them, blocking even their idenities to each other.

Throughout the movie, as we find out more about each character through cleverly placed flashbacks, the truth becomes clear,and has an ending so quick, you have to do a double-take.

From raving on "Like a Virgin," to the infamous torture scene that makes even the toughest of people squirm in their seats, this movie is jam-packed with tons of rememberable moments, smartly crafted by the great Quentin Tarantino. This is why I give it 5 stars. Any movie with a long-lasting impact in the human psyche deserves a place at the top.

Studio: Artisan Entertainment
Director: Quentin Tarantino
Harvey Keitel
Tim Roth
Michael Madsen

DVD title: Congo
Productgroup: DVD
Congo - movie DVD cover picture

Definitely a great adventure and one of my personal favorites, Congo, brings to the screen a tale set in the African jungles involving an unlikely group that has banded together in search of a lost city and the rare diamonds that are rumored to exist there in abundance. The actors' performances are outstanding, especially Tim Curry whose "Romanian philanthropist" character steals the show. The plot, the jungle ruins, and the battles are all wonderful, making this film one of the best of its kind.Congo is an action packed movie with strong elements of Indiana Jones and Tomb Raider, therefore, a "must see" for those with a passion for archaeology, mystery and adventure.

Studio: Paramount Studio
Director: Frank Marshall
Laura Linney
Tim Curry

DVD title: Tom and Viv
Productgroup: DVD
Tom and Viv - movie DVD cover picture
Excellent movie!

"Tom and Viv" was an excellent examination of the human condition. The way in which the relationship between the title characters is both explicit and implicit is true genius. This movie will draw no lines for you. You are forced to come away with your own conclusions. I have heard people say that they had no investment in either character. I feel that was the point. The viewer is forced to disect the relaionship. It examines love in true deconstructionist style. If you are looking for a movie about the pain and confusion that is any relationship, this is for you I will finish by saying this: I was not the same after watching this movie.

Studio: Buena Vista Home Vid
Director: Brian Gilbert
Willem Dafoe
Miranda Richardson

DVD title: Roger Waters - In the Flesh (Live)
Productgroup: DVD
Roger Waters - In the Flesh (Live) - movie DVD cover picture
The Most Memorable Concert EVER!!!

I knew I was in for a suprise when I went to this show in Portland Oregon in June of 2000 BUT MAN!!! Words escape me. Whenever I think of this concert my mind races from how truely amazing not only Waters himself is but also his choice of musicians to back him up. Doyle Bramhall is one of the most uniquely talented left handed guitarists of our time...and I wonder if anyone else notices. The entire ensembles ability to blend with Roger Waters mysticism leaves any Floyd lover without words. I was lucky enough to be at a recorded show and I can definitely say, this is well worth the buy! If this is the recording of the Oregon concert, the poker scene may not seem funny to you unless you saw them live...but still the best show I have been to in ages.

Studio: Sony/Columbia
Director: Ernie Fritz

DVD title: The Day After Tomorrow (Widescreen Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
The Day After Tomorrow (Widescreen Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
Pretty Good

Very little can stop the Global Warming already upon us, [think not? Been to Alaska lately? To misquote the Wicked Witch, "It's *melting*!"] but this film makes you want to try harder. A great flick to watch when [as was the case] your a/c isn't working & you *need* to get cooled down.Yet, in this movie the VeeP won't meet w/a scientist [Dannis Quaud] who warns him of iminant disaster if we don't Do Something soon. Faster than you can say 'listen up el stupido!' the ice caps melt worse than they already have, causing massive tidal waves that swamp New York City [dammit, why does it alway have to be New York?] which threaten Jake Gyllenhaal, the 'son' of Dennis Quaid. And *then* things get nasty...Quaid is properly frantic as the scientist whose Global Warming warnings get poo-pohed ... of course, until it's too late. Then the VeeP wants him to solve the problem NOW & forget your son. Gyllenthaal is earnest & puppy-cute as required, & Ian Holm ith a STIFF upper lip plays a doomed British scientist who charts the progress of stratospheric-high huricanes. Altho this film is over-the-top, the warning isn't. & ja, warming the Earth *will* lead to cooler weather.

Studio: Fox Home Entertainme
Director: Roland Emmerich
Dennis Quaid
Jake Gyllenhaal
Emmy Rossum

DVD title: Monster
Productgroup: DVD
Monster - movie DVD cover picture
This Movie is Amazing.

Charlize Theron's acting has us almost at the point where we *understand* Aileen's actions and why she did what she did, and we sympathize with her. The rape scene brought me to tears. As the movie goes on, you can find her becoming more and more desperate, and it's like you're watching the REAL Aileen Wuornous, not someone playing her on TV. I can remember the entire media circus surrounding her trial and thinking to myself that she was nuts, but this movie really tells us the meanings behind her actions and what brought her to murder, and I find myself almost sympathetic. I can't stress enough how great a job Charlize did at portraying her.
Oh, and finding out that the title "Monster" wasn't nearly what I thought it meant was neat too...

Studio: Columbia Tristar Hom
Director: Patty Jenkins
Charlize Theron
Christina Ricci
Bruce Dern

DVD title: The American Folk Blues Festival 1962-1969, Vol. 3
Productgroup: DVD
The American Folk Blues Festival 1962-1969, Vol. 3 - movie DVD cover picture

The third volume in the "American Folk Blues Festival" DVD series includes a few more acoustic numbers than the two previous issues, thanks to Danish television who picked up the ball when "Jazz Geh?rt und Gesehen" didn't want to tape the 1967 tour.

Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee get an entire little three-song set which includes "Stranger Blues" and a "Kansas City"-ripoff titled "Gonna Move Across The River". Nehemia "Skip" James gets two songs, Bukka White growls his way through a five-minute "Got Sick And Tired", and the great Son House does a slow but stately and very somber rendition of his "Death Letter".

Big Mama Thornton's awesome rendition of "Hound Dog" is another highlight (she actually makes Presley's version seem mildly embarrasing by comparison), as is Buddy Guy's rarely heard performance of "Out Of Sight", a swinging, soulful number which part of the audience apparently felt was too "modern" and not bluesy enough.
And this DVD includes the only known footage of Little Walter Jacobs performing. He cuts a dashing figure, lean and mean in his dark suit as he blows the harp behind the towering Theodore "Hound Dog" Taylor on one of the best songs on the disc, Hound Dog's sizzling boogie "Wild About You".

Accordingly to the wonderfully informative and well-written booklet, Walter was less than happy with Hound Dog, who also plays rhythm guitar for Koko Taylor's equally impressive performance of "Wang Dang Doodle":
"-He ain't no use at all - damn southern coon! How can I do what I want when that's how I'm fixed up?" he raged, referring to Hound Dog Taylor's inability to provide the kind of subtle, jazzy backup that Walter was used to hearing from his usual guitarists.
"-Hound Dog couldn't accompany nobody but himself", Koko Taylor agreed when asked about Walter's comments earlier this year. But while it's obvious that Hound Dog Taylor is no Robert Lockwood, most listeners probably won't even notice what it was that made Walter so upset...Hound Dog's rhythm guitar playing is VERY basic, sure, but not at all unlistenable.

Muddy Waters is here as well, doing the slow "Long Distance Call" and the tougher "Got My Mojo Working", and Big Joe Turner (man, is he big!) does a great, jazz-flavoured "Flip, Flop And Fly".
It's kinda funny to see country bluesmen Terry and McGhee in their short-sleeved shirts performing next to the strikingly urbane, tie-clad Memphis Slim on Helen Humes' "The Blues Ain't Nothing But A Woman", but Walter "Brownie" McGhee, who sings one of the verses, is actually a fine, soulful and quite subtle vocalist.

Anyone who liked the first two volumes should love this superbly annotated third one just as much. Here's hoping for a volume four!

Studio: Universal Music & VI
Muddy Watters
Big Mama Thornton
Bukka White
Memphis Slim

DVD title: Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie
Productgroup: DVD
Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie - movie DVD cover picture

MST3K:TM on DVD is very good. You get the standard excellent picture and incredible sound, and of course, the funniest movie of the decade. But what is missing here is the extra added features which would have warranted this receiving 5 stars. Think of all the fun things which could have been added: a blooper reel, comments from Jim Mallon, Mike Nelson, Trace Beaulieu, and Kevin Murphy about their film, extra scenes which were excluded from the final theatrical version and much more. All you get with MST3K: TM on DVD is the standard jump-to-any-scene-you-wish interface and widescreen presentation.
Granted, if you are a fan of Mike and the Bots, you don't need any extra features to keep your attention, however, the lack of extras may scare off potential buyers, especially those who are not fans.
If you don't know by now, MST3K:TM is the story of a mad scientist marooning a janitor in space with 3 robot pals on an orbiting satellite. Mike Nelson, and two of his bot pals-- Tom Servo and Crow T. Robot are forced to watch an edited down version of the 1955 sci-fi magnum opus "This Island Earth." The mad doctor Clayton Forrester monitors Mike's, Crow's and Tom's minds while they are watching the film so that he can unleash the result on the unwitting public and rule the world. Mike and the bots do not go quietly, throwing a bunch of witty and often humorous insults back at the screen. What you get is a product which has propelled the TV series to a ravenous cult following, boasting a 100,000+ member fan club, numerous internet websites, a book and even a Peabody award.
MST3K:TM is truly unique and it is truly incredible to see the "cow-town puppet show" unleashed on DVD.

Studio: Image Entertainment
Director: Jim Mallon
Trace Beaulieu
Michael J. Nelson

DVD title: Miracle on 34th Street
Productgroup: DVD
Miracle on 34th Street - movie DVD cover picture
Finally proof that Santa is real

I will not bore you with a recap of the whole movie or state which is obvious to all that this 1947 black and white movie is one of the major Christmas Classics.Kris Kringle (Edmond Gwenn) is appalled to find a Santa preparing to be in the Thanks Giving Day parade is intoxicated. Kris is hired to play the part of him self. He befriends a child Susan (Natalie Wood) who does not believe in Santa or the tooth fairy or giants. His employer Doris Walker (Maureen O'Hara) is dubious of her decision to hire him after learning that he believes he is Santa. In the spirit of Christmas he brings two rival stores together and is in the process of bringing the girl around to believing. Naturally I left out many other controversial questions and fun scenes. Among them is one where a Dutch girl recognizes him as Santa and he speaks Dutch to her.Through a few misunderstandings he is put on trial and must prove he is Santa. Can his friend, who happens to be a lawyer, prove this? If not what will happen to him? What effect will this have on Susan? Or you?

Studio: Twentieth Century Fox
Director: George Seaton
Maureen O'Hara
Edmund Gwenn

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