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DVD title: Swept Away
Productgroup: DVD
Swept Away - movie DVD cover picture
Surprisingly Moving Film

I am not the type of person who listens to critics, but because this movie got such bad reviews, and I wasn't particularly interested in the premise of the story anyway (two people stranded on a deserted island? Yeah, sounds great), I didn't rush out to see it. I only hired the DVD the other night because nothing else grabbed my attention at the video store. I was really surprised just how beautiful this film is. I cannot comprehend why critics hated it so much. I can only assume they didn't even watch it! Guy Ritchie is a fantastic director! The dark humour and violence from his first two films are combined here with romance (and a fantastic soundtrack!) to create a truly moving story about two people from different walks of life stranded together and having to confront each other. By the time the credits rolled I had been taken on such a powerful journey that I pretty much watched it again straight away. The first twenty minutes which focusses on a group of rich Americans holidaying on a yacht are so incredibly funny! Ritchie's dark sense of humour is executed superbly. The violence is kept at a minimum, but later in the film there's a potential rape scene which is truly unsettling. Be warned. This contrast in atmosphere might confuse some people, but it is exactly this contrast which makes the film particularly real and effective. The romance which blossoms between Adriano Giannini's character (where has that talented actor been hiding!) and Madonna's character, is just beautiful. The chemistry is perfect. The scenery and photography are also flawless.
I seriously recommend people not to listen to the critics and make their own mind up about this film. It's an utter tragedy that it should be remembered as 'that terrible Madonna film'. What's ironic about Madonna's performance is that everyone thinks the singer is such a materialistic snob, and yet it is in those earlier scenes where she plays exactly this type of person that she seems particularly out of her league. She's not convincing. But when Pepe and Amber become stranded on the island, Madonna simply shines. She gives a truly moving performance as a woman who's view on life undergoes a radical change. She also looks absolutely beautiful throughout! This film really touched me.

Studio: Columbia Tristar Hom
Director: Guy Ritchie
Bruce Greenwood
Adriano Giannini

DVD title: Baby Einstein - Baby Newton - Discovering Shapes
Productgroup: DVD
Baby Einstein - Baby Newton - Discovering Shapes - movie DVD cover picture
More Baby Eistein

My one-year old has a real hard time getting ready for bed. I just picked up the Baby Newton and WOW it relaxs him so that he is ready to go to bed for the night. My wife and I have Mozart, Dolittle, Christmas and Einstein. We needed something new for him and out came Newton. I don't think Disney ruined it. The only thing we noticed is that they spend more time on the circle then the other shapes. We like the upbeat music and all the colors they used in this video. As a school teacher in Special Ed I am thinking about using it in class with my delayed students. It gets high marks from this family!

Studio: Walt Disney Home Video

DVD title: Gargoyles - The Complete First Season (Special 10th Anniversary Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Gargoyles - The Complete First Season (Special 10th Anniversary Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
Can't wait for Dec. 7th - Gargoyles on DVD!!!

This show is about a clan of medieval Gargoyles that ends up in modern day Manhattan. The story line is very addictive and the animation is excellent. If you used to watch this show (as I did), you know what I am raving about. If you haven't seen it before, I highly recommend it. This is a really good price for the entire first season! There is only one setback... I can hardly wait for December 7th !!!

Studio: Walt Disney Home Entertainment

DVD title: Hero (UMD Mini For PSP)
Productgroup: DVD
Hero (UMD Mini For PSP) - movie DVD cover picture
Best kept secrets from Asian Cinema - AAA+

This is one truely amazing film.I have got it on DVD-9 from China, the quality and sound is unmatched 5.1, DTS, Superbit quality. ($15.US)Jet Li how good is this guy, I have seen some of his other films but his performance in HERO is well worth watching.
Nominated for 16 Film awards in Hong Kong, picked up 14 of them.
On par with "Crouching Tiger" but 100% more action....Great story line, touches both reality and the spiritual side of you.
See It, Buy it... Watch it over and over...

Studio: Buena Vista Home Video
Director: Yimou Zhang
Jet Li
Tony Leung Chiu Wai
Maggie Cheung
Ziyi Zhang
Daoming Chen
Donnie Yen

DVD title: Invader ZIM - Doom Doom Doom (Vol. 1)
Productgroup: DVD
Invader ZIM - Doom Doom Doom (Vol. 1) - movie DVD cover picture

So does GIR.
"G.I.R. reporting for duty!""G.I.R.!?! Whats the G stand for?""...I don't know...WOOOHOOHOOOHOOOO!"

Studio: Media Blasters, Inc
Director: Steve Ressel

DVD title: Horatio Hornblower - The Complete Adventures
Productgroup: DVD
Horatio Hornblower  - The Complete Adventures - movie DVD cover picture

These movies are so compelling and finely made that I love watching them over and over again. I've watched them with friends--with varying interests in history--who also instantly loved them. Ioan Gruffudd had no small part in effecting our admiration for the series, as he is not only terribly handsome but a *very* good actor. As Horatio, he carefully evolves from a seasick, self-conscious boy to a commanding figure of maritime skill. Horatio is a very complex character and his exploits are a pleasure and an adventure to watch. If you haven't seen Horatio Hornblower, you really ought to!

Studio: A & E Home Video
Ioan Gruffudd

DVD title: Suicide Club (Suicide Circle)
Productgroup: DVD
Suicide Club (Suicide Circle) - movie DVD cover picture
oh man....

I rented this movie from my local Blockbuster. I watch 3 times in a row. I watched the scene with Genesis a couple more times then that.... Good god Isn't he just so sexy.... Then he started singing.... I'm buying thid moive as soon as I get paid. Which is a while from now so Blockbuster ain't gettin this back anytime soon... heh...
Final opinion.
Its a least worth seeing once.

Studio: TLA Releasing
Director: Shion Sono

DVD title: Eddie and the Cruisers
Productgroup: DVD
Eddie and the Cruisers - movie DVD cover picture
Eddie and the Cruisers - Eddie Lives

I'm guessing that this was a B-Movie which grew into a cult film, and I'm glad that it did!
This movie really manages to pull you into a fantasy- where Eddie Wilson was 15 years ahead of his time...and nobody can find the missing tapes, of what WOULD have been his next album- had he lived.
A news woman interviews the remaining members of Eddie's old band, to try and shine some light on the mis-understood stories, the blurred memories and complex ideas.
To enjoy this film, you have to ignore the REAL history of rock n'roll and pretend that THIS is how it went. It was well paced, the acting was good and the music fits!
As for DVD don't get very much, but that doesn't ruin this classic movie, now does it?

Studio: Mgm/Ua Studios
Director: Martin Davidson

DVD title: Kill Bill, Volume 1
Productgroup: DVD
Kill Bill, Volume 1 - movie DVD cover picture

Crafted with nostalgia, based on erudite retro touches, I admired the effects of what is a fantastic action film with class. Detractors aside, no one produces movies with this amount of style dripping from every frame. If they had enough cash to spare on making their own, they'd truly come up short of imagination. I LOVE this film

Studio: Miramax
Director: Quentin Tarantino
Uma Thurman
Lucy Liu
Daryl Hannah
David Carradine
Michael Madsen

DVD title: A Night at the Roxbury
Productgroup: DVD
A Night at the Roxbury - movie DVD cover picture

The 1998 A Night at The Roxbury is a hilarious fun filled comedy that kept me laughing through the whole movie. This movie follows two brothers on a hilarious adventure as they desperately try to get into the pristine night club, The Roxbury. Try and try again, these guys are just not cool enough to sway the bouncers allow them to enter. Fortunately, for Steve and Doug, they have a little fender bender with Richard Grieco (21 Jump Street) who escorts them into the Roxbury to avoid a law suit. Now the brothers can live the life they only dreamed of. This movie also features Loni Anderson, Molly Shannon and Dan Hedaya.

The two brothers are self pro-claimed proficient club hoppers who live in Southern California with their rich parents. Their lives are full of rejection; from the women they try to meet, to the door-men who won't allow them to enter the A-Clubs. It is so hilarious to watch these guys try to act cool as they try to pick up women. These guys are so far off the mark.

Steve (Ferrel) is so ignorant that he is actually very entertaining to watch. He almost always misses the topic of conversation and you wonder where he was just a minute ago. It's hilarious.

Doug (Kattan) is the shorter, smarter one of the two. He shows much more determination and is a lot more feisty and scrappy than his brother Steve. He is also very funny to watch.

I liked this movie so much that I must have watched it at least a dozen times. Every time I watch it, I find something new to laugh at that I missed before. I have received much pleasure from this movie and recommend it to anyone who likes stupid funny. These guys can take any normal situation and make it into something very strange and super funny. You've probably not seen anything quite like this.

Studio: Paramount Studio
Will Ferrell
Chris Kattan

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