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DVD title: Big Fat Liar
Productgroup: DVD
Big Fat Liar - movie DVD cover picture
Surprisingly very good!

At first, my impression on "Big Fat Liar" was that is was nothing more than dumb, Nickelodeon kid-flick; but then I saw it. I was very surprised by how it was very funny and very entertaining. I'm a big Universal Studios fan, and this movie had A LOT of Universal stuff in it, including the imfamous backlot tour and the prop shop.
The story is very famlish, never the less, clever. Jason Shepard (TV's Malcolm in the Middle star Frankie Muniz) is a liar, straight off the bat. He lies constainly about everything, espeacialy with the whole homework excuse "My dog ate it" or "My dad is in the hospital (sniff)". But this time, his assignment was stolen...for real. While trying to get to class, he is acidentally run over (don't worry, parents. The scene is put on a cartoonish note) by a big-shot movie producer, Marty Wolf (Paul Giamatti), who has been known to be a huge jerk to people. Marty offers Jason a ride to school. While the trip, Jason tell Marty about his paper homework due, title "Big Fat Liar", a story about a compulsive liar, who gets bigger each time he lies. While being dropped off, Jason forgets his paper and Marty takes it. A few months later, Jason and his best friend, Kaylee (Nickelodeon's Amanda Byrnes) go to the movies and see a trailer for a movie called "Big Fat Liar", which immediately makes Jason furious. While Jason's parents are gone on vacation fo the summer, Jason and Kaylee take a trip to Los Angeles to find Wolf and get down to business. Along the way, they befriend a actor-turned-limo driver, named Frank (Donald Adeosun Faison) and Marty's partner at the studio, Monty Kirkham (Amanda Detmer). While Jason and Kaylee find shelter at Universal Studio's Prop shop, Jason Persues in finding Marty and getting either revenge or an appology. During a rude encounter with Marty, Jason decides Vengence...all the way. He and Kaylee form together all the people Wolf has been mean to and plot a payback to ge Marty out of Business,for good.
One thing I liked about this movie was how it took place at Universal Studios Hollywood 75% of the time, aside from the obious (Monty, in one scene, is walking and talking on her cell phone in front of the Bates Motel House) there is the scene in the prop shop, were the kids shack up, where pieces of recent Universal films, such as "The Grinch", are left laying around, along with the DeLorean from "Back to the Future" shown everywhere and the constant showing of the Universal Backlot Tour trams driving by (I love how in one scene, Jason and Kaylee leap off a tram to see something: keep in mind that you could never do that in real life!). BIG FAT LIAR is a great family film, but better for kids. And it's the thing Universal fans, like me, been waiting for.

Studio: Universal Studios Ho
Director: Shawn Levy
Frankie Muniz
Amanda Bynes

DVD title: L.A. Confidential
Productgroup: DVD
L.A. Confidential - movie DVD cover picture

A must-see for any person that claims to be a film fan. Set in Los Angeles in the early 1950's, L.A. Confidential is a violent but gripping thriller which examines the dark underbelly and corruption of the city of LA, at a time when it still held a beautiful movie star image. Principally, this is the story of 3 very different cops, Bud White (Russell Crowe), Jack Vincennes (Kevin Spacey) and Edmund Exley (Guy Pearce), who have totally different ways of getting the job done. Each with their own agenda, each with their own character and each corrupt to a differing degree, their paths cross in this intricate but brilliantly plotted movie as they seek to find "the coffee shop killers" and solve the mystery of high class prostitutes "cut" to look like movie stars. Brilliantly directed by Curtis Hanson and based on a James Ellroy novel, LA Confidential also boasts an outstanding supporting cast including, James Cromwell, David Strathairn, Danny Devito and the Oscar winning Kim Basinger. The best film of 1998 and perhaps even the best film of the nineties, LA Confidential should have walked off with a barrowload of Oscars. Better than a thousand Titanic's (if you disagree you're wrong) , LA Confidential never fails to hit it's mark and is simply unmissable.

Studio: Warner Studios
Director: Curtis Hanson
Kevin Spacey
Russell Crowe
Guy Pearce
Kim Basinger

DVD title: The Chinese Connection
Productgroup: DVD
The Chinese Connection - movie DVD cover picture
The oriental revenge!

Shangai , first years of the new century. The schoolmaster of Chen Chen (Bruce Lee)is murdered , so his pupil decides to take revenge. First at all , the films that look around this argument are certainly , countless , but it what it remarks this film is the particular commitment and approach given by Lee . The main rival comes from a japanese bushido school.Lee wasn't an actor ; and that's what it becomes his main strength ; he makes a tour de force loaded with enraged fury with a level of enrage and no mercy sense fighting simply spelling.Lo wei was the director ; and since the plot is extremely predictable ; the charismatic presence of Lee and some kung fu fights are of first rate.Obviously ; this work remains under Enter the dragon level . This last one is hold by a finest script and a a punch cast, but the violence is not free ; it comes from the inside to the outside and that's a good point .I watched this film when I was a teenager and also it became the first time I saw Lee on the screen. But the last sequence fight still floats in my memories.When you leave the exhibition hall you feel the catharsis in its major expression and besides such a kind of cosmical justice!You'll find out in this film interesting clues about the meaning of the Kung Fu discipline , that had in the TV series an unvaluable shelter like David Carradine meant.

Studio: Goodtimes Home Video
Director: Wei Lo
Bruce Lee
Nora Miao

DVD title: The 13th Warrior
Productgroup: DVD
The 13th Warrior - movie DVD cover picture

"Soon you will be." This movie is exciting and stressful! I'm not a big Banderas fan but he was great in this movie. If you are interested in Vikings, this is a must see. The enemies are realistic, creepy barbarians. They'll make you cringe.This movie was like Braveheart with its intense battle scenes and beautiful scenery. Vladimir Kulich was great as the lead Viking warrior.The characters should have been developed a little more but the movie is still very entertaining!

Studio: Touchstone Video
Antonio Banderas
Diane Venora

DVD title: Brain That Wouldn't Die/Amazin
Productgroup: DVD
Brain That Wouldn't Die/Amazin - movie DVD cover picture
If It Were Any More Disturbing, It Would Be Illegal

The rating isn't for quality. This movie is one of the cheapest productions ever put on film. It literally defines schlock. The performances are so uneven, they come off as amateur night at the community theater. The cinematography is so bad, the day-for-night shooting slips in and out. Several scenes sound as if they were recorded in a tin can - and probably were. It's more padded than Dolly Parton, and not as delightfully.
On the other hand, once you get past all that, this is one of the most unsettling movies ever made. If it were any more demented or disturbing, it would have to be directed by Tobe Hooper and rated "X".
Psychopathic surgeon Jason Evers gets in a car accident speeding home to check on one of his failed experiments, and ends up decapitating fiancee Virginia Leith. He carries her head to the lab, and keeps it alive in a pan of his special serum, which he uses in limb-grafting experiments of so-far unsatisfactory results. Leith is extremely unhappy with being kept alive in her present condition, and even more so when she discovers Evers intends to murder the most beautiful woman he can find so he can put Leith's head onto a new body. The serum Evers keeps Leith's head alive with gives her telepathic power, and she develops an unsettling friendship with the failed experiment Evers was running home to check on in the first place - a hideously deformed giant golem in a locked closet, constructed of badly grafted-together tissues. The longer Leith is kept unnaturally alive, the more twisted and hateful she becomes, until she and the deformed monstrosity create an insidious alliance to kill Evers and his criminal assistant.
What makes this unbelievably cheap p.o.s. work is the conviction of the performers - Leith, especially - and the pervasive dementia, throughout. The soundtrack is incredibly effective, eerie beyond belief, often creeping up and down your spine. The visuals are genuinely unsettling in their very simplicity, to the point that you don't even notice the rubber bald-cap on the hideous golem until repeat viewings. The violence is shuddery-awful, voyeuristically lingering on some of the most gruesome things imaginable - like a man's arm being ripped out of its socket, and the camera's following him through the house while he bleeds to death, the demonic head in the pan cackling delightedly throughout.
In short: cheap beyond belief, but more often than not incredibly effective. A must for all schlock horror afficionados.

Studio: Diamond Entertainment
Director: Joseph Green (II)

DVD title: Newsies (Collector's Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Newsies (Collector's Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
Why the newsies are so good!

the newsies is a good movie for kids 2 and over. I would say it's a great movie that's why it says it's a winner on the bottom. There is alot of actors that are from differnt movies and...oh yeah this isn't Cory this is his son Caleb.THE END!!! you will like it.

Studio: Disney Studios
Director: Kenny Ortega
Christian Bale

DVD title: Sting - All This Time
Productgroup: DVD
Sting - All This Time - movie DVD cover picture
The Tao of Sting

It's a ten day international slumber party and week of brainstorming and rehearsing at Sting's place!
The documentary portion starts with the international musicians arriving to Sting's Italian villa in the hills of Tuscany in preparation for a concert to be performed on his property on the eve of September 11th, 2001. This portion chronicles exactly how the concert came together and how Sting and the musicians he assembled for the project all worked together to reinvent and rework songs of his solo career and those from his days with the Police. The process is an interesting and vivid illustration of musical and creative Synchronicity in action.
With the news of the tragic terrorist attacks of September 11th, 2001, the first part of the DVD turns out to be a time capsule which documents the fear and confusion of the day and a world changed forever. The meeting Sting has with his visiting musicians about whether they wish to proceed with the concert that they so enthusiastically and energetically rehearsed and planned is heartwrenching and gets very close to looking and sounding like group psychotherapy.
The resulting concert (the second part of the DVD), although somewhat mellowed by the tragic events of that day becomes a musical healing process for this group of creative international artists and of a frightened and confused new world. The concert appropriately begins with Fragile. Although the melancholic mood fades somewhat as the band plays on, the energy levels just can't rise to a joyous and celebratory level. The musical synergy between all the artists, however is fantastic throughout. The concert ends up being a touching and intimate musical tribute to thousands who have died earlier in the day.
All This Time DVD chronicles a creative and healing life process and the result is a mature, soothing, introspective, and 'jazzy' reinvention of Sting's music. If you must choose between the DVD and the audio CD, go for the DVD as the entire process is missed on the audio CD. The interest here is in the Journey, not the Destination.

Studio: Uni/A&M
Director: Jim Gable

DVD title: Tilt - Season One
Productgroup: DVD
Tilt - Season One - movie DVD cover picture
great show

great show but my vhs tape ran out with 15minutes to go in the finale
can someone e-mail me at and tell me what happened after Eddie knocked out miami and i believe there were 5 at the final table left.

Studio: Buena Vista Home Vid
Michael Madsen

DVD title: WWE - 'Cause Stone Cold Said So
Productgroup: DVD
WWE - 'Cause Stone Cold Said So - movie DVD cover picture

If you want to know what Austin 3:16 is all about buy the video. This video fills you in on EVERYTHING you could want to know, and EVERYTHING you would want to see Steve Austin do. He's even in a street fight. Hell son you think Steve Austin is bad? Wait till you see this movie!

Studio: Sony Music (Video)
Steve Austin

DVD title: Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back (Dimension Collector's Series)
Productgroup: DVD
Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back (Dimension Collector's Series) - movie DVD cover picture
Funniest Movie Of The Year

Kevin Smith delved deeply into his own psyche and produced a love letter to American pop culture. With more references to music, movies, comics and TV than a Tarantino script, JAY AND SILENT BOB STRIKE BACK so neatly ties the bow on the package of Smith's first 5 films that both MALLRATS and DOGMA were improved, in my estimation.
Follow clueless Jay and his hapless hetero life partner across the USA on their trek to--
Never mind. The plot's not really important.
What *is* important is that you get Smith, Smith and more Smith--the best of what he's shown us in the past with very few of the self-indulgent excesses that marred his earlier films. Smith even takes himself to task for having the audacity to think that this is even a good idea for a movie. If you liked MALLRATS and DOGMA, you should *love* this one.
I gave this movie 4 stars, but the DVD package gets 5. The second disc includes almost 3 hours of material, including 90 minutes of deleted scenes hosted by Smith, Jason "Jay" Mewes, Producer Scott Mosier, and Actress Jennifer Schwalbach Smith (who happens to be Smith's wife). Material here was cut for reasons of length, pacing, or ratings--very little of the deleted stuff is just plain not up to the quality of the feature film.
The included gag reel, entitled "Why movies cost so much," gives us bloopers and miscues and would be worth the one-star increase all by itself. Add to it some marvelous improvisation between Jon Stewart and the all-too-funny Will Ferrell, a reel of Judd Nelson ad libs, another of Ferrell ad libs, a "making of" short, a couple of pieces about Morris Day and the Time, well...this is the disc that keeps on giving. A Special Edition that is truly special.
If you don't like Jay and Silent Bob, you probably won't like this film, but if you have more than a passing interest in Kevin Smith's films, you should own this disc.

Studio: Dimension Home Video
Director: Kevin Smith
Kevin Smith
Jason Mewes

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