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DVD title: The Hitcher
Productgroup: DVD
The Hitcher - movie DVD cover picture
Surreal, dreamy, and absolutely thrilling

This is probably Rutger Hauer's best known role - and *the* perfect example of how good an actor he is. His magnificent performance adds to the film's strange and surreal atmosphere and creates one of the most chilling movie villains of all time. A mysterious modern Flying Dutchman, shadowy and coming from nowhere, undead and cursed to roam not the sea but a desert and kill over and over again, Rutger Hauer's "John Ryder" cannot be liberated unless *he* himself is killed... and this is the favor that he asks a young driver he meets to do. The movie is not standard, down-to-earth thriller. It creates its own world and you can only understand it when you watch it and have the Flying Dutchman's story in mind. Only then will you see that what some people thought to be mistakes and holes in the script are in fact deliberate and well-thought elements of the plot. Watch the movie thinking of "John Ryder" as the Flying Dutchman, and you will understand every comment he makes, every line he says, and every action he takes. And, hopefully, you will appreciate the genius of Rutger Hauer and director Bob Harmon.

Studio: Hbo Studios
Director: Robert Harmon
C. Thomas Howell
Rutger Hauer

DVD title: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (Full Screen Edition) (Harry Potter 1)
Productgroup: DVD
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (Full Screen Edition) (Harry Potter 1) - movie DVD cover picture
Don't make me play games to find the missing scenes

I'm a working mother, I do a lot of volunteer work, I spend quality and quantity time with my kids, and I simply do not have the time to play games (literally!) to find the missing scenes. Those, frankly, are the only reason I bought the CD, and it is extremely irksome to me (who stayed up til 1:45 a.m. working last night) that I can't simply view the scenes I bought and thought I had immediate access to. There should be a work-around for the many adult fans who actually have busy lives. This isn't a Sesame Street movie aimed only at toddlers, and I think the producers ought to have taken the sophistication of its audience into account in designing the special features of the CD. (It is also very annoying to have the Privet St. sign sail in and take up time every time you are, as I was, searching through the CDs for the missing scenes.)

Studio: Warner Home Video
Director: Chris Columbus
Daniel Radcliffe

DVD title: East Palace West Palace
Productgroup: DVD
East Palace West Palace - movie DVD cover picture
Hauntingly Beautiful

Si Han performs brilliantly as A-Lan, a young gay writer who falls madly in love with Shi, a macho police officer (played by Hu Jun) who has arrested and proceeds to interrogate him intensively. A key idea to understanding this film is that there is no such thing as love, real compassionate devotionate unconditional love, without at least some element(s) or component(s) of suffering or genuine sacrifice involved. Si Han's powerful acting renders A-Lan's ardent passion, suffering and compassion into vivid cinematic actualization, translated very well to VHS with excellent subtitling.
There is mystery, subtlety, subtext, metaphor and allusion in this movie which only heighten the audience's interest. What, for example, is A-Lan referring to exactly when he speaks of his being "married?" We are captivated by this mesmerizing captive as he gradually unveils his story, and his soul, to the cop, his captor, his tormentor, possibly even his executioner, yet at the same time his deeply beloved.
In the hands of a lesser director this film might've failed on any number of levels, but Zhang Yuan has crafted a jewel, a delicate labor of love no less. This film reminds the reviewer of the sort of humanistic psychology reminiscent of Carl Rogers, also the kinds of healing breakthroughs achieved by Gong Shu, art therapist and acclaimed student of psychodrama's cofounder Zerka Moreno. "East Palace, West Palace" is so imbrued with hope, care, sensitivity and metanoia for and towards its characters that one gets the feeling these actors (and actresses) all of them are Yuan's own beloved children. With a gentle but firm, parental hand he directs and guides his exceptional cast to incredible fruition in their compelling portrayals and core revelations.
There is something for everyone here. There is fantastic and poignant humor; one will come away never thinking of "bus" in quite the same light ever again. There is sex; lots of it, gobs of it, sometimes even extremely violent sex, though rendered all-the-more powerfully precisely because much of it is left to that ocean of sensuality and eroticism itself, the theatre of the mind. And there are moments in this movie where your eyes will well with tears, and you will welcome them.
If it is true that, as comparative mytheologian Joseph Campbell insists, "from sacrifice comes bliss," then the many and great sacrifices Zhang Yuan made to bring "East Palace, West Palace" to us are rewarded in the exceptional bliss which you will discover and engage in this rare, precious and life-giving gem from Beijing. Please don't miss it.

Studio: Strand Releasing
Director: Yuan Zhang

DVD title: Third Watch
Productgroup: DVD
Third Watch - movie DVD cover picture
It would be so wonderful

To have this series released on DVD - to me, this series is much better than "E.R." I've been a faithful fan since the very first episode in 1999 and it just keeps getting better. The different personalities of the characters in this changing ensemble cast seems to work rather well. You've got Sully, the veteran patrol cop, who is teamed up with young pup Davis (the son of his slain partner) Then, you have Yokas (who's trying her best to do triple duty as officer/wife and mother)paired up with Bosco (who never seems to know when to quit, much less when to keep his mouth shut or his ego in check.) Add to it your paramedics and firefighters: Doc (who seemed to make his work his life and ended up burned out,) Carlos (who seems to never change his self-centered personality,) Kim (who's on again/off again relationship with ex-hubby Jimmy Doherty gives plenty to talk about.) They're all out there, working the 3-12 shift and trying to do the right thing, on duty and off. Some of the cast members have come and gone throughtout the first 5 seasons, but it still remains a well-written show, as well as one that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats.

Skipp Sudduth

DVD title: A Muppet Family Christmas
Productgroup: DVD
A Muppet Family Christmas - movie DVD cover picture
Thanks for the reveiws!

I also recorded this video from televison years ago. I loaned it out and never had it returned. There are several omitions that my children, who are now young adults, miss. You put a song in and took acouple of great ones out. Why can't we have them all? This is a great holiday movie. High quality and warming. But lets get the omitted pieces back!

Studio: Columbia/Tristar Studios
Director: Eric Till

DVD title: The Parent Trap (Vault Disney Collection)
Productgroup: DVD
The Parent Trap (Vault Disney Collection) - movie DVD cover picture
I love the movie!!!!

I love this movie in its original version. When I saw that they made a new one I was upset. I refuse to go see it. I feel that the original movie was awesome. It is a good movie for the whole family. They should've never made a new version. To me just by seeing the commercials for the remake I feel that the remake took away from the original. I hope that I am not the only one who feels this way.

Studio: Walt Disney Home Video
Director: David Swift (II)
Hayley Mills
Maureen O'Hara

DVD title: Event Horizon
Productgroup: DVD
Event Horizon - movie DVD cover picture
Great Movie!

This movie has everything required of good science fiction. It challenges the imagination, has great special effects, suspense, gore, and interesting characters. Highly recommended.

Studio: Paramount Studio
Director: Paul W.S. Anderson
Laurence Fishburne
Sam Neill

DVD title: The Legend of Lobo
Productgroup: DVD
The Legend of Lobo - movie DVD cover picture
This was the movie of my childhood

From the day I saw it as a six year old, Lobo was my all time favorite film. I would rent it from the video store every chance I got and only recently purchased it for myself as a 21 year old.

As an animal lover, Lobo let my imagination soar to a whole new world of mountains, cowboys, and adventure. From the moment I saw the movie, the amazing wolf has been my favorite and most respected animal. The fun and emotional story of Lobo will never get old.

I recommend this to all ages. Watch it for what it is, no comparisons, no modern day standards, just sit back and enjoy it.


Studio: Anchor Bay Entertainment

DVD title: The Adventures of Ford Fairlane
Productgroup: DVD
The Adventures of Ford Fairlane - movie DVD cover picture
Very Funny

Every now and then a film comes along that the paid critics refuse to appreciate. That is the case with this film. Funny from beginning to end, the film makes great use of Clay's limited comic talent. The jokes are at times crass, but beautifully timed. I've watched ths movie more than a dozen times and it never gets stale.

Studio: Fox Home Entertainme
Director: Renny Harlin
Andrew Dice Clay
Lauren Holly

DVD title: 28 Days
Productgroup: DVD
28 Days - movie DVD cover picture
Funny, Sad, Touching, Excellent

This film has it all, it is funny, it is sad, it teaches a lesson but makes it barable with a great and hilarious cast. Its a movie about the sad but true lessons we learn in life as we meet different people and make or break the friendships that may last forever or just 28 days. I must say i was a little dissapointed in the ending, but the scene with the soap opra guy really loosened everyone up with one last laugh. Excellent job by Sandra Bullock, the guy playing her boyfriend could have used a bit more realism, are some people really that stupid? I guess I shouldnt ask that. This movie makes an instant classic, you can watch it with anyone and everyone and not worry about what youll see or hear, well, except every time the elevator opens, just put your hand over the kids eyes like on the rating poster for pg-13 movies. Some scenes may be a bit much for kids under 13 hince the fact its pg-13 so be ware (dont say I didnt warn you). Anyway, I plan on buying this on DVD very soon, I cant wait to play with all the cool extras.

Studio: Columbia/Tristar Studios
Director: Betty Thomas
Sandra Bullock

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