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DVD title: The Thin Man (Snap Case)
Productgroup: DVD
The Thin Man (Snap Case) - movie DVD cover picture
Superb from the start!

Every time I see this movie, I am bowled over by the charm and deftness of William Powell and Myrna Loy, who deserve far more attention than they get from today's movie buffs. Tracy and Hepburn pale in comparison with Powell and Loy (don't even get me started on Julia Roberts and Richard Gere!). This is a movie to watch and delight in over and over, the solution of the mystery being by far the least interesting part of it! (One should note that Loy--with the help or hindrance, however you care to interpret it, of Asta the Fox Terrier--makes what is probably the most spectacular comic entrance in the history of the movies.)

Studio: Warner Home Video
Director: W.S. Van Dyke
William Powell
Myrna Loy

DVD title: Neon Genesis Evangelion - Collection 0-4
Productgroup: DVD
Neon Genesis Evangelion - Collection 0-4 - movie DVD cover picture
Pasts are explored and more questions are raised.

Turning out to be one of the best anime series that I have seen in a long time, Evangelion has opnened my eyes to a new meaning in japanese anime (well at least for this kind). The only thing that bothers me is the constint show ups of adult material whaich parent would want to watch out for when letting a younger person see this movie. So far Evangelion has seemed to amaze me with it's stunning story line and robot fight sceens.

Studio: Ghadar & Assoc
Megumi Ogata
Megumi Hayashibara
Kotono Mitsuishi

DVD title: Will & Grace - Season Two
Productgroup: DVD
Will & Grace - Season Two - movie DVD cover picture

Fist off, yes the box set does have alot of errors. If I was reviewing how it was packaged it would get a 1 star,but I'm not. I'm reviewing the shows. The second season is hilarious. This season starts off with Jack married to Rosario(Karen's maid) and ends with Will running away to the islands. It's just hard to say which show out of this package is the best. If I had to, it would probably be Jack coming out to his mom. "Girl Interuppted" is another hilight when Molly Shannon is back as Val. The themed features are also funny. The only thing that is not here are bloopers. Buy this set. I keep on watching it over and over.

Studio: Lions Gate Home Entertainment
Debra Messing

DVD title: Under the Sand
Productgroup: DVD
Under the Sand - movie DVD cover picture
Truly amazing...

Marie (Charlotte Rampling) and her husband, Jean arrive at their summer home for their annual holiday. As they re-open the house and prepare meals, they move about their tasks almost wordlessly. Their relationship is clearly strong, and there is an atmosphere of contentment. They obviously love each other and revel in each other's company.
The next day, they go to the beach. After massaging oil onto Marie's back, Jean tells his wife he is going for a swim. She sleepily adds that she will take a nap, and she does.
Jean never returns, and his body is not found. Marie returns to her teaching job in the city.
Marie cannot accept the idea that her husband may be dead, so she doesn't. She has conversations with him, rushes home to be with him, and even shyly admits that she may date Vincent, a man her friends think would be good for her. She talks of Jean in the present tense, and her acquaintances seem unable to confront her about this.
Charlotte Rampling is a wonderful and much under-appreciated actress. She is amazing in the role of Marie--a woman who finds the truth simply too difficult to bear, and yet on the surface she appears to have remarkable self-restraint.
Keep your eyes open for Marie's mother-in-law. She should get the Mother-in-Law of the Year Award!

Studio: Fox Lorber
Director: Fran├žois Ozon
Charlotte Rampling
Bruno Cremer

DVD title: Network
Productgroup: DVD
Network - movie DVD cover picture
Good Movie For Sure

"I'm mad as hell...and I can't take it anymore." Those words out of this movie will live on for a long long time.
It captures the essence of TV sensationalism gone mad. The movie was before its time, because many of the trends it suggested are present in today's ridiculous shows like "Fear Factor" and many of the other absurd reality shows...and of course, the worst of the worst is Jerry Springer...a show that capitalizes on people's tragic lives and unhappiness. Anything for ratings, right??
"Network" has a lot to say and more people need to experience what the movie is really trying to get across.

Studio: Warner Home Video
Director: Sidney Lumet
Faye Dunaway
William Holden
Peter Finch

DVD title: Anna and the King (Full-Screen Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Anna and the King (Full-Screen Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
Absolutely brillant

I watched this movie while flying. I found myself not sleeping on an 8-hour flight to watch this wonderful movie. Yun-Fat Chow was absolutely believable (handsome too). His performance made me want to watch more of his movies. I read some of the comments and a couple wrote about it was not true, Western viewpoint through movie, etc. This movie was about romance and something much more than did the actress maintain her accent etc. It was a touching movie without all the sex and hype that we get nowadays. I will buy this movie. It is good and you won't be disappointed if you take the time to watch it.

Studio: Fox Home Entertainme
Director: Andy Tennant
Jodie Foster
Yun-Fat Chow

DVD title: Seed Of Chucky (Widescreen Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Seed Of Chucky (Widescreen Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
Even better than the bride of chucky

This movie is so hilarious and the deaths are amazing. although I still think what happend to Red Man was both impossible and the coolest thing I've ever seen, you wanna know what happend? then I suggest you buy this movie.

Studio: Universal Studios Ho
Director: Don Mancini
Jennifer Tilly
Brad Dourif
John Waters

DVD title: Hi-5, Vol. 1 - Color Craze
Productgroup: DVD
Hi-5, Vol. 1 - Color Craze - movie DVD cover picture
Great for all ages!

This is one of the few shows that gets both my kids (ages 5 and 1/2 and 3) up and singing and dancing together. We reenact the dances often during playtime and sing the songs throughout the day. My only complaint is that since this video has 3 actual episodes, you get to hear the "theme song" twice for each episode, that's 6 (!!!!) times in one video! This may drive my husband and I batty, but the kids love the repetition and have memorized all of the lyrics and dance moves. I highly recommend this video!

Studio: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer

DVD title: Sister My Sister
Productgroup: DVD
Sister My Sister - movie DVD cover picture
Haunting and disturbing

Sister My Sister catapults a shocking true tale of sisterly love that goes too far. If you are into dramatic tragedies, like Heavenly Creatures, then Sister My Sister is another unique movie that you should watch.

Studio: Image Entertainment
Director: Nancy Meckler
Julie Walters
Joely Richardson

DVD title: The Paradine Case
Productgroup: DVD
The Paradine Case - movie DVD cover picture
"That woman is bad, bad to the bone..."

Thus spake Andre La Tour, the valet and the catalyst for the murder of Col. Paradine. Valli is Mrs. Paradine, and she wants Andre La Tour, so badly she murders her husband and benefactor to remove any and all obstacles standing between her and La Tour. Louis Jourdan is La Tour, and handsome in a sharp, chiseled way; Valli is really something to see, very beautiful and arresting, and the accent further enhances her mysterious image. Gregory Peck, her attorney, falls for her, hard and fast, and is almost sympathetic in his desire to possess her. Ann Todd, a curious mixture of ice and warmth, is steadfast in her loyalty to her husband, and Joan Tetzel is good as her friend and the daughter of Charles Coburn, (I enjoy the banter between Coburn and Tetzel, he is always a joy to watch)who is a colleague of Gregory Peck's. The score by Franz Waxman is one of the stars of the movie, and haunting, as his music always is. The movie is unusual and quieter than the typical Hitchcockian fare, but should not be judged more harshly for that, but taken on it's own merits, which it has in abundance. Charles Laughton ("curious how the convolutions of a walnut resemble those of the human brain...") is wonderful as the censorious and righteous Judge of the proceedings, and rather an unpleastant bully to his wife, Ethel Barrymore, who seems rather wasted in this weak role as the much maligned wife. She is one of my favorite actresses, but I much prefer her in "The Spiral Staircase", a much richer role and one more worthy of her immense talent. I own this on VHS and DVD, and of course, the DVD is far superior in quality.

Studio: Anchor Bay Entertainment
Director: Alfred Hitchcock
Gregory Peck
Ann Todd

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